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Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) explained Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) , review Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) , trailer Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) , box office Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) , analysis Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) , Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1) 4665 Gideon Makepeace, A Young Man Of Twenty, Knows Who He Is And What He Likes Decency, Men And Women Too, Horse Training, And Fun And In Livingston, Montana, In The Lush Autumn Of , He Finds He Likes A Lakota Sioux Indian Better Than He Might Ought ToJedediah Buffalo Bird Is Seriously Wounded And Seeking Medical Care, And Gideon Helps Jed When Some Bigoted Townsfolk Might Have Done Otherwise Jed, Who Knows The Wild Far Better Than Gideon And Feels Indebted To Him, Agrees To Repay Him By Being His Guide To San FranciscoTheir Trip Takes Them Across Thousands Of Wild Miles, Through The Mountains Men Mine And The Indian Reservations Dotting The Plains Facing A Majestic West, They Learn From Each Other About White Folks And Indians Alike Gideon S Interest In Jed Is Clear From The Start, But Will Jed Give Up The Life He Knows For A Young, Brash White Man He Has Perhaps Come To Love Or Will He Push Gideon Away In Favor Of The Peace Of Nature And The Personal Freedom Of Having Nothing To Lose

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  • Well Traveled (Gideon and Jedediah, #1)
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  • 05 October 2019

About the Author: Margaret Mills

Margaret Mills is a professional technical writer and editor branching into narrative fiction seemed like a natural extension of the pleasure that writing has always been for her A California resident, Maggie enjoys hiking in the nearby hills, reading, walking the dog on the beach, and writing with her co author, Tedi Ward Maggie met Tedi in a writers group, and their personalities mix almost

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    Loved, loved so much Even if you re not a fan of westerns or historicals read this book, it s absolute romance at it s best I can t even express into words what a wonderful journey of self discovery and love Gideon and Jedediah are wonderful together, perfectly matched with beautiful and special moments together dreamy sigh Highly Recommended for lovers of great writing and romantics at heart.

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    4 1 2 Stars Well written and beautifully described about two men from different cultures who feel attraction, which slowly grows into friendship and maybe love.Some romances are so much than just a romance in which I get a beautiful love story This is such a novel It has everything It s well written, it s filled with reflections on events and situations It also reflects important social issues regarding discrimination against the U.S people who were then called Indian s Native Americans This sweet growing love story is allowed to develop slowly and become, for me, therefore that much credible And don t worry That doesn t mean we have to wait 200 pages for a kiss, the attraction and steam is there much earlier It is also heart touching, without in any way being sentimental, it s fun, always interesting, and above all it touches and makes me feel good.I really, really enjoyed this great novel about two strangers who will join on a journey from Livingston, Montana to San Francisco, California in year 1895 Don t miss it pick it up Gideon Makepeace, a young show artist who is good at horses training and shooting spot, is about to take the train to San Francisco to join his family and Bill Tourney s Wild West Show By chance, he becomes witness to an assault of an Indian, Jed, which he then helps to care for injuries The train runs and Gideon s travel funds dwindle but Gideon s now new friend, Jedediah Buffalo Bird a Lakota Sioux Indian, promises to show and follow him, by fot and horse, all the way west across the wide plains and still unpopulated districts to the destination, San Francisco The journey begins A pice of him the wrong pice kind of wanted Jed to take the lead, because he d gotten a glimpse of Jed s ass spread across the saddle and liked it To be part of these men on their journey of nearly three hundred pages is a delight The story is told from Gideon s point of view, and I m just slowly familiar with Jed Neither I, or Gideon really knows what Jed feel, want, will do next, etc AND just that fact makes this story so compelling from the first page to the last.There isn t love from the first sight thanks for that but two opposites that find each other Gideon is a bit cocky but also always happy, outgoing, adventurous, talkative, kind, generous and of course a little horny He is perhaps hungry for men than women, but he isn t thinking so much about why, how, when, etc It becomes as it gets and he is always happy with a fun adventure, in bed or out of bed Gideon is a lovely little lump of sugar I love him like the cute young boy he is A guy who is now becoming an adult and maybe will sees new goals in life Jed is a few years older I think with a lot of sad and dark experiences of life, in his own and on the whole for the Indians and the land they lived in He has a strong integrity and emit only a tiny bit about himself Jed prefers to walk rather than ride, to be silent rather than talk, show with action instead of words, etc Jed is the secret, Unknown Lover and I just love him too He is so wise and realistic for the bitter reality, but perhaps dare he now also open his heart and take a chance Jed dropped to his knees beside Gideon and reached out one hand, two slender fingers pressing against Gideon s lips Shh, Jed said A grandiose, yet so beautifully understated and a bit slowly told story It s a dark time in ways, and a lot of people suffer, but this story is always warm and nicely told with big care and love for these both characters None is a great grand hero, it s only two people meeting love It s sweet, tender, hot and amazing good to read Superb, I was captured.I Like a great novel male love in the old wild west This M M western novel was recommended to me by my nice friend Vio Thank you for a really great recommenation, Vio

