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How Much Is a Million? chapter 1 How Much Is a Million?, meaning How Much Is a Million?, genre How Much Is a Million?, book cover How Much Is a Million?, flies How Much Is a Million?, How Much Is a Million? c7357ce8ca8db A Jubilant, Original Picture Book Booklist Starred Review Ever Wonder Just What A Million Of Something Means How About A Billion Or A Trillion Marvelosissimo The Mathematical Magician Can Teach You How Much Is A Million Knocks Complex Numbers Down To Size In A Fun, Humorous Way, Helping Children Conceptualize A Difficult Mathematical Concept It S A Math Class You Ll Never ForgetThis Classic Picture Book Is An ALA Notable Book, A Reading Rainbow Feature Selection, And A Boston Globe Horn Book Honor Book For IllustrationThe Repackage Of This Fun Look At Math Concepts Includes A Letter From The Author That Features Several Ways For Children To Find A Million Everyday Things

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    This is one I ve raised my kids on We did a reread tonight.

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    I have actually first heard of this book through Weston Woods and I have enjoyed it ever since How Much Is a Million is a mathematical children s book by David M Schwartz along with illustrations by Steven Kellogg and it is about how Marvelosissimo the Mathematical Magician shows kids how much it would take to count to a million How Much Is a Million is a truly brilliant book for children who want to learn about mathematics This book basically explains about how much a million would be and here is one of the excerpts from the book that explains about how much a million really is If you wanted to count from one to one million, it would take you about twenty three days Wow This book was simply amazing David M Schwartz has done an excellent job at helping children explore the wonders of math I loved how David M Schwartz used a magician in the story to help show a group of kids about how a million is measured as it was interesting seeing how a million is measured whether seeing how big a goldfish bowl has to be to fit a million goldfish or how many days it would take to count to a million without stopping What really help me understand the mathematics used in this book was how David M Schwartz provided well thought out calculations at the end of the book When I first read this book, I thought that the numbers used in this book to describe how much time or space is used when counting to a million were exaggerated and were meant to just humor children However, when I looked at the back of the book and saw David M Schwartz s calculations, I realized that these numbers were actually true and that really shocked me I also loved the way that David M Schwartz made the text be shown in uppercase letters throughout the book because it really brings out the creativity of this book and it made the book much interesting to read about Steven Kellogg s illustrations are extremely creative and beautiful and what I really loved about the illustrations was how it showed all kinds of kids participating in measuring a million My favorite images in this book was of the tower of a million kids and how they would be able to reach the tallest buildings, the highest mountain and farther up then planes can fly and I also loved the image of the kids growing older whenever it takes them days to count to a million.Overall, How Much Is a Million is a truly brilliant book about counting that children will love to read over and over again for the pleasure of knowing how much a million really is I would recommend this book to children ages four and up since there is nothing inappropriate in this book.

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    Brief summary This book is about a explaining the magnitude of the number one million It goes through different scenarios that involve the number so that children can better understand that a million is huge.Genre non fiction, informational guide to understanding conceptsReading Level This book is for transitional readers because the text placement is varied and there are multiple lines on most pages There is a mixture of regular and some harder words, which were mostly one or two syllables There are also some unfamiliar concepts in language including stadium, and presto Topic mathematic awareness, connecting informationCurriculum Uses I would use this book for a read aloud or to support a math lesson about understanding the magnitude of the larger numbers such as a million and a billion This would also make a good reference book for my library.Literary Elements This author includes many similes in this book such as as big as a stadium, and as big as a city harbor The author also uses imagery to help the children imagine the size of each of the number in realistic terms The repetition of the word way in the book helps readers comprehend how far beyond the moon that the tower of children would reach Also, the tone that the author establishes helps the readers to form a positive attitude about understanding math.Social Issues This book does not address specific social issues it just discusses concepts.Illustrations Text The illustrations in this book help support the text somewhat closely because they depict the concepts that the text is addressing The characters in each illustration add life to the book and convey happiness, which helps the readers maintain a positive demeanor while reading the book.

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    I absolutely loved the math and illustrations in this Absolutely a great book for kids to learn about numbers and money.

