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Learning Teaching txt Learning Teaching, text ebook Learning Teaching, adobe reader Learning Teaching, chapter 2 Learning Teaching, Learning Teaching 8dcb90 Learning Teaching Has Been One Of The Most Successful Guides To The Practice Of Teaching Since It Was First Published In Part Initial Training Textbook, Part Handbook For Practicing Teachers It Is The Definitive Guide To What Happens In The Language Classroom Jim Scrivener S Approach Is Not Just Theoretical The Book Is Packed With Practical And Useable ActivitiesThis New Edition Has Been Fully Revised And Extended To Cover New Trends And Theories In ELT

About the Author: Jim Scrivener

Head of Teacher Development for Bell Author for Macmillan and OUP.

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    Sad to say, but I ve lived intimately with this book than just about any other in my life I used Learning Teaching on a daily basis in Korea, where I spent a couple of years instilling the finer points of EFL pedagogy into trainee teachers to whom the finer points of the English language were themselves a little murky But Koreans always make up in enthusiasm what they lack in know how, so I have no complaints there As for Learning Teaching, it s not a bad resource I mean, it ll still suck a little joy out of your soul every day, like most textbooks, but at least it won t lead you into the arid wastes of Jeremy Harmer s How to Teach English , where passion goes to die in the withered arms of hope Unfortunately, there are certain brute, existential facts about teaching that even the best training manual won t address, because to do so would undermine both its own raison d etre and the tacit assumptions behind the whole education racket In job interviews over the years, I ve often been asked to outline my teaching philosophy There are two basic approaches to this question there s the correct one, composed of whatever bland and reassuring jargon you ve picked up from books like Learning Teaching, and then there s the truth Of course, you can never tell the truth in a job interview, but you can sometimes tell it on the Internet I m going to tell the truth here.For me, teaching has always been a form of seduction Now, just in case my boss ever stumbles onto Goodreads, I ll add that this seduction ought to remain purely and non actionably metaphorical There s a real conquest involved if you re doing it right but it s mostly a moral conquest, even before it becomes an intellectual one When you walk into a classroom and get your first look at the lumpish human material you ve been fated to work with mere swaying slabs of boredom, nervousness or hostility, as the case may be your overriding concern is simply to win those people over, to get them on your side To do this, you need to draw on the same inner resource used by salesmen, pickup artists, entertainers and similar lowlifes i.e charisma Authority and expertise are nice too, but they only come into play later on, once you ve sold them on whatever jerry rigged classroom persona you ve outfitted yourself with.Jim Scrivener, the author of Learning Teaching, naturally avoids the word seduction , but he does acknowledge that good teaching boils down to a cluster of winning personality traits such as empathy, honesty, a sense of humour etc Where he goes wrong where he gets downright mendacious is in suggesting that all these qualities can be learned and improved upon by the diligent trainee I don t have a lot of hard data to back me up here any than Scrivener does , but from what I ve seen of humanity, things like empathy and honesty are, beyond the age of seven or so, pretty much innate Either you empathize with others or you don t either you re reasonably honest or you re a lying sack of shit either you re naturally funny or you re Sinbad Even assuming that lifelong, incremental progress is possible in some of these areas, it certainly won t come about by skimming Jim Scrivener s little handbook, or taking a TESOL class on weekends.Teacher training programs, then, are governed by the same cruel law as MFA programs the really gifted students don t need them, and the really bad ones won t profit from them, but are nonetheless sent out into the world, shiny diplomas in hand, to sow boredom and confusion wherever they go In my years of training teachers, I never saw a shitty one get good all you can do is try to help them become a little less egregiously shitty Now maybe that failure is down to my inadequacies as a trainer, but I sincerely doubt that an Albert Pujols, for instance, could teach the weak and uncoordinated how to crush a hanging breaking ball, or that Elizabeth Bishop could show the verbally inept how to spin out brilliant metaphors A gift for teaching may not be as remunerative as the ability to hit a curveball or as exalted as the ability to write a beautiful sestina, but like those other talents, it has its source in some deep seated mojo that can t be explained or passed on Despite my weary tone, I actually don t have a huge problem with mediocrity Every profession is beset by mediocrity It s the statistical mean to which human enterprise always regresses I just have a small problem with covering it up and wishing it away But then, my hunch is that these textbooks are usually written by teachers who are themselves mediocre Most good teachers wouldn t bother, because they know that what makes them good is, ironically enough, the one thing they can t teach.

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    There are three books that are often cited as excellent introductions to the methodology of teaching English as a second language One is a simple two day read, another is a theoretical treatise, and this one strikes a balance between the two Scrivener covers all the practical information needed to begin the journey as a TEFL teacher, and does so in a clear and engaging way The book also has many examples and samples of activities that can be used in the ESL classroom I am starting the CELTA teacher training next week, and although I have heard nothing can fully prepare a student for CELTA, at least this book makes me FEEL confident.

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    As someone going to be taking the CELTA course soon, this was put on my recommended reading list All I can say is that this will be my bible during training and possibly beyond This demystifies everything to do with EFL teaching and really gives you a great starting point If you have a TEFL or TESL and haven t come across this book yet, I can t recommend it enough

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    A fantastic reference book for ESL teachers You ll keep going back to it for tips and ideas Ideal for those starting out in ESL and essential reading during the CELTA course.

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    good book to refresh the English teaching knowledge

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    Excellent manual that I ve just finished reading through But doubtless, I ll be coming to it again and again One of the best books of its kind.

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    we all started our teaching careers with the guide of this book

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    A guidebook for ELT teachers, this is one of a series for teachers, trainers and academic managers which aims to promote development by dealing with professional topics in a personal way, in order to deepen understanding, raise self awareness, and encourage self direction and choice.The book covers pretty all aspects of teaching, from the use of course books, planning a syllabus, getting meaning across, restricted practice and It is a thin book, so the coverage is introductory and definitely not in depth The chapters are arranged in a logical, topical order, and you will get information and input on error correction, using time lines and .I recommend it highly if you have no experience in this field and are looking for a book to tell you about the bricks and mortar of what you are actually getting yourself into, as it goes into plenty of detail about things you have never thought about before setting foot in a classroom on the teacher s end.Book Details Title Learning Teaching Author Jim Scrivener Reviewed By Purplycookie

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    This is one of the better learning resources I have come across for teachers of English Scrivener has mapped out every process you could want to explore in your teaching practice, and he grades his language for teachers entering this profession succinctly His research has identified problems in the classroom, with learning and teaching, providing methodologies that limit these problems, as well as basics of classroom management and the implementation of learning theories If you are planning to teach English, as a second language or even to native speakers, Learning Teaching is a valuable guidebook for planning and delivering dynamic lessons where everyone learns.

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    Learning Teaching attempts to kill two birds with one stone it aims to be an initial training handbook and also a guide to continuing teacher development and it manages to do both better than many single focussed books The key to its success is its focus on practical advice Throughout the different sections, it offers clear practical tips and hints on getting through a language teaching class with confidence Highly recommended for anyone starting a certificate course in TEFL TESOL as well as new and practising teachers Everyone will find something of value in these pages, which are likely to become the most well worn in any teacher s library.

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