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    This was simply wonderful There wasn t one thing I didn t love about it The relationships were real.This issues were real.The men were good men.The banter was fun.The setting played like a movie in my head.The sex was hot.The writing was superb What could I want Nothing Really.Set in the late 1800 s, Gideon Makepeace is about to head back to San Francisco to where his family is playing in a wild west show On his way through town he finds Jedediah Buffalo Bird badly injured and in desperate need of medical care Unfortunately, there aren t many doctors willing to help an Indian Gideon stops his travels to be a Good Samaritan to Jed and help him through his injury I seriously adored Gideon and his charming ways Really, Jed didn t stand a chance against this man I don t think anyone would He was just a genuinely kind person, willing to help out anyone who might be in need So when he saw Jed needed help, he automatically offered In return, Jed agrees to accompany Gideon in his journey west Jed has some real prejudices against white men and has a hard time accepting that Gideon would just do something like this just because But, of course, Gideon was able to charm him into seeing things his way and once Jed was better they were off to San Fran Gideonwhy did you come here Cause this is where you are, Jed And I ve decided that that s where I want to be wherever you are Oh, their journey was wonderful to witness There was nothing face paced or action packed about this novel But there didn t need to be There were some interesting characters they met along the way and some important friendships were made But, the focus was really on these two men and their unlikely, opposites attract type relationship Gideon is a care free white man who can charm the pants off anyone Then Jed, an Indian who is a very quiet natured, protective and cautious of everyone he meets And yet they fit together so well and complimented each other perfectly I heart them Completely.

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    A hell of a surprise One of those books that I can t understand why it s not popular Has a terrific sense of place and the two leads are solidly fleshed out The sex is hot, the story logical and realistic for the time it s set in, and it s somewhat of a longer read Again, why haven t people read this

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    I think I ll give this one a solid 4.25 stars The romance in this book was like a slow burn I can t remember the last time I read a book quite like this It s refreshing The best way I can explain it is that the romance comes so slowly, inch by inch, and you feel it every step of the way The plot was amazing After the first chapter or two I kind of predicted this book going one way where I d decided in my mind that this would happen and then they d face this together and they d overcome this obstacle, but I was so wrong, and I ve never been happier to be wrong.The best way to describe this is that there is no melodrama This book has no drama simply for the sake of drama, it has hardships that two amazing characters learn to face together I don t often read a lot of m m romance books where it s MCs vs Others instead of MC vs MC and I loved that about this book.There were parts that made me want to cry If you ve read this book, you ll know what part s I was holding back ugly sobs when reading about it and it was a horrifying real experience for me, reading through that part.I loved both Gideon and Jed Who wouldn t They were both unique and not your typical characters, but as my friend Breann put in her review, these men were good men That really resonates with this book Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and rarely, like in this book, good people happen to good people.I loved the pace of the book It didn t feel slow, but it felt relaxed, which again I think suits the theme of the book perfectly.Can I add a moment of kickass respect for Jed You know why Jed does something in the book that each of us wishes we could do when we re faced with situations that they were faced with It s one of those times where you think in your head someone should just ____________ but someone rarely does But Jed does And he s totally badass.I loved the ending It wasn t a big dramatic ending, but man, was it ever a happy ending The book didn t need a dramatic ending because the book wasn t like that It s like the book seemed very self aware.Overall, amazing story I d recommend it to anyone.

