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Heartstones txt Heartstones, text ebook Heartstones, adobe reader Heartstones, chapter 2 Heartstones, Heartstones 727efa Sixteen Year Old Elvira S Mother Is Dead Elvira Is Sad, Of Course, But Not So Sad As Her Younger Sister Spinny Spinny Is Afraid Their Father, Luke, Will Be Heartbroken, But Elvira Knows Better After All, Luke Has Her To Take Her Mother S Place But Then Luke Brings Home A Pretty Young Woman And Introduces Her As His Fiancee, And Elvira Decides That She Will Stop At Nothing To Stop Her Father S Marriage

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    3.75 starsA good novella of about seventy pages Has a great Gothic and a haunting atmosphere Wonderful story, narrated by a teenage girl, with a difference Not precisely a crime mystery, but only a reader would know Having read two of her short story collections, a standalone novel and now this book, I am convinced that Ruth Rendell is an amazing writer not sure of her Inspector Wexford stories though, never read any of those yet Her characters are weird, and eccentric, many times with some or the other sort of mental issues or distorted feelings and thoughts Its stuff of what I like This one is recommended.

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    Raven dark little gothic murder mystery that in truth is not all that mysterious but it goes down like delicious crimson red wine just the same A looming, 120 foot high stone cathedral topped with archangels two recently bereaved daughters living adjacent in a 15th century home containing various ghosts including the prowling ghost of a cat said to be buried deep within the walls a possibly incestuous relationship between one daughter and her father, whom she will only refer to by his first name, the strength of their connection too fierce and otherworldly to allow for anything else and murder, murder, murder, till the very end I believed the end not one whit, and still loved this book Heartstones seemed to me a curiously trite, romantic title for this Rendell novella when I came to realise what it actually meant, I was happily horrified Yum.As sad as I was at her passing last year, it s a wonderful thing to fall in love with Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine, for every time you think you ve got a handle on every title of her extraordinarily prolific work, there s Novels, novellas, short stories, television shows, films, children s books God For those of us who struggle to finish a sentence by the end of the day, she s the ghost of the cat s meow, padding through the house trailing ink wherever she goes.

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    In trying to broaden my reading Ruth Rendell was one of the authors I wanted to check out and I picked the shortest book I could find at the library I came away wishing I had picked a longer one.The mystery here made me laugh than it shocked me, but I really liked her writing and the gothic feel of this book.

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    Audio books appeared to be rising in popularity and are now available from my local Hampshire Library service via an app to an ipad or phone Just the job, I thought, to have playing while working in the Man Cave , until I found myself sitting in the chair, with tea, just listening to the story Ruth Rendell was a wonderful story teller and Geraldine Somerville who gave the reading produced a captivating recording This is one of those tales that gradually creep up on you and provides a captivating experience.Elvira and her younger sister Spinny are left with their father, an academic Reverend, after their mothers death in an old house that is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a cat that had been buried in the walls Elvira becomes delusional as anorexia takes its toll and she fantasises what she might do to her father s new girlfriend Then tragedy strikes and takes a toll on her father Moe fantasising and Elvira is in hospital but what is happening and why is the coffee taking so long Very good 4 stars.

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    Gothic novella I picked up in the dollar bin at the used bookstore As New York Times critic Andrea Stevens said in her original review, The tantalizing aspect of this book is not the trick ending but the development of main character Elvira By the end, the character is no longer a precious, unsympathetic twit but a young woman of some depth and insight However, Elvira s new insight doesn t go that far Most readers will probably guess the twist ending well before she does Entertaining, but this is one of those novellas you walk away from thinking it was OK, but that maybe it could have been better as either a really tight short story or as a detailed full length novel.

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    Heartstones by Ruth Rendell is a haunting tale that is brilliantly written All seems to start well enough, if not a bit off kilter As the story goes along all turns and turns and turns Finish this just before bed and you may being turning a lot in bed I try to keep my reviews void of any actual story, but have to remark of the change of the main character and what a terrific job Rendell does i marvel at how Rendell took me from a view of the main character to something else altogether This book is near towards a horror story and certainly no standard mystery In that I despise horror or science fiction, which i see as one in the same, and place the rating I have indicates how much this book caught me in it s writing and plot.It might ve been nice if the story fleshed out a bit But am certain the book would have far less impact if longer.A side note of the backward thinking of today Younger people might have trouble with this book in that psychological problems are at issue The silly idea that you are what you say you are and one lives only for the moment, that is favored today, would have one leave this book wondering what had happened at the end and not understanding the book at all A great point of discussion for a book group.Bottom line I strongly recommend this book 10 out of 10 points.

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    This book is really good It s a new personal favorite.

