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From Doon with Death files From Doon with Death, read online From Doon with Death, free From Doon with Death, free From Doon with Death, From Doon with Death d3bbded46 Dazzling Psychological Suspense Razor Sharp Dialogue Plots That Catch And Hold Like A Noose These Are The Hallmarks Of Crime Legend Ruth Rendell From Doon With Death, Now In A Striking New Paperback Edition, Is Her Classic Debut Novel And The Book That Introduced One Of The Most Popular Sleuths Of The Twentieth CenturyThere Is Nothing Extraordinary About Margaret Parsons, A Timid Housewife In The Quiet Town Of Kingsmarkham, A Woman Devoted To Her Garden, Her Kitchen, Her Husband Except That Margaret Parsons Is Dead, Brutally Strangled, Her Body Abandoned In The Nearby Woods Who Would Kill Someone With Nothing To Hide Inspector Wexford, The Formidable Chief Of Police, Feels Baffled Until He Discovers Margaret S Dark Secret A Trove Of Rare Books, Each Volume Breathlessly Inscribed By A Passionate Lover Identified Only As Doon As Wexford Delves Deeper Into Both Mrs Parsons Past And The Wary Community Circling Round Her Memory Like Wolves, The Case Builds With Relentless Momentum To A Surprise Finale As Clever As It Is Blindsiding In From Doon With Death, Ruth Rendell Instantly Mastered The Form That Would Become Synonymous With Her Name Chilling, Richly Characterized, And Ingeniously Constructed, This Is Psychological Suspense At Its Very Finest

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    Read by Terence HardimanTotal Runtime 5 Hours 28 MinsDescription Margaret Parsons is dead She appeared to lead a very dull life She had been a good woman Religious, old fashioned, and respectable, her life had been as spotless and ordinary as her home, as unexciting and dependable as her marriage However, it was not because of her life that Chief Inspector Wexford became involved, but her death How is it possible that a woman who had led such a quiet, respectable, unspectacular life could have met such a death of passion and violence To Wexford, it simply does not make sense, until he begins to slowly uncover the layers of Margaret Parsons real life Okay mystery, but the writing is wonderful Looks like I will enjoy this series.

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    This is the 1st book in the Inspector Wexford series by author Ruth Rendell A good read that is written in an old fashioned style that introduces the main characters and sets up the series.In this opening mystery Inspector Wexford investigates the disappearance of Margaret Parsons, a housewife who goes missing and is later found dead in the nearby woods Margaret Parsons appears to have no enemies and seems to live a quiet life with very little excitement So the mystery is who has killed her and why There is very little for Wexford to go on but for a discarded match and an inscription on some of Margaret s books signed Doon But who is Doon.I am pretty sure there are better books to come in this series but this is a reasonable start.

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    Update, May 6, 2015 I am undertaking a Ruth Rendell key works project the books The Guardian recently noted as such the day of Ruth Rendell s death From Doon With Death is the first of these I ve just reread this novel again after six years, and while I wouldn t change my rating, I will say that it was definitely a pleasure to have taken it up again This time through I ve noticed much than I did the first time back then I think I was looking much for plot and storyline, where now I m tending to focus on people and what makes them do what they do This book definitely meets my requirements returning to original review now, but I still recommend this novel it s much better the second time through There s a short section in the back of the edition of this book that I own which notes that Rendell did not follow along the Agatha Christie line and write mysteries based on characters of the upper class Indeed, From Doon With Death, the first Wexford novel, focuses on the mystery of the death of a somewhat rather dowdy housewife who goes missing and then turns up dead Margaret Parsons is the flip side of extraordinary no enemies, lives in somewhat of a rut, and has no sordid qualities about her whatsoever So why would anyone want this woman dead Wexford has only a few clues a spent match on the ground, and inscriptions in some of Margaret s books that are signed Doon But there s no clue as to Doon s identity, so Wexford is baffled.For a series opener, it s a bit typical What I mean is that having read other Inspector Wexford books, I know that the author takes time to fully develop Wexford s character as the series progresses Also, as a side note, don t forget that this book was written in 1964 and thus attitudes are a bit dated Overall though, I love Ruth Rendell s work, and I m very happy to have read this one.I d recommend it to readers who enjoy a good British mystery with solid plotting.

