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Summer Island txt Summer Island, text ebook Summer Island, adobe reader Summer Island, chapter 2 Summer Island, Summer Island 7d93ea She Was Going Back To A MemoryTwo Years Ago Ailsa Mackay S Plans Had Been Vague A Job Somewherethe Stimulus Of Work To Obliterate All Thoughts Of Gavin ChisholmNow Her Mother Had Fallen Ill The Family Needed Her, So She Was Returning Home Could She Pick Up The Threads Of That Love Affair She Thought She Could But She Hadn T Reckoned On A Mysterious Newcomer Lorne Fraser He Was The Most Baffling Person She Had Ever Met

About the Author: Jean S. MacLeod

Jean S MacLeod started writing stories for the magazine The People s Friend, before sold her first romance novel in 1936 She wrote contemporary romances, most of them were set in her native Scotland, or in exotic places like Spain or Caribbean, places that she normally visited for documented From 1948 to 1965, she also published under the pseudonym of

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    He proposes to OW, sincerely, very near the end of the book Also, much of the book is about sickness and livestock.

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    Ailsa is returning to her childhood home after an absence of two years She expects that everything, including her friends, male and female, will be the same.Yet from the first day back in the glen, she finds things disturbingly different The boy she thought she would marry is not like she remembered and her best friend seems awkward and not prepared to share her thoughts.And the newcomers, including scientist Lorne Fraser, is stirring up trouble by disrespecting the local customs It takes a lot of worry and heartbreak before Ailsa accepts that all change is not bad and that perhaps her destiny may not lie in the glen.A really nice read with a Scottish atmosphere.

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    I thought the hero could have acted with wisdom in his dealings with the residents of the glen The was okay but a bit wishy washy for me.

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