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Harm Done pdf Harm Done, ebook Harm Done, epub Harm Done, doc Harm Done, e-pub Harm Done, Harm Done 53149405bef The Search For The Body Commenced Then The Victim Walked Into TownBehind The Picture Postcard Fa Ade Of Kingsmarkham Lies A Community Rife With Violence, Betrayal, And A Taste For Vengeance When Sixteen Year Old Lizzie Cromwell Reappears No One Knows Where She Has Been, Including Lizzie Herself Inspector Wexford Thinks She Was With A Boyfriend But The Disappearance Of A Three Year Old Girl Casts A Ominous Light On Events And When The Public S Outrage Turns Toward A Recently Released Pederast And Another Suspect Turns Up Stabbed To Death, Wexford Must Try To Unravel The Mystery Before Any Bodies Appear, And Before A Mob Of Local Vigilantes Metes Out A Rough Justice To Their Least Favorite Suspect In Harm Done, The Violence Is Near At Hand, And Evil Lies Just A Few Doors Down The Block

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    Read by Nigel AnthonyTotal Runtime. 14 Hours 29 MinsDescription The search for the body commenced Then the victim walked into town.Behind the picture postcard facade of Kingsmarkham lies a community rife with violence, betrayal, and a taste for vengeance When sixteen year old Lizzie Cromwell reappears no one knows where she has been, including Lizzie herself Inspector Wexford thinks she was with a boyfriend But the disappearance of a three year old girl casts a ominous light on events And when the public s outrage turns toward a recently released pederast and another suspect turns up stabbed to death, Wexford must try to unravel the mystery before any bodies appear, and before a mob of local vigilantes metes out a rough justice to their least favorite suspect In Harm Done, the violence is near at hand, and evil lies just a few doors down the block Rendell tackles a different social issue, namely, abuse in all shapes and sizes but mostly domestic.3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 3 Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3 2 The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford, 4 3 A Guilty Thing Suprised 53 No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford, 6 3 Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford, 7 3 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford, 8 3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford, 10 3 Put on by Cunning Inspector Wexford 11 1 Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford, 12 3 An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford, 13 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 3 Kissing the Gunner s Daughter Inspector Wexford, 15 3 Road Rage Inspector Wexford, 17 3 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18 3 Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford, 21 2 The Vault Inspector Wexford, 23

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    NO HARM DONEFor me Ruth Rendell is Britain s 1 psychological mystery author the likes of The Bridesmaid and The Crocodile Bird I ve found almost impossible to put down.With Wexford, however, I have occasionally toiled And never so than with Harm Done which reluctantly I have put down, permanently, despite labouring to page 50 of a mountainous 467.So why give up the struggle Story, subject and style These are my 3 measures core elements, any one of which can please me with a thrill of anticipation when I reach for my reading.From a STORY perspective, there is a germ of interest.In 50 pages I have learned that a teenager went missing for 3 days, has reappeared, and refuses to disclose what befell her And now another girl, slightly older, tenuously connected, has vanished under similar circumstances Wexford smells a rat, and his colleagues are wondering why.The SUBJECT, or underlying theme, concerns social workers and battered wives.I recall studying a Sociology module for my business degree agonising over essays that were so short of facts that I must surely score zero Ruth Rendell s waffle reminds me of my own woolly efforts rendering the subject matter so superficial and ridden with platitudes that it strangles the budding story.And this failure to convince or compel has tainted the author s normally incisive STYLE.The text is infested with clich s, na ve plays on words, irrelevant fillers, and gratuitous inventions in place of plausible constructions for example a pub called the Rat and Carrot that locals rename the Rotten Carrot is this seriously an allusion to the real Rat and Parrot chain a kids TV show about dinosaurs called Jurassic Larks and the Heaven Spent Shopping Mall.I also felt overwhelmed by characters I counted 29 in the first two chapters and uncertain of their future importance and there were lots of street addresses including one called PUCK ROAD that delinquents deface on a regular basis and not as funny or as practical as CLINT HILL DRIVE where a friend of mine really lives.This won t put me off reading Ruth Rendell hence my adapted title No Harm Done but I think next time I ll do the thing and Look Inside before I buy.

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    These days Harm Done would probably have to carry a warning, contains material that some readers may find troubling not murder we all flock to that, of course, and, besides, the body count stays comparatively low , but domestic violence So the book is best avoided by those who flinch in the face of that sort of unpleasantness though the moral is well worth hearing and heeding There s a sort of double barreled plot no 1 mysterious abductions of young women in decidedly curious circumstances and no 2 a death resulting from domestic abuse Rendell works these out suspensefully amidst particularly rich sub plots e.g., the wages of fake news or of a society that goes ballistic at any rumor of child abuse but greets spousal abuse with incredulity, indifference, or animosity toward the victims It takes so long for bodies to start piling up that the reader begins to imagine murder might not be the only crime in crime fiction That does eventually change, however, when the live in boyfriend of the mother of an unwed, pregnant teenager dismembers the girl s dedactic, virtual, robobaby named Jodi in the middle of a teaching moment a murder of sorts There s also the stabbing of someone in an extremely abusive marriage, and, finally, a dead policeman, collateral damage resulting from fake news s pernicious power over a madding crowd of true believers Rendell s understated sense of irony warms the narrative, which is chilled, nevertheless, by similarities to present day realities There s a very nicely managed bit of suspense for readers to look forward to toward the end, as Detective Wexford tiptoes around the fact that murder carries a mandatory life sentence in the UK for those convicted no American 1st and 2nd degrees Better that than the UK s former reality perhaps unknown to Wexford until about 1800 British wives who murdered their husbands were burned, whereas husbands who killed their wives were merely hanged.

