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Promises chapter 1 Promises, meaning Promises, genre Promises, book cover Promises, flies Promises, Promises aa7b32222718c Jared Thomas Has Lived His Whole Life In The Small Mountain Town Of Coda, Colorado He Can T Imagine Living Anywhere Else Unfortunately, The Only Other Gay Man In Town Is Twice His Age And Used To Be His Teacher, So Jared Is Resigned To Spending His Life Alone Until Matt Richards Walks Into His Life, That Is Matt Has Just Been Hired By The Coda Police Department, And He And Jared Immediately Become Friends Matt Claims He Is Straight, But For Jared, Having A Sexy Friend Like Matt Is Way Too Tempting Facing Matt S Affair With A Local Woman, His Disapproving Family, And Harassment From Matt S Co Workers, Jared Fears They Ll Never Find A Way To Be Together If He Can Even Convince Matt To TryCoda Which Book Do I Read First

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    Who stayed up until 3 am to finish this story last night ME Who has regrets crickets Not me, because this book rocked the F ing house Why haven t I read this book before now WHY Why haven t I read Marie Sexton before now Why I think Mama just found a new crack because this book made me want to one click the entire Promises series at 3 30 am.The characters Amazing The chemistry Amazing The whole book Amazing.These are the types of contemporary romances that I love to read I can t even get into a critical review of this book right now because all I see when I think of this book are rainbows and hearts floating around my head And penises They are there too I feel sorry for whatever book comes after this one I might hate it on principle just because it isn t Promises.

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    loathed loathed it.my copy is highlighted to shit and back with all the horrendous things this book is trying to say.i m livid.book j deteste.j defuckingteste why i ll tell you.because you, book, do not speak truth.you take bits and bobs of shit you ve seen on the internet and turn it into an embarrassing hash of pseudo psychological justification for absolute dafuqery.the ideas you promote, little booky wook, are toxic and offensive.because you demonstrate a profound disrespect for the nature of my sexuality for the sake of getting your goddamned rocks off infantilizing a fucking muscly copper by way of suggesting his latent homosexuality is akin to multiple personality disorder.which is insulting as fuck, given that i paid good money for you to not make me feel like a goddamned dancing gay monkey.do you even read yourself sometimes, book huh do you no check out my status updates, then.because i simply cannot with you right now.

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    This was a quite beautiful and addictive story.Jared is in his early thirties and living peacefully in Coda where he grew up and where his family has always been Except, he s lonely and the only person with whom he shares his bed is a rich and mostly unavailable man traveling from here to there on and on I was so glad to see Cole in this book I know I may have been cheating a little because I ve actually read Strawberries for Dessert fantastic story before picking Promises up, but it felt good still to see Cole and the kind of relation he and Jared shared.Matt is straight At least, he thinks he is He s the new police officer in Coda and the most wanted bachelor in town By destiny or pure coincidence if you don t believe in that, he and Jared met and became friends after Jared sold him a car They spend some time together but they both feel lonely and Jared the most since he had helplessly started to feel fully attracted to Matt, the handsome straight guy.What I loved the most while reading this book is anticipating the moment both men will be true to their feelings, accept and entirely exploit them in the good and enjoyable way There was so much sexual tension, woah.I loved it.This is the kind of story that feels too good to be true I mean, it s almost like a fairy tale what happens to both main characters, except for the case implying Jared While the story didn t completely feel believable, the setting and characters were, without any doubt.Jared started off being my favourite character since we have his point of view and he s a great but shy guy, so I felt connected to him without even trying I still felt the same after 50% of Promises but my opinion of him changed at around 70%, when some real drama came up I felt like Jared wasn t actually the kind of guy I thought he was I didn t expect him to be that of a recluse to the outside world when being in a relationship, except for his family, so that surprised and deceived me a little, I must admit.The writing was very good I didn t expect less after reading Strawberries for Dessert I only hoped Marie Sexton s writing didn t change after writing Promises.I thought every secondary character was unique and contributed to embellish the story, even the most despicable ones.Overall, this is a series I would completely recommend because it was delightful to read it and the story is simply heartwarming.

