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    This 347 pager is a tale of a black family struggling to make it to the big city and fulfill big city objectives after leaving Oklahoma City after emanicipation Most of the story takes place during the Great Depression, so that adds an extra vintage style to the tale I really liked this book, and anyone who just enjoys a good story will too I promise It s not a NYT best seller or a Pulitzer prize winning book, but it s solid and sweet On the 325th page, the author develops her characters really well, I think At page 37, she picks an interesting and refreshing approach to narrating the story in a way that there are two main characters Her imagery was on point, especially beginning at page 67 Her foreshadowing was on point And her command of the language is top notch It s one of those books that you want to hear the rest of the story even after it ends.

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    I know that I am in the minority, but J California Cooper is not one of my favorites I wanted to like this book it was a selection for my church book club We have read collections of her short stories in the past and, while they wouldn t be at the top of my short story list, her stories can be enjoyable and amusing They always remind me of sitting on the front porch of the neighborhood gossip as she points to passers by and says, You see that girl across the street over there Well, Honey, let me tell you Of course, this approach doesn t work in a long form The story is completely unbelievable, the characters are inconsistent and peculiar, and I really did not like the style of the book at all The narrator is someone waiting to be born, which didn t work for me Little mini sermons are sprinkled everywhere unnecessarily She inserts long sections which are very similar to her short stories to give background on minor characters in a very awkward manner And, I suppose this complaint should, in fairness, go to her editor, but the grammar was dreadful and very distracting, from improper use of commas to unclear antecedents My 12th grade English teacher would have failed me in a heartbeat if I had turned in a paper with so many errors.J California Cooper is a very good storyteller, but I really hope that she stays away from novels.

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    I just finished this bookbossman is out so i had a chance to indulge myself in this book It took me about 2 weeks to read I thought it would be a quick read, but Cooper s use of words in telling each character s story allows you to slow down and capture the details of each individuals struggles in life.Some People, Some Other Place takes place during the time of the Depression, racism between white and colored people is prevalent, and life is generally hardon everyone.The book starts off with something someone looking down on Earth and deciding whether to live amongst humans who are engulfed in greed, violence, sex, and other such corruption This someone is the foundation of the storytelling It empahsizes on God s love and the tempations Satan brings upon humans and their sense of good and evil here on Earth It does not matter whether you are wealthy or poor if you have the desire to live and have in God, He provides although Satan does has his way of sneaking in here and there.I don t want to spoil it, so I will end this portion here.There are many interesting charaters in the book, but the main ones are Eula Too and Madame aka Elizabeth.Eula Too comes from a poor family with 9 brothers and sistersmaybe it was 14, can t remember the exact number Her parents strived to make it to the city of Chicago to raise their family with opportunities of work for the husband but the money and food were scarce so they eventually settled in a small town 60 miles away from Chicago.At age 15, Eula Too ran away from home with a stranger that came around town to do business between Chicago and this small town As hard as her life was helping her mother take care of many siblings, her childhood ended with a horrendous rape The stranger she trusted had brought a friend whom violated her innocence and her dreams and hopes to make it in Chicago.Madame, too has baggage that affects who she is and has become over the years She is what we can calla SHE PIMP She ran a house of high class whores, 4 to be exact, Rita, Viola, Melba, and Lana to the delight and pleasure of wealthy educated men.Madame found Eula Too on the side of a dirt road and took her in Eula Too had a baby girl, Jewel in result of the rape.The need for one another, Eula Too Madame is a lot to consume At the start of their relationship, I feel like their need was an even exchange to fulfill their needs..different to each woman, but needs Eula Too depended on Madame for survival needs, such as clothing, food, housing, and money Madame needed Eula Too for emotional support She had found someone whom she can train to learn all the things Madame needs.Throughout the book, each character struggles to pursue their true happiness and passion in life Some people have found it through by making the most and best of life and having faith in God Families have been reunited, open wounds of hurt healed, and friendships strengthened Some people continue to search desperately to find happiness, unbeknownst to them, with no faith in the good human race, despite the color of your skin In the end, all the main characters find strive to settle their happiness in Place.I enjoyed reading this book It s funny how we can relate the recession economy Iraq war Satan s corruption on this Earth with Cooper s time during the Depression My friend and I believe she was way ahead of her time and such a forward thinking author I can t wait to read her other books

