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Transcending Limits files Transcending Limits, read online Transcending Limits, free Transcending Limits, free Transcending Limits, Transcending Limits 88bf9ccb3 When Camelot Castmates Jonathan Braedon, Devon Aldridge, And Kit Webster Admit Their Love For Each Other, It Doesn T Magically Eliminate Every Issue In Their Evolving Romance Devon, Free Of The Demons From His Past, Still Hesitates To Resume A Dominant Role In Their Lovemaking, And Kit S Discovery Of A Kink Jonathan Would Have Preferred To Keep Hidden Leads To An Explosion That Might Tear The Threesome Apart

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    Oh, the boys were totally up to their eyeballs in kink in this installment of the Exploring Limits series The title of the book is totally appropriate, because both Jonathan and Kit go beyond previously established limits to obtain what they need The entire opening sequence between Jonathan and Devon was very well done, and made one of the extreme kinks into a beautiful exchange between the two of them It also kicked off a sequence of events with Kit that turned into the need to build both his and Devon s confidence trust, as well as demonstrate that their individual differences are all welcomed I loved Kit s cheekiness and was most happy to see Devon s inner Dom make a comeback While most of the book was truly one sex scene or another, I love this trio of guys and the raw emotions they have for one another With only one installment left, I want to go slowly and savor it because I have a feeling I m going to miss my boys

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    These keep getting better There s only one left and it s been a sexy and emotional journey They are all so aptly named and this one is truly about transcending limits It s about Jonathan asking for what he needs, Kit coming to terms with the fact that what his lovers want might not be the same for him and realizing that this won t put distance between them as long as they always communicate This one is about building trust Kit grew up here and learned that his placeis equal to that of the other two men Can t wait to see how this series wraps up.

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    SPOILERS HERE YOU WERE WARNED.Quite an interesting development Jonathan s desire to be fisted Reasonably well treated in my opinion And Kit s reaction made me want to smack him The CANE of all things Are you stupid, boy Apparently the answer is yes, but he actually figured that out on his own.

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