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Angel and the Assassin pdf Angel and the Assassin, ebook Angel and the Assassin, epub Angel and the Assassin, doc Angel and the Assassin, e-pub Angel and the Assassin, Angel and the Assassin f626861b9cf Kael Saunders Loves To Dominate Handsome, Masculine Men Like Himself Being In Charge Is His Way Of Life Whether It Be In His Work With The Secret Intelligence Service, His Personal Life, Or In The Dungeon The Last Thing He Expects When He Is Out On A Hit Is To Fall In Love With Angel, An Eighteen Year Old Boy Desperate For The Love And Guidance Of A Daddy Yet Angel Also Has A Passion For Being Spanked And Restrained Two Very Different Men Find Love In A World Of Skilled Assassins, Bosnian Terrorists, And Dungeon Play Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable BDSM Theme And Content, Male Male Sexual Practices

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    Cross posted at Shelf Inflicted and at Outlaw Reviews Kael Saunders is a professional hitman Angel is an 18 year old who had the misfortune of being the sole witness to the assassination of his bad tempered stepfather, an arms dealer working with the Bosnians Kael really shouldn t let the boy live, but Angel needs a Daddy and Kael is quite taken with Angel despite the fact he is not his type at all They have hot sex while Angel s stepdad s corpse is cooling downstairs and then take a first class flight to London This is just the beginning of a weird, unbalanced relationship where somehow, Angel and Kael learn to work together to meet each other s needs Kael is tough and ruthless, having grown up with a single mom Though well educated, he s had to defend himself from those who mocked his poverty He s in control of his own life, and he s accustomed to being obeyed Angel, on the other hand, retains his sweetness and innocence despite being abandoned by his mother For a long time he s dreamed about finding the Daddy who will love, cherish, and guide him This was a fun, kinky, suspenseful and intense story Despite its flaws, I greedily gobbled it up The good stuffI found Kael a rather fascinating character Though he is a remorseless killer, he must confront his inner demons in order to be the Daddy that Angel needs His neatness and cleanliness, which is an asset on the job, carries over to his home life and borders on pathological Angel, a typical teenager in certain ways, manages to disrupt Kael s sense of order and throws him off balance I loved their conflicts and Kael s loss of control when it comes to Angel It made him human.Ever since the death of Kael s friend, Misha, he planned to keep a written journal of his life I love these brief interludes that provided insight into Kael s behavior and showed glimpses of his past.Kael s complicated, contentious relationship with his boss, Stephen Conran, is one of the best parts of this story These men share a history, as we learn from Kael s journal The sex raw, steamy, passionate and intense, especially the scenes in the dungeon The annoying stuffAngel lied about being 20 He s actually 18 Many times I thought he was 13 or even younger He throws tantrums, he s defiant, he lies, he cries, and he has a blankie that Kael rightfully threw in the dumpster Yet he lectures Kael about his own psychological shortcomings His behavior was annoyingly inconsistent As much as I enjoyed Angel s growth throughout the story, there were some things that were too unbelievable for me With no firearms experience, Angel managed to shoot and kill two men from 20 feet away The overuse of the word daddy I m sad that Loose ID has gone out of business and these books are now out of print I m hoping they will be released again so I can gobble up the sequels Thanks to Julia from Bookie Nookie s Erotic Lending Group for lending this to me.

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    1 star 3 stars 5 stars I don t know I don t effing know I loved the first 20% or so with our introduction to Kael We got to see the full extent of his unapologetic baddassness He was seriously baddass and I loved it We also saw how he became a Master When did he learn this about himself When any good Master learns At age twelve Kael is on a job he s the assassin in our story and while doing the job the victim s son was there and saw everything Kael went to the boy s room with every intention to kill him because of what he saw Instead he took the sweet, young boy home This is when I had problems Angel is 18 and is in need of a Daddy to take care of him And by a daddy he means this What does having a daddy mean to you Without hesitation, Angel said, A daddy means acceptance and kindness and protection Stuff like that Teaching me things Making me smart Okay, I m good with that I ve read my fair share of kinky things and a Daddy and his boy is the least of them Angel.just.drove.me.crazy. He was so unlikeable to me He s only 18 and a bit of barely legal, age play can be fun, but he didn t act 18 He acted 12 Maybe I m being generous here He was described as skipping into rooms, he asked permission to swing at the park like this, Daddy, can I go swing , he threw fits, and by this I mean he sat his butt down on the ground and pouted kind of fit Stuff a 10 year old would do Not 18 year old behavior But what really got me was he used the term Daddy 388 times That s not normal usage of someone s name or an endearment He said daddy in almost every sentence when addressing Kael Do you say someone s name every time you talk to them, maybe even 5 or 6 times in a conversation I didn t think so The conversation flowed so unnaturally it was hard for me to read But Angel was a very sweet and innocent little sub He wanted to badly to be a good boy for Kael and just wanted to please him This is my favorite kind of sub, a sweet slaveboy who has a genuine desire to please And he tried I guess But then he kept lying And disobeying Just do what Kael says, just once I liked the assassin and suspense plot and would have enjoyed reading of that I think I would have liked the daddy his boy interactions if Angel weren t so annoying because I ve liked that kink in the past But this just did not work for me.

