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Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) chapter 1 Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) , meaning Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) , genre Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) , book cover Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) , flies Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) , Salvaged (Salvaged, #1) 2d7b318ad665d My Body Was Being Torn Apart, And My Stomach Felt As If It Exploded The Pain Was Excruciating, And I Was Aware That I Was Dying Mom My Vision Was Murky, But I Could See Her Face It Was Bloody, And Her Eyes Were Large And Full Of Fear Her Voice Calmed Get Out Of The Car, Attie Her Words Sounded Crisp And Clear I Looked Into The Backseat In Search Of Melody And Found Her Lying Covered In Blood In A Twisted Heap On The Floor I Turned My Attention Back To My Mother And Out Of The Corner Of My Eye Saw Fire Get Out, Attie Everything Went DarkAttie Reed Should Have Died In The Wreck That Stole The Lives Of Her Mother And Best Friend But Her Life Was Spared Why When Attie Moves To Oklahoma To Stay With The Bennetts For The Summer, She Hopes She Has Left Her Nightmares Behind But Her Battle Is Far From Over, And Riley Bennett Steps Forward To Help Her Fight The Nighttime Monsters As The Battle Wears On, Riley Begins Fighting Monsters Of His Own His Feelings For Attie And Attie Realizes She Must Begin To Face The Monsters Of The Night Herself If She Wants To Conquer Them For Good Can Attie S Life Be Salvaged

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    Alrighty Then..Obviously my opinion is biased because I happen to be married to this budding author Not only is she incredibly talented, but she is a great person also In spite of my bias, I feel the need to share my opinion of the book and the author I am a 44 year old guy and not what you would call the wimpy type I grew up with 3 brothers and played a lot of sports and was pretty much all boy My favorite movies involve lots of gunfire and a lot of stuff blowing up I also happen to be raising three sons ages 14, 12 and 11 Get the Picture I am a Christian and it is an important part of my life I was not always that way I grew up the hard way and most of my wisdom comes from stupid mistakes and bad choices early in my life, rather than pastors or Sunday School teachers Lets just say I am a Believer with a bit of a raw edge at times What I am getting at is this If my wife were not the author, I guarantee you that I NEVER, EVER, EVER would have read this book In fact if someone would have told me to read it after knowing it was a YA, Christian, love story, I would have laughed in their face Considering all of my background, I thought the book was amazing I laughed and fought back tears with a lump in my throat on many occasions Most of the characters are based upon real people in our lives which made me laugh out loud They really are just like that My favorite character though is Jesus Not because I am a bible thumper, but because the way Stefne portrayed him is exactly how I picture him to be If Jesus wants to relate to this generation, I promise you he won t show up riding a cloud in a white robe, judging everyone I believe he would be real and relational That is how he was when he walked on the earth I loved the characters, the humor, and the message for the youth of today I have worked with kids and youth for many years and they are constantly bombarded with the World s Viewpoint on what is important I found it amazingly refreshing to have a moral and ethical viewpoint on living life that was written so well and wasn t hokey or fake EVERY YOUNG PERSON AGES 12 20 SHOULD READ THIS BOOK It is also a great read and very meaningful for older adults also LIKE ME Let s be honest, I did not swoon over Riley like ALL of the females who have read this book I guess that is a good thing But what I will tell you is that I hope and pray that my 3 boys grow up to be just like him I promise if you read this book, it will change they way you think about faith, relationships, and living life in a way that impacts others I want you all to know that I love my wife and I want to support her and help her be successful, but that is not the reason for this review I truly believe everything I have said Thanks Stefne for an incredible book that will impact thousands of young lives I marvel at your talent and am proud to be your husband.

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    I don t know why I got this book, I honestly don t My uncles gave me a kindle as a gift and the first book I purchased for it was Salvaged And I m not disappointed Salvaged was such an inspiring book I loved it so much The story was so brilliant The characters were amazing and this book is a Christian book, so I loved it even Attie was this girl who was realistic and so easy to love Riley was a boy I never wanted to smack with any weapon I could reach Now I want to meet Riley in person I want my own Riley haha Through out the whole book, I felt like my mind was finally opened really opened This book slapped me on the face and made me realize all the mistakes I was making It taught me how to love, to forgive, to stay strong and to stay faithful to the Lord.The book slapped me so hard and I am so grateful It talks about the things that are going around at present and it shows you how immoral things now are This book makes the reader think and reflect Ms Miller, thank you so much for writing Salvaged I look forward for the next book Fhalin, 14, Philippines

