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The Best Man To Die pdf The Best Man To Die, ebook The Best Man To Die, epub The Best Man To Die, doc The Best Man To Die, e-pub The Best Man To Die, The Best Man To Die 324fe0b9b14 Who Could Have Suspected That The Exciting Stag Party For The Groom Would Be The Prelude To The Murder Of His Close Friend Charlie Hatton And Charlie S Death Was Only The First In A String Of Puzzling Murders Involving Small Time Gangsters, Cheating Husbands, And Loose Women Now Chief Inspector Wexford And His Assistant Join Forces With The Groom To Track Down A Killer

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    This is the 4th book in the Inspector Wexford series by author Ruth Rendell.I never manage to read this series in the order they were written but I don t feel that it deflects at all from my overall enjoyment I have now read about 5 books in this series and although I have given them all a moderate rating I have nevertheless enjoyed them and generally feel the I read the better they get with the main characters becoming a lot familiar.This novel features a stag party on the eve of Jack Pertwee s wedding where Charlie Hatton his best man is murdered Charlie is a truck driver, but appears to be flush with money and is not shy when it comes to flashing it around He appears to have been involved in some shady business and truck hi jacks are mentioned as a possible source of his extra income Inspector Wexford leads the case aided by Inspector Burden to try and find the identity of Charlie s killer They are also investigating a car crash a few weeks earlier that killed two people and a woman who they struggled to identify A good British crime novel that may appear a little tame by today s standard.

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    Another Inspector Wexford mystery, this one from 1970 You read this, with characters who are too materialistic, too made up the women who are wholly narcissistic and who are all about what they own, how much of it and who s looking at it, and you might think, okay, this was written today We ve got these sorts all around, just check the internetThen you realize these people have always been around it s just the way they parade their wealth status arrogance which has changed The book is filled with them, the so called filthy rich who aren t content with mere physical greed and materialism they bask in it they crave attention they feel entitled So when one of them is found murdered, you have to wonder, who cares Well the police care and Wexford starts his investigation with his sidekick, Burden, by interviewing a host of none too savory characters It s a convoluted case, with new characters added in as needed There s a side plot which becomes part of the main plot, and honestly, hardly a sympathetic character in sight Even Wexford s beautiful daughter Shelia can be a bit of a pill My mother used to use the word pill for women she thought were full of themselves But with a bit of sleuthing and people saying the right thing at the right time, and while being stuck in an elevator, Wexford figures out who killed the greatly unlikeable Charlie Hatton.Now I know this is a well received series, Inspector Wexford by Ruth Rendell, but so far I am batting about fifty fifty, with some stories three stars, and a few with four.

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    I m slowly making my way through the Inspector Wexford books, and each one is an old fashioned but not too old fashioned pleasure Rendell continues to use these as a showcase for the comfort reading delight of blending Agatha Christie style puzzle mysteries with a real, textured world The style here is always restrained, Wexford and Burden always witty, warm, and suitably irritated, and the crimes always seem solvable by the attentive reader, but the world is recognizably ours well, recognizably ours in the late sixties, at least and full of complications, dark undercurrents, and well developed characters The Best Man to Die centers around the murder of Charlie Hatton, the best friend and best man of Jack Pertwee, the faithful and generous husband of his wife Lilian, and an absolute dick to literally everyone else It immediately becomes apparent that Charlie is living well beyond his means and certainly had some kind of illegally gained income, but there the investigation briefly stalls was Charlie making his money off orchestrating robberies By blackmail If it s blackmail, who was he blackmailing, and what did he know about them Is it possible that someone killed him just for the hundred pounds in his wallet and the sheer satisfaction of shutting him up before he made one snide little dig Floating around the vicinity of all this is an overpriced dentist with a collection of Chinese artwork, a car crash survivor who claims her daughter identified as having also died in the crash is still alive and in Germany, a newly installed lift in the police station, and a somewhat pathetic dog that Wexford has been saddled with caring for Some of the plot developments are obvious as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a movie not otherwise remotely related to Rendell, would put it, view spoiler Your case, and my case, are the same fucking case hide spoiler

