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Tooth and Nail explained Tooth and Nail, review Tooth and Nail, trailer Tooth and Nail, box office Tooth and Nail, analysis Tooth and Nail, Tooth and Nail c35e As A New Plague Related To The Rabies Virus Infects Millions, America Recalls Its Military Forces From Around The World To Safeguard Hospitals And Other Vital Buildings Many Of The Victims Become Rabid And Violent But Are Easily Controlled That Is, Until So Many Are Infected That They Begin To Run Amok, Spreading Slaughter And Disease Lieutenant Todd Bowman Got His Unit Through The Horrors Of Combat In Iraq Now He Must Lead His Men Across New York Through A Storm Of Violence To Secure A Research Facility That May Hold A Cure To Succeed In This Mission To Help Save What S Left Of Society, The Men Of Second Platoon Will Face A Terrifying Battle Of Survival Against The Very People They Have Sworn To Protect People Turned Into A Fearless, Endless Horde Armed Solely With Tooth And Nail

  • Paperback
  • 247 pages
  • Tooth and Nail
  • Craig DiLouie
  • English
  • 14 September 2017
  • 9781930486980

About the Author: Craig DiLouie

Craig DiLouie is an author of popular thriller, apocalyptic horror, and sci fi fantasy fiction.In hundreds of reviews, Craig s novels have been praised for their strong characters, action, and gritty realism Each book promises an exciting experience with people you ll care about in a world that feels real.These works have been nominated for major literary awards such as the Bram Stoker Award and

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    28 Days Later was one of those moves that really helped push the zombie back to the forefront Only zombie purists will tell you, It s not a zombie movie In many ways, Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie is much the same In fact, this book could be seen as the Americanized version And I mean this in a good way.While Lieutenant Todd Bowman is named on the back jacket, there are a number of characters in this fast paced tale Some might complain about the number of characters a criticism I never quite understood but each one is three dimensional What I mean is that each is given enough depth for you to care about their fate DiLouie doesn t simply fill his story with cannon fodder and mow them down He brings you into the heads and lets you look through their eyes.There is a lot of military jargon here, but he doesn t overwhelm the reader There is a real feeling of authenticity here At times, you can get sucked in and feel the emotions swirling as the soldiers talk during the lulls in the action DiLouie uses dialog to a supreme effect in this regard.The military and medical aspects of this story all felt plausible and real It was a rich addition without making you feel like you were reading a medical journal It was how the Lyssa virus worked that really gave this story its 28 Days Later feel And for the most part instead of the regular citizens, there was a different level of tension than what you find in many stories of this genre Gone are the obligatory headshots and the sometimes awkward ways in which the protagonists must discover how to bring down the monsters But rest assured, there will be astronomical body counts by the time you reach the last page.As always, there are a few critiques to go with the praise I wasn t fond of the tense in which DiLouie told the story At times it jumbled the scene And, of course, you will find a typo or two However, Tooth and Nail is a clean read for a small press I very strongly recommend Tooth and Nail by Craig DiLouie It is fast paced and rich with characters that are brought to life in your mind as the story draws you deeper and deeper into the chaos This story will pluck you from your comfy chair and have you pacing the room as you get to the last dozen pages where the climax becomes all too real.