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    I can t even begin to describe just how much I adored Salvaged, and I m worried even so that when the words do come, they won t even begin to give it the justice it deserves Though, I will try my best Salvaged is a book that deals with a lot Death, romance, overcoming fears, finding faith when you have hit rock bottom name it and you ll probably find it somewhere tangled in, and while romance is a huge portion of this novel and pretty much my favorite, I think the main idea of Salvaged is finding faith and developing a relationship with God Jesus whoever you believe in, which I liked because it was never too preachy, but left for the reader to take in their own way Attie is someone who has dealt with a lot in the last year She s lost her best friend and mom in a car crash, that should have have most likely taken her life as well her father can t even begin to look at her because there s still too much pain she has begun to talk to Jesus daily she has feelings for Riley, her dead best friend s brother, and he may have the same for her, but she has no clue what to do Attie is a character that when I say I adored her I truly did She was funny, bright, and so much positive then I would ve been in her position Her relationship with Jesus put a unique spin on this novel and always felt a bit reminiscent of one of my old favorite shows titled Joan of Arcadia, where the girl talked to god and did tasks he gave her And this review wouldn t be complete if I didn t talk about Attie s romance with the lovely Riley Bennett Their romance was basically the definition of cute and sweet put together, since that s just how they were with each other Though I won t say any besides the fact that I want a Riley, since I want future readers to come up with their own thought on the relationship The plot of this always kept the book moving, and when tied together with Ms Miller s fabulous prose, proved to be a nearly spectacular story, that nearly had no flaws.In all, Salvaged is one of the cutest books I ve read in a long time, and one that I highly, highly urge you to pick up, because I m sure you ll love it just as much as I did And Ms Miller Well, she s one author to keep an eye on, because if Salvaged is any indication, we re in for quite a treat with future ones Grade A

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    I received a copy of this book curtesy of Star Book Tours.I don t even know where to start with Salvaged I liked where the story was heading in the first couple chapters and didn t even mind the Oklahoma accent that the author threw in However, in Chapter 3, Jesus shows up sitting on Attie s bed wearing jeans and a t shirt, and I knew this book wasn t for me.I only read the description of the book, not any of the reviews online, so I hadn t realized that Salvaged is a Christian fiction novel Instead, it sounded like Courtney Summer s Cracked Up to Be Had I known, I would not have signed up for the ARC tour I spent fourteen years in Catholic school and four years in a very overtly religious Catholic youth group, so don t try telling me that I need to head back to church and affirm my faith I just don t enjoy Christian literature Especially not when God Jesus talks to one of the main characters That, to me, is a whole new level of unbelievable.I made it through Chapter 11 before abandoning the book The characters were too naive to be believable even my most puritanical Christian friends knew the basics of make up and boys, even if it was only secondhand knowledge from school or books or television And Riley was just too. something I can t put my finger on it, but he didn t ring true as a male character It was too obvious that it was written from a female point of view similar to how the character of Amanda Feral in Mark Henry s Happy Hour of the Damned is obviously written by a man After reading the last two chapters, my guess as to how the story ends was affirmed Salvaged is a very predictable story with strong Christian undertones and a very strong message about chastity It seems as though Miller doesn t trust teenagers to be able to control themselves, not even with Eskimo kisses and silly nothings whispered into ears It borders on the absurd It isn t necessary to be a complete and utter prude in order to save yourself for marriage And it also isn t the girl s fault that the boy feels randy and gets set off by little things, like the aforementioned Eskimo kisses That was just too much.I m sorry to give this such a negative review, as it had great potential However, the Christian storyline really ruined it for me Sorry, Ms Miller

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    There was nothing overtly wrong with this book I just didn t find it all that interesting.Attie and Riley were both okay characters, but they seemed to obsess and get upset over really little things I mean did it really matter that some of her relatives chose to call her by her full name Atticus rather than her nickname Did it matter that she didn t want to have sex until after she was married if she didn t really have anybody to have sex with The storyline in this really dragged, and I got quite irritated with Attie obsessing over every little thing, not to mention the constant talking to Jesus who she actually SAW , yet nobody was concerned about her hallucinating There was romance, but I wasn t impressed, and got really sick of the whole saving herself business.The end was okay, although I was really desperate for this book to be finished I was basically bored all the way through.4.5 out of 10

