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Love Means... Freedom chapter 1 Love Means... Freedom, meaning Love Means... Freedom, genre Love Means... Freedom, book cover Love Means... Freedom, flies Love Means... Freedom, Love Means... Freedom ec974f1980c49 Spurned By His Father And Driven From His Home, Stone Hillyard Is Struggling To Find Shelter In The Michigan Winter When He Lucks Upon The Horse Farm Run By Geoff Laughton And His Partner Eli They Take Him In, Warm Him Up, And Give Him A Job Working With Their No Boundaries Therapy Riding Program A Drunk Driver Left Preston Harding Unable To Walk, And After Months Of Hard Work, His Therapist Recommends Geoff And Eli S Program But Preston S Anger And Arrogance Nearly Get Him Kicked Out Until Stone Intercedes On His Behalf, Despite Preston S Insults It S A Small Act Of Kindness That Helps Open Preston S Eyes Stone And Preston Will Support Each Other As They Face Their Families Disapproval And Fight Old Secrets They Ll Learn Sometimes The Hard Way Just How Love Can Mean Freedom For Them Both

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    Stone and Preston Stone has been thrown out by an abusive father for being gay He ends up being taken in by Geoff and Eli from book two He soon finds a place helping out with their therapy riding program at their farm where he meets Preston Preston is a spoiled, rich kid who s been injured in an accident and is holding it against everyone, but taking it out on Stone who he treats as beneath him Stone is pissed, but sees something in Preston nonetheless He stands up for the pompous jerk when he s about to get thrown out of the program jarring the man to start looking at his own life, choices, and behavior Of course, the two of them begin to see each other in a much intimate light Once again, their flaws are what make them each the true heroes in the story, and I love Grey for doing such a great job at breathing life into his characters.

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    Andrew did it once again I love this series it s like catching up with old family and friends I know I love a book when I wish I could go and visit everyone or even live there I really enjoyed getting to know Stone, I loved how he appreciated everything they did for him Also I thought him and Preston worked together they balanced each other I loved seeing Geoff and Eli again, they re the coolest of people Of course I cried again and laughed, This series always does that to me I would definitely read this one, but if you haven t read the other books in the series make sure you do that first Love MeansNo Shame Farm Series 1 Love MeansCourage Farm Series 2 Love MeansNo Boundaries Farm Series 3 That way you can meet all the great people in this series I just hated that this book had to end I really do hope Andrew is going to continue this series Just another great read

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    Another sweet, gentle listen from Mr Grey Same formula as the others but it is easy to listen to nice Geoff s Horse farm seems to be a bit of a Magnet for lost Gay souls.

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    Sometime life just does not give you a break, even when it feels like you have hit rock bottom you still just get kicked further down that is just how Stone Hillyard feels after being dumped at the side of the road in the dead of winter.His only thought after picking himself up is finding shelter and warmth from the bracing wind and the cold that is about to turn him into a popsicle Just when he decided to do a BE he spots a light in the distance and a flicker of hope surges through him, because where there is light, there is warmth and hopefully people.Lucky for him there is all of that and and thank the heavens above there was because Stone doesn t have anything left in the tank to go another step further When he comes across he knows where he is and how he got there but he is genuinely amazed and a little awed if truth be told that people like Geoff, Eli, Robbie and Adelle exist Without even telling his story he is accepted on faith and his ability to pull his own weight on the farm Knowing this is probably the best break he is going to get Stone pulls his socks up and aims to give his all to his job on the farm, even if it s just shovelling crap.The farm is than meets the eyes and within no time Stone gets a feel of what these men pour alot of their love and energies into the rehabilitation of kids and adult through horse therapy When he is asked to help with a prospective client Stone gets his first taste of unpleasantness while on the farm from trust fund baby Preston Harding.Preston is aiming to prove the doctors who told him he could never walk again wrong, on a recommendation from his current physiotherapist he is on a trial run at Geoff and Eli s farm to see if the type of therapy they offer can be beneficial to him Preston Harding has never wanted for anything in his life, in a lot of ways before his accident he has never had to stretch himself for anything and his attitude reflects his lord of the manner upbringing and he treats the help accordingly.Let s just say his attitude does not wash with Geoff nor Eli and after being told to adjust his attitude and do some serious grovelling he is allowed back onto the program and this turns out to be the best thing that could have ever happen to him because he meets Stone again the Stone that he over looked on his first time on the farm, the caring and generous Stone that he disrespected and Preston also meets another side of himself that he never knew existed.While I would like to say it was moonlight serenade from there it wasn t Stone has baggage and some dark scenes in his past and only with time, love and determination will he be able to resolve them Preston s problems are present and they are not afraid to play dirty and they aim to win.It takes all the boys and Stones guardian angel Adelle to cut through alot of the misunderstanding and unpleasantness to aide Stone and Preston to find the happiness that they so deserve LOVE MEAN FREEDOM is a book I have eagerly been awaiting and the main protags Stone and Preston are sweethearts Just watching them find their place and their pace was wonderful to see Stone is young and because of or despite his upbringing he genuinely has a good heart, he makes an effort not to be bitter about life challenges, he counts his blessing and works harder and I loved him for this While I had issues with Stones involvement in the therapy section of the farm and some of the other area s that Grey exposed him to on the farm I chalk most of it up to they do it differently in them there parts and went with it.Preston on the other hand was easier to see , he never knew how to do without in his life and even when I initially met him, he had it all but Grey really toss some issues at him and after some soul searching he became someone that I ended up liking alot and rooted for to get his man in the end.The two together are sweet, they were not a typical couple but placed in extraordinary circumstances with the odds against them from the start they had to learned some lesson the hard way However, with support like they had I was just along for the ride to see how they would eventually get back together.I saw old friends in LOVE MEAN FREEDOM and Robbie in particular took up a pretty decent amount of page time I was glad for this as I was concerned about how he would manage the challenges that life on the farm would present he is doing well and I am pleased Bottom Line From the first book in the LOVE MEAN..series of books I have been a delighted fan of Mr Grey s work With every book that he put out in the series he not only gives it his own spin but he give the characters their own set of angst and made an effort to grow what I already knew and love In this book I didn t get that.While it was an enjoyable book to read, it was too easy, there was an effortlessness to the scenes and the angst never really held true for me The one really dark moment of the book was told in hindsight and none of the characters were ever genuinely at risk or any jeopardy of losing each other despite the build up As a reader one of my pet peeve is character professionalism job attitude and logistical details, if those work in a book half the battle is done for me I had major niggles with those two aspects in this book Attention to detail is one of the positive points of the series so far but reader will find little glitches here and there that may or may not make a difference to their reading enjoyment of LOVE MEAN FREEDOM.On the whole while I still love the series and am really looking forward to Geoff dad s story if he ever gets one, LOVE MEAN FREEDOM is just a cute read for me that didn t really impact on the series at all For ultimate enjoyment of this book please read as apart of the LOVE MEANS series of books.