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    3.5 starsThe StoryJared Thomas lives in the small town of Coda, Colorado He is openly gay but very withdrawn He has no friends, except his sister in law, Lizzy He is resigned to live his life alone, but suffers from being so lonely.Matt Richards just moved into town He is adamant about being straight He explains the fact that he has never been committed to any woman by preferring to be independent and autonomous The truth is that he has never felt satisfied being with a woman So he just gave up dating, and settled for being a bachelor What he keeps hidden is that he was attracted to men before but always ignored or suppressed it When he meets Jared, denying is not an option any The conflicts of the story revolve around the issues of being out or staying in the closet, struggling with homophobia, denial, unrequited love, and later relationship problems.Jared is kind of pseudo out He is really self conscious and thinks the whole world is against him just because he is gay He can live with that, but view spoiler being seen with a man by his side, being openly in a relationship is too much for him, and he panics Don t act like you don t know what I m talking about You think I haven t noticed that suddenly we can t even go out to eat any Sure, you re fine with being gay, but only because you live your life in a fucking bubble As soon as it comes down to actually facing people, you bury your head in the sand You said this was what you wanted, but now you re the one who can t face it hide spoiler

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    SWEET,SEXY M M STORY OH,I REALLY enjoyed thisStory of Jared and Matt. JARED MATT Jared has lived in a small town in Colorado all his life.He is openly Gay but lonely,and while the residents of the town know this he doesn t openly flaunt it and prefers to live in a Bubble,concentrating on work and his family..All that changes when Matt moves into town as a new Cop.They form a friendship and while Jared is honest about his sexuality..Matt is not,insisting that he s straight.Jared is very attracted to Matt but he struggles with his feelingshe pushes Jared away,ignores him for weeks and even dates a women.This is a lovely story of two men falling in love and the obstacles they face along the way.I just ADORED these two as a couple.A bit of Angst,steamy sex,great secondary characters I loved Lizzy ,just a really GOOD M M book.I WILL DEFINITELY BE READING MORE OF THIS SERIES..LOVED IT

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    Wow, this one did NOT disappoint I read very few m m romances, but compared to the many m f ones I ve read, this was a WINNER Promises is told through Jared s point of view as he meets and falls in love with Matt, a person he believes will never be than just his great friend We get a wonderful glimpse into the lives of two people who must come to terms with their own identities, desires and expectations before they can truly love and be happy This story really grabbed me and I hated to put it down While Jared is openly gay, he chooses not to subject people around him with a constant reminder of his lifestyle For example, he always dreamed of becoming a teacher but ultimately chose against it to avoid the likely confrontation of bigoted parents Matt, on the other hand, suppresses his desires for men and tells himself they are not real urges He lacks interest in women, but won t admit to himself that it has any significance While these two share many common interests and quickly create a tight bond of friendship, Matt insists he is straight to keep the relationship platonic But despite the emotional denial, much is brewing beneath the surface These two need to face the truth of what is really happening between them, or lose each other forever This was a WONDERFUL romance story that delivered on so many levels Both Matt and Jared were great characters, I just loved them I loved how the story unfolded over many months as it gave so much credibility and believability to the romance Both Matt and Jared had much to learn from each other The author did a wonderful job of conveying the heart and soul of these two guys, and when things progress from friends to lovers I held my breath in places And when the heat finally turns up, it got dang HOT Bottom line, I knew this relationship wasn t going to be easy and I could see many of the obstacles in front of them, but in the end I fully believed in this romance, loved these guys to pieces, and have no doubt they ll get their HEA Hope you enjoy it too

