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    The behavior of the characters didn t fit their description Max is supposed to be the experienced one the one who enjoys getting fisted, misses it and his relationship with has been going through a rocky patch, not least exacerbated by Leo s vanilla needs.To try to salvage their relationship, Leo decides to give Max what he s been hankering for but Leo s nervous, to understate it When he looked up fisting on the net, he s so terrified, he shuts down the brower before the first page loads.Yet this is the Leo that instructs Max step by step on how to do the whole fisting thing It would have made sense if Max was the one telling Leo what to do Or, have a third guy coaching them I don t knowI was thrown off by this little inconsistency and being a very short story, there s no way to overlook it.

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    This was my first time reading m m, and it was totally hot

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    4 StarsFuckYeahFisting

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    Ok I was curious I was browsing through Christine d Abo s e books on I only have 3 left on my giftcard so I was looking for something cheap Read the Blurb for this and wasn t quit sure what fisting was So curiosity got the better of me, and I grabbed this one BIG BLUSH Ok I ve never been a big fan of anal. anything, but my husband has been getting curious he ll kill me if he ever reads this Which is why I started reading Men on Men books trying to spice things up a little, and who knows better how to please a man, than another man Right Lol ok big blush This was a pretty education book I learned a few things not just about Fisting, which was a big thing for me to read about WOW blush Anyways I really liked reading about how Leo was feeling when he was working Max it was hard to tell what Max was feeling during all this but Leo felt contempt with the trust that Max was giving him The Blurb describes everything else about the story it was short, pretty big on details and sweet

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    I m not one into fisting My first thought when I think about it or see an image of it is, What are they looking for in there But I wanted to give this a try and I didn t hate it, but I also didn t love it.Liked I liked how Leo did the research before even doing it He wanted to make sure he didn t hurt Max That was smart as some people probably wouldn t have done the research and done some damage to their partner.I also liked how their relationship was real They had a problem one working night shifts and the other working in the mornings and had no time for each other I m pretty sure there are plenty of couples out there that have the same issue.Disliked Maybe because it was a short story, but I couldn t connect with the characters Sure I understood their problems to their relationship but I wasn t invested into them Also, the slow fisting was the only sex scene in the story, hell it was the story, so I wasn t very hot and bothered by the end I was interested in seeing if Leo would pull it off and take care of Max.

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    A short, hot, sweet, sexy, undemanding read takes about 10 minutes to finish but is fun while it lasts I would love to see it expanded to include about the future development of their relationship.

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    Steamy short m m holiday romance about a couple whose lives have been so busy with work that they ve been growing apart, even though it isn t what either of them want Will a drunken revelation that leads to a kinky surprise help bring them closer together or be the beginning of the end

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    Kinky and sweet at the same time.

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    o 0 It s all an education An enjoyable short story but not for the faint of heart The relationship and the trust is well set up, esp for such a short story.

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    Loved it very cuddly and sweet.

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