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    Somewhere around one hundred and fifty pages into this book, I started getting nervous I didn t want to finish it I didn t want to know This book transported me back to being young, when fears seemed insurmountable and avoidance seemed like the perfect coping mechanism This isn t the first young adult book to bring me back to my younger days all the best do , but this book distinguishes itself with beautiful writing and a nice balance of tragedy and gentle sweetness.Frankie is twelve years old, almost thirteen He s in that special transition place between childhood and the teenage years, where secret languages and animals and adventures occupy him, and girls can still be best friends But Frankie is also old and weary He can t keep his mind from traveling down well worn roads of worry the groceries, the fire alarm, food poisoning, rashes, cancer, and his mother His family is quirky and close knit and fun, but they never acknowledge the undercurrent of illness in his house Now that his brother has moved out and his sister has become absorbed with being a teenage girl, all the responsibility has fallen to him When confident, straightforward, world traveler Sydney shows up in Frankie s life, she barges her way past all of his defenses He initially finds this yet another source of anxiety, but soon he realizes that it is a relief to lay down his burdens The writing is imaginative and whimsical The narration follows Frankie s thoughts, moving swiftly from past to present and back and flitting from one topic to another He occupies himself with listing birds, dogs, gems, cricketers, anything to keep his mind from worrying all the time, but he can t stop All of his disorganized thoughts inevitably converge on the anxieties that he s trying to avoid I did feel a bit of exasperation a few times as Frankie s tangents became overly random and detailed, but I think that he does too Kate De Goldi so smoothly translates Frankie s mental state into words He is worried, but also so tired of having to worry, so ready to put it all aside His growth from avoidance to painful recognition to the desperate need to change is achingly heartwarming Every character in this book is a bit peculiar and highly original, but they all feel real This book has a rather large cast too from Frankie s epically fat aunts who love gardening and tai chi, to his loyal best friend Gigs, to his verbose year eight teacher Mr A, to his school bus driver who requires a new password each day and has the memory of an elephant They are all packed with quirky characteristics, but they never feel cartoonish This book is also set in New Zealand and has a quaint, small town feeling to it.This book falls somewhere in between middle grade and young adult, but I think that this is one that transcends both of those labels There are so many aspects of this book that I can relate to My mother falls somewhere in between Sydney s mother and Frankie s mother, and I feel a strong connection to both characters I was, and still am, habitually early to everything in my life in direct reaction to my mother s habitual lateness I know that sometimes anxiety can settle on the irrational, and exclude mundane things like money, food, fire alarms, and doctor s appointments I know how exhausting it is to feel like the only person who s worrying about those mundane things, and to feel that those worries must be exaggerated to compensate And, probably most of all, I know what it s like to feel that doom of genetic inheritance that mental illness is waiting just around the corner.Perfect Musical PairingBand of Horses Monsters Band of Horses folksy sound and Ben Bridwell s distinctive, quirky voice remind me a lot of this book This song is about coping with problems buried deep beneath your heart and somewhere in your stomach It s melancholy but hopeful If I am lost it s only for a little while.