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    I was not a fan of this book Not at all It took everything in me to finish reading it.When I bought this book, I was unaware that it was Christian Literature When I found this out, it made me want to read it even I m always a fan of books that can help me strengthen my faith and possibly give me a new perspective on everything Now, with that being said this was probably the worst Christian Lit I have ever read I felt to begin with, it was just poorly written There was next to no description in this book There would be just paragraphs and paragraphs of dialogue with nothing in between If felt like I was reading a script rather than a book I also do not think that Miller developed the characters nearly as much as she could have Yes, Attie had an okay arc with her overcoming everything, blah blah blah, but it left all of the other character extremely under developed They briefly talk about that everyone has their own struggles, yet they never actually go in depth on how any of the other characters are doing and how they are coping Especially with the POV change between Attie and Riley, it would have been easy to do something with his character But no His only struggle was being abstinent And that lasted all of about 3 seconds in which he fucked up, felt bad, and moved on with his life Also, I do not agree with the author s interpretation of Jesus in this book I did not have a problem with him showing up in jeans and a t shirt and having life talks with Attie I m all for that I love when authors and movies try to approach Him in a human light I think that s amazing But the conversations that were had between Jesus and Attie were very very cliche and just paraphrases from the bible So she didn t actually make him that relatable at all Miller tried by describing his appearance in a human way and how their conversations take place, but it ended there view spoiler Also, I m going to rant about how during one chapter we basically see Jesus slut shaming Attie and I m super not okay with that To describe the scene, it was after they were at the lake and Attie was tired and laid down in her bikini That she was wearing because they were at a lake In enters Riley who then starts tracing all of her scars Alright Innocent enough But then Attie asks him to stop Like hey you didn t want to play this game, so lets not And Riley is just like Nah we good, no worries So it proceeds It starts to get a little heavier and Attie again was like Yo This is a bad idea, stop And Riley was like Okay CantStopWontStop And keeps going He ends up touching her boob and she was just like WOAH STOP THE CAR WE ARE NOT ON THAT LEVEL NO And Riley s all like hey loosen up, have some fun I know you were enjoying it And Attie leaves crying justifiably Okay, then enter Jesus with Attie And Jesus is all like, Yo, why are you so upset and Attie was like did you see what just happened, not cool And Jesus was like, He s a seventeen year old boy who likes you You were flirting with him and you re half naked you can t really blame him FUCKING PAUSE OKAY Since when is slut shaming and promoting victim blame ever okay Especially from JESUS I got angry and almost stopped reading the book at that point hide spoiler

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    First off, I just have to say that there is no way I can give this book an unbiased review Not because I relate to the story or because I know the author, because I don t.but because the story is set in Oklahoma That made me feel so much connected to the story, I had a lot of fun reading a book set half an hour from where I live I loved reading about Attie and her love of OU Sooner football Hello, I live close to the football stadium and go to school there When she and her friends took a road trip to El Reno, I felt like I could just hop in the car with them I also loved the way Stefne got the dialogue down Usually, the overuse of ya lls and go get em type abbreviations get on my nerves But in this case, I loved it It made all the characters sound like the people I talk to everyday I especially loved the spelling of the world probly Very nice.Anyway, even putting all that asidethis is really an amazing book It is really hard not to love Attie, and I dare you not to love Riley Bennett The way he fawns all over Attie sa woon I do have to say thoughat the risk of sounding like a jerk he cried way too much Seriously, I felt like every time I turned the page he was crying about something I know that he suffered a huge loss in his family and that he cares a lot for Attiebut really Teenage boys do not cry that much unless they want to be labeled WUSS I mean, he even cried in front of his friends No way I m just not buying it I kinda tried to block that out so I could continue thinking about how amazing he was And for the most part, I did And either waynot a big deal.Attie s dad huge loser I won t go into that and spoil anything But manthe dude sucks in a major way Thank goodness she had a real family to care about her That part was pretty hard to read It made me very grateful for my dad Anyway, bottom line I loved reading this I read it via We Love YA tours, and am seriously contemplating buying a copy for myself Stefne offers them on her website at a reduced price 14.99 shipping , and she ll autograph them for you.I definitely recommend reading this, and be on the lookout for the sequel, Rise, in the next year or two

