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    The photographs are incredible The stories that he chooses to describe and deliver take you to the far corners of the earth.

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    Mr Arthus Bertrand is a world renown photographer who made it a goal to photograph the world from up high He uses a helicopter and has been in than 100 countries taking tens of thousands of pictures of people, places, animals, historical sites, etc Mr Burleigh has written the delightful text that accompanies the pictures The following are the list of the places discussed in the book New Caledonia near Australia A mangrove forest with heartBotswana southern Africa Elephants on the goVenezuela northern South America Scarlet ibis brighten the skyMali western Africa A garden in the desert Steering through the Niger River Moving crops on the Niger RiverNiger western Africa Camel caravan Village lifeAntarctica Penguins prepare for a plungeFrance A volcano blows its top This house is an islandCote d Ivoire Ivory Coast in western Africa Clouds of cotton Fishing on a ghostly lakeMorocco northwest Africa Fishermen repair their nets Village houses row on row Bright vats of dye Harvesting salt from marshes Erosion in the gorge Carpets for saleIndonesia Terraced rice fieldsUnited States Coast to coast A hot spring in Yellowstone Play ballEgypt northern edge of Africa An obelisk in the desert Drying dates in a palm grove A plant takes overArgentina southern tip of South America A whale s taleSpain Vineyard by a volcanoGreece A farmer in CreteSenegal west coast of Africa Selling fish in a open air marketBrazil east South America Floating wood down the England The white horseKenya east Africa A lone shady spotMauritania northwest corner of Africa Pink flamingosThe book is oversized and the beautiful color pictures for each little story cover two pages Located on the right side of the page is the text, each with at least three paragraphs describing the place mentioned The text also talks about problems faced by the area, and how we, as stewards of the earth, might have to make decisions about the resources that are available Wonderful, wonderful book

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    Earth From Above for Young Readers by Yann Arthus Bertrand is a nonfiction book intended for all ages This book is full of beautiful, interesting photos that anyone would enjoy looking at This book reveals the diversity of the world s cultures and climes Young readers will appreciate this book because of the depths it took to get such beautiful pictures I give this book 5 stars because of the pictures They are breath taking I would use this book to show my students different areas of the world and the unique qualities they posses.

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    We borrowed this book for Classical Conversations Cycle 1.We got the book to see diverse global locations and people, and wow, what an amazing book The photos are unique and really amazing The kids loved the book, and as a photographer myself I really enjoyed reading about how Arthus Bertrand made the shots The kids wanted to view specific photos again and again, and we went through the book at least a dozen times in the 2 weeks we borrowed the book Excellent book, highly recommended for kids We re going to look for his other works now as well.

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    Gorgeous photographs of this great planet with specific teachings related to various regions and the work they are known for From cotton in Africa, dye in Morocco, schoolyards in California, Elephants in Botswana and Penguins in Antarctica, see the world from a higher perspective as you ve never seen it before Absolutely breath taking.

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    Spectacular images along with informative, thought provoking text make this an ideal book for interesting kids in geography and the world s amazing diversity My only wish is that it had been a lot longer the 35 or so images is only a fraction of the full volume.

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    This book is full of beautiful, interesting photos that my kids and I enjoyed looking at It s one of those books that makes us learn something without even being aware of the learning going on The text was also interesting for children and adults.

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    Stunning photos I should read the grown up version

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La terre racontée aux enfants summary pdf La terre racontée aux enfants, summary chapter 2 La terre racontée aux enfants, sparknotes La terre racontée aux enfants, La terre racontée aux enfants 477a6f9 Children Can Experience These Breathtaking Photographs In A Charming Book That Reveals The Diversity Of The World S Cultures And Climes Young Readers Will Be Enthralled By Glowing Pictures Of Nomads And Camels, Tiny Villages In Morocco And Geysers In Yellow Stone, And Much Text By Robert Burleigh Reveals The Fascinating Story That Each Photograph Tells

  • Hardcover
  • 78 pages
  • La terre racontée aux enfants
  • Yann Arthus-Bertrand
  • English
  • 10 January 2018
  • 9780810934863

About the Author: Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus Bertrand was born in a renowned jewellers family founded by Claude Arthus Bertrand and Michel Ange Marion His sister Catherine is one of his closest collaborators He s been interested in nature and wildlife from an early age.From the age of 17 he became involved in the movie industry He gave up the movie industry in 1967 to run the Ch teau de Saint Augustin wildlife park in Ch teau