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    It was really was a continual disappointment, thought Frankie, how all little pieces of story magic were eventually crushed by reality and because I need a happy one too Come on, throw it, throw it I may as well get a shine on the end of my knob Initial Final Page Thoughts.Bonga Swetso High Points.Frankie Gigs Sydney The entire Parsons clan New Zealand Cakes Knobshine Projects Mr A Secret Passwords Heart shattering Shredders Card games Lists Quirks Eccentricities Siblings Chilun Ray Davies The Fat Controller Camp Late night talks Aurora Awakens Hope Love Song wars Favourite default memories Normality Computer technology Partially Bling Man Word definitions Oh good, GOD Rara avis Low Point.The only quibble I had with this book was the way the chapters were divided into every other maybe Tuesday I felt, in doing this, De Goldi denied us from seeing a lot of scenes that I would have loved to read first hand and not just from the memory of Frankie.Hero.Oh Frankie, you adorable little precious poppet I can t decide whether I want to adopt you or run around antagonising dogs with you.There s a fine line between them, I feel When I was reading this book, there were an alarming number of moments when I was like I understand COMPLETELY But, I think there are worse people I could relate to Definitely.I don t want to go into the many many reasons why I loved Frankie, but I think he s best to get to know on your own But here s a few because I can t resist.He s strong, he s resilient, he s inquisitive, he s observant, he s capable of shattering my cold Northern heart, he s hilarious, he s intelligent, he s imaginative, he s the perfect hero for this book and he doesn t like unsavoury collisions with a plaster in a public pool.That, I have to agree, does suck and it knocks me sick too I just want to cuddle you, listen to you talk about birds and write stories with you while I eat all we share Mistake Cake which sounds DELICIOUS by the way Best Friend.Oh Gigs You are definitely in the running for the Lee Carter Award for Adorable, Cheeky Ragamuffin BFF Who Will End Up Getting Us Arrested When We re Older And Sydney Well, I didn t appreciate you BREAKING MY HEART Let s tuck our skirts in our knickers and do cartwheels and go and buy nose rings together and make boys feel uncomfortable with how amazing and fearless we are.And then we can cuddle, yes sob Furry Friends.A cat called The Fat Controller and a beagle called Ray Davies Best.names.ever Family.Oh my lorrrd, I want to move in with the Parsons I loved the way Ms De Goldi depicted the family dynamic It was the perfect combination of side splitting humour honourable mention goes to the song wars between Uncle G and Louie hilarious and heart shattering moments honourable mention goes to the 10pm questions and a visit to the Aunties blub Theme Tune.A Boy Like Me Patrick Wolf A boy like me should know much better than to raise his flag in stormy weather.But I just can t get enough eletric shocks.I wanna buy a lighthouse and ride a giraffe on the rocks.I don t give up Like I could pick anyone else as my theme tune for this book Always humorous, always beautiful, always haunting and forever an eccentric Someone knight him already What can I say The peculiar ones are always my favourites.Sadness Scale.10 10 BUT WAIT don t run fleeing in terror because of the sadness that you will feel And you will feel it But this book is also full of beautiful, whimsical moments and, above all, hope and love and understanding This book struck a real chord with me and there were certain fears and worries that Frankie felt that really resonated with me.And I know I always say it and I know I m going to start sounding like a broken record, but I have to really commend Ms de Goldi s sensitive yet extremely accurate portrayal of mental illness I loved how De Goldi managed to switch between depicting the uncomfortable but inevitable issues that living with someone with a mental illness brings and the glorious, heart warming humour of Frankie s story with perfect ease There seemed to be a magnificent flow to this book and there was never a moment where I thought that the transition was forced or only put in the story for shock factor Her writing gave the entire book a perfect bitter sweet tinge which I am sure will stick with me for a long time Recommended For.EVERYONE People who like their books with imagination and whimsy People who want a book that will depict important issues without shying away when it gets too uncomfortable People who have big families People who worry about things and think it s stupid ps IT S NOT People who understand the importance of keeping sweeties in a safe, dry place in case there is an apocalypse People who like projects People who like passwords People who keep their bus tickets People who like to make up their own languages People who like doing cartwheels and don t care if the boys can see your kecks People who like Russian literature People who think the cakes that don t turn out right are always the best People who like waking up to the splattered remains of a dead rat on their bath mat People who talk to inanimate objects, which is OK, as long as they don t talk back People who always remember what trumps is People who understand there can t always be a happy ending, but continue to hope for one regardless You can find this review and other exciting things on my blog here.