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    This book was so many things, but the biggest one in my mind is refreshing Besides that, it is the most beautiful story I have ever read Its pages were filled with things that brought so many emotions to light and had moments that will allow everyone to connect with the story and the characters in some way.Reading Salvaged is an experience It made me laugh, it made me cry, and so much At one point, I was crying so hard I had to stop reading The scenes with Tammy and Attie s other friends were so much fun I loved Tammy she said things how they were Salvaged is written in alternating points of view from Attie to Riley which I absolutely loved I love alternating POV, and in Salvaged it made the story ten times better I loved hearing both characters thoughts, and it was fun to see how each saw the others case.Attie the main character did annoy me at times She let her insecurities just block her way too much That aside, she is a character most people, especially teenage girls, can connect with I also loved how throughout the story she goes through so much, yet her faith in God is rock solid Riley seriously is a dream guy You blows so many other literary hotties out of the water Seriously, if I could ever find a guy just a fraction of how perfect and sweet he was, it would be amazing Another thing about this book was the fact that Jesus was a main character When I started reading, I had no idea he would be such a huge part of the book, and the scenes with him grew to be some of my favorite parts of the book.The story was so heart breaking, but at the same time was a story of such strong growth I mentioned above how Salvaged was refreshing Let me tell you why it was the most perfect love story and you didn t need sex or anything like that to make it so It was innocent and perfect.Salvaged was a story filled with amazing characters that I could read about forever I loved every single character and what they brought to the table The story is just wow A single girl has about everything that can go wrong happen to her, but she has the most amazing people in the world to walk through life by her This is simply one of the best love stories I have ever read.

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    Salvaged is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read It was touching and heartbreaking and full of feelings that I could really relate to I think every teenage girl will feel some connection to Attie and this book needs to be added to everyone s to read lists or piles.Attie Reed s life changed the moment that her mother and best friend were killed Attie should have died with them but by some miracle or nightmare she survived Things were never the same for her after the accident and five months in the hospital Now she is heading back to Oklahoma for the summer to stay with the family of her best friend Her secrets are about to be revealed to everybody but she isn t the only one with secrets Turns out, Riley, the brother of her best friend, is hiding something too I don t really know where to start Attie was one of the most confusing and confused characters that I have ever read about The only thing she was sure of was her faith and she never lost her confidence in that It was amazing really to read about someone who lost so much and went through so much but still believe that God was there to help her through it She was both strong but weak She didn t see so many things that were right in front of her but it made me like her a little It made her seem normal Riley was definitely the best though He was Attie s savior Without him, she would have had a much harder time making it through everything He was sweet yet sexy Everything you could possibly want in a guy Overall, Salvaged is a touching story about a girl who doesn t believe she deserves to live and her journey to get past that All the people that helped her through her ordeal were fabulous and I didn t want to stop reading about them when the book ended This is one book that I know will stick with me.

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    I will be the first to say that I am one of those people that is a Christian, but I am not a preachy Christian I don t like to read a lot of scripture in my books Books are my escape Yet, when I was approached to read and review a young adult romance that is Christian based, I was hooked with the summary and had to say yes.This book did not disappoint I loved the character of Riley and Attie When you have bad days, do you sometimes ask yourself why Why would God do this to you Did you know that he doesn t do it to you to punish you He may throw things at you, but he is with you at all times When Attie gets in a horrible accident that kills her mother and best friend, she feels horrible She feels like she should have died as well Yet a miracle happened and Jesus rescued her He asked her if she was ready to start a journey with him She accepted and so the story begins She moves in with the family of her best friend who died Her father basically abandons her because he can t stand to look at her since it reminds him of his lost wife I loved Riley s parents They accepted her and loved her like Attie was their daughter that they lost We find out later in the book just how much they are involved in Attie s life The scene with Attie and Mr Bennett near the end was sweet and touching.Without going into detail of the book, due to spoilers, I will say that even though this book does have a lot of spiritual based decision s, it was a perfect book featuring death, struggle, sadness and rediscovery Salvaged is a wonderful title for this book and fitting for the character of Attie I wonderful, clean and sweet young adult romance that adults will enjoy as well.

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