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Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. quotes Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. , litcharts Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. , symbolism Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. , summary shmoop Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. , Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. 9f07e764 No Pizza No Boyfriend No Life Okay, So During Ramadan, We Re Not Allowed To Eat From Sunrise To Sunset For One Whole Month My Family Does This Every Year, Even Though I Ve Been To A Mosque Exactly Twice In My Life And It S True, I Could Stand To Lose A Few Pounds Sadly, My Mom S Hotness Skipped A Generation But Is Starvation Really An Acceptable Method I Think Not Even Worse, My Oppressive Parents Forbid Me To Date This Is Just Cruel And Wrong Especially Since Peter, A Cute And Crushable Artist, Might Be My Soul Mate Figures My Bestest Friend Lisa Likes Him, Too To Top It Off, There S A New Muslim Girl In School Who Struts Around In Super Short Skirts, Commanding Every Boy S Attention Including Peter S How Can I Get Him To Notice Me And Will I Ever Figure Out How To Be Muslim And American

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    0.01 stars Hi, I m going to be swearing a lot, so if you don t want to see the word fuck and a bunch of other beautiful language, scroll past this lmao Also, spoilers ahead and i ll probably be editing this review later on.I knew this book was so fucking stupid, but I didn t expect it to be this fucking annoying, petty and absolutely fucking ridiculous This was one of the most cliched, inaccurate, and stupidest fucking books I ve ever fucking read in my entire life It s such a fucking stereotypical book and an absolutely inaccurate view on the holiday of Ramadan and a majority of Muslims living in this book Honestly, fuck this piece of garbage Lol, the fuck is this garbage cover It looks like somebody cut out fucking magazine pictures, glued them fucking together on a piece of paper and turned it into a cover for a book that actually somehow fucking got published It s the most ugliest fucking cover I ve ever fucking seen in my entire fucking life My 10 year old sister can draw up some better fucking cover than this shit Somebody Tell Me What The Fuck Is This Fucking Title Who the fuck in their right minds would let a book with a title like this fucking get published What in the name of everything fucking holy, is Bestest That s not even a fucking word Who the fuck let a five year old come up with the title of this book What the fuck is wrong with publishers these days, letting five year olds come up with such a fucking horrible title and then letting them draw such hideous fucking covers Wait, I m sorry, thats an insult to five year olds I bet they can come up with better covers and titles My apologies The writing was so fucking bad, like I m not even fucking lying when I say bad The character is a fucking whinefest of losing weight and getting a damn fucking boyfriend because apparently you re a fucking loser if you re fat and boyfriend less This bitch wouldn t shut the fuck about her losing weight and winning Peter s love ew barf What the fuck is wrong with being fat This book sends the meaning, that if you re fat, you re ugly and you can never get a boyfriend and you can t have a life Lmao, what fucking shitty message is that This entire book is the MC dont even know her fucking name whining about her weight and Peter and being a dumb fucking immature cuntbag This book is really fucking stereotypical and inaccurate The MC s parents are represented as oppressive parents and her grandpa is characterized as hateful towards anyone who isn t Muslim Also, Ramadan isn t about complaining and whining about losing fucking weight Ramadan isn t about not having a fucking life This book sends such an inaccurate message about the holiday of Ramadan and it s just plain fucking offensive to me and other Muslims It s full of fucking cliches, unnessecary drama, bullshit, and did i mention bull fucking shit The romance is fucking cringe worthy and made me want to fucking jump off a cliff There is 0 fucking chemistry and development and the romance is so badly written The romance isnt even fucking romance The MC is a fucking stalkerish bitch who is desperate for Peter s handsomeness Barf again Ugh im srsly going to puke thinking about that shit of a romance Alos it is completely unrealistic how the shit of a dumb fuck MC lost so much weight by the end of Ramadan, like you actually GAIN weight instead of losing a shitload of weight Overall FUCK THISFUCK THAT FUCK THIS BOOK I M FUCKING BURNING THIS GARBAGE TODAY.

