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    3.5 stars This was a sweet story with a lot of steamy sex I mean a lot of steamy sex Robert is a professional MMA fighter who is lonely and looking for love, which he has been unsuccessful at due to his remaining in the closet for the sake of his career Lucky for him, Justin is an understanding guy and doesn t let that keep the relationship from progressing Robert s family is caring and understanding, while Justin s has blocked him from their lives Things move along with Robert winning fights bringing him closer to the championship Justin is reunited with his sister which brings on some funny, sweet and even sad moments All in all, this is a quick read with a little something for everyone.

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    Too sappy and lacklustre The MCs didn t have enough personality to care about them, they didn t act like men AT ALL I don t mind sweet and cute, but here I couldn t fathom any guys would ever say things like that to each other, sorry Way too much sex, which wasn t hot to me, unfortunately, just dull, so I kept skimming and skimmimg.I knew right away, that the sister s gonna die giving birth, so the guys could adopt the baby, but still there was too much of her before that Seriously I m not interested in seeing so much pregnanacy in mm book and she was too intrusive for my liking.Sorry, didn t like this book.

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    An okay story I m not really a fan of MMA, seems too much like just beating the crap out of each other to me, but that s personal Seemed maybe a bit too easily wrapped up and resolved but if you are in the mood form something kind of low angst a good choice.

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    3.5 starsRobert Lansing is a mixed martial arts fighter looking forward to a championship season when he meets Justin Floyd, a paramedic who works part time in a car restoration shop As they work together on Robert s car an attraction develops that soon neither man can deny But Robert is deeply in the closet due to his profession and wary of anything than a quick, anonymous encounter Amidst the pressures of preparing for the championship fight, beginning a relationship in hiding and unexpected family issues Robert and Justin fall in love As they struggle to find a way to balance everything going on in their lives they will come to learn that the most important things in life are love and family It may be a painful lesson, but in the end, it will be worth it Taking the Chance is a sweet and fairly uncomplicated story despite the storyline Robert and Justin are both likable men and even though I m not a huge fan of the closeted athlete theme I enjoyed reading the book Overall it s a simple, easy read and even though the potential was there for lots of conflict and angst filled moments it never really went down that road There are some emotional moments, especially towards the end of the story, but for the most part it s just a feel good story The cast of secondary characters is varied and interesting and they all add something to the story.Although Robert has been deeply closeted until this time as he slowly comes out everyone is supportive and wonderful about it This aspect of the story doesn t quite ring true nevertheless worked well within the framework of the book It s a shame the reader never gets to see how the protagonists would handle a truly negative reaction as that would have added an interesting layer to the story As it is the book is sweet, quite sexy at times and has, until the end, a happy, upbeat feel to it.My biggest problem with the story comes at the end I don t think it was necessary for the author to have given Justin and Robert their HEA in quite that way I won t spoil the ending by giving details but I ll just say that it felt predictable, too convenient and like an easy out to take That said it was overall an enjoyable story and fans of the author and readers looking for an uncomplicated, easy romance will enjoy Taking the Chance.

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    Paramedic Justin is a one night stand kind of guy, until he meets hot but closeted MMA fighter Robert The latter is mainly in the closet due to his fighting career, something he believes is important for his continued success in the MMA world However, at their first meeting hot lost flares between these two men and it s no longer enough for either of them to only have one meeting with the other one.This book is fairly short and very sweet It s a little Coming Out of the Closet 101 maybe, and there s very little angst, given that this subject can be difficult Justin s fundamentalist family disowned him when he came out to them years ago, but he s still a strong man with a positive outlook on life.There are no prizes for guessing that Robert too comes out during this book, and yes, that might have seemed a bit too easy, much easier than Robert had thought, but hey, not everyone s a bigot The hot sex is there though out the whole book, and it didn t become boring to me The love is something that grows during the book, it s insta sex, but not insta love, even though they pretty soon realize that they have feelings for each other, Like I said, this isn t a very long book so things have to happen fairly quickly.To sum it up, if you feel like reading something light and slightly fluffy this might be the book for you For me it came along right when I needed it so I m giving it 4 rainbow colored stars.

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    3.5 starsJustin and Robert have a lot in common including sexual orientation While Justin is not in the closet, Robert with his athletic profession has been all his life Can these two men make a lasting connection The characterizations, while overly simplified were good and encouraged me to care about both men The sex scenes were imaginative and interesting Somehow the common bedroom dirty talk managed to seem fresh and inspiring between the men Spread out nicely to allow the plot to mature and with a surprisingly tragic twist in the end the story unfolded at a nice pace More time in the novel for true, honest introspection and adversity between the men as Robert struggled with his first long term relationship and life in the closet would have gone a long way in making this book a stand out Perhaps a tad too much time was invested in some of the car restoration details and both main characters and plot were often too good to be true but likable all the same Light on any real angst and quick on falling in love it was an easy, light read Although the ending does have some heart wrenching moments they come too late and are actually a bit too easily resolved to add any real weight to the story.

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    A bit too goody happy perfect No semblance of conflict, everyone is all happy giddy about the relationship between Rob and Jeremy, and the fact that it s an in the closet relationship is absolutely okay and wonderful with everyone If someone gets upset and has their feelings hurt, it s immediately resolved with some wonderful prose ie You re right I m sorry I guess I m just projecting my fears on the general population It s okay I understand It s all hearts and stars and roses and rainbows everywhere Cavity inducing, really.There were no major inclines or declines in the story, or at least none that registered worth being a shock I just wasn t pulled into it, didn t really find myself caring one way or another for either character or both , so when someone from Jeremy s past comes back into his life and then, rather predictably, goes right back out , it was like a shrugging, oh, well, okay type thing.Final word disappointed I was really looking forward to it being a whole lot better.

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    Living your life without love means not living a life at all Robert Lansing is at the top of his game in the competitive arena of mixed martial arts He has a loving and supportive family, but no one to call his own Justin Floyd has no family and a number of friends When they cross paths their engines rev and sparks fly Love and lust unite these two men searching for that which completes them Has the search ended or will it all backfire A solid story without major angst between the main characters Robert and Justin are extremely likable and I enjoyed them I would recommend this story if you are in need of sweet romance between two men secure in themselves.

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    Spoiler alert This book was sweet The main characters were nice guys The families were nice This book could have won awards for feel good book of the year And then At the very end, Here is the spoilerMs Lane kills off J s sister Why It wasn t necessary Justin and Robert could have had a lovely family that included the sister The story ended with them taking posession of the child Then jumped to a we re still happy after 5 years epilogue So Why did she ruin the book at least for me by letting the sister die in childbirth I gave the story 3 stars originally but just remembering the ending to type out here killed off a star.

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    Couldn t finish it It needs another look from an editor because there are some mistakes here and there, plus the point of view changes were very confusing The plot is filled with MM clich s such as demon like fundementalist Christian parents, blushing, carrying to bed your tall and well built lover, insta love, etc.

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Taking the Chance summary pdf Taking the Chance , summary chapter 2 Taking the Chance , sparknotes Taking the Chance , Taking the Chance 99cff17 Living Your Life Without Love Means Not Living A Life At All Robert Lansing Is At The Top Of His Game In The Competitive Arena Of Mixed Martial Arts He Has A Loving And Supportive Family, But No One To Call His Own Justin Floyd Has No Family And A Number Of Friends When They Cross Paths Their Engines Rev And Sparks Fly Love And Lust Unite These Two Men Searching For That Which Completes Them Has The Search Ended Or Will It All Backfire

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