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    This is an odd book to classify I found it to be a chilling insight into the sociopathic mind, and a startlingly haunting portrait of an individual I also found it did not adhere to the expected layout of a crime novel, which both perturbed and intrigued me As an in depth character study, it is profound and exceptional As a crime story it is unnervingly slow paced and anticlimatic.

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    Late last year we were offered the library of an avid, widely read deceased uncle of a friend He had a habit of writing angry comments at the front of the books he disliked I can do no better on this occasion than quote him Another bad one I m really surprised that this is a seventies Rendell, I thought her work from that period would read better Have I overrated her in the past I do wish I could have kept the entire library of this stranger to me Going through his books, picking one and discarding another as it was, we kept maybe a couple of hundred of them his scathing commentaries almost urged me to read the books, I could see some companionship in agreeing with him Can you get anything like that from a kindle With the book comes so much than the book Books, paper and glue books, that have been touched in ways that are passed on to the next reader, value added, if you like Long may even the bad ones live.

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    Ruth Rendell s ability to create characters with true to life emotional depth is unparalleled I have read a few dozen of her novels and this is one of the best.She often writes of those mentally ill people who live on the fringes of society and get away with it for years until some error in judgment sets them down a path of no return This gripping novel is an outstanding example of her work in that genre A common theme in her work is the stunted psychological development of those who are raised by folks who are not their parents A Demon in My View fits this pattern, too.I have been a serious reader for most of my life and I have rarely if ever encountered a novelist with such wide ranging imagination.

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    A portrait of a psychopath as a middle aged man Short and yet this one packs a punch, albeit in a quaintly mild mannered British fashion It is traditionally accepted that real estate is all about location, location, location and yet any seasonal urban dweller will tell you it s about the neighbors This particular boarding house is no exception and when two neighbors one new and one a resident of 20 years share the same building and the same last name, it s bound to get ugly Especially when one of them is a classic by the book psychopath and the other studies them Neat concept and just as neat of an execution, plots wrapping themselves up every so cleverly and yet I d say the real strength here is in the writing itself, the first chapter alone is terrific The subtle creepiness of the basement, the descriptions of London, particularly night London, the psychopath himself, self described as a perfectly normal man with a slight quirk he manages to control, until his life of perfect order gets thrown into disorder and he can t that isall very nicely done Good quick read for fans of suspense and psychological fiction.

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    Ruth Rendell manages to present psychopathic behaviour as if it were the most normal thing in the world Maybe it is Here we have dual protagonists who by coincidence share the same surname they become co residents of a seedy London boarding house There unfolds a battle of good versus evil though neither are wholly one thing nor the other.It is not a complex plot but she develops the characters and what has defined them and brought them together And there is a well described supporting cast.There are two main threads, running parallel and yet intertwined Will the serial killer be caught Will the good guy get his girl before the bad guy does The ever present hint of danger meant I enjoyed picking it up each night.If there was a disappointment it was in the sudden, precipitous ending which employs a rather corny if clever device I can t say much than that Definitely worth inclusion on the to read list for RR fans.

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    I recently read a book about a super agent who needed to save the world from a threat so terrible civilization would collapse While reading this book I felt many emotions, chiefly annoyance, self blame and mild curiosity on how such stupidity could continue I never felt an iota of dread in any of the 700 plus pages A Demon in My View conjures up dread in that most drab of settings, a late 1960s london boarding house, from the very first page The villain starts as a creepy caricature to be sure but is so deftly brought to life in an understated way that not only do you recognize him in your everyday interactions, he scares the pants off you A superbly chilling read with a relentless ratcheting up of suspense throughout.

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    Was a grim appearing psychological mystery told in languid terms Listened to the audio book which enhanced my morning walks Loved listening to the varying cadences voice.Gist Arthur Johnson is a stodgy old anal retentive who has had a dismal childhood living with his rigid spinster aunt.Anthony Johnson is a handsome young student of psychology writing his thesis on psychopaths and is in love with Helen, a married lady, who he urges to elope with him, but she is dithering Both come to occupy the same apartment complex and things escalate to violence and murder Shall recommend it to fans of DPT dark psychological thrillers

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    I m re reading A DEMON IN MY VIEW, one of the most highly regarded novel from Ruth Rendell s early period in this case, 1976 it was her 14th novel and 6th stand alone as we know, she doesn t have much good to say about the stand alones that preceded it, but she hit her stride with DEMON and has never regressed she received her first CWA Gold Dagger for it Even at this stage RR was quite adept at something she will do in all subsequent phases of her career, up to and including her latest book, TIGERLILY S ORCHIDS setting a group of disparate, even eccentric people one of whom is just a bit eccentric than the others together In a location in this case, a large house converted into smaller flats and allowing them to inter act, usually with dangerous consequences In Arthur Johnson we have the prototype for future obsessive RR characters such as Dolly in THE KILLING DOLL, Teddy Brex in A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES, Minty in ADAM AND EVE AND PINCH ME, Jeremy Quick in THE ROTTWEILER, and Mix Cellini in THIRTEEN STEPS DOWN.Rendell is unafraid to give away important information early on in a book she famously reveals the denouement of A JUDGMENT IN STONE in the books opening lines , doing it in such a way that the reader can t help but continue reading So we know the worst about Arthur Johnson, what he has done in the past and how that mannequin in the cellar serves to keep it from happening again, until it s inadvertently turned into the guy for a Guy Fawkes bonfirethen the past and the present will collide for Arthur Johnson, with fatal results.

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    One of my favourite Ruth Rendell novels This is one of her standalone novels, as opposed to the Inspector Wexford Series I have read than a dozen of her standalone novels since early 2013 I enjoyed them all so much that it is hard to pick a favourite The standalone novels seem to have depth than the Wexford detective stories they are deeper character studies, but their real beauty is the great sense of humour, very much like Monty Python For example, the main protagonist in A Demon in My View is a reclusive middle aged man living in a London boarding house or block of flats He has a compelling urge to strangle women but he has developed a unique way of controlling his demons All the characters living in this house are interesting and funny, but especially the strangler I find Rendell s perceptiveness and psychological depth, along with her great humour an irresistable combination.

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    This, without doubt is my favourite Rendell novel She rightly won the Gold Dagger Award in 1976 for this wonderful story view spoiler It tells the life of Arthur Johnson, a psychopath who lives in a house of flats with other renters Every so often, he has to strangle a mannequin hidden in the basement to feed his desire Complications arise when a new person with a slightly similar name to the psychopath rents one of the flat rooms and the mannequin vanishes hide spoiler

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A Demon in My View download A Demon in My View, read online A Demon in My View, kindle ebook A Demon in My View, A Demon in My View dfee625d7095 She Waits For Him In The Dark, Her Mind And Body Perfect, Passive, Until One Day, When He Goes To The Cellar, And She Is GoneIn A Demon In My View, Ruth Rendell Creates A Character As Frightening As He Is Fascinating Mild Mannered Arthur Johnson Has Never Known How To Talk To Women And His Loneliness Has Perverted His Desire For Love And Respect Into A Carefully Controlled Penchant For Violence One Floor Below Him, A Scholar Finishing His Thesis On Psychopathic Personalities Is About To Stumble Quite Literally Upon One Of Arthur S Many Secrets Haunting And Intelligent, A Demon In My View Shows The Startling Results Of This Chilling Alchemy Of Two Very Disparate Minds One Pathological And The Other Obsessed With Pathology