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    4.25 I just want to touch you a little stars I wish I could stop thinking about you I wish I didn t miss you so much Jared was born and raised in Coda, only leaving to go to college His whole family lives in Coda, his mum, brother and his sister in law He was always attracted to guys than girls, and over time, he realised that he was gay While at college he got a degree in teaching But instead of becoming a teacher, he opted out and works at his family s automobile shop And then in walks Matt, wanting to buy their jeep, and they have an instant connection.Jared works at the family s hardware turned automobile shop, where he is a co owner with his brother, Brian, and sister in law, Lizzy Jared has a degree in teaching, but doesn t want to act on it due to the stigma of being a gay teacher But it s a good job he isn t a teacher, or he would have never of met Matt Lizzy is selling her jeep in preparation for the arrival of their first child, it s parked outside of their shop Matt has a new job at the Coda police department, but he needs a car He spots a Jeep for sale outside of an automobile shop He goes in and meets Jared They hit it off instant friends But it can never be than friends, even though Jared wants it to be, afterall, Matt s not gay, or so he tells himselfI am quickly becoming addicted to audio books, and because I m going to a different college this year, I have a two hour drive each way Perfect 12 hours a week of audio books, I can finally work through my to read list, but with audio instead However, as much much fun as audio books are, I had difficulty with this one When it started, I thought there was two perspectives And two perspectives would be really hard to keep up with in an audio book, it s hard enough to just read a book with two Also, the darn narrator was terrible he used the same tone with minute variations for everything, and all the characters sounded the same There were also no pauses between scenes, so I felt like it was skipping all the freaking time He also got a few words jumbled up and I didn t like his accent that much I knocked off a few points.5 for that because if a book had typo s I would reduce the rating also, they re practically the same thing I could reduce it though, but I really enjoy just closing my eyes, not paying attention to anything else, and just listening to the story.I have also listened to Hot Head by Damon Suede, and I, by far, preferred Promises But they have the same rating, because of the poor audio of Promises I think Promises would have been a 4.75 5 if I had of read it myself.I didn t read the blurb, because I think blurbs just spoil the story I like either going in knowing everything or knowing nothing And so everything that happened was a surprise well sortof a surprise, I knew they would end up together etc , like I didn t know that he was a cop until I was told in the story The first scene we see, is where Matt and Jared meet Matt wants to buy Lizzy s Jared s sister in law car Jared is instantly attracted to him, and I can definitely tell why He was probably in his early thirties just over six feet tall, with military short black hair and a couple of days worth of dark stubble on his cheeks Broad shoulders and big arms showed he worked out He was gorgeous a touch of green in those steel gray eyes yum.I really hate insta love And thank ducks I haven t come across any insta love in M M Without insta love, their relationship can grow and prosper, and I really enjoyed the slow development of Matt and Jared s relationship They re just so cute Even before they were in a relationship I laughed You re right In fact, it s going to be so cold tonight, our only hope for survival is for you to share my bag He laughed a little at that, too, but then he pulled his shirt off, and it was all I could do not to stare.I also enjoy realism in my stories, where I believe that they can actually happen not necessarily for me, but for someone Unfortunately this can t happen for me though, because I m not a gay man sad face fingers crossed for my next life though The only things I thought were mother f cking stupid was where view spoiler Cherie s ex husband murdered Cherie and wrecked Matt s apartment and Jared s house, and then shot Jared Like W.T.F man hide spoiler

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    11 12 18 Well, unfortunately, this book doesn t hold up over time I d probably rate it maybe around 3 stars now Though to be fair, it probably didn t help that the narratorhow shall I put this.sucked His regular voice was so much better than whatever the hell he was trying to do with Jared And his dialogue was a big pile of cheese It was so bad I m going to leave my original rating becuase I want to remember happier times 11 2 18 Re read via audiobook because it was on sale I gotta say, I m a little nervous here I read this book years ago, and it s almost 9 years old I really enjoyed it at the time, but I don t know if it ll hold up over time Guess I ll see 4.25 stars I ve been on a lucky streak lately, this is another one that just hit the spot.Such an exquisitely sweet book Matt and Jared s story is perfect for those beginning to read M M Decent steam A little angst Lots of love Fantastic characters Great banter.And there was sweet swoon all over the place.Off to check out by this author.