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    I like what this book is going for, even though IMO it utterly fails The problem is, you just can t conceive of a trillion A million, maybe A billion, doubtful but possible A trillion, forget it The book attempts to convey the relative scale of these numbers via how big a goldfish bowl w that many goldfish would be, how tall a human ladder with that many humans would be, etc One step away from using football fields or pencils stacked end to end The metaphors are kinda tired and I don t think they have much explanatory power.At Google the hardcore performance minded people definitely did seem to have a strong grasp of scale like how long it takes to read from CPU cache vs RAM vs disk vs over local network in same datacenter vs end to end internet trip to across the world totally different scales but they had an intuitive understanding coupled w the ability to reason about the interaction across these scalesMaybe my imagination is just weak I always thought soBut a trillion is just too big If you tell me you can conceive of a trillion I don t believe you A goldfish bowl big enough to hold a trillion goldfish would be the size of a city harbor Who cares Also they say a million little stars would take 70 pages to show, and they show 4 consecutive pages of stars but then stop What a rip If you re gonna start down that road I expect the full 70 pages of stars.Anyway, it was nice to read a book that wasn t the same old anthropomorphic blah blah

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    My six year old is insatiable about numbers right now, and this book absolutely hits the spot It is mind blowing, as the illustrations Stephen Kellogg is a favorite of mine and narrative effectively explore VERY large numbers that you sometimes hear thrown around in the news Here you will learn that a trillion a thousand billion really is tremendous.A sample If one million kids climbed onto one another s shoulders, they would be taller than the tallest buildings, higher than the highest mountains, and farther up than airplanes can fly If you wanted to count from one to one million it would take you about 23 days.That is just the beginning of the journey.As you read the notes from the author at the conclusion of the book, you find that he has even taken into account that it takes about six seconds to fully annunciate the number 369,472,888,227 Pull out your stopwatch and give it a try o All of his math calculations, including his data that the average height of a elementary school pupil is 4 8 , are also found in the author s notes It is fascinating I want to recommend this book to my older sister, my brother, Eric, and any other math nerds out there.

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    How many years would it take you to count to one million One billion One trillion What if you wanted to find a goldfish bowl big enough to hold a million or a billion or a trillion gold fish This humorous, but accurate book follows a group of kids and Marvelosissimo, the Mathematical Magician, to answers these questions.The illustrations show energetic children amazed at the sights Marvelosissimo shows them The pictures are full of movement, splashing whales, climbing children I also love that the wizard and kids travel in a hot air balloon with their pets, a unicorn, 2 cats, and a dog The text is concise and full of alliteration, How tremendous is a trillion And it shows Schwartz great enthusiastic for the subject Using comparisons, the text makes these large numbers accessible Schwartz also includes an author s note at the end of the book, which explains the calculations he used Full Review at Picture Book a Day

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    Kindergarteners make an excellent reading audience At tutoring every week, we primarily practice letter, number, and quantity recognition with the group of students, so when I found How Much is a Million on the Title 1 bookshelf, it was an ideal break out when their attentions drifted away from the white board work This is a good concept book, and I was already thinking of how I could write an interactive reading lesson plan around it probably with the focus of fantasy v reality or repetition What I liked about it, along with the whimsical artwork, was how it presented and encouraged number sense Writing down 100 and knowing that it represents 100 items are two seperate concepts Mostly, I was just happy that the students sat through the entire book They are wiggly, as kindergarteners should be.

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    This book offers a fun and imaginative way to describe just how big a million, a billion and a trillion are using concrete figures of a child s height, time, a quantity of water, and pages of stars to illustrate the somewhat abstract concept of such large numbers The information was mind blowing and the illustrations are fun We are looking forward to reading If You Made a Million and On Beyond a Million An Amazing Math Journey by this author.

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    Have you ever wondered how much really is a million Well if you read this book, you can stop wondering This book talks about how a million would look in many different forms In the form of stars and then in the form of items on the Earth I would love to have this book in my classroom and no matter what age, I would love to talk to the children about numbers When talking about numbers you can talk about small numbers a lot, but we never really talk about big numbers, numbers that seem intangible to us So when we talk abut big numbers, we can read this book, and this would let the children see how tangible a million would be This is pretty close.

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