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    Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Edgar Allan Poe 1993 1371 400 1390 380 9786009158591 19

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    It s unfair to just burying Poe in the Horror tomb, with a Raven a Black Cat..Reading this volume I really see how HUGE his imagination was, how it was ahead of his times.From traveling over the ocean by a air transportation or to the moon..Or inventing the first Detective story ever..Or his delving into the matter, death, soul, mind and even God and free well by hypothesis.Or of course, the delving into the man s Conscience, guilt and self destruction..There s even kind of Romance, Fantasy, adventure, treasure hunt, code breaking, satireHe inspired Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Arthur Conan Doyle with crime novels,And inspired Jules Verne ,then H G Wells and even recently Andy Weir with his science fiction stories,And so just by his wild imagination..So the five stars here are for his originality and innovations in stories..Which is not just little Horror Stories. Personal Note In order to enjoy his stories, I read first the Arabic complete, unbridged translation of it then reviewing and fast readin it in its original forum, since Poe use a bit hard language for me and he s got a way in digression sometimes and complex sentences.So I skipped few stories here till I have the translation of it and even enjoyed some stories that aren t in this edition , so I ll be back to this book again soon.Mohammed ArabeyFrom 20 April 2017To 6 May 2017

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    This will be another ongoing review, as I ve been doing with collections and anthologies Poe has always mesmerised me in terms of his influence on writers and the short story genre at large his poetry is also both haunting and relatively accessible This collection was given to me in hardback, 31 years ago Its pages are now yellow and aged, but the contents within are better than I remember If you re patient with Poe, I think you ll find he s very rewarding in return If you rush through and don t enjoy the rhythm of the prose, I d imagine he d be tiresome He s one of those writers to be savoured when you have the time rather than a page turning entertainment.William Wilson 5 William Wilson is all about the double Even the eponymous title is a pun of sorts Will I am, and Wil son Through a doppelganger haunting William, Poe explores the concept of sanity An interesting story with long sentences but little specific imagery Psychologically chilling The Gold Bug 3 A little dated, involving a bug bite and potential madness and a cryptogram Not a storyline that did much for me personally The Fall of the House of Usher 5 A classic Poe story The unnamed narrator visits the crumbling gothic mansion of his friend Usher to learn of Usher s sister s death But not all is as seems This story is the very opposite of William Wilson in terms of style Rather than being devoid of imagery, Poe illustrates his stylistic variation and prowess with a story of sensory imagery overload Poe manages this detailed gothic prose to build on an especially macabre mood and atmosphere The language aesthetics here are as powerful as the story A gothic horror masterpiece The Masque of Red Death 5 Another gothic fantasy Holed up in an aristocratic castle trying to avoid the Red Death basically the plague a masquerade ball takes a catastrophic turn A masked guest in blue is the Red Death personified And although deadly, he is both and less than he seems Foreboding atmosphere throughout A strong tale.The Cask of Amontillado 4.5 Like most of Poe s stories, this haunted me long after I finished it What atmosphere could be chilling than a man murdering another for revenge at Carnivale time in a unnamed part of Italy The protagonist, Montresor, somehow holds Fortunato accountable for his own decline in fortunes Fortunato obviously relating to fortune is a happy, respected and an admired member of society, who has risen through the ranks, possibly with the aid of The Freemasons He is everything Montresor once was, and he has apparently made a few derogatory comments about Montresor, although whether this is the reason for his murder, or whether the reason is an envy bordering on lunacy, is questionable Another excellent dark story A Descent into the Maelstrom 3 An old fashioned tale of a maelstrom whirlpool survivor Only Poe takes the wonders and beauty of the vortex further Not my personal favourite, but I d think a few sci fi fans would love it.The Pit and the Pendulum 4 As a reader who enjoys dark fiction, fantasy and historical fiction, this imaginative tale of torture during the Spanish Inquisition really intrigued me The strong aural imagery throughout takes us almost into the realm of the ghostly too I feel as though this story had a great influence on gothic horror tales in general While not as complicated as some other stories here, it s still a captivating narrative.The Purloined Letter 3.5 A forerunner for short detective fiction A letter has been stolen and there appears blackmail and at hand There are far better detective stories out there, but this is an interesting look at an early exponent of the genre Metzengerstein 4 A gothic tale on a hyperbolic scale This one is devoid of subtlety and is rather heavy handed with regards to both the gothic tropes along with its overt symbolism In this tale, Frederick, the sole living member of the Metzengerstein family line, has a long standing vendetta with the Berlifitzing clan When a fire destroys the Berlifitzing patriarch, Frederick is suspected Frederick, however, is obsessed with a wild horse, which has eerily gone unobserved Metzengerstein s own home is then set alight, and with an ironic justice, the wild horse, with Frederick on it, charges into the flames A clever case of guilt personified or guilt hippofiedThe Murders in the Rue Morgue 3.5 Murders, balconies, and that good ol orangutan Detective Dupin from The Purloined Letter is back again Once again this mystery story is not nearly as sharp as the detective stories of today In fact, this story is laughable I still liked it though, as I don t think I ll ever read another mystery story involving a Bornean great ape.The Tell tale Heart 5 One of the most famous of Poe s stories, so it doesn t require any of my clumsy commentary Lovely way to end the collection.This collection is worth it It chiefly contains the best of Poe with a range of styles on display, and those few tales that aren t his best are still incredibly interesting in terms of the evolution of the short story When on song, Poe is a gothic master, and the chilling psychology behind most of these haunting tales adds extra layers to the intrigue and uncertainty, and these layers exemplify Poe s greatest works.

