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Love Means... No Boundaries txt Love Means... No Boundaries, text ebook Love Means... No Boundaries, adobe reader Love Means... No Boundaries, chapter 2 Love Means... No Boundaries, Love Means... No Boundaries a10a24 Joey Sutherland Has Found A Home With Geoff Laughton And His Partner, Eli, Living And Working At The Farm That Has Become A Refuge After A Motorcycle Accident Left Him With A Scarred Face And A Lot Of Insecurities When Geoff S Aunt Mari Convinces Them To Take In A Musician From The National Youth Symphony, Joey Is Reluctantly Roped Into Picking Him Up, Already Anticipating The Disgust He Ll See On The Man S Face But Robert Edward Jameson Surprises Him He S Outgoing And Friendly, He S Willing To Try Just About Anything Around The Farm, And He S Blind, Which Goes A Long Way Toward Easing Joey S Nerves Joey And Robbie Become Inseparable And Discover The Beginnings Of Love But Summer Is Coming To An End, And Robbie Will Return To His Home In Mississippi, Where His Family And Servants See To Everything He Could Want Or Need Joey Can Only Hope Robbie Will Take A Chance On Love And Escape The Boundaries That Have Shaped His Sightless Life A Love Means Story

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    This is easily a five star novel Joey Sutherland recently survived a motorcycle accident that left his face badly scarred The Laughton Farm up north, where he works, has become his refuge as avoids contact with everyone as much as possible so he doesn t have to endure their stares, pity, and gasps of disgust Robbie Jameson is born and raised in Mississippi and a talented violinist Ten years ago, when he was 12, a genetic disorder robbed him of his sight, and he now is coddled by his family and friends, who don t let him do anything for himself.When Robbie is touring with a symphony orchestra, he stays at the Laughton Farm for a few weeks when the original accommodations fall through There, Joey treats him not as a cripple, but as an equal The two quickly become inseparable and love grows The problem is that their time together is approaching an end, and both believe that they have no place in each others world Rich, blind Robbie feels he can offer nothing to the farm and earn his stay there, and the country raised, scarred Joey a Yankee will never be able to have a life in Robbie s southern hometown.All characters are wonderfully developed, highly detailed, and fully unique As with any good novel, the characters grow throughout this one, each learning from their experience Robbie is especially nuanced as we get to see him when he s on his own while staying at the farm, and also see him when he s back at home in the safety of his mother s care They are two different people, and Andrew Grey does a wonderful job of illustrating the differences.Not only are the main characters rich and detailed, but even secondary characters are finely developed The other residents of the farm and Robbie s family and friends all are given their own charms and weaknesses.The plot moves along at a perfect pace, allowing feelings to develop and grow between Joey and Robbie It never feels rushed or lacking of details, nor does it languish or get repetitive The emotions are real, and there are moments where your eyes moisten from either happiness or sadness Sensual moments between the characters are given enough details to make the moments feel passionate, sensual, and romantic, but not so many details that the novel can be termed erotica it s a romance novel first and foremost.It s a tender and sweet tale that is expertly crafted

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    Oh dear I find myself in the outlier position of having nothing nice to say Again I m pretty sure I m about to earn the Cuntsicle moniker with this one Again So I ll keep it short and apologies in advance.These guys are drama llamas I don t care for a drama llama.I m pretty sure even Captain Obvious would be rolling their eyes at the liberal usage of tedious and unnecessary details contained in this story I don t need to know every movement everyone everywhere ever made That s the very definition of overkill.Was there some sort of egg timer that kept dinging that time was up on whatever momentous occasion and it was time to bounce to another momentous occasion with little to no cushioning between them, because it felt like it Whirlwind s round the world are trembling in envy shadeLastly, I ll just say this clunky storytelling style and Crisden s narrative style and cadence are not doing each other any favors They are a match conjured in the 7th circle of hell if you ask me.Fairly certain this will be my first and last dalliance with this author However, it s got nothing but glowing reviews so if you re interested, see any of those and feel free to ignore me.

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    This third installment in the Love Means series is yet another amazing book about characters that are so real, they feel like people I actually know Joey is a young man with a lot of insecurities due to a motorcylce accident that left him with a scarred face He lives and works with Geoff and his partner Eli from Love MeansNo Shame When Geoff and Eli take in a musician from the National Youth Symphony, Joey anticipates nothing but disgust from the man But Robbie surprises him he s friendly, willing to help around the farm, and he s blind Joey and Robbie become inseparable and discover the beginnings of love.What fascinated me about this book was that both characters have limits or boundaries to overcome before they can give love a chance Robbie s are obvious he s blind Not so He doesn t see himself as limited at all everyone else does This is so spot on for how disabled people often see the world I was very impressed by Andrew s ability to get this across So the character you d expect to be the one with boundaries isn t actually the one struggling with them.Joey, on the other hand, is scarred a limit or boundary you might think is a lot less serious than being blind Again, not so Joey is actually the one who accepts his difference as limiting and lets it stop him from trusting himself and others.This unexpected way of looking at the two men and their relationship was a delightful departure from the traditional and expected way many books deal with disabled or disfigured characters It was refreshing and provided me with an emotionally satisfying story that I won t ever forget.If I could give than 5 stars, this would be one of the books worthy of that extra recognition Well done, Andrew