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    This is one of the few books that I have ever truly disliked.The main character I found to be much too whiny, and she labeled herself a Muslim even though the majority of the things she did throughout the book were not so Islamic I ll admit that some Muslims are like this, but the majority was greatly misrepresented If you re looking for a good read about Muslims, check out Does My Head Look Big In This it s way better

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    50 Stars.A failure in every possible way Would not recommend unless you re into horrible writing, annoying protagonists, and Muslim stereotypes.

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    The idea for this book was good a YA story with a Muslim protagonist and Ramadan in America The execution left to hope for.The protagonist, 15 years old Almira thinks she is the only Muslim in her school Last years he tried Ramadan but cheated by eating before sunset and got caught This year she wants to do better Almira is incredibly shallow, and fasting does not make her spiritual at all She whines about her size 8 rolling tummy fat and how she s addected to chocolate, and in less than two weeks she manages to lose an amazing amount of weight by just daytime fasting in comparison, most practicing Muslims I know actually gain weight during Ramadan, since after sunset it s time to feast She obsesses about a boy, loses a shallow friend the irony of her calling anyone shallow , and befriends an interesting new Muslim girl in her school.

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    This is one of those books where you re allowed to judge by the cover The cover looks like some idiot slapped together a few stockphotos, added a few pink swirls, and put a title on it Who in their right mind thinks this a good cover I understand not having a budget, but really, now A minimalist pink background with white text would ve looked better, kind of like the cover for Perfect Also, the font on the inside wasn t that readable Design team, you get an F all around But all right, I said You shouldn t judge a book by a cover, I said I tried to give this book a chance, I really did But it s bad I m sorry if this review comes off as rude and sarcastic Characters Almira is the most disgusting, ungrateful, whiny, selfish, judgemental brat I ve had to read about in a long time Her characterization is inconsistent and she alternately speaks like a 5 year old Yum, yum, yummy and an intelligent person With his accent Asiatic but less choppy than an Indian one he is one eccentric grandpa She s so creepy and melodramatic when it comes to boys I think Sharif was going for your average hormonal heterosexual teenage girl, but does Sharif even know what that is When I go to bed at night I leave the television on mute, like an animated night light, and it s great looking at Eric Bana or Jake Gyllenhaal while I doze off There s no need for themto speak Look handsome for me Thanks pg.16 17 Maybe I ll take a picture of Peter with my cell phone so that I can have a new desktop image to adore pg 29 Peter is my cookie chunk I want to bite into him and have hm for myself I want to cry every minute of every day that I can t have Peter If you think this is okay, I m judging you.She thinks she understands Peter so much than everyone else, but she s really just as shallow as everyone else She spends 80% of the book drooling over his Greek body and green eyes tinged with a little brown And she justifies it by saying Maybe everyone s a little shallowWe don t notice someone s brains across a room We don t place someone s eloquent words into a picture frame I Beg To Differ Sometimes you re in class and someone says something thought provoking, and then yes, you notice their brains across the room And there s plenty of inspirational quote prints on Etsy, are you going to tell me the people who buy those don t hang them on their walls What even.The love interest, Peter, is also insufferable He s too perfect He s an artist, he s gorgeous, he s all deepyeah, no, I can t see why anyone would want to read about him.The friends and family weren t that interesting either Almira s best friend, Lisa, is almost as melodramatic as she is she starts crying when Peter kisses Almira The parents are just meh, and the grandfather is supposed to be like the opposing force in this story but it just didn t feel realistic at all Plot conflict Nothing happens in this book The main character spends the whole time lusting after her friend s crush, Peter, and angsting over what a bad person she is for liking someone her best friend likes Which is such a cliche There s a side plot about her issues with her parents and her culture, but it s so underdeveloped and artificial that I didn t care at all And what was the point of this book taking place in Ramadan Just to fill up half the book with ohmigod I m so hungry rants At the end of the book, view spoiler the protagonist gets together with Peter hide spoiler

