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Confessions of a Closet Catholic pdf Confessions of a Closet Catholic, ebook Confessions of a Closet Catholic, epub Confessions of a Closet Catholic, doc Confessions of a Closet Catholic, e-pub Confessions of a Closet Catholic, Confessions of a Closet Catholic 8b00d0e3320 Justine Silver S Best Friend, Mary Catherine McAllister, Has Given Up Chocolate For Lent, But Justine Doesn T Think God Wants Her To Make That Kind Of Sacrifice So She S Decided To Give Up Being Jewish Instead Eleven Year Old Justine Pours Her Heart Out To Her Teddy Bear, Father Ted, In A Homemade Closet Confessional But When Justine S Beloved Bubbe Suffers A Stroke, Justine Worries That Her Religious Exploration Is Responsible Worse, She Must Suddenly Contemplate Life Without Bubbe Ultimately, It S Bubbe S Quiet Understanding Of Justine S Search For Identity That Helps Justine To Find Faith In The Most Important Place Of All Within Herself

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    Reading Confessions of a Closet Catholic was an easy read The book was simple and flowed easily The book was about a young Jewish girl named Justine who was confused in her beliefs Justine had a friend named Mary Catherine, who was Catholic and who gave up chocolate for Lent Justine decided she wanted to celebrate Lent too and gave up being Jewish During the story Justine is hiding that she has become Catholic from her family She goes to church, says her Hail Mary s in her closet, and even gives confessions to a teddy bear Throughout the story her family finds out and a huge tragedy happens shortly after Her grandmother passes away, she was the one person Justine felt that understood her She then had to make the decision of staying Jewish or being Catholic While reading the book I was actually quiet interested the whole time It was written to where it was really understandable and relatable but the ending ruined it for me Getting the last word in was one craft I don t believe Littman did well I was so interested in seeing what was going to happen next and how the book was going to end, that I was strongly disappointed The ending was very clich Even though I know this is a young adult book and it should end happily, everything that happened was very typical and not authentic It felt like the author just wanted to finish the book so in a matter of two pages, she fixed every problem that happened in the book to make it a happily ever after ending Her parents started getting along and were happy, her parents were understanding, a connection happened between her and this boy she had her eye on, her sister and her made up after they hated each other the whole book, it was too many things someone would expect I would suggest to the author maybe different types of endings The author could have left some things unanswered, could have ended with the beginning, could have had some things not be that happy or pleasant, or could have draw the ending out and slowed it down From this piece of writing I could teach my students many things I could have a mini lesson on how to draw someone in The opening sentence for this book is something I think most kids can relate too and would want to read I could read them the beginning paragraph and talk about opening sentences I could also have a mini lesson on her ending, and read them the last chapter We could talk about what she could have done different as a class Overall it was an enjoyable read, just could have had a stronger ending.

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    I d give this a 3.5 Things that I liked 1 Justine is so darn cute This is fairly unusual in preteen girl characters of a modern writer s creation She s a thinker, she s addicted to chocolate, and this is how she describes a broken heart I feel like someone placed forty copies of War and Peace on my heart And that s the hardcover version, not the paperback All her self consciousness and her twelve year old agonies reminded me of myself at that age 2 The way the author presented family relationships There are plenty of fights in here between siblings, spouses and parents and their kids, but the author resolves these tensions in a cute and realistic way At the end of the book things aren t picture perfect, but everyone in the family has grown to love one another 3 The family with a bunch of kids in the story was presented as being completely normal and a lot of fun I feel like the author herself must have fond memories of a big family 4 The book as a whole is light and fun read, but it still manages to be real It deals with the death of a loved one and the searching of the human soul for truth, but it also has plenty of puppy love and every day nonsense 4 The author embraces the traditions of various religious groups and churches as a good thing She clearly believes that being formed by these traditions and belonging to a community of likeminded believers is important This is refreshing given the modern trend of rejecting institutions I m thinking of all the God Good, Church Bad people here What I did NOT like was the author s attitude towards God She portrays both Judaism and Christianity Catholic Christianity in this case in a positive light but presents them both as merely two of many paths that one can take to God All paths lead to God for the one who seeks him with honesty pretty much sums up her message She promotes the idea that all religions are really just worshiping their own version of the same God and so no religion is better than any other one While of course I believe that God can use any path to lead someone to Him, I also find this universalistic view of God to be dangerous and contrary to Christian doctrine and so I would not give this book to a child or teen who doesn t have the maturity to discern what is good and what isn t.