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    It s years and years since I last read too late in the night because I just couldn t put my book away Now it happened I read late, and finished this morning, so glad I have a day off And you know what, I couldn t stop reading even though I already read this book twice in 2011 I m not sure why I appreciated this so much this time I think I could somehow be understanding and patient towards everybody, Joey, Robbie, Robbie s Mom even I didn t at all remember how great Robbie s Dad was Love Means No Boundaries is now just as much my favourite as Love Means Freedom But the writing in No Boundaries is a thousand times better Seriously, why is that so A better editor No time to edit at all for Love Means Freedom I kind of hope I had the courage to re read Love Means Courage and Love Means No Shame, but the first time I read them I loved Cliff and Len and their family with the little Geoff so much, and what happened then made me cry than I ve ever cried over a book No, I just can t.But back to this book So many things are so beautifully dealt with insecurities, immaturity, growing up, mother s inability to let go of her child, music as an extension of a person and a way to express feelings, and of course love that you cannot deny, cannot forget, and finally the courage to live to the fullest.There are also horses, riding, and a dog that adopts two kittens I would recommend this to my friends who want to read a book that s emotional It has a few sex scenes, but they are just a small part of the book, not in the main role It s like this is a real story, not something made up to fill the space between sex scenes.

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    Nice traditional romance with an HEA I liked this story very much and it was excellent counter programming to my other current read Black Flags The Rise of ISIS This is my first romance with a blind character, and I thought it was well portrayed But does he have to fall for the guy with the scarred face who is terribly self conscious of his disfigurements That just seems a bit too convenient and kind of waters down the message of acceptance.

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    Overall book rating 4 Sweet stars Audio book Narrator Sean Crisden Book cover 2 StarsI absolutely loved the instant bond between the scared Joey and the blind Robby This was one amazingly sweet story I loved it

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    This book shares some similar themes with other books in the series including making the most of your time with those you love There s truth to the old saying that it s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all Our hearts decide who we get to love, but only God decides how long we have them to love You have to make the most of the time you have, be it seven days, seven months, or seven years There are also messages about the importance of what s inside the heart rather than outward appearances and not allowing life s challenges to limit you Joey is dealing with physical scars and people s reactions to them He doesn t feel worthy of love Robbie, although a strong and independent man when initially at the farm, allows his blindness and his parent s reaction to it, limit his options.Together, Robbie and Joey learn to put this behind them and make the most of every day Standing in Joey s arms, the last of those self imposed boundaries fell away He knew that with Joey behind him, he could do anything Lovely messages, wonderful characters and a sweet, happy ending 3.5 stars

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    Oh I loved this book This story revolves around Robbie, a blind violinist and Joey, a scarred, self conscious young man who lives on a farm with Geoff and Eli from the previous book Love MeansNo Shame Geoff Eli agree to take in Robbie, a musician from the National Youth Symphony for two weeks while the symphony is in town for a concert tour Joey is pretty much roped into guiding Robbie around during his visit I love to see the blossoming romance between these to young men It is beautiful and sweet Joey, because of his ability to guide Robbie without treating him like an invalid, makes such a wonderful impression on Robbie Robbie finally gets to do things that he would never be able to do at home he has a very over protective family that waits on him and and foot such as ride a horse, ride in a tractor, ride on a motorcycle, and feel true passion for the first time I hated for this story to end It is a wonderful, beautiful, inspiring story.

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    Well once again this book was the best just like the last two in the series I loved both Robbie and Joey, they were perfect for each other I loved reading how they got to know each other and fall in love with each other If you want to read this book then you need to make sure you read 1 Love MeansNo shame and 2 Love MeansCourage So you can get to know everyone in this great series The cool thing is if you just start reading the series you can by all three at the same time and not have to wait like I did, LOL I love when that happens Once again I cried I think I m going to have to ask Andrew to buy me some Kleenex he keeps making me cry in a good way though, hehe Happy Reading

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    Another fantastic installment in the Farm Series by Andrew Grey I didn t think it was possible, but the books just keep getting better I loved Joey in the first book and I was happy to see him make a return for his own Robbie is such a great character as well, and I think the author handles his being blind in a tasteful manner I liked seeing the world from his point of view, and it added a lot of depth to the story The two of them riding Twilight together is, to be honest, my favorite part, because it s just so sweet Especially towards the end with the No Boundaries group.

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