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    Neither of the local systems has this which is a shame While I do not think it would have a large audience, it is an excellent book This is Young Adult since the three main characters are teens Desta, her brother, Joas, and small frail sister, Almaz, run for Sudan following rumors that that would get them to Israel They are Beta Israel, Ethiopian Jews who say they are descended from The Queen of Sheba who went to Israel and King Solomon She returned home, pregnant, and the Beta Israel still exist Others call them Falashas, but this is actually an Ethiopian word putting down the Beta Israel They have many adventures along the way, mostly tragic, but they meet up with the villagers they had originally been meant to leave with for Israel This is based on fact Operation Moses did actually collect many Beta Israel and get them to Israel Unfortunately the operation was discovered and many were left stranded in Ethiopia The ending is overly simplified, and positive However, it is appropriate for the age level I was hoping to discover that Levitin had done a sequel to this title but apparently not Desta is a marvelous character, who grows in confidence to assume a leadership role when necessary Almaz is not nearly as well developed but is three dimensional You cannot mix up one character with the other They are all distinct This is one of Levitin s better books If you can find it, it is worth your while, if only to learn about a great mission that did succeed in getting out close to half the population of Beta Israel.

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    This was an ALA Best Book for Young Adults winner, a discard at a local school library, which I d rescued Desta, the young teenage narrator, lives on the Ethiopian plateau, with her younger sister Almaz and older brother Joas, who have been taken in by an aunt and uncle They are Falashas, a derogatory name for the Beta Yisrael, who are minority in Ethiopia They live simply off the land, essentially isolated from the greater society, having connections with other small groups in neighboring villages They are devout in their worship of Jehovah God They speak Amharic Desta has been betrothed to Dan and the acceptable time for their marriage is nearing, much to Desta s anxiety Because of political unrest, the group is watched They hear stories of villages being plundered, people being murdered, etc They may not be public about worship Christians and Muslims have attempted to convert them not seen as positive in any way Because of hardships and a desire for their lives to improve, many attempt to escape to go to the Sudan and eventually to Jerusalem It is a dream in the hearts of many Next year in Jerusalem The book reveals the desperate longing to escape and return to Jerusalem When they learn of Operation Moses an escape plan Desta and Dan make their way at great cost out of the country.This was not an easy book to read I found myself wondering how a 6th 8th grader would read it Definitely a believable story of triumph of the human spirit over great obstacles I found myself wondering how I would have managed I thought also of stories of others who have overcome the stories out of Rwanda or Uganda, for example I was not familiar with the author, though she s written 40 books I m attracted to stories of Jews and their lives because of their inner strength and ability to survive great hardship they have suffered much I want to read of Levitin.

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    This was a really interesting book I knew that the Jewish religion was spread over the Middle East, though I always had the impression that Islam was a stronger force in Africa, particularly in NE Africa So it was really interesting to read about black Jews.I feel the author did a ice job of capturing how life was Desta and her family live in a very rural community in the mountains, and I honestly thought the story was set in a earlier period 50 s 60 s and it turns out this happened during the 1980 s Until her escape from Ethiopia, Desta has never seen a television, and there is no electricity or running whatsoever in her village.Like in many other countries in the past and now, Desta and her family and friends face discrimination, and even violence simply for being Jewish It is truly heartbreaking that even the government would endorse this systemic oppression of a group of people who only wish to live in peace This book has than one heartbreaking moment, lending to it a stark realism.

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    Ms Levitin s book Room in the Heart was one of my favorite reads this year, so I had high expectations for this book Sadly I was disappointed Although the storyline and plot are engaging the dialogue and character development fail to ever materialize In the aforementioned Heart, Levitin did a wonderful job of conveying the persecution and struggle of the Jewish people during the holocaust while maintaining the human and emotional side of her characters In Return, she has to constantly remind the reader why the central characters struggle wasting viable dialogue.

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    April 2011 children s book club book at the library Really interesting discussion with the girls in the book club We had hoped to have the author come in and talk about the book with us but she was unable to make it I was able to have them listen to an interview with Sonia on my computer and that was worthwhile They all liked the book and learned a great deal They really liked the characters in the book, too Well worth the read.

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    so this is way below my reading level, but it had been on my shelf for years and i never read it i recommend it to everyone, because it s an easy read but it also teaches you about something not very well known have you ever heard of operation moses did you know there were jews in ethiopia read it.

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    After my parents died 2 years ago I found out I was adopted and my bio father was Jewish This book is about Ethiopian Jews who were snuck out to Isreal and the struggle they had It s a Young Adult book but it taught me so much and makes me want to read about the Jewish culture and perhaps find information about who I am.I learned compassion.

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    Journey books are always good The main character in this book is Jewish and living in Ethiopia There s a great amount of persecution there, and she and some others decide to try and get to Jerusalem You don t realize it until the end, but the book is about Operation Moses.

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    This book was really good The ending was especially dramatic

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    I read this book as a kid and it s always stayed with me I was hooked the moment I read the first page.

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The Return download The Return, read online The Return, kindle ebook The Return, The Return 5ccd0af62aa5 Fifteen Year Old Desta Belongs To A Small, Isolated Mountain Community Of Ethiopian Jews She And Her Brother And Sister Leave Their Aunt And Uncle And Set Out On The Long And Dangerous Trip To Freedom An Airlift From The Sudan To Israel, The Promised Land They Travel Barefoot, Facing Hunger, Thirst And Bandits Vivid And CompellingLevitin S Tour De Force Is Sensitively Written BOOKLIST An ALA Best Book For Young Adults