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Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01) txt Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01), text ebook Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01), adobe reader Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01), chapter 2 Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01), Reining in the Past (Saddle Up and Ride 01) 01cbb5 When Ray Justice Receives A Phone Call That His Father Has Died, He S Shocked As Far As He Knew, His Father Passed Away Twenty Three Years Earlier Adding To The Confusion, He Finds That He S Inherited A Large Cattle Ranch In MontanaAlfred Deacon Came To The J Bar Ranch As A Broken Cowboy In Search Of Acceptance And Honest Work What He Found Was A Best Friend And A Group Of Cowboys He D Do Anything For When Ray Walks Into His Life, Deacon Is Torn Between Loyalties To His Dead Friend And Desire So Strong It Makes Him WeakRay Comes Face To Face With A Past He Didn T Know He Had And A Man He Didn T Know He Needed

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    4 Star Review for Saddle Up and Ride series by Carol LynneI ve had these three books for quite awhile and they re ones I re read a couple times a year There is something about them that makes reading them feel like you re visiting with an old friend They re familiar but you can always find something new Even at less than a hundred pages each, each is a complete story Each book builds a little on the previous I truly hope that there are someday as Justice River Ranch is a place that I truly enjoy visiting Book 1 Reining in the Past.This is where we meet Ray Justice when he comes to the J Bar Ranch after the death of his father A father that he has been told died over twenty years ago Deacon basically runs the ranch and was Ray s father s best friend Both struggle to overcome the past to see if they have a future worth fighting for.Book 2 Bareback CowboyGriggs is had wrangler on the newly re named Justice River Ranch With the guest part of the ranch now leaning towards LBGT guests, it was only a matter of time before one of the employees fell for one of the guests Bridger should have been just a young spoiled brat, but he s so much Will Griggs take a chance on love with the younger man, or will he fight for what he wants Book 3 Through the Montana MistTyson came to the ranch when he and his father were hired to do some work on the newly expanded guest services of Justice River and he never left When Caleb, and his partner Jeff, come to the ranch Tyson knows there s something wrong, but can prove it When Caleb comes to him for help, Tyson steps up Now the pair have to decide if what they re feeling is truly love or just gratitude for Tyson helping Caleb save himself from an abusive relationship.

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    A pesar de que esta primera parte me ha parecido un poco bastante introductoria, creo que la saga tienen futuro, as que quiero saber m s sobre estos sexys vaqueros.El personaje principal de esta historia es Ray Justice, quien de un momento a otro recibe la noticia de que es el flamante propietario de un rancho en Montana, as que se dirige all y en el camino de aceptar todo lo nuevo que ha llegado a su vida, se cruza con el destino, en la hermosa figura de Deacon.Deacon es un vaquero que tiene un pasado un poco dram tico, aunque la historia no se centra para nada en eso, y que de repente se ve arrollado por el amor.Desde el primer momento se siente obvia la qu mica entre estos dos, y los obst culos que se les presentan solo hacen que su relaci n se vaya fortaleciendo m s.Me encanta el cambio que Ray provoca en el rancho, y creo que eso dar mucho de que hablar en los siguientes libros Recomendable.P.D He llegado a odiar a RJ, y eso que ya est muerto.

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    I indulged myself with this guilty pleasure last night This book delivered what I expected a quick read about two characters whom I liked I did put it on the somebody needs to be smacked shelf, but the main characters aren t the ones who gave it that dubious honor that shelf is reserved for Ray s parents I went into the story expecting to feel sympathetic towards his father, at least, but the I read, the I wanted to knock some sense into him Of course, since Ray s dad is dead from the beginning of the story, that wouldn t have been an option.

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    Great story I loved the chemistry between the MCs and especially how Ray s father hadn t been portrayed as a saint and just a person with his good and bad qualities It was refreshing, really.Usually I m not very fond of the stories where someone escapes city life to found his true self in the country I m a city girl through and through, lol , but here it was done very tactfully and I liked it.

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    CP Ray Deacon

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    Saddle UpYour past is Catching Up to YouFirst in a trilogy of outstanding cowboy reads, this one has a fairly unique twist in that the main character, Ray Justice, not only is shocked that his father has just died, rather than 20 years before, but also how radically different his life was because of that huge lie in his life Thrown into the midst of a group of Montana cowboys who are anything but typical of what he might have expected, Ray comes to terms with what he s been left, but has a heck of a time figuring out how he will manage it.Fortunately, Alfred Deacon, the ranch s manager, can help him out, but only so far A reluctant dragon when it comes to revealing anything about the late Mr Justice to his son, Deacon becomes the focal point of a slowly developing romance that keeps Ray, Deacon, and the rest of the crew slightly on edge and you on the edge of your seat.

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    This is a harder book for me to come up with a rating for I was really getting into it, and it was over I love modern westerns and everything was there to make this a great one It was just way too short.I loved the ranch and the storyline It was sad about Ray s dad I won t give out any spoilers because this was key to the entire story I also loved the ranch hands You have to love a ranch manned by people that don t fit in anywhere else.Even though I found this story short, I can t wait to read in the series I am hoping that characters from this book show up in subsequent ones.

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    Givin this a 2.5 It was sort of.well.boring Really boring I dunno The makings of an interesting story were in there, there just wasn t enough plot development for my taste And nothing kills me than instant love They ve known each other for less than a month and they say I love you I might have bought it if there had been some serious character development, but since there wasn t.I didn t Good for a quickie readbut not much else.

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    As usual this book for me was to satisfy my guilty pleasure for a Lynne story The characters were likeable and i enjoyed the story, but i wish the main heroes would have talked about the big elephant called Ray senior That talk at the end was necessary but somehow it was skipped and only the financial issues were discussed.

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