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    I should warn you now I don t think this review will be very well written I m not sure I m able to express my love, adoration, and pure joy with this book.Quite simply, it is stunning Heartbreaking, poignant, hilarious, beautiful, wonderful It s something very special In many ways I m surprised to find it in the children s section, as it is so insightful, with an unusual story line and a sophisticated voice rarely seen in children s fiction But I m delighted Templar and previous publishing houses are putting this kind of storytelling out there Make no mistake this is certainly a book for all ages.I have to start with Frankie He is adorable I wanted to simultaneously be his best friend and adopt him This kid had some seriously high stress levels and his anxieties, thoughts and concerns had me in stitches many times don t worry Frankie I m totally with you on the whole pool thing, I avoid them for that very same reason.Frankie is a shy, reserved, intelligent, imaginative kid with a talent for drawing, who particularly likes birds He s also a bit of a hypochondriac and ever so slightly neurotic and while there are many delightful and funny moments throughout The 10pm Question that stem from his bizarre range of worries, it s also clear that they are very serious to him and everything is starting to overwhelm Frankie Sydney, his new best friend is loud, and vibrant and spontaneous, and asks awkward questions Ma won t leave the house and no one will talk about it When it finally all becomes too much for him, my heart just broke for the little guy and I just wanted to give him a big hug luckily, the fabulous Aunts are there just when he needs them the most.Speaking of The Aunts were amazing I kind of want to be them when I m old They were hilarious and wise and filled their lives with many great things.The 10pm Question is very much a character driven novel, but what brilliant characters This fabulous, insane, eccentric, hilarious, utterly normal family The way they interact, how they care for one another, how they bicker and argue and support each other it was refreshing and captivating and I missed them once I finished reading The relationships were spot on, but the bond between Frankie and his mother is particularly strong Every night, at 10pm, Frankie goes to her with his fears and worries for the day and she patiently listens to him and answers all his questions, fighting the world for Frankie in the only way she can.Ma was a lovely character, though she is probably the one we get to know least, because Frankie guards her so closely She forges a life for herself, in the best she can, and her strength and courage in the face of her own crippling fears I couldn t help but admire her and the love she has for her family, and they for her.The 10pm Question is the kind of book that makes me wish I were I writer Full of humour, wit, compassion and richly developed characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book Kate De Goldi tackles the difficult subject of mental illness in a way that is thoughtful, quiet, powerful, moving, respectful, eloquent and truthful Frankie loves his mother But he doesn t understand how or why she is the way she is Reading how Frankie and the rest of Parson s family cope with their loved one s condition boarders on the personal.Kate De Goldi is extremely talented, as what could have easily been a depressing, awkward novel in someone else s hands, instead is filled with a warmth and leaves you very much with a feeling of hope The 10pm Question made me laugh It made me cry It reminded me of some of my own childhood memories, long forgotten.This is a unique treasure of a book I will revisit time and time again and has some wonderful cover art Read it Last Saturday when they d been there he d had his annual unsavory collision with a plaster There was nothing revolting in Frankie s view than free styling your way, innocent and blissful, into the path of a used plaster In Frankie s hierarchy of squeamish experiences, the casual caress of a stained plaster was right up there with accidently catching sight of writhing maggots in a forgotten rubbish bag He d had to get out of the pool immediately last Saturday and lie on his towel in the sun to recover page 37 C mon, throw it, throw it I may as well get the shine on the end of my knob page 71.Frankie I love you Bonga Swetso.

