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How to Teach Grammar (How To...) chapter 1 How to Teach Grammar (How To...), meaning How to Teach Grammar (How To...), genre How to Teach Grammar (How To...), book cover How to Teach Grammar (How To...), flies How to Teach Grammar (How To...), How to Teach Grammar (How To...) 800497459e49f A Guide For Teachers On How To Develop Or Enhance Their Grammar Teaching Skills The Early Part Of The Book Considers Such Issues As The Nature Of Grammar And The Reasons For Teaching It Subsequent Chapters Explore Both Inductive And Deductive Approaches To Grammar The Book Also Explores Ways Of Practising A Variety Of Grammar Topics, Methods Of Dealing With Grammatical Errors In Students Work, And Ways Of Integrating Grammar Instruction Into Different General Methodologies, Such As Communicative Language Learning And Task Based Learning

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    This book is short but covers a lot of material A practical guide to pedagogy, it doesn t teach grammar itself, assuming instead that the reader already knows it Instead, it discusses the theories of grammar instruction, then offers practical ideas, examples, and discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of different techniques The book also has review activities so the reader can practice and reflect on their own learning I won t know how useful the ideas are until I am taking my teacher training next week, but so far this seems like the most useful guide I have found for teaching grammar in the ESL classroom.

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    This one is a really useful handbook of all that is important for teaching English grammar properly in foreign language classes I especially like the variety of examples Scott Thornbury is working with in his book, throughout the chapters, all the examples are relevant and after a short evaluation and discussion section, everything is clearly explained and justified.The examples and the theory of proper grammar teaching helped me a lot in my classes I started to use the methodology described in several examples of the volume, and intend to do so with other examples as well, just because they seem to be so effective in practice, too In fact, the quality of the book convinced me to continue reading the How To Teach series as it gives me so much for my professional life.

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    Theoretical and practical book for teachers of grammar To be applied in a classroom setting.

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    Another insightful DELTA read, with lots of great example lessons that are easily adaptable to cover a variety of lesson aims.

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    An acceptable grammar book, but still did not meet all my needs for teaching.I wanted to be able to answer all questions regarding grammar.

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    its very useful

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    theory practice and everything in between dig the chapter on articals, too.

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    There s a saying that s been spread among TESLians, sleep with Nunan or Thornbury or cry in the final.

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    A very easy to read book with a very interesting professor I very much enjoyed it and for sure will be keeping this book on my shelves so I can refer to it often throughout my career if I continue down this path anyway

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