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    Read by Robin BaileyTotal Runtime 5 Hours 56 MinsDescription Anita Margolis, young, beautiful, carefree, has vanished into thin air She left her home to attend a party one wet evening, but has not been seen since She is reported missing soon after by her brother, whom she shared a flat with, the acclaimed but eccentric artist Rupert Margolis Inspector Burden quickly forms an impression of a wanton young girl simply gone off somewhere with a boyfriend having neglected to let anyone know After all, she was that sort of woman, in Burden s opinion However, Wexford has his doubts, and those doubts will soon be confirmed, and they will soon find themselves enmeshed in a case that will throw every assumption they make into doubt.3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 3 Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3

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    I can only give this three starsThe mystery is okay, the interplay of characters, the scattering of clues that an astute reader of mystery should be able to discern, butIt s the writing I love Ruth Rendell the stories, characters, settings, but the way she writes often totally confuses me An example is when Wexford, the chief inspector, is questioning someone He will talk she will talk it goes back and forth rather nicely, thenShe talks, but in the same paragraph you read, Wexford paced, or Wexford set down his mug It seems to me that Wexford is talking But he isn t Descriptions of him are interspersed in the same paragraph where SHE the suspect is talking, and talking, and goes on talking I don t get why it s written this way This happens throughout the book and I have to re read, go back, and once or twice I actually went through the dialogue thinking, okay this is Her, Him, Her, Him and him again No, it s herIt s a stylistic thing, perhaps, and yet being an American reader of mostly American written books, it tends to flummox me a bit There s also a tremendous amount of slang, or narration which an English speaking person might get, but an American has to stop and think about That s not really such a problem, and I ve also learned to keep a dictionary at hand when I read Rendell I usually learn a few new words every time I read one of her novels She s not so bad as PD James, but she does throw in a term now and then which makes me go WHAT As for the story itself, it revolves around a missing girl who is probably dead somewhere She left under mysterious circumstances and the police receive a note saying someone killed her There s the usual in which ordinary people don t like don t trust the police or only tell the police pieces of information and never the whole story This book was written in the 1960 s, so cultural references are mini skirts, bell bottoms, 60 s pop music and the like That part is okay I just read it as a period piece.But the way the dialogue is presentedblimey.

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    Today Ruth Rendell is well known as a writer of thrillers with a fair amount of psychological tension in them Wolf to the Slaughter is one of her earlier Inspector Wexford novels, and, while she s a competent writer and Wolf is worth reading, it lacks the edge that characterizes most of her later works Wolf is police procedural focusing on a suspected murder, but with no body, Wexford and Burden are forced to start with no hard evidence, relying on their intuitions A wealthy young woman fails to return home one night, and although her brother isn t worried, the police are What follows is a manhunt for a fellow using the name Smith, who rented a by the evening room from a local woman who is, in effect, running a flophouse It s interesting to watch the inspectors ferret out information, gleaning tiny nuggets of clues from various sources and trying to fit them into a coherent picture Characters are one of Rendell s strengths, and this book is populated with quirky and lively ones Much zigging and zagging finally leads to a truly surprising ending Exciting it s not, but it is fascinating.

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    I tried ten times to get into this, but it just wouldn t work Rendell wanted to give the investigating team some personality by adding weird personal ambitions, arrogance and romantic lust But just as I couldn t get interested in the murdered people and the suspects, the plot line of the policemen was even boring.To be honest, I couldn t finish the book, so this review isn t representative The only thing I can say is that I often read pages automatically, only to find out after after a few minutes that I had no idea what I had been reading It just didn t register This sometimes happens to me when I am drunk or preoccupied with personal problems In the case of Wolf to the slaughter, I was neither.

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    Got into the Wexford series backwards when I picked up one of the books from the New Books shelf at my local library several years ago and have finally started trying to read the lot now My initial experience of Rendell was with her psychological suspenses so I enjoy the Wexford procedurals for lack of a better term They aren t exactly cozies, not exactly procedurals, and still have that feeling of peeking into people s brains that gives the slightly eerie factor I enjoy from Rendell.The joy of this book is that the reader actually witnesses the precursor of death in the very beginning without any understanding The rest of the story is then sorting out the rather upfront accident from the convoluted facts of so many lives and actions Having seen the British cold case drama, Unforgotten, I am reminded of how many people can be involved in a murder through the little actions accidents of fate that we rarely think of and are certainly not aware of in the context of death Someone dies, and many other lives are disrupted and or ruined