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    Late nineteenth century American West story that s very pleasurable, but a slow meandering read much like the main characters journey both emotionally and physically They travel together from Montana to Oakland, CA and each stop along the way is a fleshing out of the societal difference between Jed Lakota and Gideon trick rider for a traveling show Their relationship develops slowly and is good, but there s nothing here that I d call particularly unique for the genre.

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    An adorable odd couple on a journey from Montana to San Francisco in 1895.A funny,sexy and heartwarming lovestory in a vividly described setting without dismissingthe harsh reality for Indians and Gays alike.The perfect book for frosty winternights.Definitely recommended

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    We first meet Gideon Makepeace when he s getting ready to leave Livingston, Montana where he had taken up a summer job training horses Gideon is bound for San Francisco to reunite with his folks who are members of a big traveling Wild West show Enter halfbreed Lakota Jedediah Buffalo Bird, currently a fatally injured man who is bullied by a band of white Livingstonians who don t want his kind in their town Without hesitating, Gideon steps in to save the Indian, takes him to the doctor s and finally helps him find shelter in a friendly brothel With selfless care, Gideon nurses Jed back to health, using up the money that had been designed to pay his and his horse s fare and of course, missing his train.Even while caring for Jed, Gideon feels very attracted to the good looking man He thinks that nothing can come of it, of course for one he can t take advantage of a sick and possibly dying man, and then it s unlikely that the Indian would share Gideon s leaning towards men But while talking to Jed during the man s lucid moments Gideon discovers that the Indian appeals to him in that just one way, and he realizes that they might get along well as traveling companions, if nothing else Thus Gideon or less coaxes Jed into guiding him overland to San Francisco after he has recovered and Jed agrees readily enough, even though he mocks Gideon by calling him soft and pampered.Their journey begins, and soon Gideon finds out that he is, indeed, soft and pampered compared to Jed His admiration grows, and so does the attraction It doesn t take too long until their relationship turns sexual, after all, as Jed admits and acts on his own attraction to Gideon and the dreaded long journey soon turns into the best time Gideon s ever had Still, even though Jed seems to develop feelings for Gideon, he takes an effort in keeping the young white man on arm s length, because he obviously thinks their different races can never meet eye to eye.Being friends with the Indians that travel with the show makes Gideon a lot understanding about Jed than his contemporaries usually are, and since Gideon is a traveler himself, he can even relate to many of Jed s reservations On the other hand, listening to Jed, watching him and generally being with him changes Gideon s point of view about many things He s openminded enough to allow those changes and in no way above adopting some of Jed s opinions and manners.Practically from the first moment of his life, Jed has seen his people mistreated by white men, and has experienced his share of mistreatment first hand Taken from his people at a young age and forced into a civilized education by Catholic nuns, Jed harbors deeply ingrained distrust and prejudices against whites Since the entire story is told from Gideons third person POV, we get Jed only through Gideon s eyes, but even so, we watch him change too as he spends time with the often naive and rash young white man, opening first his body, then his heart to Gideon.The characterizations were incredibly good Gideon was every little bit the twenty year old happy go lucky selfish adolescent, often trampling on Jed s and other people s feelings out of sheer ignorance Just as often, though, he showed consideration and understanding far above his years, which hinted at the innate goodness of his heart and also cast a very positive light at his upbringing In fact, even though we don t meet Gideon s family in person, they are mentioned often enough to become alive, and they grew on me, too.I was even impressed by the way Jed was drawn, a powerful, three dimensional and fully fleshed character even though he doesn t speak much and we don t get into his head He had so many layers At first traditionally brought up as a Lakota, he internalized his people s ways and clung to them through the time he was forced to spend in the boarding school He is older, better educated and experienced than Gideon and even Gideon thinks him the smarter one , but he is also wary out of habit and used to expect the worst from white men in general In a way, Jed was the close minded of the two, and I could only admire the author duo for resisting the urge to make Jed a noble savage or a larger than life saint in disguise, giving him depth, flaws and humanity instead.Jed s deeply ingrained misgivings are what keep him from truely committing to Gideon, even though he has come to love the young white man, to a point where leaving him almost tears Jed apart And this is what Gideon has over Jed Gideon has the kind of faith it takes to stand by his man, unconditionally and at any cost Maybe, just maybe, Jed loves Gideon enough to learn trusting him completely, heart, body and soul.This book breathed authenticity in every little detail, down to every word and gesture, down to the way Gideon and Jed talk, dress, eat and have sex Every now and then, the authors moralizing forefinger peeked up just the tiniest little bit, as the journey brings them through wild and untamed land in contrast to small, rural towns, mining sites and big cities on the verge of industrialization It never turns to preaching, though, it just colors Gideon s experience in fact, the growing awareness for the destruction of the land was part of Gideon s growth process.I know I ve complained about the use of the word Indian in another book recently curiously, this didn t bother me here For one, Gideon saying it or even using the term Injun fit both the time and Gideon s character he IS thoughtless at times, although willing to overcome his ignorance For another, Jed used the various referrals to himself and his people in a very subtle way, calling himself Lakota when he felt comfortable with Gideon, and Sioux or Indian when he wanted to create distance It s another part of Gideon s character development that he became aware of those subtleties, among Jed s many other little peculiarities the attention he paid to Jed, the he fell in love with him and I loved the way I, as the reader, was included in this slow progress through Gideon s eyes.This was a beautiful, thought provoking, heartfelt story As I said above, I recommend it wholeheartedly.Read the full review at reviewsbyjessewave.com