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    This was first published in 1969 and it shows in its evocation of a very different world where having a lift put into a police station is A Very Big Deal, where even good characters like Wexford can be pompously misogynistic, where buying a fridge or a record player or a washing machine is firm evidence of wrong doing on the part of working class characters, where a young man in his 20s wears dentures I partly enjoyed this slice of social history but found Rendell s snide snobbery overbearing at times, particularly the way in which she portrays class That said, once we ve wrestled with the social commentary, there s an intriguing story underneath with some excellent plotting to link a crude murder of a best man the night before a wedding with a car crash, a burnt body and a woman just coming out of a coma I listened to the audio book and found Robin Bailey s voice very, very elitist and upper class which does allow him to get in what seems to be Rendell s own sneering at uppity lorry drivers and left wing girlfriends That aside, this is a short, old school detective story good plotting, interesting if jarringly unpleasant social commentary, and lots of old fashioned detecting.

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    Interesting enough that I read it all through I m very often a skipper if a book isn t holding me, life is too short but I won t retain much of it, except perhaps the large headed dentist who made the most expensive false teeth in England From the moment she described his big square head with hair to match I knew he was member of the unpleasant rich classes who feature so often in regional English crime Mind you, I don t think there s a single nice person in this book Wexford himself is chronically grumpy, his daughter manipulative is this supposed to be charming and everybody else unpleasant in some way I guess crime fiction as a genre doesn t deal with the better side of human nature.

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    I was enjoying this until about two thirds of the way through when this giant plot hole opened up that was never resolved It essentially destroyed the story.Recall that in the beginning the aunt misidentified the dead girl from the car wreck because she was hideously burnt in the crash and, it is implied, was found in the car along with the deceased driver Then, much later, a work acquaintance of the deceased is able to identify her from the remains of her charred and burnt stockings.Then we re told the dead girl wasn t in the crash at all She was thrown onto the road by the murderer The stockbroker s car swerved to avoid her and ran off the road and caught fire She was nowhere near the inferno I kept waiting for Wexford or anyone to realise this but it never happened.

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    This 1969 Inspector Wexford mystery has compelling characters, plot and setting It s interesting to hear the author s sociological comments from the 60 s point of view The things change, etc Also notable Fantastic Dog Description Won t give away spoilers but is almost a must read for that alone hehehhe

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    This is book 4, and this one has the complex plot that one thinks of when Rendell is mentioned Jack and Charlie are best friends, have been since they were schoolboys together They are working class Jack an electrician, Charlie a lorry driver Jack and Charlie would do absolutely anything for each other Rendell describes their relationship as akin to David and Jonathan, which is pretty much the gold standard for male friendship Anyway, Jack is getting married and Charlie and a few other guys are at Jack s stag party The interactions between Charlie and the other guys are very enlightening as to Charlie s character while he may be a great friend to Jack, he isn t so much to anyone else.So it really isn t a surprise to the reader that someone hits him on the head that night while he is walking home in the dark by the river Wexford begins investigating, of course, and quickly discovers that Charlie has far too much money for a lorry driver.Wexford follows various ideas, leads and suppositions about where Charlie obtained the extraneous cash Charlie s wife honestly doesn t know, and Jack refuses to talk BTW, Jack s fianc e is a very memorable secondary character she s a Communist, and her rants against capitalism could be taken from today s Twitter.I ve said before that Rendell s characterizations are top notch, and this book is no exception Of course Wexford and Burden are well drawn, but so are the dozen or so secondary characters, from Charlie s wife to Dr Vigo, a wealthy dentist, to Mrs Fanshawe, a woman injured in a car wreck, and her daughter, Nora, to Clymenestra, a dog with ears like knitted dishcloths who is temporarily residing at Wexford s home.

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    I have a bit of a cold and there is a bit of an ice storm going on, the perfect for me excuses reasons to sit of less comfortably at home re reading a partially remembered classic mysteries by Ruth Rendell This was not one of her absolute best but still quite good Wexford and Burden are faced with the death of a man almost everyone liked, other than the few citizens of Kingsmartin who really disliked him None of them, of course, were the killer although each of them had both opportunity and, if strong antipathy is reason enough to kill, motive There is the mix of village hypocrisy, real human emotion and police procedure that characterize most of Rendell s Wexford series.

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    Enjoyable murder mystery.Narrator Robin Bailey.Not a fan.Mild Foul Language.

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