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    I m going with 3.5 , but I m sure if you like your Daddy kink and BDSM, you will rate it higher.For me, I couldn t really identify with Kael.He was like a cup of fuckoffee.One splash of I don t careA dash of kiss my arseAdd some fuck you sAnd then a pinch of blow me sThen he would stir it all up..and shove it up their arse s I ll let you decide if you want to introduce yourselves to Kael the assassins and Angel his Boy.

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    This book deals with a BDSM kink that isn t always popular with fans It s the Daddy kink and while BDSM fans may not mind it, the problematic characterization could also be an issue Unfortunately Angel acts like a VERY immature child, which makes his Daddy dynamic with Kael uncomfortable It s not just a kink, Angel alternates between acting like a bratty eight year old and spouting out wizened psychological insight It s very uneven and kind of ridiculous while Kael is evenly portrayed but unlikely to get much sympathy from readers Angel s actions are pretty ridiculous He sees Kael murder his step father but has no problems jumping into bed with the assassin Angel frequently has temper tantrums, crying fits, and acts like a brat He s worse than a brat though because he s openly defiant in much immature ways than teenagers He even sits in the middle of the street then crying hysterically because he simply wasn t ready to go home Who acts like that Unfortunately I asked that question over and over as Angel bounces between his two characterizations One moment he s crying and defiant the next he s lecturing Kael on his flaws and insecurities Neither personality felt honest or appealing and really I felt bad that Kael was dealing with such a brat Not that Kael is all warm and loving either His body count is high and his indiscriminate cruelty isn t likely to win readers over I personally didn t mind this so much after all he s a cold blooded assassin but I just couldn t understand why he put up with Angel s antics so much Their BDSM play is way too advanced for the novice Angel is and locking Angel in a dog cage while Kael leaves for than a day is than ridiculous and dangerous, it s ludicrous So unfortunately there are numerous issues and problems that are may discomfort readers It s highly reader dependant though so be sure to read several reviews and make up your mind I didn t particularly hate this novel but it s over the top and ridiculous in many ways Since it s so over the top, I never got worked up over the antics that forced other readers to turn away or not finish the book Neither character is particularly likable or interesting to read though Also their dynamic is weird, though that s likely to grow as Angel matures eventually See for yourself as your mileage may vary.

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    Freakin awesome Smexy kink meets spy thriller and I loved every single character Seriously, the characters are written so well that I loved everyone of them even the complete wanker, Conran The emotion and motivations are so well done that you can t help but empathize with each Now granted, this book might totally wig some out with the featured m m age play, but when I say that it seemed so natural that you couldn t help but understand it I mean it This is so out of my reading range and I was blown away Now I will try and exercise restraint and not gobble up the sequel I m a good girl and will not indulge in gluttony It is only a click away, hmmm

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    I had this for months on my currently reading shelf because I keep forgetting to delete it.Basically this book was a disappointment from the very beginning I can t even remember the name of the assassin so I ll just call him that Assassin, a cold blooded assassin who kills with ease and has a pathological mind is sent to kill a guy So Assassin goes and finds this pathetic human being who is legally an adult but in his mind is like 12 Or less Assassin kills the guy and Angel, the pathetic guy, makes his presence in the house known to the assassin, flees to the bathroom and hides in the shower, with the water running, because is common knowledge that assassins doesn t shower, obviously.Assassin, completely out of character, decides he likes this little man, has sex with him and then takes home with him, sure guy, he s fixated with Angel and just cannot bring himself to kill him, the poor little thing Yeah, right, that makes so much sense Angel s character also makes A LOT of sense because he just saw Assassin kill a person in front of him but he decides that he completely trust him, at least after having sex with him and he was a virgin, obviously, barely ripe He also trust Assassin to do a fisting to him on his second time, adding some bondage and sensory deprivation, because trust and boundaries were clearly defined after a few hours PLEASE, tell me about how this book makes sense, this is so very interesting My mind is blurry because I was reading this piece of literature months ago, but I do remember Angel throwing tantrums as in running away from Assassin, throwing himself to the ground once re captured, in a PUBLIC park, crying, screaming and demanding things done the way he wants, and that apparently wasn t excuse enough for Assassin to finally kill him, as his character blurb may have suggested Angel has a blanket that he s has since he is was a toddler and Assassin bins it, causing yet another crying fit and so Assassin dives into the rubbish because I m not sure, he says he s fixated with Angel but frankly, I couldn t care less if he does or not None of the MC were interesting coherent smart enough to keep my attention, I just keep rolling my eyes and finding everything so very stupid, starting with this pseudo man most likely little kid, Angel.