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    I remember visiting the Edgar Allan Poe museum the last time I was in Richmond, Virginia At the time I don t think I had read any of his work, except perhaps The Raven The museum was a creepy place, as you might imagine, with a lot of dark wood and eerie pictures and a strange garden that seemed to be in permanent shadow It was a strange place and he was a strange man a hard writer to pin down distinctly American, but hugely influential in European letters not technically a very brilliant writer, and yet the founder of half a dozen new literary genres.Reading him feels, to me, like an act of almost shameful self indulgence rich but sickly you feel you need a brisk walk afterwards His weird stories mark a bridge between the Gothic and the new movements of symbolism and decadence and, later, the genres that would become known as horror and science fiction He also invented the modern detective story.I think of him as one of those writers that translates easily In the same way, Tolstoy is venerated by non Russians while native speakers find his prose mediocre French speakers often say something similar about Victor Hugo And the French were, it must be said, quite obsessed with Edgar Poe , particularly after his works were translated by Baudelaire Quelque chose de monomanique was the shrewd judgement of the Goncourts Hard to argue with that The predominant theme is death, but death elevated to a supernatural vividness and importance The archetypal image of his works, for me, is the image of the young, beautiful, dead woman This trope features heavily in Morella , Berenice , The Fall of the House of Usher , Ligeia and indeed in Poe s own life, because he married his thirteen year old cousin and she went on to die of tuberculosis when she was twenty four The death clearly left a lasting imprint on him.So, yes thanatophilia I m rolling out the long words But it s true Have a look at how he chooses to end The Masque of the Red Death , for instance And now was acknowledged the presence of the Red Death He had come like a thief in the night And one by one dropped the revellers in the blood bedewed halls of their revel, and died each in the despairing posture of his fall And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay And the flames of the tripods expired And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.Sleep tight, kids Another story ends the grave was still a home, and the corrosive hours, co mates Another ends there lay a nearly liquid mass of loathsome of detestable putridity Another ends well you get the idea.Poe s prose is melodramatic and rococo and makes full use of Grand Exclamations And italicised phrases of dread Oh the Horror and the Agony And nothing but the drear grave and the worm for ever And so forth But he is also imaginative and, sometimes, positively economical, setting the scene brilliantly in just a few short sentences and creating an atmosphere all his own what Allen Ginsberg called his demonic dreaminess His vocabulary, steeped as it is in the high flown tradition of dark romanticism, was a constant delight to me, built of ornate items like sulphureous, pulsation, exergue, faucial, chasmal, cachinnatory, asphyctic and many goodies besides.Jorge Luis Borges said that Poe s writings as a whole constitute a work of genius, although each individual piece is flawed This is a very appealing assessment He is an important writer, and often a very fascinating and enjoyable one but that said, I don t really feel the desire to spend all that much time in his company.However, make sure you get a version with Harry Clarke s angular, Beardsley esque illustrations They are superlative.