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    About one third through the book, I became increasingly confused about the book s setting The protagonist makes remarks about how Sydney is a radical and exotic place so I thought, why, these kids must be Americans And then it was mentioned that the only traveling Frankie s family has done was to US and UK, so it rules out those two places as well Frankie s sister also wears uniform and attends a Catholic school So now we know the book is set in an English speaking, uniform wearing place which has lots of cakes and birds, and isn t in Australia, US, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Canada or Area 51 It turns out that Frankie, the 12 years old boy, is actually from New Zealand And all of a sudden everything made much sense I was born in Auckland, and anything that s about contemporary Kiwi land is automatically sentimental to me I find Kiwi YA to be dramatically different to Aussie, or American YA or maybe I m just a limited reader But seriously, it was refreshing to read a troubled teen novel that doesn t involve drugs, cyber bullying, pedophiles, body image issue and whatever else is on MTV shows Instead, it deals with a teenager s ordinary everyday concerns such as homeworks in details as well , sports, hobbies, family dynamics, and current affairs to a certain extent Not that it s necessarily a good thing, but De Goldi has chose to portray a fairly innocent New Zealand with the old fashioned, hospitably friendly and polite people Baking is enjoyed by all, everyone loves home cooking and have fruit as snacks Being obese is still something that s unusual and funny as opposed to the ZOMFG McDonalds will give you brain cancer and you ll die with your kidneys falling out it must be shut down reaction Is it realistic Well I m not sure, I suppose every city and its assholes and sheltered kids, NZ teens aren t any depressing or happier in fact while Australia came 6th for the world s happiest countries, NZ wasn t even in the top 10 But it will always reminds me of sunny days, lemonade we used to grow lemons in the backyard which has orange skins and size of grapefruits and excitement whenever I see a bridge it was the pinnacle of human achievement to my 5 years old self Hmm, I don t know what else to say about the book It s sort of like those happy childhood memories where you go man things were so much easier, better back then without Facebook and Justin Bieber Although it discusses some fairly dark subjects anxiety illness, pseudo child abuse , there s nothing explicit and you don t feel super depressed about the state of our world I especially enjoyed the minor characters, even those who were only mentioned once They all have such distinct personalities and quirks, while being optimistic and liberal My only complaint is that the narratives can be quite chunky at times, and loaded with paragraphs of descriptions where the plot stays stagnant Anyway, Yay for New Zealand P.S So everyone is still obsessed with crickets And insanely good with bird trivia Sometimes I wonder if I m really from NZ.

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    I got this when it was a Kindle daily deal I couldn t resist a book about someone like me My anxiety disorder didn t develop until I was twenty, but otherwise it s very much like Frankie s every little change to my body makes me panic I have cancer And I have eczema, so I have a lot of rashes and bumpy skin andAnyway, Kate de Goldi writes sensitively but realistically about Frankie and his anxiety, framing it with his ordinary life, with the things that cause it and the things that make him seem okay She also writes sensitively about his anxious, agoraphobic mother And she doesn t pretend there s a miracle cure, either I really enjoyed it I smiled in recognition, cringed in shared disgust, loved the characters Well worth reading to help understand mental illnesses, in yourself or others, and to me, anyway it was somehow comforting.

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    This novel for older children and younger teenagers is an intricately structured, sophisticated character study It is a carefully crafted novel that builds on theme and character as it weaves in and around the family and friendships of main character Frankie over a few months in the year he is about to turn 13.Frankie carries worry with him like a comfort rug He gets about OK most days, as long as the battery is the fire alarm is fresh and someone in his chaotic household has remembered to leave him his bus fare, but every night at 10pm he sneaks into bed with his mother and asks the questions that are worrying him the most Well, not the most the question that worries Frankie the most is the one question he can t ask.This novel is people with the most wonderful cast of characters Frankie s best friend Gigs and their new friend Sydney who isn t afraid to ask questions but has problems of her own Snarky big sister Gordana and man about town brother Louie Uncle George, actually Frankie s father The posse of gleeful, obese great aunts And Frankie s mother, centre of the family in unexpected ways.I loved this book I admire the masterful control de Goldi has over her characters, over the world they inhabit, the language she and they creates to build that world, and her incredibly skillful control of narrative time One of my creative writing students mentioned in class tonight how character contributes to mood, and this book is a perfect example of that Oh, and it s also very funny, the melancholy permeated by a great good humour.Not one for plot driven readers, but having said that, plenty happens Highly recommended.

