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    There s certain sub genres I go into with high expectations I have questions and I want answers I want a specific thing told to me about what the genre is, it has to be believable, I want to be convinced on certain things but above that I want to be made to understand and believe them Unfortunately, m nages are at the top of that list I need the story sold to me, to have it believable but it has to suck me in right from the beginning or there s no hope of redemption That s a bit harsh, I know, and I m sorry, but it s the way I feel with m nages.With that said, this book frustrated me beyond belief It didn t start off on a good note for me The first 50% of the book is essentially just sex and for someone like me who prefers at least double the plot than sex, it was unbearable to get through I was extremely close to calling this my first DNF but I agreed to stick it out until the half way mark Thankfully, the book finally caught my eye around that time although it could have also been from the fact I cheated and skipped to certain parts of the book to see if I was actually wasting my time or not.Now, just to clarify, I d say this book is made up of about 60 70% sex Which I hated and resulted in me skipping those scenes They were redundant, boring and unnecessary Only a select few actually contributed to the story The rest of it seemed like a page filler to me.It was hard for me to connect with the three MCs For one, Luke, which is the only pov we get in first person is never actually described So, I have no idea what he looks like and if he was described then I completely missed that because I don t remember any description about him regarding his appearances besides a reference to his father Richard and Matthew, the other MCs, are perfectly described But the thing is none of them know anything about each other Like nothing At All They jumped into bed together at a club Three times Agree to go on a date Still know nothing about each other Then move in together Still not knowing anything about each other I didn t like it Especially with the fact Luke didn t want to put Matthew or Richard into a situation of possibly getting hurt by his father but he still moved in with them when he knew his father would eventually find him and seek to make their lives a living hell Yeah..Anyway, so, yeah I was frustrated throughout most of the book To me, the relationship wasn t believable I still don t understand their relationship Yeah, at the end, you can tell they loved each other but it was made impossible for me to love them because there was no dialogue between them getting to know each other What we know of them is what Luke gave us in brief summaries of what he learned from their dates Well, I wanted to actually experience those dates Instead, I got the sex after the date.Needless to say, I didn t much like this book I couldn t connect with the characters or their relationship, the sex put me off so much from the start there was barely a chance of redemption for this story With that said, I did appreciate Sloan Parker s writing It drew me in when the sex didn t overpower the pages That s what captured my attention and made me want to keep reading when all I wanted to do was bitch about the book I was ready to give up on it but then the sex lessened slightly and her words drew me in The conflict revolving around Luke s father was a bit cliched and unbelievable but it still made me stick with the story.Overall, I m sorry, I can t recommend this book I never connected with the characters I still feel as if they don t really know each other and none of it was believable to me Expectations are a bitch, huh sigh

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    Holy ridiculousness, batman This started out strong but quickly deteriorated I don t usually read or like threesome stories, but I m open minded, so that s not really a factor in my low review This was still ultimately a love monogamy story, just with three vs two people.The issue is that nothing in this book rang true Both Richard and Matthew were almost two perfect Richard, solid and understanding, offering his home and money to near strangers Matthew, sweet, kind, giggly, and a superhero in bed , while Luke, who narrates the story, changed his mind so often it was whiplash inducing There is insta attraction and an insta relationship, and the men take turns having their problems resolved by frequent three way sex fests I never thought I d complain about this, but there was waaaay too much sex here, sex that began to feel mechanical and added nothing to the story And the main plot line with Luke s father, who was an over the top evil politician, was just silly I had no idea why Luke would have allowed his dad to threaten him like that for so many years No one has that much power And I m pretty sure FBI stings don t work like that either.The dialogue was stilted and artificial, and many conversations between the three guys sounded trite and redundant Before every sex scene, Richard would ask, What do you want and Luke or Matthew would respond with I want you to do me while I suck off ____ Um, ok, what s exciting about that I hope this isn t indicative of the author s style, since I have two of her books on my to read list.

