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Prom & Prejudice summary Prom & Prejudice, series Prom & Prejudice, book Prom & Prejudice, pdf Prom & Prejudice, Prom & Prejudice c947f85349 It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Single Girl Of High Standing At Longbourn Academy Must Be In Want Of A Prom DateAfter Winter Break, The Girls At The Very Prestigious Longbourn Academy Become Obsessed With The Prom Lizzie Bennet, Who Attends Longbourn On A Scholarship, Isn T Interested In Designer Dresses And Expensive Shoes, But Her Best Friend, Jane, Might Be Especially Now That Charles Bingley Is Back From A Semester In LondonLizzie Is Happy About Her Friend S Burgeoning Romance But Less Than Impressed By Charles S Friend, Will Darcy, Who S Snobby And Pretentious Darcy Doesn T Seem To Like Lizzie Either, But She Assumes It S Because Her Family Doesn T Have Money Clearly, Will Darcy Is A Pompous Jerk So Why Does Lizzie Find Herself Drawn To Him Anyway

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    So I m going to write my own version of a Jane Austen book It s going to be called JANE AUSTEN ZOMBIE TERMINATOR It s going to be about how Jane Austen rises from her grave and hunts down all the people who write terrible, terrible sequels and retellings of her book She s then going to go all Carrie on them and kick their ass The End Karen wrote something in her review of Ash that I think would be very applicable to Prom and Prejudice as well She says, Fairy tales are generally symbolic stories which mask universal human desires too emotional or frightening to deal with head on I also said something similar, but in a different context, in my review of The Grand Sophie Jane Austen s purpose in writing her novels was not merely to tell a story In fact, the story was merely a vehicle to examine critically the s and customs of the society of her times In an era where women academicians and philosophers were all but unknown, Austen used the only avenue open to her to espouse her brand of social commentary the novel So you see, when you are retelling a Jane Austen novel, or any piece of literature, it is not enough to simply use the name of the characters The essence of the literature is in its legacy, and that can only be found in the subtleties and sub contexts of the novel Obviously, I m not saying that every retelling of a classic must impart the same message as the original in fact, what s the fun in that The idea is to use that old bastion as a foundation to build a new structure, one that interfaces intelligently with the world you live in So if you want to tell a modern day story about consumerism obsessed teens, the economic divide and the superficiality of rich brats, Pride and Prejudice would be the perfect vehicle Like Clueless, that ridiculously adorable retelling of Emma, so fluffy on the surface, but filled with subliminal messages.Unfortunately, the author of Prom and Prejudice seems to have absorbed nothing from Pride and Prejudice except the surface story it imparts SO you have Elizabeth Bennett, a scholarship student in a rich girl school obsessed with prom The only people who are nice to her in the whole entire school are her roommate Jane Netherfield and the only other scholarship girl, Charlotte Lucas Jane has a crush on Charles Bingley, a student at the neighbouring boy s prep school, Pemberly Academy, who has recently returned from a semester in England with his best friend Darcy Of course Darcy is mean about Lizzie, she overhears him, hates him, falls for Wickham, etc etc, you know the drill No, really, you do Because this retelling does not deviate from the original one little bit Except for changing the setting from England to Connecticut, making the characters teenage rich brats and making the few minor changes required to situate the novel on the 21st century, Prom and Prejudice does not attempt to change in any manner the story of Pride and Prejudice Now here s the deal You can t claim to retell a story and then literally retell it I mean, what s the point I already know, and love, the original story What is YOUR contribution to the retelling, Ms Eulberg Am I supposed to be satisfied that Elizabeth works in a coffee shop now instead of being an idle gentlewoman Or that instead of being forced to marry Lydia, Wickham is subject to a restraining order Those are cosmetic changes it s like stealing someone else s doll and putting your clothes on it and claiming that it s YOUR doll I discovered that Elizabeth Eulberg has written a fairly successful YA novel before Prom and Prejudice, so I can t help wondering, why is this attempt so amateurish None of the characters in this novel have any real character They are just puppets mouthing the words of the original cast of Pride and Prejudice The language also sounds stiff and old fashioned, as though the author is caught in a time warp between the 1813 and 2011, never fully in either era For example, Lizzie is at a student party hosted by Charles Bingley, and Will Darcy walks up to her and asks her to dance Now I ve been to my share of parties when I was a teenager, and most of the time my invitations were along the lines of Wanna dance or, if the guy was a little polite, Would you like to dance You know what I ve never heard come out from a teenage boy s mouth Would you care to join me for a dance Seriously, like he s fifty or something And later, when Colin s asking Lizzie to the prom There are certain rites of passage that I think are a very important part of becoming an adult He looked at me expectedly I was so tired, all I could do was nod Prom is one of those rites My stomach dropped It is a momentous occasion, especially for a Longbourn girl like yourself, and I believe that we d make a great match to attend Obviously, we have the dancing part down He let out a small laugh And I know with your circumstances you may have some difficulty with the dress, but I would be than willing to pay for your accoutrements if that would make you comfortable I ask you, have you EVER met a teenage boy after 1950 who spoke like that Also, did you see She mixed up expectantly and expectedly shakes head sorrowfully at the editor That is only one of very many, many painful grammatical and typographical errors in the book This book deserves place of honour in my jeez they ll publish anything shelf I could whine a lot about the incredible hideousness of this massacre of my favourite Regency novel, but I ll spare you To sum it up, Prom and Prejudice suffers from a severe lack of creativity, terrible characterizations, pedestrian writing, truly bad editing and nauseating superficiality My recommendation Avoid it like the plague.

