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Whiteout pdf Whiteout , ebook Whiteout , epub Whiteout , doc Whiteout , e-pub Whiteout , Whiteout 98b4c371341 Like No Other Suspense Author In His Genre, Follett Reinvents The Thriller With Each New Novel But Nothing Matches The Intricate, Knife Edge Drama Of WhiteoutA Lab Technician Bleeding From The Eyes Twelve Missing Samples Of A Deadly Virus Toni Gallo, The Security Director Of A Scottish Medical Research Firm, Knows She Has Problems, But She Has No Idea Of The Nightmare To ComeAs A Christmas Eve Blizzard Whips Out Of The North, Several People, Toni Among Them, Converge On A Remote Family House All Have Something To Gain Or Lose From The Drug Developed To Fight The Virus As The Storm Worsens, The Emotional Sparks Jealousies, Distrust, Sexual Attraction, Rivalries Crackle Desperate Secrets Are Revealed Hidden Traitors And Unexpected Heroes Emerge FIlled With Startling Twists At Every Turn, Whiteout Rockets Follett Into A Class By Himself

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    Oh for heaven s sake, Follett Just because as a sixty ish man you wish that a hot 38 year old redhead would find you irresistible does not mean you have to bake this into a novel in such a thinly veiled fashion And P.S., the book was actually going pretty well until said 38 year old hugged the handsome sixty ish man and felt AHEM wetness in her underthings I beg your pardon Way to ruin an otherwise almost convincing romantic moment Also Mr Follett, you don t actually have to wrap up EVERY SINGLE LOOSE END when you conclude the book, like a child s chapter book The whole idea of a SPOILER ALERT one Christmas later finale, in which all the happy protagonists wistfully remember, over an expensive dinner, how great their lives have been since they neatly captured and thwarted the bad guys well, I won t lie to you it s overwrought, and corny You should have used some White Out of your own, and kept the story tighter.

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    review in English below L se bem e depressa, que era o que eu pretendia De resto, achei bastante b sico Um thriller pouco emocionante, com umas intrigas amorosas mistura, incluindo um casal de adolescentes que acaba por ter alguma influ ncia no desenlace.Gostei da personagem principal, Toni Gallo.E pronto, cumpriu e ficou por a A nice and quick read, which was what I was looking for.Otherwise, I found it pretty basic A not so thrilling thriller, with some love intrigue in the mix, including a teenage couple that ends up having a somewhat relevant role in the outcome.I liked the main character, Toni Gallo.So, it did its job and that s that.

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    Blink once or twice and you might mistake Whiteout s opening act for that other ode to mysophobia, The Hot Zone Coming a full ten years after Richard Preston s fan favorite, Follett administers a quick shot of d j vu, retreading familiar themes early on before cracking the lid on a dizzyingly diverse cast and a bioterrorist plot filched straight from a Hollywood screenplay Whereas The Hot Zone is an uneasy mix of nonfiction gussied up in sensationalist garb, Whiteout is pure novel and quite the kind for which Follett s reputation precedes him While the former fixes its attention almost solely on the pathogen, even idolizing it at times, the latter sculpts its drama around the many characters tangled up in the threatening peril of a diffuse outbreak.Renowned Scottish pharmaceutical Oxenford Medical specializes in lab based research on some of nature s deadliest viruses The scourge du jour here is the fictitious Madoba 2 , the deadliest of them all No one has survived its acquaintance it is the perfect pathogen When a narrowly tested vaccine for Madoba 2 goes missing from the Kremlin lab, along with an unwell rabbit reserved for in vivo trials, the company finds itself at the center of a media firestorm It is the arch responsibility of ex cop turned Chief of Oxenford Security Toni Gallo to track down the culprit and contain the leak.With public confidence at an all time low, the gears of a far sinister plot are about to be set in motion Opposite Toni Gallo is the chairman Stanley Oxenford, whose own son is embroiled in a devilish agenda of malfeasance in order to settle his escalating gambling debts A highly trained unit of heist artists taps Kit Oxenford, a computer wiz who designed the Kremlin s security system before being fired for lifting funds from the firm s bottom line, to break in and theft hazardous materials Desperate to pay off his creditors, and with his life hanging in the balance, Kit finds himself throwing in with a roguish crew whose intentions are unclear As the holidays descend upon snow covered Scotland, the Oxenfords gather at Steepfall, the family estate, only to find themselves key players in thwarting an international crisis.The number of characters introduced as the plot takes shape can feel like a flood, but Follett has the knack for bringing the reader up to speed with well placed summaries of how each character factors into the immediate scene and reminders of earlier details While some of the Oxenford clan are standard issue, many characters turn in quite memorable performances, chief among them Toni Gallo True to form, Follett invariably reserves the most candescent performances for his strong female leads While not quite attaining the level of depth and sophistication of Aliena in Pillars of the Earth, Flick in Jackdaws or Lucy in Eye of the Needle, Toni stands head and shoulders above the rest with her steely resolve and poised demeanor Her detective training allows her to stay one step ahead of the local constabulary and outsmart the assailants who hauled off with the precious cargo.The book is not without its faults An early scene at the family estate borders on soap opera melodramatics and seems out of place in a Follett novel That the security system wasn t changed right down to the thumbprint software on the BSL 4 chamber and the passcodes on the virus lockers following Kit s departure from the company reeks of dubious plausibility A few of the twists and turns feel forced and wrap up a bit too neatly, leaving one to wonder how a organic progression might have played out And, though many may neither care nor notice, some of the finer points on the science side of things skew toward the problematic.The Science of WhiteoutAs part of his research, we re told in the addendum, Follett visited biosafety facilities in Manitoba and London and corresponded with a few biosecurity professionals Had he consulted virologists as well, he might have brought greater accuracy to the details surrounding Madoba 2 and its supposed cousin The science in Whiteout, what little of it there is, for the most part is not bad, but, like Richard Preston before him, gives a misleading picture of Ebola.Madoba 2 is frequently compared to the Ebola strain and even referred to as a variant of Ebola on one occasion But the descriptions of Madoba 2 are at odds with what we know about the biology of Ebola and how it has adapted to circulate among human populations Madoba 2 is airborne, so much so that the terrorists choose a perfume bottle as the delivery mechanism Ebola, meanwhile, is a close contact germ its proteins prefer to hole up in fluids like blood, saliva, feces and urine rather than in its host s respiratory pathways To speak of a virus that wafts on clouds of aerosol droplets emitted by a cough or a sneeze la influenza is to speak of a fundamentally different virus from the strain that s been ravaging West Africa since December 2013 Suffice to say that if Ebola were even a little like Madoba 2, the current epidemic would be global, not confined to regions with poor medical infrastructure.Lastly, Madoba 2 s level of efficiency is unexampled in nature With a human mortality rate of 100%, Madoba 2 is clearly not of this world A non free living organism that killed too efficiently would jeopardize its ability to spread to new hosts Dead hosts are like wet gunpowder, an evolutionary endgame With every pathogen we ve encountered, some portion of the susceptible population is resistant and passes on its immunity to successive generations That is, until the virus adapts to the new regime and the cycle repeats Even Ebola, among the deadliest viruses known, has topped out at 90% mortality in some populations All considered, Madoba 2 sounds like something engineered by man than something that would arise naturally Closing ThoughtsYou re always in good hands with Follett The brigadier general of historical fiction delivers another suspenseful tale worthy of the big screen, this time cutting his teeth on the killer virus motif in modern day Scotland While this may stray outside Follett s typical genre, all of the key elements are ported over intact Thanks to its intriguing characters, smooth pacing and a Costco s worth of page turning tension without an excess of sex or violence, Whiteout joins a rich legacy of polished narrative that leaps off the page with ease Settle in for a night of frosty weather, dueling ambition, budding romance and a high strung thriller just compelling enough to dispel disbelief A fine choice for your next weekend away.Note This review is republished from my official website.

