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    the narrative details a sad and sympathetic downward spiral for the handful of characters involved in a bank robbery gone awry Rendell, per usual, invokes each character with precise psychological acuity and, at times, an almost romantic sense of dignity the central character, although thoroughly weak and misguided, is a particularly poignant creation i feel sympathy for any ardent book lover and dreamer trapped in relentless suburbia his characterization is strong, maybe even tragic overall, a typically masterful study of what happens when folks insist on rationalizing their way out of Doing The Right Thing.

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    I ve just been reading Dickens and it took me a while to acclimatise to Make Death Love Me but it is no less powerful for all that it is prosaic Indeed, Ruth Rendell pens the most chilling thrillers with the most ordinary words.Alan is a bored and boring bank manager who plays out fantasies with wads of cash in his lunch hour.A bungled robbery and kidnapping of his assistant, Joyce finds him catapulted to freedom and largesse.He acquires a new identity, but realises he is consigned to a life of limbo, and becomes consumed by guilt that he has abandoned Joyce to her fate.Inexorably he is drawn to track down the crooks, unaware just how desperate they are growing, and that Joyce s survival hangs in the balance.Not only does this tale have you turning pages ever faster as the climax approaches, but it has a particularly ingenious wrap up the skill of the mystery writer coming to the fore.Indeed, Ruth Rendell is best known for Inspector Wexford but I find her edgy suspense novels a cut above the cozy detective series.

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    A somewhat bizarre tale of a robbery gone wrong This crime story is of a psychological study of several distasteful characters It is not a mystery novel, since the story is told in real time After the seriously under rated A Judgement in Stone which I absolutely loved, this was my second novel by Ruth Rendell Writing wise, I could read her all day without feeling the slightest inclination to go do something else She just has a way of telling a story which keeps me flipping the pages However, I do have to say this falls slightly short of A Judgement in Stone A cracking good read nonetheless.

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    Rendell s book brings togeth two story lines We are introduced first to Alan Groombridge, an unhappily married manager at a small bank in a Suffolk village Groombridge is a bookish daydreamer A man who, when his shotgun wedding brought him a dull and unfulfilling life, retreated to the pages of poetry and plays and the romantic classics of the past Each week when he must get into the safe, he allows himself to fantasize about running off with 3000 pounds of the bank s money That would be the amount he has calculated would allow him to spend one year of freedom doing exactly what he pleased in a small bed sit somewhere somewhere far away from his wife and his obnoxious father in law But he knows he could never really do it When you have a small bank with only two employees and one of the employees disappears at the same time as nearly half of the on hand cash.well, it wouldn t take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out who took the cash.Enter two young misfits who are down on their luck, without jobs or a suitable source of income and who happen to meet up with someone who gives the unknowingly just the information needed to plot a bank robbery at Groombridge s bank They plan the robbery for lunchtime and manage to make off with 4000 pounds and the leggy, busty teller Joyce who has the misfortune to see their faces The young men panic and set Joyce up as an unwilling roommate while they try to figure out what to do with her so they can make their escape.Meanwhile, Groombridge was busy fondling his 3000 pounds in a closet and takes the opportunity presented by the robbery to disappear as well He runs away to London with his small fortune to finally realize his dream He finds the perfect room in basement filled to the brim with books and also finds his ideal woman and settles down to enjoy her and her books The setup is prefect the police and his family believe that both he and Joyce have been snatched by the robbers, so no one is really hunting him for his embezzlement But the chivalrous streak that makes Groombridge love the poetry and classic romances and tales of knights errant won t allow him ignore clues to the robbers identities when they present themselves He can t quite bear to go to the police with his knowledge, after all they will make him give back the money and return to the bosom of his loving family, so he follows the trail himself hoping to concoct a story that will allow him to rescue Joyce and manage to maintain the new life he has begun to build Rendell gives us a dark drama filled with enough tragedy for a Shakespeare play There are the pathetic, panicky bank robbers and poor Groombridge and his dismal homelife The two bright spots are Joyce s strong character in the face of her imprisonment and the brief moments when Groombridge is allowed to live out his dream This isn t really a mystery there s no secret about who did what, but there is suspense in waiting to bind out if the robbers will be caught and what will happen to Joyce and Alan Groombridge Rendell provides deft characterizations and superb, if rather bleak atmosphere and a half.First posted on my blog My Reader s Block Please request permission before reposting Thanks.

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    I have an obsession with Rendell s crime novels They are just so good Different from any other type of crime writing I ve read Minette Walters comes very close, but in a different way I think it is the creepiness factor than anything else Watching people slip into madness is just so disconcerting.

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    An assured, satisfying, standalone thriller from crime supremo Rendell about a dull bank manager who fantasises about a different life and sees an opportunity to achieve it when his branch is robbed It s the characters that make this, defiant bank teller Joyce, somewhat hapless robbers Marty and Nigel, and bank manager Alan All 4 are believable and engaging, none of them perfect but all with enough that is sympathetic about them to make the reader really care what happens The book was published in 1979 and the depressing backdrop of 70s Britain, filled with shallow dinner parties, casual racism and the shadow of the IRA is perfect for this bleak tale of crime, punishment and redemption It s an elegantly told, suspenseful tale, with no bloat at all in its 200 odd pages I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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    This was very Ruth Rendell tangled webs Descents into insanity Twists of fate And a sense of impending doom you can feel from the very beginning Like many non Wexford Rendells, the mystery here isn t whodunit, but rather who will survive in the aftermath it s like knowing several cars are about to collide and wondering if there will be any survivors.I almost filed this under historical fiction because one character is sure he could live fairly comfortably on three thousand British pounds for an entire year and I m still not over it.

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    Not exactly a mystery, since the reader always knows what s going on, but endless questions about how the characters are going to resolve the dilemmas they put themselves into I ve never yet met a Ruth Rendell book I didn t like they re all marvelous And the audiobook reader on this one was really good.

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    Reading this, was for me, a rediscovery of Ruth Rendell She is a master of suspense and plot Her characters are a set of tragic and misguided people whose actions are controlled by their human failings She weaves together two strands to create the most perfect ending I will keep an eye out for by Ms Rendell as we all have much to learn from her

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    I enjoyed this standalone from Ruth Rendall As usual, she does a great job of filling out the characters From the sad bank manager to the totally inept robbers, their stories intertwine and end in disaster for both.

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Make Death Love Me download Make Death Love Me, read online Make Death Love Me, kindle ebook Make Death Love Me, Make Death Love Me 5f2d168ecb83 The Manager Of A Tiny Branch Of The Anglican Victoria Bank, Alan Groombridge, Is Doomed To A Life Of Domestic Boredom And Tedious Routine, Husband To A Woman He Doesn T Like, The Father Of Two Children He Never Wanted But Alan Has A Fantasy To Rob The Bank Of Enough Money For One Year Of Freedom