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    An artist is usually a damned liar, but his art, if it be art, will tell you the truth of his day D.H Lawrence.Burying people alive, ghosts, macabre deaths of usually delicate and young women, dark magic, effects of inebriation and hallucination, torture, whirlpools sucking people out of their time, fatal plagues, abnormal psychological states, obsessional behaviors William Blake in prose.If D.H Lawrence was any close to right about his predicament I wouldn t have liked to be in Mr.Poe s skin, such horrors That Poe lead a tormented and dysfunctional life is no secret Haunted by the death of his mother when he was barely a toddler and later by the long illness and ultimate death of the love of his life his cousin Virginia whom he married when she was only thirteen, Poe struggled to keep afloat between feelings of abandonment and loss and his growing ill health and addictions which eventually killed him in mysterious circumstances at the age of 40.Whether this gloomy life served him as inspiration or he released his pain into his work, the extremeness of his imaginative creations managed to capture attention, if not acceptance The sickness the nausea The pitiless pain Have ceased, with the feverThat maddened my brain With the fever called Living That burned in my brain.Considered the father of the short story, Poe manages to control the soul of the reader, nothing intervenes or distracts once you are engulfed in one of his curious and terrifying tales, you feel pulled down by an inexplicable and exotic sort of nostalgia which catches at your breath and prevents you from stopping to read But make no mistake, Poe plays with you, giving you hope in a futile attempt to search for the truth and offer a plausible explanation for the unaccountable, even though you know deep inside that the end will be doomed from the start.His literary quality is irrefutable, he borrows from the European Gothic tradition and adds elements of detective stories, creating a new register which seeks for the horrendous truth, for the paincuts into your soul, although sometimes a rare kind of beauty oozes from the text, whether conscious or unconsciously I can t say Then silence, stillness, and night were the universeBut mainly, Poe appears as a ruthless, crude and pessimistic voice who wants to put order amid the chaos, who wants to explain the inexplicable to elevate the name of the artist offering an alternative to the newly born optimism, complacency and materialism of his age, and asking for nothing in return He didn t seek for approval and often had to endure rebuke, few of his contemporaries valued his work at the time and being considered an oddball he was banned from society or he excluded himself willingly.It is through the anguish and torment expressed in his poems and short stories that it is plausible to imagine his existence rather miserable and that he suffered from a precariously balanced state of mind But then, once again, I ask myself the same question which always arises when I try to link the real life of a writer with his work, was it his eccentricity that made his works so special Were they the product of a genius or a deranged mind Or both The truth is, I am heartily sick of this life, and of the nineteenth century in general I am convinced that everything is going wrong Besides, I am anxious to know who will be President in 2045 As soon, therefore, as I shave and swallow a cup of coffee, I shall step over to Ponnonner s and get embalmed for a couple of hundred years.In any case, although his haunted mind offered no respite, Poe s lucid writing managed to push the scales of reality and redefine the artistic world of beauty and lyricism towards a new daring approach where the probability of terror and darkness prevailed and where the motto could be summed up as to deny what is, and explain what is not .As it usual happens in real life, neither black nor white, just a blurred smudge of indistinct grey.

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    In 1849 Baudelaire published in France the Tales of the Grotesque and the Arabesque, of Allan Poe, with the title Extraordinary Stories, which reached a great success.It is a very elaborate set of texts such as The Fall of the House of Usher, The Barrel of Amontillado, The Black Cat, The Crimes of Morgue Street, among others in which, with extreme skill, Poe focuses on the fantastic and the supernatural with detailed descriptions, leading the reader to a nocturnal world, enigmatic, neurotic and terrifying.