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    Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers Frankie Parsons is an extremely gifted artist, with a love for birds and languages He is also a persistent worrier and a hypochondriac, someone with an internal rodent voice which constantly nags and niggles about a variety of problems from groceries that need to be bought, lack of money for the school bus in the piggy bank to the smoke alarm batteries that need to be replaced and the spreading rash on his chest which looks like it could be cancer It feels like no one in his family understands his anxiety expect for his Ma who, every night at 10PM, answers one of his all consuming questions and chases away his fears at least for the night More than anything else in the world, Frankie wishes he could be like his worry free best friend Gigs and not a creature of habit that has to rely on a well organised, comforting routine to get through the day.When a new girl named Sydney arrives at his school this well guarded routine is shaken by her straightforward, brash, effusive personality He can t help but to become friends with Sydney even as he is overcome with the anxiety that comes from the certainty that she will eventually ask the one question that he can t bring himself to ask and no one in his family will address why hasn t Ma left the house in 9 years I ve had The 10PM Question on my radar for a while now but it wasn t until Things Mean a Lot s Ana started raving about it that I was compelled to read it 1 And once again, she was completely right The 10Pm Question is a wonderful book and I was left speechless by its prose, its insightful story, its plethora of fascinating characters I am not exaggerating it took me 5 hours to write these 327 words and I haven t even started to examine the book yet And this book deserves to be examined and dissected and I hope to be able to do this in a much less clinical way than it sounded just now.The 10PM Question is that sort of book that deals with truly momentous events in a quiet, subdued way It follows its main character as he navigates the stormy waters of his own anxiety and it does so with a lot of compassion, humour and subtlety it is hard not to feel sympathy for Frankie and his plight and his frustration.The most fascinating thing for me is how The 10PM Question is a book about mental illness that manages to deal with such a charged, complicated topic with tactfulness and without being direct or overt It is really mind blowing how well the author approaches the subject, how softly it creeps up into the writing until it becomes a veritable elephant in the room But the clever thing is this mirrors exactly what goes on in Frankie s life as no one not his father, not his brother, not his sisters, not his aunties nor his friends will face or admit the problem with Ma In a way it makes sense all of the other characters have reached a point where they have dealt with the problem in their own way whereas Frankie is the youngest, and is approaching the age where he has to question his own environment It takes a lot of courage and I can t begin to express how much I loved Frankie, hoped for the best and admired the author for not shying away from an ending that didn t solve all problems magically but still taking the characters in the right direction.With regards to the other characters, there is a plethora of quirky, fun, fully fleshed out secondary characters Frankie s family is the epitome of a dysfunctional family with extremely quirky characters but the author avoids the trap of stereotyping by writing every single relationship in depth and with a lot of heart How can a book be so quirky, funny and silly even as it deals with such emotional topics Like for example, this visit to the public swimming pool And last Saturday when they d been there he d had his annual unsavory collision with a Band Aid There was nothing revolting in Frankie s view than freestyling your way, innocent and blissful, into the path of a used Band Aid In Frankie s private hierarchy of squeamish experiences, the casual caress of a stained Band Aid was right up there with accidentally catching sight of writhing maggots in a forgotten rubbish bag He d had to get out of the pool immediately and lie on his towel in the sun to recover Further the story is interspersed with interesting breaks between the present and the recent past and it alternates brilliantly between them The quality of the writing alone was enough to endear the book to me as soon as I started reading it it is beautiful and nuanced, poetic even, but without slipping into Dreaded Purple Prose.But beyond prose, story and characters, The 10PM Question is a thought provoking book Not only in terms of its own themes as aforementioned but also in terms of how it fits within literature in general and with my own reading and what I expect from books in particular It has been an interesting few months for me when it comes to reading and reviewing I have realised that I expect a lot from books, that beyond simply providing a good story, I expect books at the very least not to be problematic in their portrayal of Potentially Explosive Subjects sexism, racism, homophobia, just to name a few In this novel there are two of those P.E.S the way Frankie thinks that there is a divide between boys and girls there are things that are too girlie and things that girls cannot do and how he feels about Sydney s mother who might a sex worker , which comes dangerously close to slut shaming.Before proceeding any further as I have said many times before, I don t expect characters to be perfect or perfect examples of perfect humanity But there is a MARKED difference between 1 a character behaving thinking one way and that behaviour being supported endorsed by the