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    In this book Rendell narrows her focus to one character, Guy Curran Just as he stalks the love of his life Leonora Chisholm, Rendell seems to stalk him through the pages of her book Curran exhibits an extreme obsession with Leonora, or rather his idea of Leonora, that reminded me of the derangement the Victorians called monomania Rendell modulates the intensity of Curran s delusions by interspersing bits of backstory into her narrative.When Guy and Leonora met he was 14 and she was only 11 He was a drug dealer, part of a gang of petty thugs, denizens of one of the housing estates clustered on the wrong side of Holland Park Avenue She came from a resolutely middle class family, the kind that pride themselves on their respectability The family lived in one of the cluster of tidy mews houses in Notting Hill It s obvious from Guy s description that Leonora was just slumming obvious to the reader, but not to Curran And now Leonora is 26, has earned a teaching certificate, is seeing a staid university graduate, and limits her contact with Guy to lunch every Saturday These are not lavish lunches She is a vegetarian and eats with a controlled appetite, expresses the occasional controlled smile, and insists on calling their relationship a friendship between old acquaintances He calls her everyday she never calls him Could the message be any clearer Curran is stubborn as well as delusional He had to make her feel the way she used to feel about him when she passed the block of council flats where he had grown up, a few streets away in Westbourne Park.He thought stoutly, I can make her feel like that again p.2 Unfortunately, Rendell s interest in Curran s deluded thinking was far greater than mine After a few chapters in, I felt like screaming OK, we get the point As I continued to read, I hoped she might turn this book into a black hud farce, but it soon became obvious that was not her intent, although there is a ridiculous scene when he confronts the staid boyfriend whom he learns is Leonora s fianc e The book had the feel of a padded short story as Rendell follows Curran from obsession to paranoia to the mindset of a sociopath One of the odd elements of the book was that Leonora s family disapproved of Guy for his impoverished background than his psychological abnormality At this point, he has accumulated quite a bit of wealth, and is no longer involved as a drug dealer As their confrontations with him escalate, there are constant references to his lower class origins Rendell reinforces that point with a detailed recitation of neighborhoods Where people live, where they ve moved to, where they aspire to live These are all topics of interest to Rendell, and would probably have added interest to readers familiar with London s neighborhoods I read this book because I loved the large cast of characters she created in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR This was a very different sort of book However, I am not discouraged She was a prolific writer and worked in many literary directions.

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    Rendell did well here to start slow and then build up the pace to come to a slightly unexpected finale.This is the story of an obsessive love of a hoodlum gangster turned entrepreneur, albeit with shady dealings, towards a young middle class girl from a normal family, who had initially been his girl friend The lady , Leonora wants nothing to do with him, has a steady and decent boyfriend whom she is going to marry Guy, the hoodlum is not ready to accept that Leo loves anybody else and thinks she is still in love with him He stalks her and makes her emotionally labile William, her fiance and her huge extended family rally around her and this becomes a game of wits which turn nasty towards the end The end was not what I expected and Rendell managed a slight twist to her usual ending.

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    For some reason, I ve always tended to avoid British authors I guess I like to stay in familiar territory, whether in real life or within the pages of a novel But having heard great things about Rendell Vine from a friend of mine thanks Barbara I finally gave her a shot I must confess that I almost put the book down a couple of times for future reading, but then I found myself enjoying it and decided to stick with it It turned out to be really good Told in 3rd person, Rendell brilliantly gets inside the mind of Guy as he obsesses daily over his unattainable love interest, Leonora Guy and Leonora met as teenagers and dated throughout their younger years At some point, she moves on, but he never does Now in their late 20 s, Guy is convinced that Leonora will come around, if only he can figure out who among her inner circle turned her against him She tries over and over to tell him that it s not going to happen, while at the same time accepting his daily phone calls and a standing lunch date with him every Saturday Guy lives in his own fantasy world and is determined that nothing will stand in their way towards eventual togetherness and bliss, especially when he learns she has taken up with a new guy.I would call this novel of a psychological observance than a thriller, though it is definitely suspenseful as you wonder when and if things are going to spiral out of control It s also kind of humorous in parts Guy is rich and is a snob about certain things, and he s always trying to lower himself to Leonora s level in order to get in her good favor You will alternately pity him, understand him, and be annoyed by him Well worth the read