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    It s a special novel that can survive the mistreatment I gave this book by dragging its two hundred pages out across a very busy week, so before anything else kudos I also got the series order wrong and read this directly after From Doon With Death, so the book s competence continues to outweigh mine Past a slightly self consciously vague opening chapter with a mysterious couple and a knife, Wolf to the Slaughter opens with straightforward Inspector Mike Burden meeting a head in the clouds artist who has wandered into the police station to see if they know where he would find a housekeeper because everything s been disorganized since his sister left, and that oh what fools these mortals be bit of seeming local color soon opens up into a complicated and knotty mystery Anita Margolis, a glamorous and lively party girl with a wad of cash on her, has gone missing, and her disappearance has caused disorder than just a messy house for her brother Sordid affairs keep being revealed and even initiated all over the place, and the novel becomes a lament of dissatisfaction as much as a mystery, a set of people looking at their lives and asking if that s all there really is.Wexford and Burden are for the most part happy, and therefore happily exempt, able to walk through the muck without getting bogged down in it, which makes this a clear and coolly delivered take on a lot of hot emotions Rendell writes a very controlled prose and I can see how someone might bounce off this, but I genuinely love how the Wexford books combine some of the puzzle box elements of Golden Age mysteries with the sophisticated characterization and depth and some of the darkness, too of recent literary crime novels.

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    One of the things that is so interesting about this series is that while it s called the Inspector Wexford series, the stories are not actually told from his point of view I don t believe I ve ever read another series with this feature.This one is told from the perspective of a young Detective Constable Drayton, who is a relative newcomer to the Kingsmarkham force The opening chapter shows us the murder scene, but it is opaque, if you will, and we aren t shown all the details A vague but genius artist reports his sister is missing, and it is assumed she is the victim From that point, we follow the police investigation simultaneously, we are shown DC Drayton as he falls in love with a local girl, whose father owns a stationery shop.

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    To Be Reviewed Read but have 7 pages of notes Did this come together in a staisfactory way I m struggling with P.D James and Ruth Rendell wolf took me 7 days to read, kept setting it aside, not a good sign.

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    This was a great read throughout, but the ending which I will not give away here notched this rating from a 4.5 to a 5 star.

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    I really think, in the earlier Wexford books, Ruth Rendell mayhave been gearing up Inspector Burden to be the pivotal figurein the Kingsmarkham series By making him an uptight policemanshe may have hoped, book by book, to humanize him but it didn twork that way and Wexford, who initially appeared as a grumpyeccentric, took over But in this book it is Burden who startsto put two and two together and drags Wexford out on a cold nightto the Olive and Dove to try to sell him his theory It is also Burden who has the sympathetic nature his treatment of the pathetic Ruby and his emotion at the shy, gentle woman tryingto sell some rings to an unmoved jeweller is at odds with Wexford scynicism She is to be the pivot to the whole story.It all starts off with the disappearance of Anita Margolis, beautiful, promiscuous sister of local artist Rupert a crypticnote accusing a Geoff Smith of killing a girl named Ann on theTuesday that Anita who was called Ann disappeared has Burden andWexford on the hunt to find her body An old cigarette lighterinscribed For Ann who lights my life leads to the killer but notwho they expect In an unusual subplot a young policeman, Mark Drayton, has beentaken under Wexford s wing He likes the fact that Drayton doesn thave the look of a typical copper long shaggy hair, a dufflecoat, I ask you an exasperated Burden says, but Drayton hasserious emotional issues and when he gets involved with the prettygirl who works in her father s paper shop his cold and austere temperament gives in to passion and she may lead him to were thereis no return.

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Wolf to the Slaughter summary pdf Wolf to the Slaughter, summary chapter 2 Wolf to the Slaughter, sparknotes Wolf to the Slaughter, Wolf to the Slaughter 367e6ca The Third Book To Feature The Classic Crime Solving Detective, Chief Inspector WexfordAnita Margolis Has Vanished Dark And Exquisite, Anita S Character Is As Mysterious As Her DisappearanceThere Was No Body, No Crime Nothing Concrete Than An Anonymous Letter And The Intriguing Name Of Smith According To Headquarters, It Wasn T To Be Considered A Murder Enquiry At AllWith The Letter Providing Them With Only One Questionable Lead To Follow, Wexford And His Sidekick Inspector Burden Are Compelled To Make Enquiries They Soon Discover Anita Is Wealthy, Flighty, And Thoroughly Immoral The Straight Laced Burden Has A Very Clear Idea Of What Happened To Her But Wexford Has His Own Suspicions

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