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    Absolutely adorable Any one that knows me knows that my all time favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, so when I saw that Prom and Prejudice offered to retell that story through teenagers, I plucked that book from the bookshelf quicker than Caroline Bingley could snatch a couture dress from the designer s hand.Lizzie Bennet is one of two scholarship kids going to an all girl school, and unfortunately on the wrong end of permanent hazing by her less than thrilled rich classmates So it s not surprising that she has no interest in any of the guys attending the nearby school for prestigious young men particularly the snobby Will Darcy However, she does enjoy the company of his friend Charles Bingley and loves that her friendly roommate Jane has drawn his attention At least Jane will be able to attend Prom with a decent guy Or so Lizzie thought It doesn t take long for Charles sister Caroline to ruin Jane s hopes for a prom date While trying to help mend Jane s broken heart, Lizzie also has to fight the unwanted attention from Colin and the sudden stalking Will seems to be doing at the coffee shop she works at Luckily her best friend, and fellow scholarship holder, Charlotte can steal young Colin s eyes, but that still leaves Jane to deal with one William Darcy, who she learns after several silent walks home together, doesn t seem to be too bad after all.Prom and Prejudice was adorable Sure, completely predictable, but no one really cares when you re reading a retelling of one of the best love stories ever I flew through this in less than a day cause it was so light and easy to read If you d like a quick read that ll leave you smiling, Prom and Prejudice is for you

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    Agh SO CUTE.I love PP retellings Just love them And this one did not disappoint me It was cute, funny, relatable with great girl friendship and romance which will make your heart melt It s definitely a light and adorable read to cure your book hangover with If you re interested in a bit darker PP retelling I whole heartedly recommend First Then I gave it 5 stars,yaay But this one is really great and I loved reading about Longbourn Academy and Lizzie s adventures.PS If you guys have any PP Persuasion retellings to recommend me,do it

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    This book is amazingly thought out As a fan of Pride and Prejudice who has watched and read many of its adaptations, I loved this one and I would absolutely recommend it to other fans I loved how the plot is changed to work in today s world The whole prom issue is very similar to marriage in the era PP was written, so everything else seemed to work perfectly I could see so many similarities in the story that I was basically marvelling the whole time and it was awesome The characters are pitch perfect and although their concerns and relations can be different in this adaptation than in the original book, their impact on the story is the same and I couldn t imagine a better adaptation.The only reason why I couldn t enjoy this book as much as I wanted to was that, after watching and reading The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I felt like reading this was a betrayal and I couldn t help but compare the two of them Otherwise, I m sure I would only have thought good things about it I think every PP lover who also likes YA has to read this book It s great

