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    Eduardo De Souza who s 37 has been noticing a girl busking on the street with her guitar the few times he s been to town He thinks she s poor and is singing for money He goes to talk to her and to leave some money for her but she tells him she sings because she loves to and she s compelled to Her name is Marianne Lockwood 24 and she suffers from stagefright She s trying to sing to a small crowd to build up her confidence so she can sing to a larger crowd someday Eduardo leaves but eventually goes back to town and talks to Marianne again He invites her to eat with him and offers her a job as his housekeeper At first she turns him down Marianne has a home, but she is now a widow Her husband of six months Donal died from a terminal illness His grown up children resent the fact that Donal left his home to Marianne Eduardo points out the weather is getting colder and it will be hard for her to perform outside in the upcoming frigid temperatures Eduardo gives Marianne his phone number in case she changes her mind and they part ways again But after thinking about it at home Marianne suddenly decides it s time to be free again, no negative, self pitying thoughts So she turns over the house to Donal s children and decides to start fresh She accepts Eduado s job offer and moves to his home.Eduardo has also had some pain in his past Originally from Rio de Janeiro he is now living in the UK he s half British His wife died in a car accident that he was also in and he now walks with a cane, has a limp, and has had nine operations on his shattered leg He s been reclusive for the past two years But Marianne seems very good at getting Eduardo out of his shell and to start enjoying things again.This was a lovely romance I liked Eduardo and Marianne They were very likable characters who had similarities losing their spouses I liked the wintry snowy setting in the UK, and later, at the end, sunny Rio.This was a pleasant, sweet read.

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    Saccharine sweet story She was married to a 59 years old man and not once gold digger accusation No angst even H lost his to be divorced wife in a car accident I was little bit bored I know, I m not normal Lol

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    Heroine is a musician She lost her husband recently she is now lonely and poor She is actually a virgin widow since when she married her husband he was very old and sick Hero is a widower His wife died in a car accident but he was about to divorce her so it was not a happy marriage He now walks with a cane, he has a limp and he is broken and brooding Marianne makes him happy and whole again and they find true love and happiness Very sweet story I liked that heroine was pure, virginal and a sweetheart Hero was moody and kind of depressed until Marianne entered his life I loved their chemistry Needed a cute epilogue though.

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    This was an okay read Not poorly written It just lacked any real tension or conflict There were a couple of good interesting ideas that could have been played up for tension For example the hero, Eduardo, sees the poorly dressed heroine playing guitar with a hat out on the side of the road and thinks she is maybe a 17 year old runaway or homeless girl I would have loved some tension about him supposedly falling in love with a teenager and being all angsty about it, but instead he finds out at their second meeting that she is 24 And as has been done to death in Harleys, she is the widow of a much older man who she married while he was sick and they never consummated their marriage He s all angsty about feeling responsible for his wife s death but sure enough it wasn t really his fault As soon as Eduardo and the heroine, Marianne, meet she saves him and they proceed to live HEA It was sweet and kept my interest enough for me to finish it but it didn t really stand out much.

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    I m a sucker for a Jane Eyreish love story even if it is offered in a serial romance.

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    Since the accident that has caused him to have 9 leg surgeries and claimed the life of his wife and possible child an affair was suspected Eduardo de Souza has left his home and settled in a remote place away from everybody He is in constant pain, but believes it is what he deserves When he sees young Marianne Lockwood singing on a street corner, he realizes that after just a few conversations, she has worked her way into his subconscious Believing she should get out of the cold weather, he offers her a job as his housekeeper 6 months ago, Marianne s husband died of a terminal illness Ever since then she has been fighting with his grown children over his will In which, he left everything to her Being nearly twice her age of 24 and terminally sick, they never consummated their relationship and upon further inspection, Marianne realizes although she cared for him, their relationship was purely platonic After Eduardo s offer, she decides fighting with his children isn t worth it and decides to start fresh by taking the job.However, she realizes Eduardo has many ghost haunting his past and tip toes around him to avoid his bad moods After taking care of her sick husband she realizes the pain he is going through Eventually Eduardo admits the fire that Marianne lights up in him Something that hasn t happened in a long time After getting to know each other by playing chess, Eduardo learns of the precious gift she is giving him by sharing his bed Now, Eduardo is ready to return home with Marianne by his side As they go about in public, Eduardo causes much attention and after a journalism confronts Eduardo in front of Marianne, it s time he told her the hole story surrounding his wife s death.As she had become famous for the Soap Opera she played in, him and his wife and started growing apart and had agreed upon a divorce As a birthday present, he bought her a sports car that she had been begging for After a party he let her drive home, where she lost control of the car and crashed Finally getting all the air out between them, Eduardo and Marianne find happiness in each other.

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    Marianne Lockwood does things simply for the love of it, a free spirit, if you will, as she doesn t seem overly concerned about money However, she is trying to grow to do a little something in her life She wants to overcome a fear that she has Eduardo believes that she is destitute and he likes to help others, but tries to stay disconnected from people as well He has his own cross to bear Eduardo doesn t want pity which he views Marianne s compassion as, but he also feels drawn to her.This one wasn t overly angsty and I enjoyed that both Eduardo and Marianne seemed like of your everyday people Sure Eduardo had money and Marianne walked away from what she could have fought for, but in the end that were normal people Sure Marianne had a past that not most women would go in to w good intentions.but it worked for this story I didn t like that Eduardo s past ex had to be maligned slightly, and made to be the fall guy But overall the story was interesting, just not overly engaging almost chicken soupy for the soul

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    It was an okay read Very short though

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    Miniseries From Rags to Riches

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The Man Behind The Mask download The Man Behind The Mask , read online The Man Behind The Mask , kindle ebook The Man Behind The Mask , The Man Behind The Mask 3db2571eac5a The Scars He Bears Are The Only Visible Reminder Of The Life Eduardo De Souza Left Behind In Brazil He Prefers To Live In Solitude He Doesn T Want Anybody S PityHowever, When Eduardo Sees Innocent, Pretty Marianne Lockwood Literally Singing For Her Supper, He Impulsively Offers Her A Job As His Live In Housekeeper Marianne Is Drawn By Her Handsome, Brooding Boss And Is Soon Willingly Taken Between His Sheets But Eduardo Is Holding Back The Darkness Of The Past, And When He Whisks Marianne Away To Rio, It S Only A Matter Of Time Before She Finds Out The Truth