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    Me guardo unos poquitos cuentos para el Halloween del a o que viene Me parece la lectura perfecta para esas fechas aunque no es recomendable leer tantos cuentos de Poe muy seguidos para no saturar Distanci ndolos se disfrutan y aprecian mucho m s, hay alguno que tardar en olvidar, es un autor que me ha sorprendido mucho.

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    l unico, oltre a dante e a massimo decimo meridio, in grado con un segnale di scatenare l inferno.

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    Tales of Mystery ImaginationSince I ve written mini reviews for each of the stories I will have them here slightly edited along with an overall rating and review for the collection as a whole.1 The Gold BugA treasure hunt story involving cryptography, directions, clues, skulls, and a lot of digging It felt like watching Dora the Little Explorer but in a much darker atmosphere 4 main characters, the narrator, his friend Mr Legrand, Legrand s dog and Legrand s servant, a nigger, yes another story that has racist remarks Anyway this was a 3.5 stars story nothing than a treasure hunt But I ve enjoyed it than others 2 The Facts in the Case of M ValdemarA practitioner of mesmerism a precursor of hypnosis tries through the medium of hypnosis mesmerism to revive a recently deceased person A macabre little tale worthy of 3 stars Didn t blew my mind though.3 MS Found in a BottleA story about a man that scrambles aboard a gigantic ship manned by elderly crewmen who are unable to see him possibly a ghost ship A sea tale that ends abruptly and with a sense of doom 3 stars because I needed , something that Mr Poe rarely does 4 A Descent into the M lstr mAt the summit of a mountain climb in Lofoten mentioned in Kavvadias , in Norway, an old Norwegian is telling the story of his near escape from a massive whirlpool called M lstr m Interesting story but there s no actual rising action or suspense because you know that the narrator is going to survive since he s the one telling the story Almost 3 stars.5 The Murders in the Rue MorgueA tale that is considered the first detective story, written 46 years before the first Sherlock Holmes story in 1887 A gruesome double murder is committed in Rue Morgue in Paris and amateur detective C Auguste Dupin investigates the crime scene What he finds is beyond suspicion 3.56 The Mystery of Marie Rog tA sequel to the previous story The longest and most boring story so far It doesn t have a plot Dupin just discusses with the narrator whether the murdered girl was murdered and then thrown into the river or the other way round, whether her clothes were torn intentionally or not, or whether the newspaper articles were telling the truth or were inventing things about the murder c You will enjoy this essay like story only if you are a forensics criminology student 2 stars7 The Purloined Letter Definitely better story than The Mystery of Marie Rog t but definitely not as good as The Murders in the Rue Morgue, or over an enjoyable reading It is a discussion or less of how Dupin managed to take back the Purloined Letter from the villain of the story a blackmailer and give it back to the police They also talk about versions of reality and mathematics 2.9 stars8 The Fall of the House of UsherFinally, a decent gothic story by Mr Poe in this collection Our narrator arrives at the gloomy, gothic, decaying house of his childhood friend Roderick Usher and the atmosphere is oppressive even for the reader who anticipates this fall of the house that looms over the story like a threat An eerie story that you enjoy even though some elements remain inexplicable 3,5 stars9 The Pit and the PendulumFrom Wikipedia Terror is the feeling of dread and anticipation that precedes the horrifying experience By contrast, horror is the feeling of revulsion that usually occurs after something frightening is seen, heard, or experienced.So this is a terror story, the narrator describes his experience of being tortured next to a pit full of rats and a pendulum above him is about to cut him in half The story was a disappointment though even to George R.R Martin, who while at high school he changed the story into a much gruesome and horrible ending which I approve 10 The Premature BurialA horror short story on the theme of being buried alive In the first part the narrator describes different cases of premature burials from where some victims escaped and some not In the second part he describes his own experience as a man who suffers from anxiety of being buried alive