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    4.5 actually Ken Follett in my opinion is an authors whose stories are always wonderful His characters are multi dimensional, his plots multi layered and his writing style is very engaging Whiteout was book up to his usual excellent standard Think of a fatal virus, with no antidote a large mostly functional family with only one really bad sheep a father who is a scientific and wealthy patriarch who really loves his family and a lovely lady who is an ex cop, heads security for the patriarchs pharmaceutical firm and had a crush on the patriarch then add a sudden ferocious storm Unputdownable reading.

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    Invariavelmente BomUm livro que foge ao estilo habitual de Ken Follet, mas que invariavelmente bom Uma prova do alcance da mestria do autor Ken Follet persiste em n o desiludir

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    I decided to sample another work from the author of one of my favorite books, The Pillars of the Earth It was extremely disappointing I made it through about a third of the book and it was a vanilla drama of killer viruses and apparently a big storm on the way and the scientists and security guards that attempt to fight outbreak and hardship It s the sort of thing that might have been written by any of a sheaf of modern authors like Michael Crichton, Patricia Cornwell or James Patterson and probably would have been better done A third into the novel, I didn t identify with or care about any of the characters There was a minor dramatic event that wrapped up rather completely except for some upcoming bad press for our main characters The title promised blizzardy badness, and it has just started to snow outside, but it just isn t worth trudging on to find out what bad happens when the cold weather sets in.

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    I was surprised to see a novel by an experienced pro that had such terrible stretches of writing in it Would not have finished if it hadn t been a club selection Got better nearer the end, where the action picks up So where was the editor Is Follett so big that they can t tell him when something is clunky and amateurish Awkward info dumps, cardboard characters, and too much that is thrown in to see what sticks Way too many superfluous beatings, errors, and convenient plot devices And in this part of Scotland, apparently most of the populace drives expensive luxury cars UmYes, there are good things, but they are overshadowed by the things that aren t If professional publishers and writers are going to put out something so much in need of editing that it says they don t care, it shows what contempt they hold readers in Aw, they ll buy it anyway, because it s a Follett News flash we expect better

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    This was a suspenseful, edge of your seat kind of read I loved it Toni Gallo is the head of security at a biochemical lab in Scotland called the Kremlin When she discovers 2 doses of an experimental drug missing, she has no idea that this is a prelude to an even dangerous plot to rob the company Stanley Oxenford, the owner, is Toni s boss They have a great working relationship and she is interested in Christmas Eve brings many surprises including a blizzard that makes the plot even dangerous The reviews on this were mixed, leaning towards not so good I am wondering if it s because it s different from the other books Follet has written, so different, fans were not expecting what they got This was the first Follet I have read and I loved it I will definitely try another.

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    Whiteout is one of those novels that you can read in a matter of hours It has a fast rhythm and although sometimes these books have a very obvious structure, Ken Follen hides it with the finesse of a master couturier.Spanish version En blanco es de esas novelas que puedes leer en cuesti n de horas Su ritmo trepidante te engancha casi a la primera p gina, y aunque a veces este tipo de libros tengan estructuras tan pautadas, Ken Follen las esconde con la finura de un maestro costurero.

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