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Christmas Auction chapter 1 Christmas Auction , meaning Christmas Auction , genre Christmas Auction , book cover Christmas Auction , flies Christmas Auction , Christmas Auction 2d212a2864559 Christmas At The Hammer Club Means Charity Auction Time This Year Marcus Has Been Roped Into Emcee Duty And Everyone Has Pitched In, Offering Time, Abilities And Themselves This Is Alexander S Third Year Giving Away Six Hours Of Hard Play, But It S Also His Last As He S Headed To The East Coast He S Hoping To Catch The Eye Of The Dom Who S Won Him At The Auction The Last Two Years Running He Can T Help Wishing It Was Than Just A One Night Thing Also Up For Grabs Is Jeremy, Who D Planned To Offer Some Free Iron Work, But Simon S Changed Things Up And He Suddenly Finds Himself On Offer For The Whole Night To The Highest Bidder Who S It Going To Be Jeremy Has To Trust His Master Has His Best Interests At Heart Join The Men Of The Hammer For This Christmas Tale

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    This is an SMS2 or Sean Michael Sex Short which gives us stories featuring multiple characters from several of Michael s Hammer novels We have Marcus and Jim from Bent, Xan and Gil from I have no idea where, then Simon and Jeremy from Forged These stories show how far each couple has come along in their D s relationships As usual, the stories featuring the Hammer club members are always filled with steamy sex Some of the sex mentioned in this story is uhm different Things inserted INTO the penis opening sounding , ginger the root, not the spice inserted into an anus for added burn, fisting which is by far the LEAST sexy thing that I have ever read about, seen, and heard of Michaels never fail to educate me on the various sex toys and practices This author has this abrupt choppy writing style that I really like This story is a delicious little sample that will keep you sustained until the next Hammer novel is released I adore these characters from the Hammer.Kiwi s 4 sweet pea review appears at

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    This story starts out with Marcus and Jim, as Marcus has been asked to MC the annual holiday fundraiser auction Personally, I m a little worn out on these two They rarely have than one or two word responses to each other, and Marcus calling Jim baby every other time just bugs me Next, the story moves on to Alexander, or Xan, and Gil I don t remember meeting these guys in any previous Hammer stories Apparently, Xan and Gil have met up once a year for the past few years, while Xan has decided to move on, he tries for one hurrah before he leaves by putting himself up on the auction block Lucky for him, Gil shows up and wins the bid Next up is Jeremy and Simon, who I also don t remember from previous Hammer stories Simon, of course, arranges to win Jeremy, who is apparently a double amputee These two get a little hardcore with sounding and fisting, but I still wish I read their entire story.The story closes out with Jim and Marcus again.

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    There s no real story here This short is made up of vignettes focusing on three different couples who are participating in the Hammer Club s annual charity Christmas auction Lots of sex, of course Gratifyingly, however, it emphasizes the emotional connections between the partners in each couple Also, it s an interesting look at the very different dynamics between the three couples.

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    Nothing special unless you re already a Hammer fanWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS All 3 of the relationships shown involve some aspect of power exchange, but each has a different dynamic There are several sex scenes that skate the line between sweet and intense They struck me as just right for the characters emotional needs Simon and Jeremy are one of my favorite Hammer couples because their story involves overcoming a huge physical obstacle that occurs about halfway through Forged There s a point in this story when they share a bittersweet moment that made me fall in love with them all over again.CONS This is short, and since it shows encounters between three different couples, the individual stories are all uber short If you re not already familiar with the characters, I m not sure this will make much of an impression on you I ve read Two of Swords, which is Gil and Xan s story, and Xan doesn t seem like quite the same character here as he does in that story Two of Swords takes place immediately after this one chronologically, and they just don t seem to me as though they fit together seamlessly Xan is bubbly and wicked in this one, whereas in the later story, he seems fractured and lost Overall comments This would be a decent introduction to Michael s Hammer series because it has scenes depicting 3 different couples from the Hammer universe So you get a sampling of the author s overall style as well as an idea of how the characters stories differ I doubt anyone who hasn t already read some of the Hammer books will love this, though, because there simply isn t much going on in this one.

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    This is a little trio of stories combined into one Marcus has been asked to be the auctioneer at the Hammer Christmas auction He and Jim are given a private room before it begins where they have some fun Then Xan is up for auction, he hopes the same man who bought him 2 years in a row will again, but he s decided to leave town since he can t be around if there is no hope for him and Gil, however when Gil hears Xan is leaving, he makes a commitment to keep him there Xan is completely tattooed or mostly and has many piercings which always works for me Oh and the going price for the night was 20k 0_0The last couple is Jeremy, who thinks he s offering up iron work, but suddenly is up for bids, of course bought by Simon his master Jeremy is a double amputee and I wasn t sure if there was another story starring these two as they seem to be an established couple and this one involves fisting It was okay but I felt I had no clue who they were.

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    This Hammer Club short features three couples, two you ll recognize if you ve read other Hammer novels and one new couple I wanted to see of First up is Jim and Marcus as Marcus is gearing up to emcee the annual charity auction at the club Next, we re introduced to Xan and Gil, who are the new couple, as Xan plans to move across country following his participation in this last auction and Gil has to convince him to stay Lastly we have Jeremy and Simon from Forged as Simon pushes of his sub s boundaries All three stories were cute little snippets but I enjoyed Xan and Gil s story the most That is continued in New The Two of Swords Anyone who enjoys the hammer series and would like a quick easy read will probably enjoy this book.

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    Originally read December 1, 2010 Rated 3 starsReread November 30, 2018This was one of my first non fanfiction M M stories back in the day I ve only read the main book for one of the couples, and it was nice to visit with them One of the other two couples is the first couple in the long series the other is a throwaway of whom I really want to know It doesn t appear that Gil and Xan get a story though.It s what I expect from a Hammer story Lots of kinky sexy times without too much thought.

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    A very nice combination of three sub Dom pairs at the Hammer s annual Christmas auction.We see Jim and Marcus enjoying their life together, Jim mastering new situations and strangers with incresing easy Next up are Xan and Gil, who ve only had annual encounters so far with Xan not willing to wait any and determined to leave rather than suffer mooning for Gil Last but not least are Jeremy and Simon woh explore new levels of trust for Simon.While reading about the sub Dom lifestyle isn t for everyone, this shows how three couples have really made it work for them.

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    Short scenes between Marcus Jim, Xan Gil, and Jeremy Simon Can be read before getting to know those characters, but not really recommended at least, the parts between Marcus Jim and Jeremy Simon The scenes between Xan Gil are a prelude to an actual novel I think though, so that really I guess it should be read AFTER the Bent and Forged novels but before New.

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    This is a quick peek at a two of the established couples from this series Marcus Jim and Jeremy Simon and an intro to a new pair, Xan and Gil Nicely done with the author s trademark hot sex scenes An entertaining quick read Could be read as a standalone but works better as part of the series.

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