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9Tail Fox pdf 9Tail Fox, ebook 9Tail Fox, epub 9Tail Fox, doc 9Tail Fox, e-pub 9Tail Fox, 9Tail Fox 5a4c8a00f6c Sergeant Bobby Zha Of The SFPD Is Desperate To Find Out Who Murdered Him But He Also Needs The Answers To Some Other Questions Like, Why Is He In Another Man S Body Why Is Someone Trying To Kill Him, Again And Why Is He Being Haunted By A Nine Tailed Celestial Fox From The Shell Shattered Ruins Of Stalingrad In To The Present Day Politics Of San Francisco S Chinatown, Tail Fox Is Evocative Of Place And Crystal Clear In Its Depiction Of Character

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    I can t say I enjoyed this very much at all I know they say that it s good for characters to have flaws, but I felt Bobby was full of flaws that made him completely unlikable The only quality he had was that he loved his daughter.I found this very hard to get through and although quite an interesting plot line, I didn t think it was written all that well It was hard to follow with all the POV changes and I didn t find any of the characters all that likable.So much could have been done with this.

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    There is something about this book that is undefinable I can t tell you why I like it as much as I do I m not easy to please and this book gets four stars because I ve only read it once I ve read my five star books several imes and they hold up What I can say is that I can t seem to stop thinking about Bobby Zha It is a very well crafted story that drew me in from page one and held me in thrall to the very end I d be interested it communicating with others who have read this book and found it intriguing.

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    It doesn t make much sense I was curious to see what was going to happen, but I didn t buy any of it A hot mess of unbelievable elements And I m not talking about the fox At least it has an adequate ending.

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    Detective investigates his own murder in near future San Francisco Been a while since I read any JCG, and I really enjoyed this.

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    I want so much to like this book The idea of a dead man waking up in another body to try and solve his own murder intrigues me but it took some serious masochism to finish the book It could go the mythical route a 9 tailed celestial fox shows the chinese mythos or even an almost sci fi route surgery to keep my interest Unfortunately, this book goes nowhere The main character, Zha, has the makings of a well rounded little sh t whose flaws outweigh his plusses who just might try to make it right but the author can t keep the character in mind Zha is all over the place He starts out as a misunderstood cop who has an empathy with the street people and ends up nowhere The flaws, including womanizing and a forgetfulness when it comes to family, seem like additions instead of the integral pieces they should have been The author must have intended for these flaws to make Zha a great character but Zha wanders through the book, seemingly lost and leaves the reader even confused than Zha seems to be.That doesn t even address the difficulty I had reading the story It reads like the editor likes to read things by highlighting lines and accidently deleted a ton of the material in the process In addition, the author seemed to have a clear beginning and a clear end with no clue what to do in the middle The chapters occasionally switch to another character but it doesn t happen often enough for it to make sense why am I reading about Russia during WWII when the character had barely been mentioned Some chapters have to be labeled flashback There is _no_ flow in this book.Could someone rewrite this The character Zha deserves a deft hand Zha could stand out in a story that was only okay and even so in a murder mystery with 9 tailed foxes.

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    Sort of disposeable, read it in a day supernatural detective techno thriller In a near future San Francisco, Detective Sergeant Bobby Zha is killed investigating a break in in Chinatown He awakes in the body of a white man who s been in a coma ward in NYC for 20 years Luckily, the body he s wearing is the heir to a sizable settlement over the car crash that left it comatose, so Bobby zips back to SF to investigate his death Police corruption and brain swapping technothriller hijinks ensue Grimwood gets a lot of the feel of San Francisco right, although one feels that he didn t really leave Chinatown Union Square on his research visits The rest of the city is sketched in very ghostly details A Latina character lives with her mom and brother in a hose on Valencia There are like three actual houses on Valencia, I think And I don t know any locals who spend that much time at Cafe De La Presse, or who would stay at the goddamned Hotel Triton, as Zha does Grimwood did spend some worthwhile time getting to know Chinatown except I don t know where there s room between Grant and Stockton for a warehouse on a side alley, which is where Zha is killed One minor gripe editing A character is described on one page as having studied criminology in Houston, and then on the very next page as having attended university in Austin A chapter or so later, we find that, yes it was an MA and a PhD in Austin Another character, Colonel Billy is wearing combat boots on one page On the next page, the rain is running into his cracked tennis shoes Really John, these things stick out.