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    Actual rating should be 3.5 stars I know Ruth Rendell is a celebrated crime novelist But I had tried to read one of her award winning novels prior to this and it wasn t a great experience I was bored and dropped it after some 40% into it but that one wasn t a detective story This one had 8 Wexford tag attached to its name and so I bought this with a lot of expectations, I mean, the thing that it is a great writer a detective story excited me Coming to the novel, it wasn t bad It was of a bumpy ride great start, getting boring, suddenly very interesting, moments of brilliance, moments of dullness and somewhat a satisfying ending One thing I should say is that none of what happened felt far fetched or contrived I tried to pre guess a few things and those possibilities were discussed in the novel and I kind of knew the ending one funny thing, but that annoyed the hell out of me, was they have an eye witness to a murder and there are 2 possible suspects and they all live in the same town what a detective or even a person with a normal IQ will do ask the witness to fact check if it was one of the suspects and clear them off But they do everything except this And there was an initial main plot, sub plots, and it all happens in a single town kind of thing, so I thought it would be a single case and it will all come together in the end and that I was in for an amazing ride But they were really 4 different cases And too many names characters 4 cases, half a dozen police officers and many suspects and half suspects, other pplguess you got it But I guess this is how real investigations happen Recommended for mystery lovers.

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    Rendell never seems to deplete her source of mystifying topics It amazes me that she has written so very many books with fine detail and freshness It seems to me that most prolific authors tend to adhere to a formula in some measure Nevertheless, she has served my appetite well Although I prefer Rendell Vine stand alone novels, Inspector Wexford has become endearing to me.In brief, this book deals with mysterious kidnappings, pedophiles and spousal abuse My biggest criticism was the difficulty in recalling the numerous people involved in these cases Despite this, Rendell continued to offer clear and interesting insight into her characters and their actions and behavior Very few other authors of this genre seem to be able to consistently write with her elegance of language.

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    It s Rendell, so it s well written It gives a lot of food for thought about relationships She keeps a person guessing and second guessing and doubting about who dunnit My complaint is that there were so many characters, all interrelated and involved with each other in assorted ways It was difficult to keep the people on the council estate straight I think they re all either married to each other or part of some vast family, or both I spent much time trying to work it out and kept losing the thread of the tale in the process I wonder if that happens to real police.

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    This entry in Rendell s Inspector Wexford series, from 1999, is typical of these mysteries It interweaves several related contemporary social themes missing children, the return to the neighborhood of a convicted child molester and the reaction of residents, spousal abuse along with several lesser mysteries and one larger, serious one Rendell is a very experienced craftsperson and the book goes down smoothly She s a fine stylist, she draws excellent portraits of the major and many of the subsidiary characters, she doesn t pad the story with extraneous detail in order to make it longer, and the mysteries retain the reader s interest over the course of the book.However, throughout my reading of the novel, I had the nagging feeling that I had read this book before I kept waiting for the one detail to trigger a certain recollection, but it never came By the end, I was fairly sure that I had not, in fact, read it before But this suggests to me that there is an unfortunate sameness to Harm Done and the other Inspector Wexford novels To some extent, this is inevitable, given that all of these books are located in the same geographic setting This blurring of books just doesn t happen with P.D James, in large part because each mystery is located in a very different place and group of people.Rendell recently announced that her most recent Wexford novel would be her last Much as I have enjoyed these, and would have been happy to read the next one, I think her timing is just right.

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    Another masterpiece of crime fiction written by the unforgettable Ruth Rendell.4 Going Wrong4 The Keys to the Street3 The Fever Tree and Other Stories4 A Judgement in Stone 3 Fall of the Coin4 People Don t Do Such Things3 The Girl Next Door Inspector Wexford series3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 4 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18

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    Another first read for an established author I m not sure if the series needs to be read in order somehow I doubt it but luckily I m not that compulsive There are several mysteries here, with one or two fading in importance as others come to the forefront during the year or so the book covers The question of what to do with released pedophiles is covered, but not answered fully, as I suspect there is no real answer to this can they be rehabilitated can they truly pay their debt to society I m now going to have to look for other Rendells and see whether they work as well for me.

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    Another great Rendell mystery This weaves together domestic violence, a schizophrenic family and the craziness surrounding the release of a pedophile from prison Wexford s daughter Sylvia figures prominently.

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