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    Audiobook So very, very bad.The writing is atrocious.The story is ridiculous.The racism that is the mammy character, Adele, is disgustingand unsurprising.

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    I love this series, and Love MeansFreedom was no exception Every time a new volume is released, I look forward to reading the story because the characters are always special in some way.Stone has been rejected so often, including by his father, that a lesser man would have given up the fight Not to mention hope He doesn t expect life to do him any favors, so when he runs into Geoff and Eli, he is stunned to find acceptance So much so that it takes him a very long time to be able to believe their friendship and support is real.Preston is in many ways Stones exact opposite He is older, he s used to everyone doing his bidding, and even though his father doesn t want to accept that he is gay, this doesn t mean he s been kicked out of the house The fact that he is now in a wheelchair and has to learn to walk all over again doesn t sit well with him and he takes it out on the people around him.As I was reading this book, I felt for both of them Wounded and having lost their way, the story of each healing the other and learning what true freedom means along the way was beautiful I love the message of hope that is present in all of Andrew Grey s books, and this one was no exception.

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    Great romance as the previous books from this series 0.5 Love Means Courage 1 Love Means No Shame 2 Love Means No Boundariesand book 2 is still my favorite from the series so farLove Means Freedom is good, but I got annoyed with so much crying soooooooo many, countless scenes and it annoyed me because I like main character s emotional scenes, but NOT when it keep going and going and always crying and tears and moistened eyes and bright eyes moistened with tears one tearand I was always thinking OMG Take a Prozac or do something else, like scratch a capibara but for Peter s sake stop crying but main characters from books never hear me and yep they keep crying Anyway I liked it crying a lot of not, the characters are interesting and I enjoy this book.

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    Overall book rating 4 sweet stars Audio book Narrator Sean Crisden 4 stars Book cover 2 StarsThis was once again just sweet and I loved it.

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    So over the top Andrew Grey writes stories that are full of romance and cloying sweetness He usually follows exactly the same formula and only changes the names of the characters His books are not bad and some of them are actually quite good Unfortunately, this one was simply blah

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    I LOVE YOU ANDREW GREY Ok, now that I have that out of the way, let the review begin.I adored this book I truly did Preston is awesome We meet him, and we re immediately confonted with his surly and bitter demeaner Could there be anyone woe is me LOL Just thinking about it makes me chuckle Ok So Preston s having a rough time He was in a car accident, so he s in a wheelchair but it IS temporary and his boyfriend DID cheat on him so yeah. he s allowed to be all bitchy and such But he takes it to the extreem.Enter Stone First off, how cool is that name Everytime I think of it, I feel giddy I really believe that our names shape a large part of our personality, and with a name like Stone, wouldn t you like to believe that a person with that name is strong enough to deal with what life may throw at him Well, Stone, from the farm, does indeed live up to his name.Growing up with an angry and bitter father couldn t have been easy Toss in getting beat on by said father when you come out And to make matters worse, being brutalized by someone you thought you could trust How do you move on from your innocence stolen from you I loved Stone because he was a true survivor And he wasn t bitter How is it that another person surviving through the same situations would just feel broken down and devestated, but Stone, just tries to make the best of things The way Stone and Preston come together is exactly why I believe that a partner should be someone who compliments your person, makes you feel needed, loved, cherished and respected If you re not getting what you deserve then, you re settling and than likely missing out on the relationship you should be in Preston needs Stone Stone needs Preston Together, they fit The love making was great too It s a fun and entertaining book Plus, we get to catch up on what s going on at the Farm Happy Reading

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