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The Time-traveling Fashionista files The Time-traveling Fashionista, read online The Time-traveling Fashionista, free The Time-traveling Fashionista, free The Time-traveling Fashionista, The Time-traveling Fashionista 44d2f9d4d What If A Beautiful Vintage Dress Could Take You Back In Time Louise Lambert Has Always Dreamed Of Movie Starlets And Exquisite Gowns And Longs For The Day When She Can Fill The Closet Of Her Normal Suburban Home With Stylish Treasures But When She Receives A Mysterious Invitation To A Vintage Fashion Sale In The Mail, Her Once Painfully Average Life Is Magically Transformed Into A Time Travel Adventure Suddenly Onboard A Luxurious Cruise Ship A Hundred Years Ago, Louise Relishes The Glamorous Life Of This Opulent Era And Slips Into A Life Of Secrets, Drama, And Decadence Dreamy And Imaginative, The Time Traveling Fashionista Features Thirty Full Color Fashion Illustrations To Show Gorgeous Dresses And Styles Throughout History

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    Fun premise but too much backstory at the beginning and other pop references held it back I did love the illustations of the gowns that are throughout the book Just wished book had less backstory and started with action.

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    Let me just start by saying that I adore books where fashion and especially high fashion is incorporated When I saw a giveaway on Goodreads for this one, I just knew I was destined to have it.Well, I didn t win it from Goodreads I was terribly bummed, because seriously, this book was written for me Luckily, a blogger friend of mine had some books that she wasn t able to get to for reviews and asked me to take them on, which of course, I was happy to do Hello, books Anyway, this was one of them, and a total treasure I loved it It was one of those books that I finished in a couple of hours because I couldn t put it down It was just so well done Even though our heroine is a mere twelve years old, I adored her not to say that I don t like 12 year olds in general, but I usually steer clear of young characters like that in literature She was well developed, had a killer fashion sense she recognized Lucile LUCILE I would almost literally kill for a Lucile piece, not that I could ever afford one , and is just plain fun Besides that, she tries her hardest to rewrite history which, granted, she didn t know much about because she has the worst stereotype of a history teacher EVER by saving the Titanic All in all, makes for a sweet read.Now let s talk about the physical book it s GORGEOUS I can t tell you this enough times The book itself is literally one of the most beautiful books I ve ever laid my hands on It s illustrated with the most fantastic fashion designs ever It was eye candy, I tell you I LOVED going back over and over and over the illustrations I also loved the inclusion of quotations from noted fashion personalities.I just really really really liked this book I m giving it my pick me rating, and I think you should pick it too

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    Que preciosidad de libro Me encant.Aqu se relata la traves a de Louise, una ni a amante del vintage, al intentar encontrar el vestido perfecto para un baile escolar, as que despu s de ingerir cierta sustancia de dudosa procedencia y cubrirse con un vestido rosa, tendr un viaje todo pagado que la transportar en un viaje por el TITANIC La verdad es que Louise me parece una ni a s per madura, en serio, siento que yo a su edad era muy infantil Las partes que me mataban eran tipo Este vestido es la bomba cu l bomba No, no, no hay bomba Olv dalo.Me fascin el concepto de como el mundo siempre est en consatante cambio, y lo que pudo ser la moda, la educaci n, lo correcto, se ha terminado transformando y como el ser humano siempre va innovando todo.

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    This was a cute story about Louise Lambert, a 12 year old with a passion for vintage fashions That passion leads her to get a special invitation to a vintage fashion shop run by two very odd ladies Louise finds a very pretty pink number amongst the racks and when she tries it on she s suddenly transported back in time to the Titanic Admittedly, I was drawn into this story by the title and cover Maybe my expectations were a bit on the high side for the book because of the exterior, but I just found this okay The story had promise, but I found the beginning a little dull It seemed like it took a while for the story to get to the good bit The Titanic part of the story was interesting though and made up for the first part of the story I liked that Turetsky included historical figures and their story into the book without being heavy handed about it I also liked that Turetsky creatively incorporated pictures of the outfits described in the book This was basically a lookbook with a story The story part needed some improvement One problem I had with the story is that I had to remind myself that Louise was 12 years old When Louise is transported back in time she s turned into Miss Baxter, a 17 year old actress Obviously, the maturity levels differ, but I had a hard time reconciling Louise s sometimes illogical behavior when she s in the body of a 17 year old Also, the story was just clunky at times Some events and even some of the behavior of the characters felt forced.I found this book through BN and I can t remember now if it was marked as young adult I would mark this one middle grade I know I maybe a bit harsh in my assessment of the story, but I do think younger girls would enjoy this series.

