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    Dear Sean Michael, I have tried, well and truly tried to like your books I SHOULD like them BDSM, hurt comfort, etc it s right up my alley Unfortunately, I m bored Bored with the same characters in the books I ve read oK, the names are different, but they seem the same to me , bored with the same scenes with minor variations, bird with repetitive dialogue, and bored with the character growth or seeming lack thereof I m even bored with the sex gasp Maybe because I read a similar scene last book Maybe because I don t see how it progresses the story line I m not sure This may be my fault I like a story I want a plot I don t need guns, spy games, or mysteries, but I do need emotional depth, and some sort of challenge to overcome Sometimes your stories contain challenges, but no overcoming Mostly, it s just sex Sorry if this was just meant to be a porno on paper, I shouldn t have purchased it I need Unfortunately, I ve already bought the next story I know, I should have made sure I d like the series first , so I ll read that I don t hate it I just Have exciting things I could be reading.

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    I love Billy and Tanny This is great cliffhanger too with Oliver and Jack The time frame is messing with me a little because the last visit with Billy and Tanny in story form was when Margaret died and this book takes place before that happens I could do with Tanny getting a larger vocabulary for trying to explain himself The it s big I want to do this right I m stupid mantra is descriptive and helps us understand where Tanny mentally and emotionally is but I think I would be happier to see scenes when Tanny actually has breakthroughs that allow him to move into new verbal and mental discoveries often Instead we see him battle the same demons over and overwhich is probably very realistic but gets a bit routine and stagnant after awhile Billy has the patience of a saint.

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    This would have been a much better read if the author had eliminated at least half of the repetitive dialogue between the 2 main characters One or two, I m yours , you re mine lines would have been enough, not one hundred and two That aside, there was nice development in the character of Montana, his growth as a sub and what, exactly, that means The sex scenes were erotic without being overly explicit They were realistic with just the right amount of detailnot so much that they left no room for the reader to use some of his own imagination, but specific enough to be very hot This is the only one of this series I ve read I didn t feel compelled to read another of them because of the repetativeness some of the other reviews mentioned, as well, but I gave this one a 4 because when it was good, it was very, very good and not so bad as to be horrid.

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    I was really looking forward to reading this book since I loved Billy and Montana in Found The story starts in typical Sean Michael style with Billy taking his boy to get nipple piercings The first few chapters were good with the usual Mine, Yours, Love conversations and some hot sex scenes.However, after reading a bit the book started to get very repetitive Lots of sex, talk, sex, talk and again There are a couple of nice scenes with Margaret at Tanny s job and also Billy at Hammer, the club the series is named for but most of the book is focused on Billy and Tanny and their Dom sub relationship Another thing that got old quickly was Tanny s constant declarations of I m stupid and I don t know how to do this, to feel etc.Towards the midpoint the storyline picks up and gets interesting but unfortunately it s resolved quickly and within a few pages the guys are back to sex, talk, sex, talk I wish time had been spent on this instead of rushing through it.During this time we see a rather harsh, and surprising, side to Oliver, a recurring character throughout the series While he s never been one of my favorites I felt his behavior, IMO, was out of character for a Dom of his caliber However his behavior leads to a cliff hanger ending setting up book 6 in the series for hopefully later this summer.Overall for me this was a rather disappointing book The story seemed to drag on and never really grabbed me There are points throughout where I d get into it and then would find myself skimming by several pages However, even though Oliver is not my favorite and I didn t love this story I ll be buying the next Hammer story when it comes out.I can t help it, I just can t quit Sean Michael.

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    yada yada sex scenes but wanted to find out how the characters were getting on

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    I really love Tanny He s sweet and vulnerable and strong at the same time I loved this book

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    Snared continues Billy and Tanny s story picking up pretty much where Found left off I really enjoyed this one I think it s the best in the series so far In one part Billy even uses my favorite term at the moment just be I think this mini trilogy within the series does a good job of helping to understand the BDSM lifestyle It also didn t feel as sex heavy as some of the other books although there was still a lot.

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    The second book in the trilogy Found, Snared, Owned I lost the review Please, feel free to ask about it.Read probably four times.

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    SnaredA continuation of Billy and Tannys story with Tanny learning about being a sub whilst dealing with his demons

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    Deeper BDSM element in this book than in its predecessorWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 9 10PROS The BDSM element in this book is much deeper than in Found In the first book, Billy has to seduce Montana before convincing him to try BDSM play In this volume, the guys are far enough into their relationship that the focus is on deepening their bond and increasing their trust in each other Both of the main characters flourish in this volume Tanny starts coming to terms with his submissive nature and stops thinking of himself quite so much as a worthless screw up And Billy really develops as a Dom, particularly when he decides at one point that he s ready to stop playing at the lifestyle and start delving deeply into it Tanny pushes Billy and tests boundaries and still gets a little wigged out by some of the things they do together, which strikes me as realistic and natural And Billy is gloriously patient and understanding when Tanny starts to get freaked I like some of the secondary characters a lot They re sweet and mostly supportive and intriguing, and I d really like to read stories about some of them Sadly, I haven t found books devoted to any of my favorite secondary characters from this series CONS I enjoy BDSM romances There are a few things that fall under the BDSM umbrella that I m not a huge fan of, though although I understand that other people ARE huge fans of them One of the things I don t particularly enjoy reading about is orgasm denial, and this is one of Billy s favorite games to play with Montana Tanny doesn t mind, really, but there were times when I thought, Oh, come on Give the guy a break For some reason I haven t been able to get Billy s and Montana s relative sizes straight in my head I like to know which character is bigger taller so that I can picture them in my head better, and there are some indications here and there that Tanny is the taller one like descriptions of Billy as compact and some that Billy is taller like Montana resting at one point with his cheek on Billy s shoulder when both are standing.Overall comments There s a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this book regarding one of Billy s friends, and I can t decide whether I hope that the next book is about that man and his sub or about Billy and Tanny I ve enjoyed the first two books in these characters story and hope Michael continues with them.

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