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This Is a Soul chapter 1 This Is a Soul , meaning This Is a Soul , genre This Is a Soul , book cover This Is a Soul , flies This Is a Soul , This Is a Soul 9151cb1b37451 Whoever Saves A Life, It Is Considered As If He Saved An Entire World Dr Rick Hodes Arrived In Africa Than Two Decades Ago To Help The Victims Of A Famine, But He Never Expected To Call This Extremely Poor Continent His Home Twenty Eight Years Later, He Is Still There This Is A Soul Tells The Remarkable Story Of Rick Hodes S Journey From Suburban America To Mother Teresa S Clinic In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia As A Boy, Rick Was Devoted To Helping Those In Need, And Eventually He Determined That Becoming A Doctor Would Allow Him To Do The Most Good When He Heard About Famine In Africa, That S Where He Went, And When Genocide Convulsed Rwanda, He Went Into The Refugee Camps To Minister To The Victims When He Was Told That Ethiopia Was Allowing Its Jews To Emigrate To Israel, He Went To Help While There, He Was Drawn To Mother Teresa S Mission In Addis Ababa It Was There That Rick Found His Calling When He Began Caring For The Sickest Children In One Of The World S Poorest Countries But He Did Than That He Began Taking Them Into His Home And Officially Adopted Five Of Them This Is A Soul Is Also A Book Filled With Great Joy And Triumph When Rick S Kids Return From Surgery Or Life Saving Treatments, He Is Exultant Seeing These People After Surgery Is Like Going To Heaven, He Says Marilyn Berger Went To Africa To Write About Dr Hodes, But While There, She Became Involved With The Story When She Came Upon A Small, Deformed, And Malnourished Boy Begging On The Street, She Recognized Immediately That He Had The Exact Disease Rick Could Cure She Took Him To Rick, Who Eventually Arranged For The Boy To Have A Complicated And Risky Surgery, Which Turned Out To Be Incredibly Successful The Boy S Story Intertwined With Rick S, And Marilyn S As Well Is Unforgettable In Its Pathos And Subtle Humor This Is A Soul Is Not Just A Story Of The Savior And The Saved, It Is A Celebration Of Love And Wisdom, And An Exploration Of How Charity And Devotion Can Actually Change Lives In An Overcrowded, Unjust, And Often Harsh World

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    This well written medical biography of Dr Rick Hodes is an absolutely perfect and much needed dose of faith in humanity Dr Rick has cared for countless patients during his career, ranging from the poorest children in Ethiopia, to victims of genocide in Rwanda, to those suffering from famine throughout Africa A brief chronology of true altruism, this book succinctly and compassionately chronicles Dr Rick s accomplishments and struggles and also includes numerous mini biographies of the children whose lives have been changed forever through the efforts of just one man often with support of other experts throughout the world I feel that books like this are so vitally important in order to take us out of our small privileged lives, awaken us to the human sufferings in our world, and inspire us to act in the most generous ways we can Mrs Berger does a fantastic job in chronicling Dr Rick s work and giving genuine altruism a voice A

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    Read before my trip to Ethiopia and got a chance to meet the man Truly amazing story, simple read It was a powerful moment to meet Dr Rick and his Ethiopian children Will never forget it

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    amazing, singular, dedicated human being uncanny sensitivity and intelligence dr who went with the jewish joint as a dr to ethopia and ended up staying there to take care of kids who would otherwise have died from preventable diseases no longer seen in the western world, due to vaccinations he, now an observant jew, practices with no equipment, just a stethoscope, in an office next to mother theresa s mission a unique example of someone who could not stand idly by as others suffer needlessly.

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    This is a fascinating account of the work that Dr Rick Hodes has done for the past 20 years in Ethopia Dr Hode s dedication to saving children s lives is inspiring and transformative His devotion, love and kindness reminds us that amid the most desparate circumstances, one person can make a big difference.

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    Rick is my cousin, and it s an amazing thing to read a bio of a person you know Even if I didn t know Rick, his story is amazing and inspiring.

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    Reminded me why I wanted to be a doctor.

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    The author s obsession with her adopted son is deeply problematic Dr Hodes is certainty an interesting physician I wish the author dug deeper into his story.

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    great story, not such great writing

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    Wow It s amazing what one determined person can accomplish.

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    What a man Read this book at your own risk, it should inspire you to do for your fellow man It made me feel.sort of bad for valuing things over pele

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