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    In light of Ramadan, it seemed fitting to finally pick up Bestest Ramadan Ever With the pink swirls on the cover, the depiction of a guy and a girl together with that pastel creamed cupcake, I expected a feel good kind of book What I did not expect was a load of fluff to boot Perhaps the title should have tipped me off I mean, bestest Really When I first saw this book at the library a few months ago, I didn t pick it up precisely because of that I should have left this book on the shelf Yet, I am often drawn to seasonally fitting books, so I read it anyway, telling myself I needed a light read after delving into science fiction of late than I usually do.I have not come across many YA books specifically written about multiculturalism, so Medeia Sharif evidently contributed to filling that void Almira s life is a balancing act, bordering on a double life, as she tries to come to terms with her Middle Eastern roots whilst in America Her struggle is a very real one because Muslims are a lot conservative than Americans in general.It s only natural then that Almira should be pining after a boyfriend, even though she knows that if she does date someone, she will have to keep it secret from her family because her parents do not permit her to date anyone At the same time, being raised in America, the land of freedom , means that her family is liberal than if they would have stayed in the Middle East Almira is not expected to wear a hijab headscarf or cover her arms to her wrists and her legs to her ankles She dresses and talks like her peers, many of whom were Hispanic In that aspect, I appreciated what this book attempted to address the difficulties of staying true to one s ethnic roots and culture while living in a different one.Sadly, I have gripes than praises Almira is a straight A student and her teachers agree that she is extremely intelligent I didn t see that Sure, she was smarter than her best friend, Lisa, who couldn t even remember who wrote The Diary of Anne Frank which isn t a work of fiction Lisa chose it for a book report, and it seemed that she had already read it previously, so she must ve been pretty dumb for someone in an honours class This means that it didn t take much for Almira to be smarter than Lisa.Despite her supposed intelligence, she was incredibly shallow She spent the most part obsessing over Peter and worrying about Lisa chasing him too Then there was Shakira, the new girl Almira of all people should have known that there is to someone than her clothes After all, her own grandfather referred to most women wearing non conservative clothing prostitutes because he thought wearing mini skirts was a sign of corrupt morality Still, she dismissed Shakira immediately and didn t even bother talking to her until circumstances led them to each other.What bothered me the most was that I expected to read about Almira s experience of Ramadan Ramadan however is about than not eating between sunrise and sundown It is about strengthening faith and a spiritual exercise For the most part, Almira was fixated on the abstinence from food Understandable, seeing how this was the first time she seriously took part in fasting Beyond that though, there was little mention of her own faith I didn t expect soul searching at that point but I did think it would ve been important to explore why she so badly wanted to take part in Ramadan.She had only been to the mosque twice in her life and neither did she have any Muslim friends, so there was no real social pressure besides her parents and grandparents If their opinions truly did matter that much, then it s strange that her first full fast only came at the age of 15 Instead, I got the sense that she stuck it out because she realized she could lose weight that way, and also for pride to prove her grandfather wrong because he believed she couldn t do it There were brief mentions on how Muslims need to be fully covered when praying and that technically they should pray five times a day, even if Almira didn t adhere to the prayer times at all.Readers who wish to find out about Islam might want to look elsewhere One stark example for me that misrepresented valid Muslim practice was the mention of nail polish and the stance towards it Almira was annoyed about the ignorance of another girl who once was astonished that her parents allowed her to wear nail polish She claimed that Muslims can be fashionable too That is true Muslims can be fashionable but the ignorant one was Almira Pity Normal nail polish may technically be worn but most be removed completely for prayers because otherwise ablution is not valid Nail polish is impermeable to water, so nails cannot be cleansed properly for prayers when nail polish worn.Bestest Ramadan Ever didn t live up to my expectations I was disappointed because Ramadan was belittled through the eyes of the main character Sure, she did not have a strict upbringing, even though it was stricter than that of her friends Yet, there was no extensive Islamic influence in her life either to be representative of a Muslim growing up in America, trying to practice her faith while in a country that is exceedingly liberal than her religion allows.At the end of it I did not think that the question of how to be Muslim and American was answered.This review first appeared on Word Revel.