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    I m normally not one for 3 ways, because romance is a biggie for me with all the books I read, but this one was pretty heavy on the romance and was very satisfying on the romance scale and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy Thumbs up Hot sex, angst, pretty boys, SCORE

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    Menage is hit or miss for me but Kindle FREEBIE 7 13 15

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    M nage Sweetness In this book I met Richard, Luke and Matthew. And read what they had to do and endure for love..And, whilst reading it I found Richard, Luke and Matthew were AWESOME TOGETHER GAWD, what they endured for the sake of love.The mystery was great.The love was awesome.The love was well proven and well earned The villian, unfreaking believable But, isn t that what we think about our real life psycho s At least I do The book as a whoke.Well, I looooooooove the book plain and simply.andthat in itself is a shocker considering the writing style..1st person POV, I so loath AndThe Romance.hummmm MORE sex than story Hummm, not really my thing But,this story is clearly labeled erotica And, gosh, the smex in was HAWT And well written The storyline, plot and bad guy, also held my attention A bit of mystery, a very bad villian And a sweet ending to wrap it all up Luke s story and he stole a large chunk of my heart and ran with it I heart him But, it is Richard that pulled me into this story, he was intriguing And his few words pulled me in, which was a feat within itself considering this book is Luke s story Richard nailed it when he called Luke a skittish thing I loved description it was perfect Richardwho seems to get everything, turned out to be my favorite character He has the perfect persona, sexy, smart, strong and loving And the piler for the relationship I found NO faults within him At all So of course I will be getting his story for sure Matthewis adorable , he was vulnerable sweet and I just wanted to hug him And he stole a chunk of my heart a aswell I heart him too And, yes, I am hoping for his story soon too Together they were perfect Overall, this book, well it took me a while to warm up to it, but in the end, I found I want of these guy s.1st read 20142nd read even better, 2015I still want MORE PLEASE _

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    When I first started reading this I thought, oh here we go first person from one character only, not going to be for me I was wrong, it definitely was for me Once I started getting into it I thoroughly enjoyed the book s unfolding from Luke s perspective I think had it not been from his perspective I may not have grown to like him as I did.Luke did not start or end as my favourite character, which could have been an obstacle as it was his POV that we saw the story through It wasn t though, he definitely did grow on me, and I loved seeing him get what he actually needed, not what he thought he needed or his father wanted to fuck his head up with For a while Luke could be angry, I thought I was reading the start of one chapter over as they both started with front door slamming and key tossing, but no, Luke was just frustrated and uptight Having to watch over your shoulder, retrace your steps all the time and not being able to get close to others would definitely do your head in Having a father such as his would make the stoutest of individuals angry and disillusioned.There is much to the other characters than we see in More Richard, for all his confidence, bravado and caring, needs to have his feelings shared indepth Matthew for all his giggly, sweet, funloving ways has emotional depth to share with us as well Having said that, you do get to know quite a bit about the other two in the menage through good writing and Richard s ability to get a conversation going with Luke and Matthew.This menage really works and is as sexy as hell It is sweet, interesting, all the characters are nice in their own ways I read the book quickly, enjoying Luke, Richard and Matthew s growing relationship The sex scenes never got tiresome for me, and the storytelling was never compromised because of the frequent sex Goddamn, Richard is a fabulous character, I loved him He was prepared to talk and to listen No matter what Luke s father threw at him, I was so glad he never took it out on Luke or Matthew He really wanted this relationship, you could just feel his heart bouncing off the pages Matthew is a real conduit between everyone, making things happen His loving enthusiasm is infectious to the other two older men Life had thrown him a couple of curve balls,but he was so youthfully upbeat and positive I also thought Walter was a fabulous friend and secondary character He gave Luke good advice, never having some secret agenda Walter would make for an interesting read Hope he gets a book.Luke s father was a right bastard and the dynamic with his wife, Luke s mother, was typical of a dysfunctional marriage Once again well written.Terrific book, sexy as all get out lord, sizzling kissing , endearing MC s, just great menage reading all around Really hoping that Richard and Matthew get their own voice soon.Edited 19 01 2013 I recently re read MORE and loved it all over again, So I ve upgraded it to 5 stars What was I thinking giving it 4 stars just finished How to Heal a Life and that book made me want to reread More and More Than Most and How to Save a Life This is about sixth time I ve read More, this time over the 5th and 6th of November 2017 Like the name, I love More even every time I reread it Richard always remains my favourite, he s one of the best fictional characters of all time, in my opinion Then there s sweet and bubbly Matthew And there is Luke Moore Luke has the most horrid father and complicated life because of who and what his father is This is probably the best m nage book written because they are a real triad They are all committed to one another because of love and because of great boundaries in place so that everyone feels equally respected and needed Perfect Right Simple Nothing to run from.And everything to fight for.

