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Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books) pdf Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books), ebook Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books), epub Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books), doc Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books), e-pub Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books), Ancient Egypt (DK Eyewitness Books) 2a6d376604d Full Color Photos From The Splendor Of The Pharaoh S Court To The Everyday Life Of Ordinary People, The Great Civilization Of The Nile Valley Is Revealed In Page After Page Of Dramatic Photos Of The Objects They Left Behind Human And Animal Mummies, Reed Brushes, Children S Pull Toys, And Stunning School Library Journal

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    These Eyewitness books, to me, have always been pretty efficient in their goal of educating young children As a history buff, I always wish books covering history for kids would have all the little details, but I realize that is unrealistic, so I started looking at them as gateway books for future history education So as a children s non fiction educational book, this one does the job well Being somewhat well reversed in ancient Egyptian history, this does a respectable job covering the art, culture, and religious aspects of ancient Egyptian life for such a simple, non detail oriented book I was impressed by the information on the hieroglyphics, as I expected them not to dig into it too much for fear it would go over the readers heads I would have liked to have seen pages on their ingenious methods of making 3 dimensional topographical maps, and their vast libraries, but I accepted the exclusion hoping that it would be a pleasant surprise to the same reader years later All in all, for a children oriented nonfiction, it keeps itself very informative and helpful in 1st layer education A good book to have on the shelves of Social Studies classrooms.

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    I bought this book as I was going to Egypt, and I was delighted to read all about the history of Egypt Some of the accounts I could relate to, and this helped me alot in understanding about what I was seeing Thanks to this book, I knew alot about what i was seeing Ecellent, book, and excellent service highly recommended A

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    The great civilization of the Nile River Valley is revealed in pages of information and full color photographs compiled by Egyptian historian George Hart From the grandeur of the pharaohs and mummies to the ordinary life of Egyptian people, Hart delves into the details of the culture, art, and religious aspects of Ancient Egypt This book serves as a great introduction to the Egyptians and the myths surrounding them, as well as hieroglyphics and the mummification process Also included in a full length poster featuring a basic time chart of major events Ancient Egypt is an overall great primer for further research into Egyptian society Recommended.

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    Eyewitness Ancient Egypt is a visual feast of beautifully photographed artifacts and rich illustrations The text provides just enough information on topics such as Life on the Nile , Healing the Sick , Food and Drink and Games to engage young readers minds without overwhelming them with unnecessary details New copies of Eyewitness Ancient Egypt also include a poster with a summary of ancient Egypt that is perfect for any curious kids room.

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    Genre informative Date 11 30Grade range 2 on upThis book is a fun read since it has pictures and captions of all kinds It shows kids the details in murals, the tombs, and tells them about the rituals these people had I always enjoy learning about ancient cultures, so this was an easy read for me.

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    Eyewitness books were very popular at my school and when we went to the school library they were usually all checked out This was one of my favorites.

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    Ideal book to read while cruising up the Nile with..George Hart.

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    I found it really strange that Egyptians long ago hired mourners when someone died

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    Just enough information get your mind going and wanting to know about the wonders of Egypt

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    A nice book that recalls the truth of ancient Egpyt.

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