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    This old book hey, it was released in 2010 for MM romance genre, I considered it old ha came into my periphery by way of a personal challenge Back in January, I did a personal reading challenge with MM historical as the theme This was one that I listed because of the positive reviews of my friends I didn t get the chance to read it back in January but it stayed on my list.Well, I finally read it and it was a really well written and wonderful book I admit, the beginning was rather slow as we got to meet Gideon Makepiece, a young 20 year old horse trainer and Jedediah Buffalo Bird, a mix breed of Native American However, once I got into the rhythm of the story telling, and how Gideon and Jed made their way to take the trip across thousand miles from Montana to California just by walking and on horse I simply couldn t stop reading.It was a journey yay, road trip between these two men with different race and different background, and it was just the two of them, in open space talking about life, exchanging stories, learning cultural tradition, and I was charmed Gideon was easily the friendly and approachable of these two men He was such a decent young man and he had a positive attitude He took care of Jed because it was the right thing to do, no matter what skin color Jed had Jed was reserved, careful understandable remembering his history but it was easy to see that Gideon got under his skin.This was the kind of a subtle and lovely story that just warmed my soul I got choked up near the end, it was romantic to me Not that everything was happy, though being a white man going together with a Native American, there was an additional threat, which was not easily hid compared to them being lovers because white men didn t easily accept Native Americans in that time period Then there was also a sad story involving a family that Gideon and Jed met along their journey However, it felt authentic and made up for one engaging read.I don t read many western historical books but if I can find like these one, I will be a very happy reader.

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    4.5 A tiny bit slow for me in a couple of spots, rounded up for overall great story telling.What a wonderful, believable journey I certainly felt transported to another time and place and once there I wasn t jolted out by nonsense Young, charming, delightful, sometimes manipulative Gideon commanded my attention from the very beginning Gideon alone was worth reading this book for although it didn t take long for Jedediah to worm himself in there too and just about every other character played a significant role as well I m very glad I went along for ride.

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