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    Pertama tahu buku ini dari Dyah, yang waktu itu heboh ada novel tentang Kapal Titanic Saya ngebayanginnya malah nonfiksi gitu, semacam buku panduan tentang Titanic, atau sejenisnya lah Eh ternyata begitu lihat covernya, saya langsung jatuh cinta Saya putuskan kudu punya ini buku, at least meski saya bukan fashionista, tapi saya suka banget lihat model model baju gitu Lihat aja udah seneng, ngga pernah sih sampe ngebayangin make Mihiiiil sodara sodara XDOke, mari saya ceritakan sedikit tentang Louise dan petualangannya di Titanic.Louise sangat menyukai baju baju Vintage, baginya berburu baju bekas seperti itu malah terlihat berkelas dan lebih memuaskan daripada berbelanja di mall seperti anak perempuan umumnya Gadis berusia dua belas tahun ini suatu hari mendapatkan undangan untuk mengunjungi obralan Vintage, dan tentu saja langsung ia jadwalkan pergi ke sana bersama dengan Brooke, sahabatnya Apalagi mereka memang akan ada acara pesta dansa, siapa tahu menemukan kostum yang pas di obral tersebut Dan..bisa ditebak donk, ternyata kesan tempat obral tersebut misterius banget, dua wanita penjaga tokonya juga terlihat..kuno dan aneh Tapi tak masalah kan asal Louise menemukan apa yang ia cari Ya, tentu saja dia menemukan sebuah gaun cantik berwarna pink yang kayaknya cocok sekali di tubuhnya Begitu dia mencoba baju ituVoila Dia pingsan dan terbangun di atas Titanic Huum, Titanic yang itu, yang pernah difilmin sama Leonardo dan Kate, yang nabrak gunung es, yang fenomenal itulah Louise Panik Jelas bangeet, antara mau memperingatkan si Kapten tentang gunung es atau menemukan cara agar ia bisa pulang kembali ke rumahnya Tapi bagaimana Yah, novel ini ringan banget, benar benar sederhana tetapi ide ceritanya sangat unik Apalagi menggabungkan fiksi dengan nonfiksi, fantasi dengan dunia nyata, jarang jarang nemu novel kaya gini Yang bikin unik lagi, adalah ide desain baju yang banyak di dalam ceritanya, dan ya ada ilustrasinya Sayang petualangannya kurang menegangkan, tokoh tokohnya juga biasa aja Tapi tenang aja, saya bakal beli lanjutan ceritanya Cantik banget sih soalnyaa x

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    Kepoinen ja mit nsanomaton romaani ajassa matkustavasta tyt st , joka p tyy 2010 luvun vintageliikkeest Titanicin kannelle Muotia, tuotemerkkej , ihmisten ja ymp rist n kuvailua kyll stymiseen asti Toki jos ne kiinnostavat, on lukukokemus varmasti ihan kiva Ihmettelen, kuinka kirja on m ritelty YA osastolle, sen verran naiivi se on Jatkoakin on olemassa, muttei ymm rt kseni suomennettu En voi harmitella p t st.

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    Louise is a vintage loving, classic movie fan Basically me, so insta love with her there, but her age made her a little too na ve for my liking It is a great middle grade book, and probably best for someone who still doesn t know much about the Titanic.

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    3 stars I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and I can t wait to start reading the rest of the series

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    It was cute I would of loved it if I had read it when I was twelve though The best part were the pictures, I loved all the different dresses that the ladies wore in the 1900 s

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    A quick read because it had the Titanic in the plot I am sure I would have enjoyed it if I had of read it as a young teen, but I did enjoy the fashion illustrations.

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