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    Not knowing how to rate this right away gave me time to think Was it bad No Was it ok Hmmm maybe Depends on your preference I prefer romance I once read erotica where the sex was an entertaining, enjoyable character Seeing it on page after page after page was excitingnot tiring.The story of Rock Jim and Rigger Alex is a sex only relationship almost start to finish I kept trying to get my mind to switch to that place and just enjoy the physical side of reading erotica but I couldn t, fully Perhaps it was my own mood There is no denying Sean Michael can write hot sex, if that is what your in the mood for No doubt his characters in Don t Ask Don t Tell were entertaining and as dimensional as need be for pages and pages of erotic sex But anything than the sex scenes fell flat and skipping the sex to try and see what story came next was not a complete letdown Eventually the relationship developed feelings, as any relationship will Even if it is just sex After that the subtle changes Alex s thought were worth reading through his scenes and seeing how it all ended Not a favorite Sean Michael novel, but certainly not the last.

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    Really disappointed with this book, the premise was nothing new but still contains all the elements for a great read This book is 80% sex scenes Note that the 80% is not used as a hyperbole in this context The worst part was that I felt that the sex scenes were copied and pasted Really they had the same dialogue and the same sex scenes where Alex gives Rock a BJ and continues with the BJ until Rock is hard again where Rock then tops Alex.There were so many missed opportunities The age difference, the infidelity considering the cherries even the fights were only talked about never shown All this was glossed over so we could to yet another copied sex scene And there was little to no character until suddenly it almost seems as if Rock was replaced by another character.There is not one positive remark that I can give, except that I finished it so it wasn t the worst book ever Will not read any of the sequels if the book is basically a porno without the visualization.The puns were unbearable Seriously there was 1926 different variations of the word fuck Thin about it, that word appears on average than 5 times on a page.Fuck wasn t the only word used over and over and over and over again Did I emphasize over enough Pizza, beer, sex, prick, cock, morning, marine, slut, come, kiss, grin, sexy, man and many Also prick and cock were always described using the adjective fat.There is also really no story I do not recommend this hopefully my review gave away my opinion .

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    I absolutely love smut But this book is pretty much all smut and is really very light on plot If you read the book summary, you ve read about half the plot text right there I got through this book and started the second one, but never finished it, which is very unlike me The main reason being is that the smut is rather repetitive I m than happy to read Porn Without Plot, but the porn in this book is always the same I at least need a little variety.I like most Sean Michael works, but I dont think I ll continue reading this series.

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    I should never doubt Sean Michael the author pulled it off again I m telling you, from about 1 3 of the way through I kept wondering if something was going to happen, something besides sex that is Like some catastrophic event or anything Well I think I don t need spoiler tags here to tell you that basically nothing ever did happen besides sex , but the development of the two characters was so gradual and perfectly done I was incredibly happy at the end I really got to know these two guys as the author subtly moves the pov around, and Rock was a pretty difficult one to read so BRAVO Sean Michael, my faith should never have wavered

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    I read a few free short stories from this series and really enjoyed the feel of the characters and their circumstances so I wanted to go back and read from the beginning I enjoyed this story for the most part and I definitely want to continue with the series.The plot was a slow moving type and might appear on the surface to be all about the sex because there was not much dialogue and action outside the sexual encounters , but to be honest it read almost like a sweet romance would read don t go getting my straitjacket, just hear me out It was the pacing of the relationship between Rock and Rig which built from meeting to working out differences to realizing what they had was something special I found it fascinating how the voice of the characters felt so genuine I think a middle aged Marine Sargent and a cowboy type medic would behave, think and dialogue in this very way The feelings were there and Rig recognized his first, but these guys weren t going to analyze and talk about what they felt I laughed when Rock, because he does have stunted growth in the feelings and understanding department, could not figure out for the life of him what half the arguments were even about Christmas light scene was a hoot.Now would I have preferred action Yes, but that is my preference and not the fault of the storytelling.The characters were very well written and they had to be because the story was all about the characters and relationship of Rock and Rig with a few small bit secondary parts I truly loved the relationship that Rig had with his family The scenes when the family visited and interacted with Rock were priceless.So I look forward to the next installment in the series.

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    Look, I was excited about reading this novel It had M M, romance, sex and USMCs Four elements I that I believe make a great read M Urban and A Roux s Cut Run series is the perfect example However, Sean Michael did nothing with them Seriously, how can a USMC not be sexy Marines personify sexy The book LACKED substance on all levels The writing was lacked luster It was like reading a bad porno, little to no plot and character build was minimum The point of view was muddled It attempted to read as a first person point of view but sometimes the transition into second and third person POV was sloppy The writer would subtly introduce opportunities that should have added substance, i.e the characters age difference Blue Rock Jim continued to call Rig Alex Rigger a kid only to have Rig state that he s not a young as he looks Okay Let s expound on this subject especially since introducing the cherries Also, family was a topic introduced Although, the readers were given a look see into Alex s family, we know very little about Jim s family Familial relationships often provide insight into a character person The relationship progression was awkward There wasn t a relationship, just sex Then, BAM They re living together and Rock is meeting Alex s family Seriously The writer s rush to get to the next sex scene was amateurish I m talking middle school imagination I noticed many reviews raving about the hot sex between Alex and Rock but it wasn t It was just repetitive in description and there was a lot of it But, HOT, it was NOT The one thing the author did well was to emphasize the importance of safer sex I ve giving it one star because I don t have any other options.

