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End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) summary End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) , series End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) , book End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) , pdf End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) , End in Tears (Inspector Wexford, #20) 538536f100 The Award Winning Author Of Babes In The Woodsand The Rottweilerbrings Us Another Gripping Inspector Wexford NovelA Lump Of Concrete Dropped Deliberately From A Little Stone Bridge Over A Relatively Unfrequented Road Kills The Wrong Person The Driver Behind Is Spared But Only For A WhileOne Particular Member Of The Local Press Is Gunning For The Chief Inspector, Distinctly Unimpressed With What He Regards As Old Fashioned Police Methods But Wexford, With His Old Friend And Partner, Mike Burden, Along With Two New Recruits To The Kingsmarkham Team, Pursue Their Inquiries With A Diligence And Humanity That Make Ruth Rendell S Detective Stories Enthralling, Exciting And Very Touching From The Hardcover Edition

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    Sexist crap Racist crap Stereotypical clich s crap A whole bunch of plot holes Useless family background stories to bolster up the sexist agenda There really are not a lot of good things I could say about this book.A girl is killed and Inspector Wexford takes over the case He and his team investigate the death of Amber and then another girl is killed as well There is a connection between the two so the investigation proceeds gradually to an unbelievable and unrealistic end.I found this book extremely misogynist, not just that the characters are misogynist but the author herself is horrible and slut shaming at every opportunity possible The author makes fun of Hannah who is politically correct and prefers to gain knowledge of people before assuming traditional roles for them Somehow, insisting that women be addressed as Ms or as women instead of girl is oh, so horrible and PC Let s just send them to make sandwiches in the kitchen, shall we Why, Ms Rendell, oops, sorry Mrs Rendell, have you a profession instead of cooking for your husband Apart from her name and her lack of a thyroid cartilage, he had said to Wexford, she might as well be a man, and perhaps she once had been You never knew these days She had no breasts, no hips, her hair was crew cut and no scrap of make up had ever settled on her virgin face this about a competent police post mortem specialist And apparently, black policemen are also very nostalgic of times when they get screamed racist shit by neighbours Now, of course, it would get them in court What a funny world we live in Trust me, Rendell, that s NOT what black people are thinking They are thinking, thank god someone changed the law and horrible racist old women can t get away with it any longer You need to do some serious fucking off, Ruth Rendell One might be able to overlook the above not me, but someone else, perhaps but there is also a major plot hole A plot hole so yawning that unless you believe that women have water in the brain and no knowledge of reproduction, it simply does not work Apparently, according to the author, some women are SO dumb that they would believe that they can give birth to babies without actually getting pregnant And because they give birth in Africa, the babies will be black It is apparently explained by women wanting babbbeeesss No dear author, men don t have sex and self preservation as main instincts while women s instinct is all about BABEEEESS What complete clich d crap On another note, I would also like to know how and why Wexford decides who the culprit is He just picks a name randomly and pursues him doggedly It s very lazy writing I also don t see how the entire background story about Wexford s daughter helps the main story in any way, unless the author really wants to push her traditional family best family agenda in her readers faces I just hated this book

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    Nigel Anthony 10 Hours 13 MinsDescription At first there was no reason to link the killings The first one, months earlier, seemed totally random a lump of concrete pushed off an overpass onto a passing car By contrast, the gruesome bludgeoning death of Amber Marshalson, returning home late from a night out clubbing with friends, was obviously calculated The killer had been seen waiting for the girl in a nearby wood But when Chief Inspector Wexford discovers that Amber had been the driver right behind the crushed car and that she d been driving a silver Honda, while the car in front of her was a gray Honda he knows that someone wanted the teenager dead badly enough to kill twice to get the job done And as it turns out, this murderer s plans are only just getting underway Can Wexford unravel the complex knots that connect these murders in time to save future victims Or is he, as he begins to fear, losing his touch and fast becoming a relic of another time The concrete block reminds me of Who Needs Information, which in turn was based on a tragic event in the 1984 coal strikes3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 3 Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3 2 The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford, 4 3 A Guilty Thing Suprised 53 No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford, 6 3 Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford, 7 3 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford, 8 3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford, 10 3 Put on by Cunning Inspector Wexford 11 1 Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford, 12 3 An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford, 13 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 3 Kissing the Gunner s Daughter Inspector Wexford, 15 3 Road Rage Inspector Wexford, 17 3 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18 3 The Babes in the Wood Inspector Wexford, 19 3 End in Tears Inspector Wexford, 20 3 Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford, 21 2 The Vault Inspector Wexford, 23