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    J California Cooper is marvelous This story is a history of the lives of several people and families that live in a place called Place, narrated by a child who is waiting to be born She tells the stories of several people from their individual beginnings up to the time of her birth Interspersed throughout the tales are insights about spiritual realities, as well as political historical facts and how these things affect people s lives Horrific events occur in the lives of these characters and Cooper s writing style is so inviting that you really want to know what happens to them.

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    I had Shonda Rhimes type emotional abuse from this story There was a rain shower scene that I m sure Shonda must have read And the bath tub sceneomgI needed to smoke a cigarette afterward As Cooper described the life of the character Ha, who was born and raised in China, she took on that country s style of speech I felt I was in China, this section was pleasingly well researched A beautiful, heart warming love story Even the final paragraph of the acknowledgements got me a little weepy That s how good she is I m sorry she s gone.

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    This was the first book I read by Cooper, and I instantly fell in love with her writing style I have since read all her work, but this is by far my favorite.

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    Written for grad class SummaryThe story of Eula Too s life is told through the voice of her unborn child J California Cooper tells us the stories of many people struggling to find happiness and a better life Eula Too s grandparents, sharecroppers in the South, are the first to find disillusionment in searching out their dreams for a better future Her parent s story is then quickly told and then a great deal of time and detail is paid to developing the bulk of the story around Eula Too In trying to find a good future for herself she winds up raped and discarded but taken in by a Madame on the outskirts of Chicago Eula Too is treated as a companion, rather than another whore, and educated and valued by the mistress of the house While Eula Too sees how lucky she is to have these advantages she also is unhappy as it is not truly her own life she lives At the age of 35 she decides it is time to become her own person and begins to take steps to make herself happy In so doing, she meets an entire neighborhood of unhappy people and does what she can to bring happiness to their lives.Appeal FactorsThe most compelling appeal factor of this book is the depth to which the reader gets to know the various characters Time is taken to explore the hopes and dreams of many of the characters and also to see their internal flaws and the paths they have walked to bring them to their unhappiness Many, though not all, of the characters are very likeable and you wish to see them make their dreams come true In reality the bulk of the characters are fighting extreme poverty and the reader know for most they are lucky to be in the mediocre circumstance they have found, nothing much better awaits them The book has a problem of balance I began this book excited and expecting to enjoy it Reviews and descriptions talked of a block of people living on Dream Street, each to be introduced in the story I enjoy novels that are sort of a variety of short stories strung together to make a larger whole and this is what I anticipated here In some ways it was what I got, but the reader is beyond half way through the novel before they ever arrive at Dream Street The story was far focused on one character and her life for the first half of the book and then the flow seemed to shift suddenly to introduce the reader to a myriad of other characters It felt forced and disjointed I was disappointed It led me to thinking about my inability to abandon books I needed to finish this book and see it through for the course and to write this, but I need to accept that I will not like everything I pick up and come to terms with the fact that it is okay to abandon a book I have begun.This book was certainly representative of multicultural writing The focus character was an African American woman working for a white woman who became wealthy by the luck of falling in love with the right man The white woman grew up on a street of diversity, where she returns to her ill mother and we are introduced to the neighbors who include African American characters as well as Jews, Irish, and Chinese Americans That being said, the diversity of this street seemed rather unrealistic for the first half of the 20thcentury where the bulk of this story is told.

