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Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) quotes Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) , litcharts Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) , symbolism Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) , summary shmoop Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) , Trusted Bond (Change of Heart, #2) ded552f4 Jin Rayne Is Having Trouble Adjusting To The New Life He S Supposed To Love Instead Of Adapting To Being The Mate Of Tribe Leader Logan Church, Jin Can T Get Past The Fact That His Lover Was Straight Before They Met He S Discovered The Joy In Belonging To Logan But Fears His New Life Could Disappear At A Moment S Notice, Despite Logan S Insistence That They Are Forever, End Of Story Jin Wants To Trust Logan, But That Desire Will Be Put To The Test Both By A Rival Tribe Leader And By A Startling Revelation About Jin S Existence At Stake Is Jin S Life And His Place In The Tribe If He S Going To Survive To See Logan Again, He Ll Have To Release His Fear And Freely Accept The Bond, For Only Then Can He Truly Trust

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    What s wrong with me Re read 24.05.2017 I don t understand myself I mean, this book, series, is really not the best out there, nor is it my favorite Hell, I m not even sure I like it, but still I found myself coming back I just freaking read it in April Jesus, what is wrong with me Seriously, there s must be something about Mary CalmesFirst read review I wasn t supposed to continue with this series as I was disappointed with book 1, but here I am The tribe leader Logan Church 32 and Jin Rayne 24 the mate of the tribe leader are cute together Really, they are I just wishedthere were Jin gets view spoiler tortured hide spoiler

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    3.5 StarsThis was equal parts frustrating and nerve wracking, as I vacillated greatly from being enraged, indignant, and melting into goo.So yes, this had classic Jory and Sam overtones However, overlay it with a confounding culture steeped in legends, barbaric rules, and mad power plays, and you get one crazy story Are you surprised Surely not.Here, Jin comes into his own in ways than one He goes from annoyingly insecure to seriously strong, as his love for Logan is tested over and over, bringing about a change in him that no one could predict The consequences of such make these two a formidable pair which of course, in this wackadoodle werepanther world, can only mean one thing Trouble And though I m a lot apprehensive, I ve got to say, this is still one enticing carrot dangling in my face Thank you Meags for being equally emotionally up in arms throughout this wild ride of a story We have no choice but to move forward

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    Re read 8 14 16 Still in Love Another hit I am so loving Jin and Logan I gotta say though, as much as I enjoyed this book it was hell on my nerves OMG what these two go through well Jin mostly And i will admit that if you don t love these two guys, this book could seriously piss you off in my opinion Jin never gets a break, he goes from one to situation to an even worse one Jin in his heart is waiting for his new found home and security to end Logan is forever reassuring him and then outside forces pull them apart This was fun, exciting, steamy, funny, sad and irritating at times I had to text my girl Macky then once with one of my rants but after some encouragement and a drink I would dive back in LOL Honestly, though I enjoyed every moment of it I was never ever bored Let s talk about sex OMG Yes, it s still panties on fire hot When they are finally reunited I might have drooled a little on my kindle Oh dear lord, oh dear lord And like I said in the review of the first book, I love the customs, the world building, everyone s different positions in the tribe I love this stuff There was action, trauma, sadness, heat and chemistry that was off the scale There was also a frustration factor for me, at times Just when I thought they would get a break, chaos would erupt again But, then there would be reunion sex to enjoy and retribution to witness YES So when i was trying to decide my rating, I couldn t go less than 5 stars The fact is I was hooked to this story As much as I ranted, I was not able to put it down I love this world, these two guys, I am so loving this Onto the next book.

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    still, incredibly, absurdly, boner summoningly hot.plus, a great chase scene and a couple of decent reveals.just like a cadet at a military academy in your typical MM romanze dumb, hung, full of cum and way way fun.

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    This was good, but the kidnapping and torture and fight scenes took me out of the Jim Logan romance and relationship It lagged for me in the middle.Still, this book fucking rocked Can t wait to read the next one.