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    Well, it doesn t, in fact, end in tears, but quite jollily for those we come to care about Which is to say, the secondary characters, the ones investigating rather than committing crimes There s an unusually large dollop of romance this time, between a rather severely PC and judgmental police sergeant and an apparently dishy and charming fellow officer of Indian origins The schizoidal English weather, ranging from the hottest day on record to a blizzard in November, also plays a major role Then there s Wexford s highly opinionated if endearing wife think Mrs Maguire, the vicar s housekeeper on Grantchester and his interesting daughter the boring one is off in Bora Bora sic Sylvia seems once again to be engaged in activities that lead others into crime In Harm Done she was assisting at a shelter for victims of spousal abuse which proved deadly for others and here she s serving as surrogate for her ex husband s infertile wife to be How s that for an amicable divorce Surrogacy and babies, both wanted and unwanted, loom large in this round of criminal pursuits, which are rather eclipsed by the less murderous, tangential sub plots I had trouble keeping the illegal acts and actors straight, in fact Things do get tense on the criminal, romantic, and familial sides toward the end, before Wexford steps in in the last few pages to explain to the reader and to his colleagues who had been doing what wrong to whom More appealing, perhaps, to Wexford fans than to those literarily bent on crime alone.

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    4 Going Wrong4 The Keys to the Street3 The Fever Tree and Other Stories4 A Judgement in Stone3 Fall of the Coin4 People Don t Do Such Things3 The Girl Next Door2 To Fear a Painted Devil3 Dark Corners3 Live FleshInspector Wexford series 3 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford, 8 3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford, 10 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 4 Kissing the Gunner s Daughter Inspector Wexford, 15 3 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18 3 The Babes in the Wood Inspector Wexford, 19 3 End in Tears Inspector Wexford, 20 TR From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 TR A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 TR Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3 TR The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford, 4 TR A Guilty Thing Surprised Inspector Wexford, 5 TR No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford, 6 TR Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford, 7 TR Death Notes Inspector Wexford, 11 TR Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford, 12 TR An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford, 13 TR Simisola Inspector Wexford, 16 TR Road Rage Inspector Wexford, 17 TR Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford, 21 TR The Monster in the Box Inspector Wexford, 22 TR The Vault Inspector Wexford, 23 TR No Man s Nightingale Inspector Wexford 24

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    Tedious, middle class claptrap A book peopled by insulting stereotypes in service of a meandering plot My first Rendell, and most certainly the last.

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    I love Rendell s mysteries, and the Wexford series in particular The best thing is that you do not need to read them in order, as there is very little backstory, and what there is she covers again for anyone unfamiliar This story is about a young mother, still living in her dad s house, who is interested in partying than in being a mom, finishing school, or getting a job One morning she is found dead, successfully murdered after at least one failed attempt Very engrossing mystery Highly recommend any of the Wexford stories

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    I really liked this book but found it a little confusing at times There was a large number of characters I sometimes had to go back and review who they were I liked the feeling I got for the small British towns and surrounding.woods I thought her characterizations were excellent I developed vivid images of the players in this drama.

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    I hoped it would be good, was hoping to be into it to begin with but when it all unravelled I got bored Characters were odd, stereotypical, strange views for no reason, odd fixations with sexist racist stereotypes Story wasn t the clever rabbit from hat thing i was keen for, it was like present the hat, then take the audience to pets home, have them help u pick out a rabbit, lend u 20 quid for it cos ur wallets in the car, ask them to hold your wand whilst you shove it in the hat Et Voila, magic etc.Nah

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    Ruth Rendell s quality work is both a blessing and a curse With over 20 Wexford novels__and an even greater number outside the series and under her pseudonym Barbara Vine__reviewers have had ample opportunity to relish her characterizations and get wise to her narrative proclivities Here they identify a case of the strengths of Rendell s writing characterization and the use of metaphor playing second fiddle to the contrivances of a thriller Plot twists abound for those into neck snapping plots, but most critics agree that Rendell is at her best when she foregoes narrative theatrics and focuses on the metaphoric parallels between plot and theme End in Tears is not bad, but isn t great either__and for a writer of Rendell s status, just good doesn t seem to be good enough.

    This is an excerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine.

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    Fabulous One of the best of the Wexford series The murder mystery itself is great, and the side stories about Sylvia and about Bal and Hannah are also great.This is my second time through this one this time as an audiobook, last time as a paperback It s dawned on me that the subplots about Sylvia are better than those about Sheila I ve been reading about this family for than 20 years, and yet I learn new things about them with each re read.

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