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    Wow Great job for a debut The book is long, has lots of inventive sex and three main characters that compliment each other They work together to bring out the best in each other even when things are stressful Luke is an emotional wreck that is intriguing to watch cling to Richard and Matthew like the drowning man he never knew he was I also loved that they all had normal names Nothing I had to figure out how to pronounce Nothing trendy or unique Just three regular guys with regular backgrounds sort of that find themselves in an irregular relationship All great things in it s favor My only complaint is the crazy factor I struggle with the over the top crazy politician father plot.

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    3.75 only for this one I m afraidThe premise of the book was quite good, but it soon turned into repeated sex scenes, which is fine I s pose if that s your thing, but I do like a little bit plot with my story I d guessed what the problem was 1 2 way in , and I soon got very disinterested in who was trying to put what into which orifice I did enjoy the follow up than this, and this one won t be a keeper I m afraid.

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    A Rainbow Award Winner for Best Gay Contemporary Romance A powerful, gripping, complicated tale of three men who each have a need for the other Despised for being gay by his own father a Senator , Luke, 33, computer programmer, has stayed off the radar, moving often every time his father found him Luke frequents Haven for random one night stands This time he was attracted to younger man, Matthew and older Richard Matthew at 22, in leather pants and a white shirt, exudes sexual desire Tall, muscled and in his late 30s, businessman Richard, joins them, and he s oozing power and dominance in his perfect suit Upstairs their hot m nage gives each man what he craves and They fit They belong together, but they have personal rules The next week, they meet again and the personal rules fly out of the window, as the three hook up again.Great complicated characters, an engrossing tale and lots of magnificent sex Oh, yes The carnal pleasure does have the black cloud of the evil Senator hanging overhead Luke s horrid father intends to ruin anything good Luke has.Our men get to know each other gradually, and eventually move in with Richard Their domestic bliss and raw, overwhelmingly emotion filled sex, are than any of them dreamed How can Luke keep his father from ruining it Deeply intense, incredibly thrilling, and electric, erotic, explicit sex scenes, are abundant Each scene different from the next and their feelings keep growing.Give this sexy drama a try I will be reading from Sloan Parker.Highly recommended ENJOY No cheating, abuse described, violence and healing comfort.

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    My debut novel One explosive night with two men he can t get out of his head and a reluctant loner is about to break all his rules but only if his senator father doesn t destroy them all first.

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Morecharacters More, audiobook More, files book More, today More, More fd093 After A Series Of Explosive Encounters With Two Men, A Heartbroken Loner Breaks All Of His Rules For Love If You Re Going To Break The Rules, Might As Well Break Them Big An M M M Gay RomanceFor Fifteen Years Luke Moore Has Lived By Three Rules Stay Off His Father S Radar, Never Spend Than A Single Night With Any Man, And Never Fall In Love Again But One Night Of Explosive Sex And Two Men He Can T Get Out Of His Head Have Luke Breaking Every One Of His Rules Richard And Matthew Push Him Past All His Boundaries Both Sexually And Personally And Now He S No Longer Hiding From His Senator Father He S Taking Him On And He Isn T Just Falling For One Man He S Falling For Two If You Re Going To Break The Rules, Might As Well Break Them BigBut Luke S Father Has His Reasons For Hating How His Son Lives, And He Ll Do Whatever He Can And Use All His Power To Keep Luke Away From Richard And MatthewCan This Threesome Find A Way To Make Their Unconventional Relationship Last With The World Around Them Trying To Pull Them Apart And Will Luke Be Able To Keep Breaking His Rules For Richard And Matthew, Or Will He Head Back To His Old Way Of Life Just When His New Lovers Want To Pull Him Closer

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