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    First published in 1964, this is the first Chief Inspector Wexford mystery For some reason I had never read the Wexford novels before and it is a good beginning to the series The story begins when Inspector Mike Burdon is alerted by a neighbour that his wife is missing Ronald Parsons almost prides himself on his dull and respectable life He claims it is totally out of character for his wife, Margaret, to disappear without word Burdon tends to agree and contacts the police station When Margaret is found murdered, it is up to Wexford and Burdon to unravel Margaret s past and discover what led to the death of a quiet, suburban housewife.Although this book does feel a little dated, that adds to the charm Although Ruth Rendell does use certain stereotypes, it is clear that she has laid down a great basis for further books Wexford is plain talking, intelligent and not easily swayed by a pretty face Burdon a great sidekick and the small town of Kingsmarkham well described Unusually, Rendell does not make any of the characters particularly sympathetic and that adds to the reality of the crime and suspects There is also a great twist and sharp plotting, which bodes well and makes me want to read on.The next book in the series is A New Lease Of Death A Wexford Case However, I do agree strongly with other reviewers that this kindle book had a large number of typos, which is very disappointing I am sure that a proof reader could have easily rectified the mistakes and, although I expect to see them in a self published book, it is unacceptable to find so many in a traditionally published ebook However, the story itself was good and I am looking forward to reading .

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    It must have taken fifteen years to obtain the series volume I needed and get started I want to enjoy a lauded authoress and have the jury out for Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine However, it is not the names that I grade From Doon With Death , 1964, was dry I hear her solo stories and other Reginald Wexford Mike Burden cases are better a good thing, because I own nearly them all, courtesy of bargain bins Higher marks for higher enjoyment will mean something.I initially gave three stars, for an aspect I don t recall Two stars make sense Reginald was an asshole That compounded with how much I hate things allegedly stated quietly If you are annoyed by a colleague or subordinate, like the uniquely likeable Mike a human being raises their voice somewhat, or at least expresses themselves emphatically This quiet or calm idea is crap as robotic as it is irritating That presents no memorable personality and in this case, I was glad Reginald was not in the story until later that Mike is an equal protagonist Reginald was rude to Mike He was very harsh, merely at Mike s posing of a question, or making a suggestion The other downer is that no one else was likeable and a drabness pervaded I surmise Ruth intentionally conveyed a depressed husband and household but that persisted too long, before the appearance of a clue brought any action at all Finally, books belonging to that lady are inscribed with the titular name and we strive to suss out who that is Tracking a lipstick tube was the only other clue picking up a boring novel The sole other interesting facet was how perplexing it was that this lady was killed I will try Ruth s first solo novel next time.

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    My reread of the first of the Wexford series was different than my first time through the book Back then, in the early 1990s, I was a novice mystery writer eager to learn from a master Now, I ve written quite a few mysteries myself and I know what to look for I read, now, for deeper glimpses into Rendell s craft, and I m not disappointed There s an art to writing a police procedural that is also a village mystery, and Rendell is the consummate artist Her characters even the good guy cops are conflicted, flawed, stubborn, and utterly human, and her genre fiction is the best of its kind Absolutely.

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    Predictable and charmless This was my first Ruth Rendell and I started it with high expectations but was quite disappointed The prose and epigraphs were good, which is why I m giving this book a second star.

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    This is the first book by Ruth Rendell I ve read I know, shame on me I was about 2 3 through, thinking it was well written, interesting, but not yet sensing it was truly special My feeling, however, was that I should wait to see how she resolved it before reaching a conclusion WOW I have become a fan.

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    I ve seen other reviews that say From Doon With Death is the least of Ruth Rendell s books That s the good thing, because it s an unfair book It hides information from the reader, and this information is vital to the solution of the case It is not a case of intuition, it is the answer to the mystery in so many words, in a conversation between the detective and another party, to which the reader is not privy to And yet, it is fairly easy to guess who the murderer is although, it probably wasn t the case when it was first published To be fair, it has a few things going for it There is the open minded attitude Inspector Wexford has towards people who are different from the majority It is not a picture perfect little town, but is grimy and seedy The people are not at all charming, and are often than a little annoying Also, there is no Hastings or Watson to romanticize the proceedings, and given how much I hate both characters, I m adding a star just for that However, it is clearly a first book I know nothing much about Inspector Wexford or Mike Burden who actually does decent work and doesn t go around contradicting or second guessing his boss , just that they are the law But the worst for me was the concealment of information, I don t like that at all I will obviously read the rest of the series, but the start was a disappointment.

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    I am a fan of classis murder mysteries yet was not familiar with Ruth Rendell s writing nor have I seen Inspector Wexford on television It seemed like it was time to get acquainted.Since this was the initial novel featuring Inspector Wexford, I suspect that as her series expanded, her detective grew interesting to readers I generally feel that when I ve read three or books featuring one character I enjoy each successive book a little bit That is an unnecessarily complicated way of saying that I ll try a couple books by Rendell to see if they become must reads Wexford brings a somewhat cold, calm, matter of factness to the investigation and that prohibited me from bonding with his character in any way He was thorough and persistent but didn t seem very imaginative or particularly interesting BUT, what was interesting, was the psychology of Rendells characters it sets the book apart from just being a routine who dun it.

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