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    This is pretty much a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, it has nearly the exact same plot The names are the same for the main characters and they have the same personalities There are notable differences though It is set in modern day, in an elite bordering school, they are younger, and Lizzie doesn t have sisters Jane is her friend instead of her sister The biggest problem I had with this was that some things where hard for me to swallow I mean why would you throw milk at someone you don t even know because they are poorer than you I honestly don t think that would happen First, I think people usually don t hate you on sight Second, if they do girls are not so obvious about it Girls are secret about it, they use words as their weapons usually Lizzie is middle class, which follows better with PP but she acts like she is poor or working class Working class kids don t get piano lessons since the age of four Granted, she mentions how hard her parents had to work The other thing I sometimes couldn t buy was the dialogue For the most part it was fine but every once in a while words like agreeable qualities and foolish are used People I know use words like nice and stupid I kept thinking people don t talk like that. Now I know that it was to play into the Austen kind of feel but it just didn t fit for me.Now for the good stuff, Lizzie is strong and talented though the bullying does dispirit her I like it that Lizzie and Will Darcy are into music, it actually plays a significant part later on in the book Lizzie s friend Jane is a nice person and so is Bingley and they are not seen as stupid though they don t notice everything that is going on It s just that they are distracted The friendship that Jane and Lizzie had was pretty good Also, I always looked forward to seeing Darcy While reading certain scenes with Lizzie and Darcy and even Wick I had to smile It was fun to see the characters in Austen s novel in this different setting Eulberg really kept all the things I liked about Pride and Prejudice and added her own stuff, such as Lizzi s piano playing The ending was good and sweet which is what I was hoping for Though I prefer other Austen adaptations I had fun reading Prom and Prejudice For a teenage version of Pride and Prejudice it wasn t half bad.

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    This was a cute, fun retelling of Jane Austen s classic.Would be a great introduction for a younger reader to the world of Miss Austen as it obviously has a very modern and youthful edge.Or, ya know, just a fun, quick read for a huge Austen fan like myself.

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    There is something about the way Elizabeth Eulberg writes that speaks directly to me I loved The Lonely Hearts Club and I absolutely LOVE Prom and Prejudice First of all, it is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorites Second, Lizzie, is a concert pianist who plays Rachmaninoff Perhaps some of you don t know who Rachmaninoff was watch the movie Shine, you will understand what the Rach 3 is after that To me is is one of the best piano composers ever His works are extremely difficult to play I loved getting into Lizzie s mind as she tackles a difficult piece Of course, there is the element of love The love hate relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy is so cute