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    Tooth and Nail is blistering fast military focused thrill ride into the apocalypse I scanned some of the other reviews and a comment that comes up with some frequency is that the nemesis here are not technically zombies From a purist perspective, that is certainly true The Hong Kong Lyssa Virus does not kill its victimsthe ones that go Mad Dog , as they are called, have symptoms similar to someone infected with rabiesalong the lines what we saw with 28 Days Later and Rec, as far as movies are concerned They are fast, they are lethal, and their desire is to spread the virus rather than devour the living, although they are not above tearing someone apart that gets in their way The effect of this is that the author went to some pretty good lengths to detail out this virus and its effect, giving it a realistic edge where the science felt pretty solid That is not where the realism in this tale stops The story focuses on Charlie Company, who are stationed in Manhattan, guarding one of the hospital where Lyssa patients are being attended to As the story starts, the city is already on lock down The U.S troops have been recalled from all across the globe to deal with the growing threat in America and we are just getting a small taste of what these Mad Dogs are capable of The Lyssa Virus itself is just like any other flu, or so it seems, but with a small percentage of those getting sick turning into rabid killers But that number is increasing as it is discovered that this isn t just an airborne virus and the Mad Dogs are growing as a part of the sick population at an exponential rate At the same time we are seeing what Charlie Company is up against, we are also introduced to a research facility in Manhattan, where a Russian Doctor is discovering the truth about the virus and specifically, the Mad Dogs, and trying desperately to come up with a vaccine or cure Craig DiLouie has created a very tightly knit story here with a great deal of depth of detail when it comes to military protocol and actions Since I haven t served in the military, I can t attest to the specific accuracy of everything, but clearly, the author knows his stuff There is no one single main character here, instead, the cast is like an ensemble and the story reminded me, in parts, of the movie Black Hawk Down , where it seems at every turn things are getting worse and worse and the local population is turning savage by the minute as the military tries to complete their mission Despite the lack of a main character, the author did a great job of providing the reader with some fully fleshed out characters that were easy to grow attached to for me Their interactions felt real and natural given the circumstances, not awkward or forced If I had a complaint about this story, it was with the tense change that occurred at a few points of the story I can understand the merits of going present tense with a book that moves at the hectic pace of this one, but there are some parts of the book that are in past tense and others in present, which is a shift that isn t always easy to adapt to as a reader Despite this minor quibble, the book is solidly written and the story well paced I do hope to see a sequel to this book, but it certainly can stand on its own as a excellent entry into the infected zombie apocalypse genre.

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    As something of a closest Zombiephile , I randomly stumbled upon Tooth and Nail in my recommended list With so few reviews, and a synopsis that hinted heavily at a military focus, it was with a slightly closed mind that I purchased this book.And instantly I was pleasantly surprised.Tooth and Nail starts with a disease that sweeps through the city with rapid pace, beginning as a virus with a high mortality rate, and morphing into a zombie disease.The pace is fast, and at first I found it slightly difficult to keep the characters straight in my mind perhaps because as military, they seem to blend together easily than say, a group of civilians It s also pretty light on the whole anatomy of a virus scenario this is something that has resulted to me skimming in other novels of the same genre I read these books for a guilty pleasure, not to increase my knowledge of virology I read this in three days, squeezing in a quick chapter wherever possible, as it is very addictive I ve not come across Craig DiLouie before, but am really looking forward to reading

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    One of my favourite reads of last year came from author Craig DiLouie I was so impressed with his The Infection that I rushed out to order this earlier novel from his word processor At first glance, they seemed quite similar Both deal with an apocalyptic end of the world scenario, featuring creatures that, or less, are zombies Both follow groups of characters trying to survive as said apocalypse unfolds Both are written in the present tense and both involve small groups battling superior enemy numbers.But there the similarities end.Unlike the book that would ultimately follow it, Tooth and Nail is told almost exclusively from the POV of a number of members of the U.S Army, so it lacks some of the colourful characters present in the Infection It s also very technical in detail, meaning those who enjoy reading about particular types of weapons, the calibre of bullets they use, and the damage they can inflict will be right at home here Additionally, the threat itself is far straight forward a virus which turns people into Mad Dogs with the virus being passed on by any bite from an infected individual and there are none of the fantastical monsters which DiLouie deployed to such creative effect in the Infection.I guess what I m, trying to say is Tooth and Nail reads like a first try at an apocalyptic novel, complete with numerous issues, and it seems DiLouie then went away and re wrote the book in a superior fashion, coming up with The Infection in the process The most prominent support of this is how one dimensional most of the characters in Tooth and Nail are Reading this at times felt like watching Battle Los Angeles Dispensable and interchangeable grunts battling a superior foe in an attempt to complete their mission and save the human race I failed to care about any character in that movie when I could tell them apart , and I had much the same trouble here for everyone other than Bowman, Mooney and McLeod, until very late in the novel As such, I was never as fully engaged nor entertained by what was taking place.All of this is making it sound like Tooth and Nail is a poor book when it most certainly is not It s a perfectly serviceable one It just isn t great like The Infection.2.5 to 3 LTs ordering FPF from SAW and RPGs for Tooth and Nail.