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    This one s 4.5 stars, but I like to round up.I really enjoyed the progression of Kael and Angel s relationship, and I loved how focused this book was on the relationship and characters Sure, there is action and suspense, but I felt the book was very character driven vs action suspense driven, and I loved that about it I wanted to hug Angel so many times throughout the book, and I felt the author did a great job making him a believable 18 yr old He s impulsive sometimes, insecure yet strong, and truly just wants Kael to love him What didn t quite work for me I haven t read a book before where one hero wants a Daddy, and it threw me a bit By about a 1 3 into the book, I got good at just skipping that word when I saw it on the page The Daddy storyline was significant to both characters, and I understood why it was significant, why it s different than Sir , and I liked how it was used to show the progression and changes in their relationship StillI ve found I greatly prefer characters who call another Sir or Master over Daddy There were also a few squick points in this book, but I just skimmed over them With BDSM, every reader has their own squick points and those don t always match the characters preferences So as long as they jive with the characters and are tastefully done, I don t let them distract from my enjoyment of the book I will say, it s damn lucky Angel has an amazing memory else I would have been than pissed at Kael at one point I really adored this book I intended to simply start it and read it off and on as time permitted, but it totally sucked me in Kael and Angel are a great couple and perfect for each other I don t think anyone but Angel could have captured Kael s heart.

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    This series is smoking HOT and kinky, I got used to the Daddy play it was a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but by the end of book I got used to it Loved it and was freaking hot I wish they would have it on audio with a great narration.OHMY Daddy Angel This are some of the YAOI And MANGA ANGEL LIKES OKANE GA NAI

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    These two ARE WHACKADOODLES On Baby s Levels of Cray Cray scale I d put Angel and Kael at a 5 Only you two motherfuckers can be together.I m still conflicted about this book I don t really like either MC but together, I admit, they spark I guess it s not all that surprising since they meet in a shower less than 5 mins after Kael has killed Angel s arms trafficking stepfather and fucked less than 5 mins after that.To be frank, everything I liked about this book came with a but Kael has his moments BUT he s a sociopath Angel is kinda like a puppy and who doesn t like those BUT he s also annoying I like the kink BUT I m not a huge fan of daddy kink Boy, am I glad Baby s on vacation otherwise she d be having a kitten right about now over that admission I like the storyline BUT it bogs down See Conflicted.Kael s a hired gun for SIS, a covert division of MI6 He was a sociopath long before that and we get acquainted with his deviance through flashbacks I guess it s good he s putting his skills to semi productive use assuming SIS s motivations are above board Big assumption there He has an anomalous protective reaction towards Angel which throws him and rather than treating him as collateral damage, as was protocol, he takes him home Once home they easily fall into their roles Kael is a dominant and Angel s been wishing for a daddy for a long time Like I said, Kael had his moments He amused me sometimes and he did sort of redeem himself towards the end, but I could not shake the feeling that he s a sociopath coupled with this whole being in love thing.C mon suspend reality button You ve got to be in here somewhere WORK DAMN YOU It worked in fits and starts They d be rolling along, taking me with them and then it would creep in the thought the he s going to fuck you in the drive thru in the end, Angel We ll see what happens.Speaking of buttons, this thing hit a whole lot of my kink buttons The actual scenes between them not the daddy stuff The scenes in the dungeon were divine They did get a little technical and somewhat repetitive, but I m willing to overlook that when I m getting all this other goodness It switched POVs so we got to experience the scenes from both their perspectives, both of which were detailed and thorough.Angel is young So young He reads young He acts young He talks young He s very exuberant, a motormouth, and gaga over Kael He s been mooning over Daddy Magazine for some time and thinks Kael is the most smokin dude I had ever seen He does want to please Kael So much, but GOD DAMN he acts out like a 12 yr old sometimes This gif reminds me of him Jesus, kid, calm the fuck down.But, y know, cry 2 tears in a bucket, fuck it If they re happy, who am I to judge The action storyline involving the arms trafficking stagnated in the middle but picked up towards the end I m fairly certain Angel s hero worship is going to lead him down the assassin path He s extremely observant and quick so maybe espionage I will give credit where credit is due Fyn Alexander nailed the sociopath to a T and Angel s characterization is well developed too The writing is solid with decent pacing I did get bored from time to time, but I was invested in the characters.I d kinda like to say that one book was enough, but these two are like a soap I can t look away I may really hate myself in the end but I ll be reading the next in the series and probably the third, if I m being completely honest If nothing else, I know the kink will be good.

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    Another book that is outside of my comfort zone, let see how I go. Updated The plot of this book was just FUCKINGTASTIC I have read a lot of assassin working for the government stories, and this is just one of my favourites.If you like BDSM, you are going to love this book, for me, I hate it with passion I would have rated it 5 stars or 10, if it wasn t for that, what a way to spoil a good book with that crap.I could not get into the Daddy kink, and that kid said it constantly on every single sentence that it drove me insane.The Dom Sub fisting licking boots SHITTTTT why why they can t just have sex without all that stuff.Well, I can tell you one thing, I will read the sequels.Yes,it was that good, although, when I read those, I m going to do something that I have never done before in my life, I WILL SKIP THE SEX SCENES.Plot 5 stars..maybe 9Sex scenes 1 starcharacters 5 star for the assassinYounger MC 3 stars he was cute but

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