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Leaving Fishers pdf Leaving Fishers, ebook Leaving Fishers, epub Leaving Fishers, doc Leaving Fishers, e-pub Leaving Fishers, Leaving Fishers ce53aba7008 Dorry Is Unbearably Lonely At Her New High School Until She Meets Angela And Her Circle Of Friends She Soon Discovers They All Belong To A Religious Group, The Fishers Of Men At First, As Dorry Becomes Involved With The Fishers, She Is Eager To Fit In And Flattered By Her New Friends AttentionBut The Fishers Make Harsh Demands Of Their Members, And Dorry Must Make Greater And Greater Sacrifices In Demonstrating Her Devotion, Dorry Finds Herself Compromising Her Grades, Her Job, And Even Her Family S Love How Much Is Too Much And Where Will The Cult S Demands End

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    This is one of my very favorite books It s definitely one of Haddix s creepiest works, and not for the reason you d think The heroine is a girl named Dorry, who after years of living in the country just moved to a big city She thinks she s going to be totally alone all of junior year until she meets Angela Angela s friends are the nicest people Dorry s ever met She soons learns that they re part of a religious group called the Fishers of Men Desperate to fit in, Dorry willingly goes to a few functions, and soon she has converted to Christianity and been welcomed into the folds of the Fishers But the Fishers of Men are strict What first struck Dorry as an innocent church group soon reveals itself to be frighteningly similar to a cult But Dorry is oblivious to the danger, blindly following their every command, until something changes What I loved about this book, though, is that it takes a harsh viewpoint on cultish fanaticism, but not on Christianity Haddix herself is a leader of a Christian youth group Dorry, too, believes that it was the Fishers who were warped, not the religion All in all, it s an incredibly drawn story, one that will send shivers down your spine.

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    This is a solid YA novel about one teenage girl s brush with religious fanaticism.Dorry is a lonely highschooler who s just moved to the Indianapolis suburbs She s left all her friends behind, and she feels completely out of her depth at her new school After a couple of miserable weeks, she s finally invited to join a group of students at lunch, who make it clear that they re eager to welcome her Soon, they begin to invite her to parties and gatherings with their church group, the Fishers of Men Dorry, a casual Methodist, has never really thought about God or salvation before, but soon she is bombarded with talk of salvation, and is drawn into the church As she gets involved, the love and excitement takes a darker turn it now seems that every move she makes, every thought she has, is controlled by the Fishers But if the alternative is to be cast out of God s grace, it s worth it, isn t it As I was reading this, I kept thinking back to an excellent documentary I watched a while back on Jonestown One of the things that was most chilling about that documentary is that, learning about the church s beginnings and how people were drawn in, it didn t seem that crazy that people would end up so deeply involved I could almost imagine myself getting sucked in, too Haddix manages to hit the same notes with this book the reader can understand completely why Dorry wants to be part of the Fishers, and why she stays as long as she does I also appreciated that in spite of everything, the book is very strongly anti fanaticism, without being anti God or anti religion.

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    I heard Margaret Peterson Haddix talk about this book at a recent book signing and I was intrigued It s one of her first books she s written than 30 and she mentioned that it was the most difficult to write, probably because it has to do with religion I picked it up and found that it was an absorbing account of a girl s journey into a weird religious cult Dorry s new in a big city suburban school and the only friendly people are kids that belong to a group called the Fishers Totally believable and kind of horrifying description of how a seemingly nice group can ensnare new members Started this book in the morning and couldn t put it down until I found out how Dorry left the Fishers.