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    Bad writing and entirely too preachy for my taste I m beyond surprise by the glowing reviews It reads as if a high schooler wrote it The worst part is that there were plenty of chances for this to be a good read but the writer doesn t pull it off One of s questions is to describe the plot What plot It reads as if the author just committed to writing a certain word count a day and whatever came to her that s what landed on the pages no road map No outline The way that the author built up Eula Too s special education, I thought that she was going to transform into some great marvel for a black girl of her time No She s just at it s core a paid companion and pet Even when she does attend Madame s dinners, she really didn t contribute any thing I was ready for her to wow us with her incredible mind no I would have liked to actually see her transform sort of like Audrey Hepburn in my fair lady And then to see this beautiful black woman travel the world among the elite Alas, we get nothing remotely interesting like that The idea of men paying 1500 a night for a lady of the evening in the 40 s doesn t ring true either These women would have been insanely rich at a time when things costs very little by today s standards Each woman could have had 3 and 4 houses I highly doubt Madame s house would have sold a half a million dollars in the 60 s in Chicago That s an unGodly amount of money for the time And Burnette s name would change to Bartnett at weirdest times All in all, there are good elements for a good story here, it s just not executed well.

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    Reading this book sometimes frightened me I was afraid that the misfortunes of life we all face would lead to some horrific, nightmarish consequence for Eula Too and Lamont and Madame But Cooper writes like she always does, telling life as it really is from the inside view We all have evil thoughts and hateful feelings in our hearts We all have bad luck with love, money and other people Cooper is able to express the pain of those feelings and that luck, without destroying our view of and love for her characters.

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    This was a pretty good story of friendship and dependence I like Eula Too once she found her voice and realized that she desired in life Her little sister was good for her because I don t think she would ve realized that if not for her Madame was holding Eula back but Eula stood up for herself All the characters were interesting however, I was not fond of the narrator That could have been because I didn t really think it was needed I was so caught up in the story that the narrator seemed pointless.

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Some People, Some Other Place download Some People, Some Other Place, read online Some People, Some Other Place, kindle ebook Some People, Some Other Place, Some People, Some Other Place f75f8cfd366b J California Cooper Returns With A Sweeping Novel About Love And Heartbreak, Perseverance And Luck, Telling Her Tale With An Insight And Grace That Reaffirms Alice Walker S Words Of Praise For Her Previous Works Her Style Is Deceptively Simple And Direct And The Vale Of Tears In Which Her Characters Reside Is Never So Deep That A Rich Chuckle At A Person S Foolishness Cannot Be Heard In Her Acclaimed Novels And Short Stories, J California Cooper Has Created Moving Portraits Of People Striving To Make Their Way In A Hard, Often Unjust World Whether It Explores The Blatant Racial And Class Biases Of Nineteenth Century America Or The Subtle Forms Of Discrimination That Exist Today, It Is The Universality Of Her Themes That Has Made Ms Cooper S Work Popular, As The Dallas Morning News Has Written Some People, Some Other Place Is Cooper S Biggest, Most Far Reaching Novel To Date A Multigenerational Tale, It Is Set In A Town Called Place, On A Street Named Dream Street In The Words Of The Novel S Narrator, The Block Surely Had About It A Feeling Of Long Accumulation Of History, Of Life, Of Many Lives Intertwined As She Chronicles The Interlocking Lives Of The Residents Of Dream Street, Cooper Places The Stories Of The Individuals And Their Families Within The Wider Context Of America S Social And Economic History We Meet The Narrator S Great Grandparents, Who Left The Poverty Of The Deep South In And Made Their Way To A Farm In Oklahoma Her Grandparents, Who Continued The Northward Journey With Their Eyes On The Promised Jobs Of The Industrial Midwest But Were Forced To Settle Without Reaching Their Goal And Her Mother, Who Finishes The Journey And Discovers That Life At Dream Street Carries New Burdens As Well As Rewards The Neighbors On The Block Are People Of All Colors, All Striving To Overcome Personal Troubles And Disappointments, And All Holding Fast To Their Dreams Of A Better Life