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    Guy Curren has been in love with Leonora Chisholm since they were joint sharing teenagers They come from different sides of the tracks but as young teenagers believe they will be together forever Leonora grows up and grows away from Guy, but Guy is never able to let go of the belief that they are destined for each other Leonora continues to meet Guy for lunch every Saturday and he phones her every day.Guy has made good and is a wealthy man but he is unable to shake of his sense that he is not considered good enough for Leonora He is unable to see that he in some ways has created his own misery and it forever looking for reasons and excuses for Leonora s movement away from him At the beginning of the book it is easy to think Guy is a sad, crazy man obsessed with a woman who is quite clearly no longer interested in him Her engagement and rapidly approaching wedding to another man creates a dark and disturbing reality within Guy s mind Through careful construction, Rendell makes the twisted leaps of logic Guy makes seem almost plausible and certainly completely reasonable to him.Guy Curren is a sad character trapped in his own fantasy which Leonora at first seems to tolerate Rendell manages to create a delicate shift in the sympathy of the reader Leonora, with the help of Guy s lover, Celeste s comments begins to seem manipulative and controlling of Guy and his endless love for her.I stopped feeling sorry for her as the innocent victim of an obsessive love and started to see her just as needy of Guy and he is of her.Love is a power emotion and can lead people to irrational acts Rendell s message seems to be that we have to treat those who love us, and those we love with respect and integrity If we don t, payment is exacted.In Rendell s dark way this book looks at love and how it alters forever both those who love and those who are loved The real tragedy of the book comes in the final few paragraphs when actions committed out of a twisted sense of love permanently and detrimentally affect people beyond the scope of the main story.A gripping, dark novel which will have the reader s alliances shift throughout.

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    I read this on our travels back home yesterday As I started the first chapter I realised that I knew this story I ve never read the book before, but I remember seeing this on the television a lot of years ago I remembered the bit about the swords, and also what the girlfriend, Celeste, had said to him at the end of the story.It s about obsession and unrequitted love if love is the right word as Guy is so keen for Leonora never to really know about his past and all the things he gets up to Guy and Leonora have know each other since their early teens They re now kicking on 30 They went out together briefly in their teens, and since then have just been platonic Except Guy thinks they re still madly in love and destined to be together He rings her every day, plagues her family and friends to check where she is, and has lunch with her every Saturday a suggestion that she set up many years ago Her family and friends can t stand him and find this intrusion into their lives than annoying Leonora s now getting married, but Guy won t have it and is determined they will be together.It s a good portrayal of obsession, although it does grow a little tiresome, so I don t feel like it s one of her best And yes, Guy is an obsession nutcase, he s not a nice person He s new rich, having built his empire on less than legal business practices, and is now showy with his money There is little to like about him But as far as Leonora is concerned, I feel no sympathy for her what so ever This has been going on for fifteen years If she really wanted to break from him she would have told him to sod off long ago If she really cared for him in anyway, she would have told him to sod off so he could get on with his own life And if she was really scared of him, she could have brought in the police But instead she keeps stringing him along for fifteen years as a security net and an ego boost for herself her family making out that she is the victim and she s too soft on him Sorry, I don t buy that, I m with his other girlfriend, Celeste, on that one Leonora has been using him all these years.

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    I applaud Ms Rendell s efforts to delve into people s psyches In general, people are disturbing Their ability to rationalize events in a fashion that is amenable to them is downright creepy We either know someone or have been that someone who has experienced that temporary bit of insanity when a relationship is over and both parties are not on the same footing At first, I thought Guy took it to a new level, but the genius of Ms Rendell s writing is that she has brought to life a character that could be very much real It is not that fantastical.It was enjoyable to watch the psychopath s mind unfold as the story was told I thought Ms Rendell brought the story to a close, but the ending of the book was a bit abrupt and, quite frankly, weak She had a lot of material that she could have worked with to end the story, but I think she had become bored by that point I would have rated the book higher had the ending been better written.

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    I was kind of disappointed in this book, given my love for the writing of Ruth Rendell It is the story of Guy Curran, a former drug dealer street hood who gives up the thug life after giving LSD to a man who dies after taking it Guy does not quit that life before amassing a fortune, however He carries a torch for Leonora who was his girlfriend when she was a child but who is now engaged to another man Leonora does, however, allow Guy to meet her for lunch every Saturday and she strings him along in other ways, as well The book has a large cast of unlikeable characters and seems to plod on and on without actually arriving anywhere The ending is ironic but not terribly surprising Rendell still has a way with words and does the best she can to keep the story moving so I stuck with it until the bitter end.

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    And you think you ve got problems with your ex.

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    It filled in a wet Sunday

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    Never was there a apt title What WERE you thinking I didn t forget to add the stars, but there is no Minus 5 stars available If this was the only book of hers I d ever read, I certainly wouldn t contemplate another It was like Seinfeld on an endless loop, only without the humour.You couldn t go wrong with this one if you threw it into a metal dustbin and set fire to it for good measure.

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Going Wrong download Going Wrong, read online Going Wrong, kindle ebook Going Wrong, Going Wrong 7f42b6cbd9fe In Rendell S Evocative Portrayal Of West London, The Slums Of Notting Hill Gate And The Mews Houses Of Holland Park Are Not Streets, But Worlds, Apart When These Two Worlds Collide, The Repercussions Are FatalGuy And Leonora Were Childhood Sweethearts, And Belonged To The Same Criminal Gang But As The Wealthy Leonora Grew Older, They Grew Apart, And Guy S Innocent Love Turned Into A Dangerous, Psychopathic ObsessionWhen Leonora Announces Her Engagement , Guy Knows There Must Be Some Mistake And He Is Determined To Right It, At Any Cost As He Becomes The Victim Of His Own Murderous Madness, Nobody Is Safe