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    This book was so predictable and cliche The main character complains way too much, and she says her life sucks because she s not allowed to have a boyfriend or eat I understand the hardship of fasting, but you do NOT need a boyfriend to be happy or have a life The characters were so simple minded and you just can t connect with them.

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    With a bit of tweaking, this book could totally be my life story I m so glad I got a chance to read it, and during Ramadan too

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    I finished this book last night I thought it was a really entertaining read, and yet at times I was just mildly disgruntled by main character Almira s self centred behaviourand also the awkward moments relating to her stalking of Peter because they reminded me a little bit of myself in high school haha I saw another review where someone mentioned thinking the author had tried too hard to make her character teen like But I did recognise my own high school behaviour in quite a few of the scenes featuring Almira Of course, I never would have gone after a guy my friends liked, but I did occasionally stalk boys I liked though I did this with my friends in tow, never on my own haha I think the two scenes that struck the most horror into me though were those in which Almira 1 steals Peter s bookbag and 2 rips his drawing out of his art pad Oh my god Those were truly blasphemous moments and things I never would have done, particularly as an art student myself who understands the importance of one s own artwork.Almira did have a reason for stealing the picture it was a picture of Lisa, her best friend who she had mildly backstabbed, by the boy that both of them are in love with So when I finally figured out she had at least some reason to steal it, I forgave hera tiny bit Still, the moment when she took the picture was one that made my jaw drop and me exclaim in dismay that she could do such a thing.I think my favourite part of this story was Almira interacting with her family They were entertaining, and I think I was especially amused by the grandfather how he would knock something over with his car every time he visited almost like it was a ritual I enjoyed his dialogue even though he s definitely not my kind of bloke when it comes to expectations he has of women But I understand that it s cultural and I found him an entertaining character anyway.I wasn t sure about the way the story ended, as it almost seemed like a non conclusion In a way I guess there wasn t any other way I could have seen it ending, but it did seem to almost peter away I was proud of Almira for managing to get through Ramadan, and yet I was a bit unsure that the message that I got through Ramadan and now I m skinny I rock was the one I was hoping for I think Almira did see the other side of it committing to something and seeing it through, and coming to appreciate her family But I wonder if she was mostly excited that she d managed to get skinny and get herself a boyfriend, because of Ramadan.Almira s a funny narrator and I think even by the end she s quite clueless in a way, but I guess that s part of what makes her entertaining.Anyway, those are just some thoughts All in all I ll say I was really entertained by Medeia Sharif s writing, even if sometimes I felt quite a bit of distaste for particular decisions Almira made.

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    I m almost finished with this book and overall it is entertaining By that I mean it occupies my time I think the author tries too hard to get into the mind of a teenager that the main character, Almira, comes off as being completely shallow or incredibly whiny which doesn t fit fit in wth the type of person Almira is Almira is a teen with good grades, doesn t get into any trouble, and has a healthy social life I think the parts where Almira comes off as shallow is the author trying to be funny, but it seems forced The one I don t understand is why she has decided to fast Is it because she wanted to lose weight because there are much better ways to do that Is it because she wanted to feel closer to Allah God Then why doesn t she pray Is because she wants to make her family proud Again why doesn t she attend or pray She isn t really participating in Ramadan, she s just not eating from sunup to sun down I would love to see Almira questioning her faith and why her parents are part time Muslims Do they really believe in God Does Almira The author dabbles into this very little and I think that s what missing from the book.The one thing I most definitely do not like is how the other minority, Maria, is portrayed She is loud and rude and hot tempered Which also doesn t seem like the kind of person Almira would hang out with Almira repeatedly calls her a Chonga internal dialogue only which seems like a derogatory term You would think that as a minority herself, the author would write that character differently But we mustn t forget that even minorities has stereotypes of other minorities.There are few books in Middle Eastern American literature or Islamic fiction books and it s a shame that this book does not live up to it s potential.

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