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Castle pdf Castle, ebook Castle, epub Castle, doc Castle, e-pub Castle, Castle afae3bf6b30 The Word Itself Conjures Up Mystery, Romance, Intrigue, And Grandeur What Could Be Perfect For An Author Illustrator Who Has Continually Stripped Away The Mystique Of Architectural Structures That Have Long Fascinated Modern Man With Typical Zest And Wry Sense Of Humor Punctuating His Drawings, David Macaulay Traces The Step By Step Planning And Construction Of Both Castle And Town

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    This is a long and wordy picture book David also wrote the book Cathedral and we read that book already This is similar in that we get to see how the castle was planned and constructed They were really so smart in how they made these structures It s neat to see how they were done The artwork and detailed drawings are amazing They are graphic.This is like a non fiction work and it s a lot of story, so mature or older readers will appreciate it My nephew figured out within pages this was like the book Cathedral and he bailed on it He said he wouldn t do this Ok then It took me and the niece 2 nights to finish this There is a scene where they show how they made toilets and the niece called in the nephew and he thought that picture was funny They laughed at that and then he went back to reading something with his dad Potty humor reigns in this household It works everytime My nephew s classic line to anything is when someone asks what happened during any story, my nephew will says they fart, without fail We don t get through one meal without the subject coming up I didn t like potty humor as a child, so I get to live it as an adult Hahaha Jokes on me.Anyway, the niece hung in there with this, but it was long for her It was interesting, but she still thought it was a little dull She gave this 2 stars She said it was neat, but too long I say know your kids for this one.

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    The glorious illustrations are what really does make David Macaulay s Castle an aesthetic and visual treat, as they are meticulously detailed, intensely informative, and really in all ways quite simply outstanding appearing almost like minute and specific architectural blueprints at times However, as much as I do appreciate and even absolutely adore the author and illustrator s pictorial offerings although part of me would definitely want and desire at least some coloured illustrations instead of only black and white renditions , his accompanying text is rather majorly if not even overly dense and so specifically descriptive and convoluted that I actually often feel my attention wandering and drifting and as such, my eyes skimming over entire parts And further, considering that Castle in many ways strives to educate and enlighten, its teaching and learning potential would be massively increased by the inclusion of a list of works consulted and cited a bibliography , as well as additional historical background material an annoying and yes, even sadly frustrating shortcoming for this type of a book, and indeed the main reason, why I am now changing my erstwhile three star ranking to but two stars.And finally, I also do have to wonder if David Macaulay s fictitious Welsh town and castle are based on the coastal town of Aberystwyth, but that is pure conjecture and speculation on my part having visited the former, and seen the ruins of its castle, the comparisons are ready and clearly present, and it would definitely tickle my fancy if Macaulay had indeed based his Aberwyvern on Aberystwyth, yet another reason why a detailed and expansive author s note with such presented information would be or would have been an appreciated and actually in my opinion also rather necessary addition.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestDavid Macaulay is a British writer and illustrator who specializes in architecture and history I remember I used to force my poor, beleaguered parents to sit through Pyramid 1988 with me, over and over and over Pyramid is excellent, by the way if you ever happen upon a copy of it, you must watch it He also did another child focused documentary called Castle, which I wasn t as interested in this girl favored Egyptians over European feudalism crusades, thank you very much.Now that I ve gotten into fantasy novels and bodice rippers, CASTLE suddenly feels much relevant Imagine my delight when I find out that my library has a copy of it in their e book library I checked it out immediately.CASTLE is an account of a fictional Welsh castle called Aberwyvern While the castle itself may be purely make believe, the descriptions of how it was built were not Macaulay goes into all the steps of building a castle, from the outer wall to the fortifications to the construction of the bathrooms He includes helpful illustrations, maps, and blueprints to illustrate complex and detailed concepts.I loved how informative this book is Even though it s a children s book, Macaulay uses many difficult terms, so I m not actually sure how child friendly this book is, or whether a child would actually have any interest in it beyond using it as a secondary resource for a history project For an adult who loves fantasy or historical romance, it s quite useful in providing a visual concept for how many of your favorite fictional settings might have looked If you do choose to purchase this book, though, don t go with the ebook I read this in EPUB and many of the images were cut off halfway, which spoiled the overall effect of the book Splurge and get the hard copy you ll be glad you did 3 to 3.5 stars

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    I ve always wanted to read this book and can t believe it s taken me so long It can be read in a single, very enjoyable sitting The artwork, text and research are first rate My family watched and thoroughly enjoyed Macaulay s exceptional PBS special called Building Big where he teaches the architectural feats needed to construct big projects such as bridges, tunnels, dams, domes and skyscrapers If you ve never seen it it s sensational So is the companion bookI digress.So there s no excuse for me not reading Castle I know how good Macaulay is Just time I guess When I lived in England, one of my favorite things to do was to go castle hunting in Wales The north coast of Wales has some particularly fine castles and the fictional castle in this book is a conglomeration of some of the best Conwy and Caernarfon were two of my favorites.Anyway, I wished I d had this book when I used to go castle hunting I could have used it It answered a lot of questions I had, like what were the names for all the various parts of castles I learned what garderobes were, a batter was used for, the difference between an inner and outer curtain, all about merlons, embrasures and finials the book takes you step by step through the construction of a castle with wonderful pen and ink drawings on every page There s even a real battle at the end to test the validity of the structure Cool First read June 10, 2008 October 14, 2014 Good to pick up again and reread