Graves, corpses, tombs, graveyards, mausoleums Everything I like to read this time of the year 3.511 The Black CatViolence against animals, which is followed by a series of ghastly revenges The narrator, a most unlikable character He deserved everything he suffered IMO Moreover the story is a critique of the perverse actions brought on by alcoholism 3.512 The Masque of the Red DeathThe title says it all Death The story starts and ends with death All the characters of the story die drenched in blood 3.513 The Cask of AmontilladoThis was one of the first stories I ve ever read in English back in 2009 when my English was worse than Tsipras s Since then I ve read it at least 3 times A favourite story of revenge, wine, and murder 4 stars.14 The Oval PortraitFrom Wikipedia The Oval Portrait is a short story involving the disturbing circumstances surrounding a portrait in a chateau It is one of his shortest stories, filling only two pages in its initial publication in 1842.I believe this tale might have inspired Oscar Wilde to write his only novel The Picture of Dorian Gray 3.515 The Oblong BoxNice little story but of course I saw what was coming A mysterious box belonging to an even mysterious man, on a ship full of passengers 3 stars because it was simply interesting but not long enough.16 The Tell Tale HeartA story that was pretty similar with the Black Cat but with a sinister feeling and a very unreliable insane person as a narrator The ending was the same with Black Cat s ending so I was a bit disappointed to read the same thing again 3.5 stars though.17 LigeiaThe story can be divided into 3 parts.Part 1 where the unnamed narrator describes his wife Ligeia, her appearance and her mind and then she falls ill and dies.Part 2 where the narrator moves to an unnamed gothic abbey in England marries a second wife Rowena who also falls ill and dies.Part 3 is where the supernatural elements of the story come alive Can t say , you have to read it yourself Atmospheric and eerie, yet verbose and slow 3 stars18 Loss of BreathWhat a weird little story A man literally loses his breath and everybody thinks he s a corpse and so they throw him out of a carriage, they dissect him, they hang him, they bury him, but he can t feel anything because he s out of breath It was strange and macabre but the concept didn t convince me How is it possible to live after losing your breath Well it s fiction but again 3 stars19 Shadow A ParableA story 3 pages long and it left me standing in the shadows After 2 readings I was still feeling like an ignoramus 2 stars20 Silence A FableA fable about a demon and a man in an enchanted land The demon tells his story, the man listens, and I am confused Again Can t say about this story because I simply can t I just need to point out that the epigraph of this story was in Ancient Greek Since the feeling of the story was quite eerie I will give it 2.9 stars I m a good man 21 The Man of the CrowdA man follows an old man through a crowded London for almost two days and then he decides to stop following him because the old man is the man of the crowd worse than the Hortulus Anime and perhaps it is one of the great mercies of God that er la t sich nicht lesen. Again no explanation, which left me disappointed even though following a man for such a long time is quite creepy 3 stars22 Some Words with a MummyFinally, the last story, and an interesting one 4 stars.A group of intellectuals try to revive a mummy and the mummy now revived begins a conversation with the men It was a witty story, a satire on Epyptomania and a criticism on the supposed superiority of the west The end was one of the best parts of the story My wife is a shrew The truth is, I am heartily sick of this life, and of the nineteenth century in general I am convinced that everything is going wrong Besides, I am anxious to know who will be president in 2045 As soon, therefore, as I shave and swallow a cup of coffee, I shall just step over to Ponnonner s and get embalmed for a couple of hundred years.To be honest I m anxious too to know who will be president of the United States in 2045 if they survive the likely Armageddon called Donald Trump Overall70.2 22 3.19 which translates into 3 stars A satisfying collection I had lying unread on my shelves since 2011 but not something I enjoyed 100% Certainly I will buy the sequel to this collection Tales and Poems but I don t think I will bother buying all his writings since it s obvious I will be disappointed by most of them Well done if you ve reached this gargantuan, lengthy, sheety review.

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