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    The fox was pure white and carried its tail high and curled like flame over its back Its eyes were red as coals, fierce with anger White canines showed on either side of its mouth Jinwei hu, said Bobby.The fox nodded, even though Bobby had only said the name in his head Somewhere on Grant Avenue a kid let off a string of firecrackers left over from the night before and the fox grinned.Although both books have a police detective as a main character, 9tail Fox is completely different from the only other book of this author s that I ve read Lucifer s Dragon is cyberpunk, while 9tail Fox is of a noir detective story and is set closer to the present day That s a good thing, as I hate finding a new author only to discover that s he writes the same book over and over again.Bobby Zha is a policeman of Chinese descent who works for the SFPD in Chinatown His career has stalled and his marriage is in tatters, but he has an affinity for children and street people, and his boss Lieutenant Que mostly leaves him to his own devices After being shot while on duty he sees a nine tailed white celestial fox as he is dying, and then wakes up in the body of a man who has been in a coma since he was a seven years old Conveniently, Robert Vanberg had received a multi million dollar settlement for his injuries, which means that Bobby has the resources to investigate the cases he was working on at the time of his murder, in an attempt to find out why he died and why he didn t.

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    return return I very much enjoyed Grimwood s Ashraf Bey trilogy, though was a little less convinced by either his earlier redRobe or his recent Stamping Butterflies I m glad to report IMHO a return to form Like the Ashraf Bey trilogy this is essentially a police procedural in a somewhat alternative history version of a famous port city with distint sfnal overtones to do with technological brain enhancements So we have identified what he does well, then return return This time the city is San Francisco, however, and the central character is killed on page 30 only to wake up, like Corwin in Nine Princes in Amber, in a hospital in upstate New York and he spends the rest of the book solving his own murder The basic plot has of course been done before, but I love Grimwood s intense and often sultry writing style and here he successfully transfers it to a new setting, with memorable characters return return I still had a very slight feeling, after we found the solution to the mystery, that it might not hang together all that well if I inspected it too closely, but the ride was such good fun that I won t look return return A final point I can t help noting that this is the second book by JCG featuring a scene with teenagers meeting for the first time in business class on a long distance flight and spending the journey making out There is presumably a true story there, waiting to be retold.

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    I adored the Arabesk series start with Pashazade , so when I was wandering through the SF section and saw this novel, I grabbed it I had forgotten he wrote another book I didn t like as much, I only noticed when I looked for the name of that book just now Hunh Anyway This was wonderful sort of a supernatural detective story, set in alternate San Francisco About which I know very little, so if there were geographical problems, I would never have known Has the sort of frenetic feel of the good Neal Stephenson novels but manages to finish the story without feeling like you just drove off a cliff Dude, I love Snow Crash and The Diamond Age, but I am aware of their flaws OK, he mostly resolved things I m still not clear what Pete Sanchez was doing or why or why Bea s family didn t stop that relationshipbut that s acceptable.An anti hero I liked, whoa.

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    Cool idea, but kind of a mess in the execution Dead cop must solve his own murder It s kind of noir ish, which I enjoy, but the plot is convoluted even by noir detective standards, and, in the end, I didn t feel like it all made much sense Annoyance our main character is supposed to be kind of a jerk, but he s always having sex and then making sure to tell us that he smells her on his fingers Not sure what the author was aiming at here, but it comes across as frat boyish Major distraction though the characters are American, the British author doesn t have them speak American English So people are always saying meant to when an American would say supposed to, people take lifts, and when asked if he had any trouble, our hero answers, should I have done Maybe the author just didn t expect a US sale, but this is something the US publisher should have fixed It took me out of the story every time it came up, which was every couple of pages.

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