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    I m always searching for well researched fiction about religious abuse, so when a fellow book blogger recommended Leaving Fishers to me, I immediately tracked down a copy.The main character, Dorry, moves from a rural town to the city She s lonely in her new high school until she meets a group of kids who call themselves the Fishers of Men They all attend the same church Eager to fit in, Dorry quickly joins their church and makes a bunch of new friends, but soon her friends demands become overwhelming They want her to spend all of her time with them They punish her for her sins and convince her to give her college savings to their church Dorry feels like she s losing control of her life and decides to leave the Fishers That s not a spoiler Look at the title But, leaving isn t as easy as it seems.The research in this book is on point I have read a lot of nonfiction about cults and religious extremism, so I have a fairly good understanding of how these things work Leaving Fishers follows the cult initiation script so closely that I could almost predict what would happen next in the story That might sound like a bad thing, but it isn t I love that the author actually did her research So many authors don t They just repeat stereotypes and misinformation.Unfortunately, the research is the only thing I love about the book The writing is very bland, and I never got invested in the characters lives.My main problem with the book is the character development There isn t any I know that the Fishers religion has completely taken over the characters lives, but they should still have personalities, right Dorry has a crush on one of the boys in the group, and I don t know why I don t even remember his name because he s a cardboard hot guy character All of the characters are flat, even Dorry I think this book would have benefitted from being longer and slower paced It s only 260 pages So much stuff happens in those pages that we don t have time to learn about the characters Everything feels rushed I also wasn t a huge fan of the ending I m thrilled that the author did her research, but is it possible for a book to be too well researched At the end of the novel, Dorry meets an ex Fisher who tells her all about cults Their discussion is too educational for my tastes Between the lack of character development, the rushed plot, and the educational ending, the book feels like a cautionary tale instead of an entertaining novel The message is Watch out for cults, kids. I guess that s a helpful message, but it s too heavy handed for me Leaving Fishers is one of the better researched cult novels I ve read, so if you re looking for accuracy, I d recommend this one, but I was expecting than just a cautionary tale.

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    Have you ever felt like you are being forced to do things you dont want to by your friends Well the book called Leaving Fishers is pretty much all about friends pushing her into doing things she doesn t want to do The author had a good strategy to keep readers hooked to the book What I did and didn t like about this book I would recommend this book to youth or people still in high school Do I really have to do this Dorry thought Dorry didnt want to do a lot things her friends were having her do All this started when Dorry had to move to the big city The first week of school she finds her self alone with no friends Then she meets Angela and her group of friends Dorry eventually becomes a fisher, but becoming a fisher didn t seem right With every event and all the thing she had to do, made her want to leave and get out of fishers But does Dorry have the courage to leave her friends and have to go back to her old ways Can Dorry do it Well read and find out This is pretty much what the author does through out the whole book There will be a problem then Dorry will be so close to solving it All the sudden theirs a new problem in the middle of that problem she will solve the last problem It is an interesting way to keep readers hooked Especially if they understand the problems she is trying to solve That is one of the things I like about the book.I like this book because the author keeps readers hooked There are a lot of other reasons to like this book, but I would say this is my favorite reason I have a hard time getting into books, especially if there aren t a lot of attention getters I like books that have a problem and then a resolution and then a new problem Realistic books get my attention easily too.I didnt like some things in this book because the fishers were pushing Dorry into doing things she did not want to do I hate heights she wanted to say I don t have to do this, do I Angela s clear voice asked behind her, Do you trust us Yes Dorry mumbled Are you willing to stake your life to prove it Yes Dorry mumbled again Dorry felt she had to do this because she did not want to loose her new friends This book is great I would recommend it to youth or people still in high school Its great because it is realistic If you have ever moved and felt you didn t fit in then that is another great reason to read this book This book tells people that friends or people you know may act nice and do things to be your friend, but in the end they may stab you in the back So be careful to whom you may choose as a friend This book is great I was hooked from the first day I started it Don t let people push you into doing things you dont want to do Read books your interested in Books that get you hooked Make sure you like the book and is something you will like If you don t like some things that are in the book that doesn t mean it isn t a good book Have fun and read books I liked this book it was awesome I was hooked, and I would recommend it to people my age