text itself 2 and a character behaving thinking one way but the text challenging their views either directly or subtly For example a character can be racist or sexist or homophobic without the text being any of those things as long as it is challenged or at the very least acknowledged somewhere in the story More to the point even though Frankie thinks those things, the text does not support it It is, very clearly, his own particular vision of the world and not the truth of the story There is a really important difference there at least for me In this book, Sydney and other female characters present a different perspective in which the divide between boy things and girl things is a cultural, artificial construct and with regards to how he views Sydney s mother, the feeling comes from his own anger and frustration Other characters view the mother in a different light and she is portrayed in a very sympathetic way.This, as I have learnt, is a very difficult thing to pull off especially how the author does it here without a shadow of didacticism The 10Pm Question is a prime example of how a book can address those things in an awesome way Going back to not only The Other Ana s review but also her series of fascinating follow up posts at Lady Business about this very subject, I find myself in complete agreement with her thoughts I m in awe of the way de Goldi prevented the thoughts of her close third person protagonist from becoming the only voice that is heard within the story, and try as I might I m not sure if I can exactly point out how she did it The 10PM Question is actually a novel that goes beyond my current working theory, because it s not that slut shaming and the complex circumstances sex workers find themselves in are exactly central to the story Yet de Goldi manages to introduce enough plurality into the universe of the novel that Frankie s anger is shown for what it is and Sydney s mother is ultimately humanised The 10Pm Question is, just like its main characters, a Rara Avis an unusual, uncommon, exceptional, unique, perfect book.

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    The 10pm Question is set in New Zealand, and it casually, authentically and sweetly integrates kiwi content, all of which adds meaning and value to the narrative, as opposed to the awkward insertion of token tidbits here and there, or spinning the spotlight on some of the country s darkest tales for shock value I am so tired of our big hitters featuring a pohutakawa for the sake of having some native flora, or worse, featuring abuse or mass murder I get that those are stories there too, but this is the kind I want to snuggle down with The poetic language provides injections of wit, whimsy and beauty This is great writing, guys De Goldi is generous with her colourful vocabulary without being showy It s motif and theme rich too This book is a NZ English teacher s dream AH There is a constant, gentle humour For example, you learn the cat s name in the first paragraph The Fat Controller Sorry for that spoiler I think The 10pm Question is like a contemporary kiwi mixture of Okay for Now one of my favourite books and Stargirlonly edgier than either of those And yet gentle, like the first I am in awe of the journey I made with these characters My feelings towards each blossomed Initially, I felt pity for the main character I grew to admire him Information given, then seamlessly reincorporated as something we understand to be part of the world of the book Routines are savoured in jokes become inclusive of the reader I felt refreshed to find myself transported to such an authentic adolescence without finding myself bombarded with an excess of sex, drugs, alcohol and all of the other things that teenagers do so therefore, a book wouldn t be authentic without Garbage Yes, Frankie the main , is younger than some protag s, but he is still in the time of the stirrings, and things are so much tactful This feels like a teen book without being repulsive to me I think mid teens would be a fair time to read it There s a little cussing mostly blasphemy , and some minor mature references, and overall, I think the message is for a slightly older YA I wouldn t file this in children s so much as YA and adult Frankie, as narrator, is highly intelligent and interesting.Only negatives Initially I listened to this as an audiobook available from my city library Big mistake I wasn t fond of the reader s voice Not even a little I respected his talent for switching between different voices, but the problem was, I didn t like any of themnor his intonations or delivery of dialogue He was ruining the characters, for me I m sorry, Reader Dude I realised, while listening, that I was screwing my face up and shaking my head and repeating each line in my mind sometimes aloud the way I thought the character would say it My advice Don t get the audiobook Read it These characters are clever, and I found the reader s delivery of their speech so over the top and whiney that they all always sounded irritated When I read it, I heard a lot of tongue in cheek and love behind the teasing lines that the recorded narration lacked When I went into the library and lent a hard copy, everything was so much richer and better Bye bye nasally high pitched man, hello my superior imagination and lack of humility It s a slow start But I don t think I d change thatby the end, it all felt just as it should be The right entree for the main that s served It s a gentle meal It s not my usual preference, is all Overall, I am very impressed with this book I found it touching and tender It dealt with potentially upsetting subject matter with hope and delicacy, teasing things out with magical alternations between frankness and subtlety, humour and sincerity If you read this book, I want to talk about it.