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    I work in a library Once, a patron came in asking for a book on the clarinet There was a grimace about his face while flipping through a 300 page introductory course on the instrument Wait a second, I said Returning with a much thinner book from the juvenile nonfiction section, I offered, Try this one on for size He smiled This is what I need Just something to start with One thing I ve found out is that juvenile nonfiction is often helpful to adults than adult nonfiction Since they re made for kids, the books get straight to the point, often explore the topic through a relatable narrative great for those of us who learn best by example and almost always include lots of photos or illustrations And when any of us, as grown up people now, try to learn something new, a childlike part of us resurfaces for air Well, I didn t care about the clarinet, but I did want to know about castles After reading the series A Song of Ice and Fire and eyeing other book runs of the same sort, I wanted to know how to envision such vital structures in my head What s a corbel How does a portcullis work, exactly Oh, and the murder holes definitely wanted to know about those Castle is a great starter for anyone else interested incastles Not just that, though we also learn a bit about how society worked in medieval times how and why a city would bud and flourish around a major castle Macaulay takes us from the initial marking of the land to the final product, with all the steps between From foundations, curtain walls, and towers, to the city wall, moats, and dungeon The illustrations are numerous and detailed We see the tools used to build and the builders themselves We see the weapons used to defend and the defenders themselves It s a fun book and very informative.Also recommended Castles Their Construction and History The Medieval Castle Stephen Biesty s Cross Sections Castle

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    I bought this book twenty years ago while in college because it was so well illustrated, and it did such a great job of answering questions I had about how castles were built and arranged I haven t looked at it since, but save dit because I knew someday my kids would love it as much as I did Last year my 2nd grade son checked out a perfectly good book on castles from his school He poured over the illustrations and read the captions, but he couldn t get answers to his questions Dad, what s a keep How did they get up so high to build the towers We pulled out Macaulay and he was enthralled The art work, the text, and the whole flow of the book are all just so well done Glad I kept this

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    As a history historical fiction lover of most things involving royalty I have read many books with castle or palace scenes These scenes tend to be taken for granted and are the norm However, if you are seeking to expand your knowledge of the ins and outs of a castle built from the ground up then look no further than David Macaulay s Castle.Let me be frank Castle is an illustrated children s book However, rather than viewing this as a bedtime storybook for the loved child in your life this is of an adult children s book almost like a coffee table book What do I mean by that The writing style is not simplified or dummied down to a degrading or child like tone Instead, the language is mature, beautiful, and yet easy to understand It will satisfy an adult and still entice and entertain a child Basically, it is the best method for incorporating lessons into a well illustrated book The flow and build up of Castle is better than some recent adult novels I have read Written in a narrative and yet informative way, Macaulay explains the steps behind building a castle Terms and descriptions are introduced with ease and even I as an adult learned exciting facts Exciting enough that I shared them with others after reading Although the concept seems simple, it magically holds depth and grabs attention in a way that the reader doesn t want the book to end Plus, Macaulay adds certain elements of wit and humor which accompany Castle quite well The illustrations in Castle , from an artistic stand point, are absolutely indulgent I shared the drawings with a professional illustrator and he was so impressed, that he has borrowed the book to study the drawings Although Macaulay s work is in a black and white style his architectural talent is easily seen in the details, shadows, and perspectives of the drawings They are simply fascinating and impressive especially since most children s books are written and illustrated by separate individuals versus one David Macaulay s Castle is a stand out book and worth a read whether you are a child or adult history lover, alike The reader s age will not limit the information learned and one will be enticed to explore Macaulay s other works There is a reason Castle is a Caldecott Honor winner it surely deserves it.

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    1978 Caldecott Honor Favorite Illustration the interior shot of the Great Hall I really enjoy all of Macaulay s illustrations and attention to detail.Like his previous Caldecott honor, Cathedral The Story of Its Construction, this tells the story of the massive construction feat of a fictional edifice I really enjoyed reading through this, and I even learned a few new things on the construct of a castle The ending, though, that stated the castle was little than a quarry 200 years later was a bit saddening, to me Although true, and once the conquest of new nations was complete and castles were no longer needed, I still wish that the engineering and hard work would have lasted longer throughout time a lot like many of the medieval cathedrals that are still in use today.This book is of a historical narrative than a story, however, and a bit too wordy for younger children It would be great for use with older children and those learning of the history of Europe, to help them understand just how and why these mammoth buildings were constructed.

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    I absolutely adore this series Pyramid, Cathedral, Mill, etc I had the opportunity to meet the author at a benefit hosted at the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania around 1987 or so, he s amazing.This book, and the companion video, give incredible insight into the mammoth human effort, gargantuan investment, and astonishing technical knowledge that went into building the monuments we still tour in awe today McCauley balances technical information with accessible characters, creating pieces that allow people both young and old to understand the human story behind architectural masterpieces Many of his works are required reading or supplemental texts in elementary and secondary schools, if your school does not offer them, considering donating one or of them to your local library.

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    Castle is a Caldecott Honor book 1978 and is recommended for students in grades 2 and up This book explains the creation and construction of Lord Kevin s castle This is a progressionary tale and it explains the tools, materials, and workers used and needed to build the castle Through this book, readers will see and experience the amount of time and methodical work put into the construction of a castle Readers will get to see and experience the amount of hard work that goes into the building of a Castle, specifically during the time period of 1277 through 1305 It is definitely a unique and interesting book done in very beautiful and detailed pen and ink illustrations Children who love to know how things work will greatly enjoy and appreciate this book as the author s interest for process and engineering shines through The text and illustrations work well together, as they are both very detailed Readers will also gain some insight into the true meaning of cooperation when reading this book Overall, this is a very detailed and interesting book one that I am sure will be of interest to older elementary and middle school boys.

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