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    This one starts off with a bit of And some Which leads to a lot of Mary loses her shit in the middle and goes hardcore on Jin I mean we have an absolutely cuckoo for cocoa puffs semel situation Followed by a kind of unstable sheseran followed by a cuckoo for cocoa puffs semel aten The semel aten wants himself a wosret, the cheeky bugger, and well Jin is rare so you know, gotta have some of that Not confusing at all right So I m still not sure what s happening but I m also still faking it and by doing so I m kind of making it The thing I m finding most difficult is matching the names to the titles Ivan for instance almost broke my brain I sat staring off into space trying to match him up for far longer than I should have I read Mary Calmes so I can switch off not so I have to sit and think Ivan by the way was Domin s sylvan There are so many people to keep track of So many Let s have a little example shall we You sent Yuri up the mountain to the hunting grounds with Ivan and some of the others you sent me to Delphine, sent Markel to talk to Christophe with Peter, and Domin was gone, and Logan was gone, and Mikhail and Koren were at Simone s mating ceremony Who exactly took care of you Eva I mean come on I can now translate this into tribe speak though You sent the sheseru up the mountain to the hunting grounds with the former sylvan and some of the others you sent me beset to Delphine, sent the former sheseru to talk to the semel with Peter, and the former semel maahes was gone, and the semel re was gone, and the sylvan and Koren were at the aset s mating ceremony Who exactly took care of you Eva That s all in my brain now I forget where I put me keys and what I walked into a room for but that I remember I judge myself really So it s complicated, but I m okay with that I m looking at it as a challenge There are plot holes So many plot holes but I m also okay with overlooking them cause it s Mary Jin is Jory and Logan is Sam, what s not to love there Lots and lots of growly alpha smexy time and they are all panthers, how wonderful My biggest problem The thing that makes me want to fuck the kindle against the wall Joking, I d never, ever do that The fact that these particular cats have fucking terrible hearing Being able to eavesdrop and sneak up on other shifters and have conversations under your breath in the presence of shifters I took a star off for that We need to keep it realistic people I mean FFS

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    3.5 The previous book Change of Heart started incredibly well But it was dragged down by inconsistencies This book started badly for me anyway Jin annoyed me from the get go and I was ready to call it quits But I kept reading and it became a crazy OTT strangely addictive read Jin is like Jory on steroids but his drama is far dangerous than Jory s ever was.I m still not completely sold on this series but I m sure I will beat some point I m continuing on with the next book so fingers crossed for me.

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    5 stars first time around, and 5 stars again for the second OMG I m having a fantastic time revisiting Jin, Logan and all their panther gang I adore this series every sizzling, dramatic, conflict ridden page of it I m not afraid to say I m a massive Mary Calmes fan girl and her guys always give me and themselves wink great pleasure I d forgotten how on the edge of your seat, frustratingly exciting this one gets My god, how any of these guys survive a whole day is anybody s guess, but they do and they take you on an a real roller coaster ride with them Like always I was glued to my Kindle, sometimes wanting to throw it but most of the time holding it in sweaty paws Sex scenes to blow the top of your head off, lots of really nasty baddies and a storyline that keeps you on your toes because the panther lore is really indepth In fact it can have you scratching your head a bit if you re not careful because there are so many different hierarchies so its a good job there s a glossary to look back on.The Egyptian feel adds a nice touch to the whole world that Mary has built around her panther communities and gives it an almost fantasy feel at times In this particular book, Jins own metamorphosis becomes really exciting, adding even to his and Logan s volatile yet ultra passionate relationship Talking about Jin and Logan. WOWSER Those two drive each other potty sometimes, Jin himself just seems to be one hell of a trouble magnet but personally I love that Make him a logical character and the whole story would just lose its impetus, anyway whenever he puts himself in the path of danger, it just makes the love scenes and make up sex between him and Logan even squirmy and tingly On to book 3 and even at this stage I m sort of dreading the moment when I ve finally done the rounds again I m having such a fabulous time with the series Awesome

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    4 StarsI m so pleasantly surprised to have enjoyed this story as much as I did For me, it was a great step up from the often irrational madness of its predecessor Disregarding the silliness and the frustration caused by the first 15% of this story, I finally warmed to Jin and Logan as characters and as a mated pair, which was something I struggled with in Change of Heart I liked the overall story arc too, and I m definitely on my way to being fully invested in the lives of the various members of the Mafdet tribe Thanks to R for another awesome BR I almost had as much fun discussing the book as I had reading it Book 3, here we come

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    I really enjoy watching a writer deepen her craft, and I think that s something that s apparent in Trusted Bond Mary Calmes is the master of charming and witty dialog and the HAWT sex scene, and we see that here, but we also see a flawed character, a hurt, frightened man, and a terrible enemy, all in the sarcastic, likable person of Jin Rayne Logan Church, his mate has flaws as well but just enough to make him a dream guy, and like Jin, I can t get enough of looking at him on the page The plot was tight and frightening in places, and the ending was highly satisfying, and the prose smooth and flowing and always utterly engaging This book was fun and entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed myself

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