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    Confessions of a Closet Catholic by Sarah Darer Littman is a wonderful book It can be found in the juvenile section of my local library and it s written for teens, but adults can also enjoy it This adult certainly is It deals with everyday issues that teens can relate to crushes, sibling rivalry, feelings of injustice, body image, and chocolate Also, 11 year old Justine is trying to figure out religion.Justine s family is Jewish, but she isn t overfond of the religion for various reasons, so she decides to become Catholic just like her best friend But, she hasn t told her family She s pretty sure that they won t take the news very well.So Justine becomes a closet Catholic Literally She has confession with Father Ted her teddy bear in her closet, and holds communion in her closet She s hidden away in her closet a cross that her Catholic friend lost at her house, a cheat sheet on how to say Hail Mary, and a rosary she bought.Then her grandmother has a stroke Justine can t help but feel that this is her fault, and that it is God s way of punishing her for questioning the faith she was raised in She feels responsible for the stroke but she doesn t confide in anyone, because she still doesn t want her family to know that she s Catholic The guilt builds as she watches her grandmother s recovery, and she continues to question what she believes.In spite of the serious nature of the book it manages to remain funny For example, the explanation in the first chapter of how she ruled out various other religions before deciding to become Catholic she decided she couldn t become Buddhist because when she tried to meditate she could only think about how much her butt hurt from sitting on the floor, and found herself figuring out how many zits she would get per chocolate bar.Littman has created a very believable character that you can t help but love as she struggles to find her own identity There are some real gems in the book actually the whole book is a gem, so these are just extra special gems such as the following passage that I would like to end this with Sometimes, I wonder if Jesus, Allah, and God are all the same person I imagine that J A G person sitting up there in heaven, shaking His head with tears in His eyes because He can t understand why His children are fighting and killing one another in His various names, not realizing that they re all praying to the same guy.

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    This is an absolutely endearing story about a modern preteen Jewish girl trying to find herself and figure out what she believes in this world This has taken its place with Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli as one of my favorite children s stories I would recommend this to anyone most especially to adults, open enough to read a chilren s novel, who experienced that period of questioning their faith and who they are and manage to reflect on the confusion in an endearing sort of way.

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    Confession of a closet catholic was very personal to me I grew up around many non Muslim peers when I went to school in Doraville, GA I was the only Muslim up until high school and I was the only Southeast Asian girl in my class until high school This book creates a scenario in my mind where the character speaks directly to the audience It led me feel as if she was talking directly to me I enjoyed laughing and crying with the character as each scenario of her life unfolds This book led me to think about my own life and how I could compare and contrast our lives The author did a great job at combining her thoughts to the scenarios in the character s life The author gave a description of the social life of a religious household where the child felt different from others The voice of the story was anxious and confused the idea that a child thinks this much about religion and creating a story out of it is overwhelmingly magnificent if one can relate to it The character was having internal struggle with external struggle with her mom She was able to find peace with her grandma, again, I can relate to this because I was able to find peace when my grandpa was alive This is a great story for any religious household that has struggles within them and outside of themselves with other members of the family.

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    The title of this book immediately hooked me As a former Catholic, I enjoy immensely reading HUMOROUS books about Catholicism and other religions which seem to fall into only 2 other categories Jews and Muslims So far, I haven t found any such books about protestants for example Please disabuse me of the notion if you know of any such HUMOROUS book I d love to read it In this book, Jewish teen Justine Silver wants to become a Catholic Her Catholic friend s family seems just so much loving than her own for example She decides to keep Lent by giving up, not chocolate, but being Jewish And thus it beginsThis is a fun and quick read but it also offers a lot of insights and good advice for teen and really anyone I also really enjoy learning about other cultures and religions and little quirks So fun

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    Be proud of where you come from If you aren t happy with who you are, then the grass will always look greener somewhere else But when you get there you won t be any happier, because you ve taken your insecurities with you pg 44 45

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    This was an adorable story about a Jewish girl who decides she is going to become Catholic for lent Being the the realms of interfaithness I know, not a word , I found it enjoyable.

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    I thought this book highlighted the many struggles of being young and trying to figure out the person that you are and making that fit with the person you want to be The author brings Justine Silver is someone that many kids can relate to She is unsure of just about every aspect of her life her looks, her religion, her family loyalties, her religion, boys, friends, etc The author started the book by using a lead to introduce the narrator She starts with the narrator talking about what s going on at her dinner table Immediately I know that the narrator is Jewish she spoke about it being Friday and her family was observing the Sabbath The next paragraph intrigues the reader because the narrator then says that she has given up eating chicken for Lent, but her mother does not know It makes me wonder why a Jewish person is practicing the Catholic tradition of Lent This entices me to read to find out why a Jewish girl has decided to participate in Lent, and how she is going to keep her family from discovering I believe the author s use of the narrator lead achieved it s purpose of pulling the reader in I think that everyone has grappled with their beliefs at one time or another The author was able to connect with a diverse population and this would make someone want to continue to read this book because it is something that they could relate to The first three paragraphs of this book is a great example of a lead that introduces the narrator and encourages the reader to read I would be able to read these paragraphs to a class and show how an author can indirectly tell things about the character to help you get a sense of who they are.

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    I feel like I understand some of what she s going through One part is the friend He didn t grow up in a very religious home and when he started learning about Judaism, he said it just made sense to him That s how I feel about Catholocism It s just right for me.When I was in college it took me a couple of years to start going to Mass on my own Until then it was always something that I had to get up early in the morning and dress nicely for In Junior High and High School I started to enjoy it because we d have Mass during the week as a part of the school day and I was really involved.In college it just didn t feel right to simply sit there, so I just got lazy and didn t go Then one day I finally got up the courge to ask the person in charge of the music group at that Mass if they could use a trumpet player From there I went to Mass every Sunday I was there because I was a part of it and I loved it Now I almost hate having to go out of town because I won t be at the Newman Center on Sunday.Click here for the rest of the review.

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