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    Tooth and Nail features infected , not zombies , and the virus is a genetically altered mutation of the rabies virus So not exactly zombies, but similar, though it reads like a true zombie book.For a zombie type book, it had enough of a different bent that it wasn t like just reading another self published fanboy fanfic piece focused on guns, gore, guts and rape scenes This book has a great premise, a good story arc, and good intentions It does not, however, have a good execution.The writing is cumbersome and difficult to wade through, the tenses are not consistent, the dialogue is truncated and distant and the editing is nearly non existent The good thing about the editing, though, is that this time it s not for horrid mistakes that a simple spell check or basic middle school English class could have corrected No, in this book it is less of a proofreading issue and of a REAL editing issue A professional editor would have been able to release the writing from its distant, stiff and tight confines, enabling this story to flow effortlessly from chapter to chapter, bringing us all along for the ride.There are a lot of characters to keep track of, none of which are particularly well developed, but it is clear that the author has some knowledge of military procedures and uses that knowledge to drive this book It s a good thing, though.POSSIBLE SPOILER BELOW POSSIBLE SPOILER BELOW You ve been warned..The Mad Dog angle and exponential rate of infection is a good one, as is the military rescue of the scientist who identified the Mad Dog strain and its methodology.The medical science and military knowledge was believeable enough that it could carry this book through to the end, but the sequel, which it s clear is coming since this ends on such a bloody cliffhanger, is going to need A LOT of work.

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    Tooth and Nail is one of the most immersive experiences you can find as a fan of apocalyptic fiction As a former military officer, I can attest to complexity and uncertainty of the difficult decisions faced by second lieutenant Todd Bowman and his men, as they faced an increasingly deadly and nebulous viral threat on the streets of Manhattan The buildup of tension, confusion and violence was expertly drawn from start to finish Each soldier s role in the story is examined and expanded through gritty action, well constructed conversation and personal narrative introspection.Although DiLouie s story leans heavily on brutal action, which becomes a necessary way of life for the platoon, he takes the time to explore the bonds that strengthen this small community of warriors as they try to carry out their orders and makes sense of the madness that has descended on the world This is one of the most realistic fictional representations of platoon interaction that I have read in this genre.Beyond military realism is a well developed scientific scenario that gives you a break from the intense military action I recently saw that the author re released one of his previous works, called The Thin White Line, which is a research based, fictional account of an avian flu pandemic I was not surprised to find out that he had started working on Tooth and Nail soon after publishing this work The exhaustive research in The Thin White Line played out beautifully in Tooth and Nail, adding yet another layer of realism This aspect is delivered in the form of a parallel, yet crucial side story about several virologists trapped nearby in a secure research facility.I appreciated the dichotomy of these two worlds Brute strength, flexible quick decision making and firepower Vs Scholarly intellect, detailed research and organized thought AGAINST the same enemy Watching the two merge in this story is a bonus.DiLouie s story has been called Black Hawk Down meets 28 Days Later I agree, but would add elements of Zulu Dawn and 300 Spartans to that list What starts out as a relatively straight forward operation for 2LT Bowman s platoon turns into an epic battle for survival, with than just his platoon s fate at stake.

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    This is my first experience reading author Craig Dilouie and I was pretty impressed Out of the dozens of zombie novels I ve read over the years, this was the first to really focus on the military aspect of the plague other than Jonathan Maberry s PATIENT ZERO, but that concentrated on an isolated covert operation and included only a sprinkling of zombie action Usually the military is used in the periphery, but in TOOTH AND NAIL, Dilouie drags the reader not only into the middle of the action, but into the minds of the soldier Like any group of people, you have the good and bad, the courageous and cowardly This book keeps you on your toes, because at any moment, a character you ve been following for hundreds of pages could die quickly and horribly It is a tense, medically plausible, and brutally told tale My only criticisms are that, as a New Yorker, I didn t feel as if the author captured the locations or feel of the Big Apple as well as he could have, and I would have liked a bit depth and insight into the characters But I would still recommend this book to horror and zombie fans alike.

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    I feel like in order to truly enjoy this book you have to be in the army or some other armed service People in that situation don t feel the same terror from a zombie plague situation as a normal person would and it showed I m the writing It lacked emotion, and focussed on military strategy and combat I felt like they could have been fighting any kind of enemy and the book would have read the exact same way, it just so happened they were fighting zombies.

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    Amazing macho zombie slaughter of the best kind A cold and distant reflection on the apocalypse from a military point of view.Focus is on the individual soldier and its struggle both with survival, conscience and keeping a sane head during Armageddon.

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    Didn t love it Couldn t get attached to any of the characters Was mostly just happy to get it finished I didn t find it engaging or believable.

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