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    Everyone knows something about Pride and Prejudice , even if it s only fragments of a plot or character they ve gleamed from a TV show or internet review or Googling pictures of a dripping wet Colin Firth The iconic story of social standings, misunderstandings and the oft imitated Lizzie and Mr Darcy has had an indelible impact on literature at large, particularly YA and romance two genres which are heavily entwined The chances are that you have seen or read at least one version of the story, be it through the diary of Bridget Jones or the undead twists of Seth Graheme Smith Elizabeth Eulberg, former publicist to one Stephenie Meyer, brings her own twist to the table, through the scope of a privileged boarding school, where connections are key and the end of year prom is the highlight of the social calendar So far, so typical for the tale However, where Eulberg s book fails in the same way countless Austen re imaginings before it have failed.High schools, on the surface, seem like an ideal setting for a modern day Austen re telling Many of the social s and expectations present in the original tale translate surprisingly well to the heightened teenage stakes so commonly found in teen comedies and dramas Clueless stands as arguably the most effective adaptation of Emma because it understands how to remain honest to the source material while still leaving enough wriggle room to allow for necessary deviations Prom and Prejudice does none of that It takes the shallowest reading of the source material imaginable and joins the dots to form a coherent and recognisable adaptation of the story, but with none of the wit, charm or social commentary of the original Eulberg is so desperate to be as honest to the plotting of the original work that she ends up regurgitating each plot point and leaves behind something that s not particularly enjoyable although it s a very quick, mindless read and incredibly dull While a re telling of something as iconic as Pride and Prejudice requires some faithfulness to the material, with a basic understanding of what Austen was trying to discuss, simply recounting it with a few minor contemporary changes is utterly pointless There s no spark to this tale at all Lizzie is a scholarship student at a prestigious school, where she is bullied mercilessly for not being as privileged as her classmates, while Darcy is the wealthy boy from the nearby boys school who she takes an immediate dislike to The stakes just aren t there for this story prom invites aren t exactly marriage proposals, and the author totally failed to make me feel the importance of the social workings of this world Just being told that prom is important is not enough It didn t help that all the snooty rich bullies Lizzie went to school with were as fully developed as the villains from the Tintin comics None of the teenagers in this story talk like teenagers They talk like lazy Austen rip offs read by twenty something adults The dialogue feels so completely at odds with how the rest of the book is written The style jumps from colloquial teenagers to 19th century formality as found in the summaries of Spark Notes Given that the novel is set in America, yet everyone talks like Regency England, I can t help but think Eulberg was forced to rush this book out by an impatient editor Overall, Prom and Prejudice is a fluffy and quick read that I finished in about 3 hours, including tea breaks, but as an Austen adaptation, it is decidedly underwhelming, the shallowest take on the source material imaginable There are glimmers of potential within the story tackling the saturation of consumerism amongst the teenage generation, the American class system but they re ignored in favour of showing how this book is so totally like Austen but with a modern twist, and in the end it feels patronising and irritating If you want an Austen re telling that actually manages to balance fluff and satire in a modern setting, take Clueless every single time.

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    This book is a very confused Jane Austen adaptation, so confused that I d question whether the author actually understood the book If you re going to do an adaptation where you name all the characters with the same name from the book and plagiarize whole passages speeches by just translating them into simpler English, then at least don t mangle the main characters or the whole point of it For instance Lizzie a depressive shrew who hates all the rich kids around her except for her friend Jane.Darcy an amazingly handsome, rich, generous, nice, and thoughtful guy Everyone likes him The whole point with Austen s Lizzie was that she didn t HATE everyone, not even all rich people, just Darcy He was her one blind spot, and Lizzie s problem with Darcy had a great deal to do with him injuring her pride with a stray comment about her looks and his general attitude toward those who had substantially less than he did That led to her prejudice towards him And everyone else thought he was a putz, too This also makes the reader prejudiced too right from the start toward Lizzie and against Darcy.Also, Lizzie was a lively girl Fun to be around, intelligent, caring, people liked being in her company And that s why Darcy was into her after he got over her being poor , even though he kept mucking it up all the time due to his own pride about her background and what it would say about him if they were together and finally started letting go off all of his prejudices about it.Frankly, they both grow up a LOT in the course of the story The story is two sides of pride and how they lead to prejudice at least at its most simplified surface reading And it shows the reader how they fall victim to it too in the course of their changing view of Darcy.In this adaptation, the author pretty much removes Darcy s character arc completely Sothere s over half the story gone I mean, his tiny little arc is sort of therefor about two pages Then he turns into a Gary Stu character The entire burden then falls onto Lizzie, and it loses most of its power and it becomes really one dimensional It mostly becomes a story of trust Darcy having problems trusting a scholarship student because of what the last one did to his family but getting over it really quickly , and Lizzie, having to learn how to trust a rich student Pride, prejudice both become secondary parts of the story.That being said, I can get over turning Wickham into a freeloading, thieving, rapist errrnot exactly the same thing, butokay but turning Colin Mr Collins into a boy who is just long winded No, people didn t hate Mr Collins for being verbose, people hated the guy because he was an arrogant, self important, flatterer who was either being disingenuous or lecturing you every time he opened his mouth He s Wickham s foil in many regards Colin served absolutely no purpose in this adaptation after he s just made socially awkward.Ughno, just no.

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