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    This book reminded me of a cheesy lifetime movie

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    This was a heartwarming story about a man Cody Gunner who has a brother with down syndrome God has a plan for each of our lives even when adversaties come our way I recommend this book to my goodread friends It is the second book in the series The first one being A thousand tomorrows.

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    After reading A Thousand Tomorrows, I was so very excited to learn that there was a sequel the book that captured my attention and heart so completely I had invested so much time, energy, and emotion into getting to know Cody Gunner and Ali Daniels not to mention falling in love with the love story that they shared so I could not wait to see the plans that God had for Cody s growth in his personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his future happiness Even though I was saddened by the fact that Cody finally took his wedding ring off and opened his heart to the possibilities of an upcoming romantic venture with Elle Dalton, I knew that he had to move passed his grief and find a way to live After all, loss especially the devastating loss of a beloved spouse is a part of the life that we MUST EXPERIENCE while we live here on earth Life here on earth CAN NOT and WILL NOT be perfect for any of us thus, we will experience seasons of trial and tribulation Andthe ache of the losses that we endure will always be with us, but God s strength, grace, and wisdom can help each person learn from and move passed that time of sorrow and find TRUE happiness In Cody s case, Karen Kingsbury hinted at a second chance at romantic love with another person, but God s plans are not the same for everyone Blessedly, though, His ways are PERFECT and COME IN HIS TIME He knows the plansand they ALWAYS come to pass.

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    While I enjoyed the story of Cody and CJ, I was deeply disappointed by this book s treatment of homosexuality from a so called Christian perspective What is written here is harmful and does not represent my understanding of Christianity as it relates to human sexuality This will be the last book I read from this author.

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    Did not like this book

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    Another Kingsbury book in my quest to go back and read all of her books As good as the rest of her work I enjoyed reading about Downs Syndrome.

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    Cody Gunner Series is great i loved everything about this book

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    Wonderful, emotional love story I love Carl Joseph and Daisy Their group stole the show I m so glad Cody found his happy ending Happy reading listening

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    This book is great If you have read the book A Thousand Tomorrows you will love this one It is the second book to the Cody Gunner series In this book he meets a women named Elle They both have gone through losses of marriage Cody is a widower His wife died from cystic fibrosis a few years back He still would wear his wedding ring around not wanting to let go of Ali Before Ali died she told him she wants him to get married again and be happy This book talks about his faith along with his little brothers faith as well It talks about the struggles his brother has with Down syndrome as well This book is full of emotions, understanding and suspense It also has a very happy ending.When I first started to read this book I didn t really want Cody to find someone new Just because I really like the book before A Thousand Tomorrows I was attached to the other character that he fell in love with Ali Then I started reading and once I got into it I realized Elle was just as sweet I really enjoyed this book because I like romance I also liked learning about the struggles families and people have with Down syndrome A lot of people don t understand what they go through so it was very interesting Karen Kingsbury is an amazing author She is a Christian writer too that s what I like about her She really gets your attention and keeps you hooked I honestly do the like the book A Thousand Tomorrows just a little bit because I like hearing about all that rodeo stuff and there s not much of it in Just Beyond The Clouds They both are good books, but before you read this one be sure to read a thousand tomorrows that way it will make a lot sense This writer has written lots books that I m sure are just as good, so be good to check them out.

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    This was interesting for me I have mainly only read Lori Wick in the category of Christian romantic fiction, so I was unused to Kingsbury s style That being said, I wasn t as drawn to the characters and some of the story The parts concerning Carl Joseph and Daisy I found fascinating I appreciate her portrayal of people with Down Syndrome she didn t make them caricatures or oversize children She showed that they are people as well with limitations The romance between Carl Joseph and Daisy, I feel, was the real romance of the novel Sweet, innocent love like that is rare to find and truly to be valued The relationship between Elle and Cody was understanably different I wasn t as invested and I enjoyed it but I wasn t avidly rooting for them I appreciated the situations they had gone through, even though attention appeared to be on Cody s past This apparently is because he is a recurring character from a novel centered around his past relationship Elle s fiance s secret was really interesting and not something I have come across before in this genre In the beginning, I really disliked Cody I thought him pigheaded and foolish when it came to Carl Joseph s capabilities I came to understand and like him better as the novel went on, however I was really excited to read this My excitement wasn t fully justified but I thought it decent Don t know if I would recommend it, if so, only because of Carl Joseph and Daisy I think everyone should read about them

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