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    I first read Promises about 6 years ago It s one of the first M M romance books I remember reading, and through Jared and Matt, I fell in love with a whole new genre I haven t looked back.Not long ago, I saw that a 2nd edition was being published with a prequel that takes us back to Jared s college days, so I happily bought the new edition.Visiting with Jared Matt again was like getting to visit 2 old friends No matter how long you ve been apart, you just fall into a rhythm The prequel, Meant to Be was wonderful Cole plays a big role in that story and how I ve missed these boys Now that I have reread Promises, I want to reread the rest

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    4 I PROMISE STARS Finally, she took a deep breath and said, Jared, let me say two things, and then I ll never mention this ugly incident again Do I have a choice No, you don t The first is this you can t control what others think The only thing you can control is yourself Some people will look down on you for your choices in life, no matter what they are You can t do anything about that The only thing you can do is decide how to live your own life And to hell with everybody else Promises takes place in a small town of Coda, Colorado Here is where Jared Thomas resides He is an openly gay man, in a town where acceptance is not very common, at least when is comes to most of the men Jared has given up his dreams of teaching because of it He works in his family s instead One day he meets Matt Richards, the newly hired police officer, when he shows up interested in Lizzie s his brother s wife car, that has a for sale sign on it From that moment on, they have been pretty much inseperable Jared wants , but Matt firmly states that he is not gay I went to him, put my arms around him, and kissed him, just barely Matt, this is what I want I do want you here with me It s not just about sex I m crazy about you, and there s nothing I want than for us to be together The whole story was told in Jared s Pov I really liked him from the start He seemed comfortable being himself but he still kept himself in a bubble to protect himself from getting hurt by the people surrounding him that could judge him I was saddened by his loneliness All he really had was his wonderful family and the mountains to keep him company I really wanted him to loosen up a bit because he could be a bit uptight at times Matt slowly got him to not care and live freely But otherwise, he was intelligent, sweet and caring I fell for him by the all the adorkable ways in which he would crush on Matt Whatever this is with me and you, it s so much , and I can t make it go away Matt, why does it have to go away I m so confused, Jared Even now, all I can think about is how much I want to touch you And I just have no idea what to do about it I do, Matt I know exactly what to do about it Come in the bedroom with me and let me show you what we can do about it I leaned in and kissed him, just barely brushing my lips against his Please, Matt Trust me Please don t turn away from this I thought Matt was awesome But I will admit I was confused by him at times Forget the closet, he was locked in a safe sealed nice and tight He kept saying he was not gay, but there were so many times I thought he had to be And it was for good reason, he just didn t want to admit it to himself I really wished we would have gotten his pov at certain times I wanted to know what he was feeling Jared gets him to slowly accept his desires and not feel shame Which is what he felt thanks to the asshole of his drunkard father Matt was a fun character, a little lost at times but when he does something, he gives it his all What s so funny I asked him You talk in your sleep Oh shit Of course, I knew that I sometimes talked while dreaming, and I tried to sound very casual as I asked, What did I say I was hoping like hell it hadn t been about him You said, let me follow it , and I asked follow what , and you said, the trail I turned away so he couldn t see me turning red and said, I was dreaming about mountain biking I LOVED they two characters together The banter between them, how comfortable they were with each other, just pretty much their chemistry I would giggle at how Jared seemed to love Matt s happy trail, or how Matt found comfort in tugging slightly on Jared s curly locks They were so freaking adorable I wanted them to be that way forever and it seems that they agreed It was so cute how they didn t want to ever be apart I loved how supportive Jared s family was, but so angry at how much of a bigoted arse Matt s father was I really felt for him, it s no wonder he didn t want to come out I am so glad that they had each other when things got tough They are seriously a great couple Oh and I forgot, they love to cuddle sigh Say it for me You re heavy No You re a manipulative bastard No He was laughing You re right He gave one hard tug on my hair That s not it either I love you He sighed contentedly That s the one Overall, it was a really sweet book, maybe a bit too sweet at times, but still I managed to love it The ending was really heart warming and cute I wish it would have continued, I enjoyed these characters that much A great read and I loved the pace in which everything occured I definitely recommend it It s also great for those starting in the genre.

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