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    If ever a sweet and wonderful story was ever written, this is it folks It totally enchanted me with its sparkle and sincerity The book tackles some pretty serious issues yet it never becomes bogged down or begins to feel preachy It soars and flows from beginning to end Frankie s voice rings true as the soon to be 12 yr old plagued by pernicious worry and stalked by his hypochondria His fears are many and the only person who stands a chance at soothing them is his loving Ma That is until he meets Sydney a precocious, lovable, forthright girl who asks all the questions Frankie burns to ask but doesn t dare Sydney has jumped into her life with both feet and with a ferocity that both terrifies and enthralls Frankie They bond instantly, but Sydney has some huge problems of her own that threaten to shake Frankie s world to its very foundations I love Frankie s crazy family his troubled Ma, his eccentric father known only as Uncle George , his scheming older brother Louie always on the lookout for the next get rich quick scheme, his sarcastic and dramatic older sister Gordana, and last but not least his smoking, drinking, prattling great Aunts who surround Frankie s family like meddlesome magpies, their presence huge, their love and commitment infinite Read this book Don t believe me Read Catie s wonderful review here.

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    2.5 stars rounded up because NEW ZEALAND I really quite enjoyed the first chapter or two of this book right until Sydney came into the picture I didn t dislike her exactly I just liked the story better without her The other major problem was we only get to see what happens on Tuesdays every other Tuesday, and then towards the end every Tuesday so he d talk about something happening the next day that I really wanted to hear about, and then two weeks later I d get a one paragraph recap I can imagine how this format could make for an interesting novel, but it really didn t work here The ending was somewhat flat I was rather bored with it by that point, but I did love the fact that Gordana tried to help Good things included Frankie s totally wacky family I could have read a whole book just Louie as long as it had than Tuesdays , THE SETTING, Frankie s obsession with birds and languages, Gigs s obsession with cricket, actually just Frankie and Gigs together, and all the little details that made it feel so realistic.Content Minimal language and some sexual innuendo which I cough didn t get until someone pointed it out.

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The 10PM Question download The 10PM Question, read online The 10PM Question, kindle ebook The 10PM Question, The 10PM Question 9529673416a7 Twelve Year Old Frankie Parsons Is A Talented Kid With A Quirky Family, A Best Friend Named Gigs, And A Voice Of Anxiety Constantly Nibbling In His Head Could That Kidney Shaped Spot On His Chest Be A Galloping Cancer Are The Smoke Alarm Batteries Flat Has His Cat, The Fat Controller, Given Them All Worms Only Ma, Who Never Leaves Home, Takes Frankie S Worries Seriously But Then, It Is Ma Who Is The Cause Of The Most Troubling Question Of All, The One Frankie Can Never Bring Himself To Ask When A New Girl Arrives At School A Daring Free Spirit With Unavoidable Questions Of Her Own Frankie S Carefully Guarded World Begins To Unravel, Leading Him To A Painful Confrontation With The Ultimate Pm Question Deftly Told With Humor, Poignancy, And An Endearing Cast Of Characters, The PM Question Will Touch Everyone Who Has Ever Felt Set Apart