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    Found this author thru a list on Goodreads and got the first two novels in this series More like a PWP slash fanfic published in book format It s entertaining, has a little too much swearing in it for me because by the end I was skipping entire sentences to get to the story lots of sex, a little romance and a very, very tiny plot Two guys meet at a bar, they jump each others bones, on Valentine s Day no less One, a Marine, goes back to his base in North Carolina, the other a student nurse but with a few months to go before getting his degree Fast forward three months, Alex got a job as a medic at Fort Bragg and goes to find Rock aka the Marine and well, they jump each others bones every single chance they get which is every chapters on this book You take out the sex scenes, I think you are left with maybe 20 pages at the most If you are in the mood to read something like that, it s pretty good but for me it got old pretty fast I like my gay romance with at least a little plot.

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    Wow, this was truly bad I know that the author is not known for writing literary masterpieces but this was bad even for him Basically it s the description of an ongoing hookup page after page after page after page If it had been a short story it might have been okay but when it s a book, and a long one at that, it became pure torture I don t think there were than 3 consecutive sentences that did not include the word fuck in them The problem for me was that the author s description of the sex scene was the same time after time, all mechanics, high on sexual and low on sensual, and it simply became too boring to finish

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    Like the other Jarheads books, this is erotica, not romanceJARHEADS SERIES VOLUME 1 chronologically , BOOK 4 written fourth, as far as I can tell Warning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS I liked seeing the beginning of Rock and Rig s relationship I had read the third book, Three Day Passes, before I read this, so I had an image of the two men several years down the road already in my head What I found particularly enjoyable was seeing how they met and the way in which their relationship developed in the fragile first months they were together Lots and lots and lots and lots of sex, which is tender and sweet at times but always very masculine These guys are all about the end prize forget about all that mushy emotional stuff see cons below also The gradual evolution of their relationship is well done Rig s a goner right from the start, but Rock s slow realization that Rig is important to him than he d like to admit is nice.CONS This book has now taken over the title of most sex filled book I ve ever read that distinction previously belonged to Michael s vampire story Bite There s not a lot going on here except the drinking of beer and the having of sex An occasional conversation slips in here and there, but most of those occur at the beginning of sex or immediately afterwards, which makes the few quasi in depth conversations seem out of place I enjoy seeing the two men s interactions with other people, particularly Rig s parents, but those chapters contain so little sex as compared to the rest of the book that they stand out in an odd way The sex gets monotonous in a way that I didn t find in Three Day Passes The addition of another person to the relationship provides opportunities for variety in the sex scenes that just isn t present here There s only so much you can do with two guys who are into mostly vanilla sex, particularly when they have such clearly defined top bottom roles.Overall comments Don t read this if you re looking for anything other than a lot of sex between two hot, masculine guys The characterization isn t deep, and there s no plot to speak of I wouldn t call this novel a one gulp read it s just too repetitive But if you take little sips at a time, it s perfectly enjoyable.

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    Reviewed on Hearts On Fire This is the first book in a terrific series that follows first two then three men through their lives together I started the series with book four so this book told me how Rock and Rigger met in Texas and got together as a couple The series is strictly erotica with a thin but captivating story line Don t look for that a tremendous amount of sex and a little story to bind it all together and you will not be disappointed Alex Rigger Roberts is a slut studying to be a nurse in East Texas He is the happy nester type of guy that enjoys a good dance, a cold beer and a hot man He meets James Rock South, a marine, in a bar while Rock is on training maneuvers in San Antonio They shoot a little pool and head back to Rigger s apartment for some hot, sweaty sex and their relationship begins I love the way the two men fit together as a couple Rock is always trying to be the gruff marine while underneath he d do anything to make Rigger happy Rigger s parents are fun people who take to Rock immediately and are always there for the two men Characters drift in and out of the story but the center is all about the love shared by Rock and Rigger Mr Michael is at the top of his game with this wonderful erotic series.

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1) summary pdf Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1), summary chapter 2 Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1), sparknotes Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1), Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1) 8aac449 When They Meet At A Bar One Night, James Rock South And Alex Rigger Roberts Figure They Ve Found Themselves A Night Of Fun The Attraction Burns Bright For Both Of Them, And When They Head For Somewhere Private, They Re Both Amazed At How Fast And Hot The Flames Get Out Of Control Rock Is Only In Texas For Training, Though, And He Leaves Rigger Behind When He Goes Back To His Life As A Regular Marine Rigger S Not Sure He S Ready To Be Left, Though, And He Follows Rock Eventually, Showing Up On Rock S Doorstep With What Little He Owns And A Smile The Two Men, So Very Different But So Very Needy For One Another, Struggle To Come To Terms With Their Relationship, Trying To Make It Work In A World Where Men Don T Love Men, And If They Do, They Can T Talk About It Between The Pressures Of The Outside World And The Struggle Between Them To Learn What It Means To Be In A Committed Relationship, Rock And Rigger Threaten To Tear Each Other Apart Do They Have What It Takes To Stay Together

  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Jarheads, #1)
  • Sean Michael
  • French
  • 01 November 2019
  • 9781933389431

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Often referred to as Space Cowboy and Gangsta of Love while still striving for the moniker of Maurice, Sean Michael spends his days surfing, smutting, organizing his immense gourd collection and fantasizing about one day retiring on a small secluded island peopled entirely by horseshoe crabs While collecting vast amounts of vintage gay pulp novels and mood rings, Sean whiles away the hours