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    I m not sure if Heartstones is still in print in the UK I first became aware of it when I was about 13, when I borrowed it from the library It s aimed at adults, but by that age I was reading a lot of adult crime fiction and found this story a deeply compelling one, perhaps because the narrator is herself a teenage girl, and I read it several times back then I hadn t heard anything of it since until I found it on Audible recently, and couldn t resist downloading.Ruth Rendell was of course known best for her Inspector Wexford novels, but I think some of her best work can be found among her dark, psychological standalone novels and short stories Length wise, Heartstones is somewhere between the two it s a novella of around 90 pages.The narrator, Elvira, lives in a cathedral close in a university town with her father, Luke, and her younger sister Spinney Their mother is dead from a curable, it s implied cancer after refusing the mutilation of surgery and trying to treat herself with a strict vegetable diet, but Elvira is confident that her own relationship with her adored father, an academic and a clergyman, will be enough to stop him from being lonely Their bond intellectual and spiritual as it is, with the two of them studying Latin and Greek in the evenings is so intense that Elvira is convinced it will endure beyond all else and transcend all other relationships So when Luke announces his intention to marry Mary Leonard, another academic whose intellect is, Luke says almost equal to his own , Elvira s world is shattered Meanwhile poor Spinney, in all other ways the practical of the sisters, is convinced their ancient house is haunted by a terrifying witch and her ghostly cat.When I read this book as a child I found it extremely unnerving and creepy, and I have to say that I still find it so today What I hadn t quite got the full measure of as a child, however, was quite how peculiar Elvira s relationship is with her father and quite how it permeates every anxiety she has about herself So obsessed is Elvira with her father s love of intellectual and spiritual pursuits above all else that she is desperate to emulate it, to the point where she begins to believe even eating is a crudely physical activity that she must avoid, let alone any possibility of ever having a sexual relationship with a boy She is furious with Spinney s suggestion that perhaps Luke s attraction to Mary might have a physical element because she fully believes he is above such things she fears the day when her periods might finally start because she believes any kind of bodily function to be a weakness Moreover, as an adult reader I found I was much able to see through Elvira s glowing descriptions of her father and pick up on some additional clues about Luke s true character not only is his intellectual snobbery insufferable, but there are hints at some unpleasantly controlling behaviour too.At the beginning, Heartstones has shades of Shirley Jackson s We Have Always Lived In The Castle about it, with its clearly disturbed narrator and the general sense of dysfunction and darkness that hangs over her family Although the tone does change quite suddenly in the middle of the book when a horrific event gives Elvira a welcome new perspective, this only serves to lull the reader into a false sense of security before the sinister undertones and claustrophobia gradually crank up again The haunting atmosphere of impending disaster that builds, subsides and builds once again over the course of this short read is an absolute masterclass in atmospheric suspense I was prepared to be disappointed by this book upon revisiting it, but if anything, it s even better than I remembered Get it back in print, please

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    I first read this about 15 years ago and it has stayed with me ever since I foolishly lent my copy to a borrower who never returned it, and have looked for it, in an admittedly desultory fashion, ever sinceso stumbling across it last month in Chapter s Bookshop was brilliant I pounced on it as I imagine a grizzly does on a flailing salmon propelling itself up the fallsHeartstones is a perfectly formed psychological gothic thriller, and brandishes the obvious Poe influence proudly For all of it s 80 pages, it packs a powerful punch perfect for pre Hallowe en reading

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    What the book is about Heartstones by Ruth Rendell is an old mystery novel following an anorexic adolescent named Elvira who has to cope with the aftermath of her mother s death Along the way, she meets some new people and a few of them do not make it out alive This novel is thrilling and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

    What I thought I personally strongly disliked this book and thought it to be confusing in the beginning and later on, boring Throughout the entirety of the novel, I could not shake the feeling that I had opened a random page of a book, started reading, and then abandoned it before I d finished Although I looked into the story to make sure this was not the case, I think that there was a big deficiency in the plot department The characters were underdeveloped, the book moved too rapidly, there was a large lack of details, and the writing was quite weak The only positive comment I can mention is that I enjoyed seeing Elvira s life changing transition that took place near the end of the book It was reassuring to see the turn her life took, however it came completely out of nowhere, and not in a good way It seemed as though some pages had fallen out, but once again this was not the case While this change was abrupt, it did cause me to enjoy the remainder of the book much than the beginning and middle In my opinion, the author did a horrific job of tying up the loose ends and it seemed that there should be much of the story than there actually was I do not foresee myself reading any books by this author and I hope to save anyone reading this review from the pain this book will cause you if you decide to pick it up

    Why I rated it how I did I rated this book a one out of five stars because I found it to have a weak writing style and a bad follow through I would not recommend this book for anyone of any age and I strongly recommend trying to find a book that has better reviews I think that this book is undeserving of a higher review than the one that I gave it and I hope to read something better soon

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