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    Dorry is a new girl that just moved from a small town in Ohio to the big city of Indianapolis She is not that pretty and she does not really care about appearance She wants to be noticed but she is not always wanted by other people She is shy and does not want to be the center of attention They moved because Dorry s dad got a new job, but their plan was to move back as soon as they could, which would be when Dorry graduates high school Dorry is having a rough time making friends and she feels very left out The only thing she wants is someone to call a friend She had plenty of friends back in Ohio but she does not have any in Indiana Dorry is then taken into a group of very religious friends They try to hide it at first but then they involve her and and all she wants is friends so she does not ever disagree They call themselves The Fishers In that group the main girl is Angela She is a very pretty blonde girl She wears fancy clothes and likes to be in charge The main boy is Brad and he is very good looking He has a witty attitude They all seem very nice at first They all want to be good friends with her and they never stop telling her how much they care The Fishers take Dorry to many different church parties and retreats She really enjoys it and she watches as people give their lives over to God and she thinks it is crazy The Fishers make the people in the groups do scary things to prove their trust They keep wanting and from her They want her to put The Fishers before everything else in her life like her grades, family, and job She just needs to know where to stop and hope that she has not gone too far already.

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    1 Overall, I thought this was a good book that kept me reading I didn t want to put it down Mainly, because I m obsessed with any book about cults 2 The book did gloss over a lot of things thought that I thought hindered the story For example, the relationship between Dorry and her parents and Lara s side of things.3 There were so many typos in this book It looks like some of the letter n kept getting replaced with a y with two dots over it There was a misspelled word Those kinds of things drive me insane and don t take the writing as seriously And the dad, Weren t nothing you could do If you wanted to put dialect in there, that s fine, but this was the only instance of that 4 And these kids live in the United States but two British terms were used in one page jumper for shirt and shags for haircut 5 Angela needs punched in the face 6 It sounds like the lower the Fishers were on the rung, the they questioned the religion I m guessing it s because they were controlled and the higher ups like power 7 If you liked the book Keep Sweet by Michele Green, you will like this book 8 I liked that Dorry was in high school, isolated, and new It made her a perfect candidate to be controlled 9 What would have happened if Lara would have been the one to disciple Dorry 10 This would have been interesting in Angela s point of view.

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    Margaret Peterson Haddix delievers another harrowing, thought provoking, chilling book It is much too real and believable for comfort In fact, it may serve as a warning for what some of it s readers will encounter in their lives Dorry, an averagely unpopular, average looking, smart, hard working tenth grader moves to a new town with her averagely busy and lazy parents Slowly but surely, she gets sweeped into a cult It starts off as fun, with any unease quickly frosted with the shining, glossy radiance of her new friends, but the demands stack and mount until the reader feels Dorry is standing on the edge of the cliff Although a thin book, it seems to last long The book is not too scary,as it is for young teens, but the fact that the content is not R rated seems to make it even effective, even easier to imagine It is not at all offensive to religion it may even strengthen actual peaceful and loving personal beliefs A fascinating read, psychology for young adults, and definitely not too creepy to not read it a lot less scary than, say, Harry Potter.

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    Though written with high accessibility for the less advanced reader and featuring a high school aged protagonist, this book is the single greatest exploration I ve ever read about what it s like to move into the inner workings of the church world It s fiction, to be sure, but the overlap with our experiences serving in four different churches over 20 years is spot on I picked up this book in our school library because I needed a new book for our independent reading time, and I try to stay current with what we are offering our students I had no idea what it was about, but I recognized the author s name She s the one who wrote Running Out of Time, which is the book my daughter, Laura, had to read in 5th grade, and that I stayed up with until 1 00AM because I could not put it down Leaving Fishers had the same effect on me Highly engaging

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    I liked Leaving Fishers It just wasn t my type of book Nothing dramatic happened until the end of the book There were no shocking moments until the end of the book If the entire book was like the ending of it the book it would ve been 10x better.

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