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    OMG, I figure it out My Ah hah MomentWhat I found I did not like about this book, was that I kept getting thrown out of it Everytime I read on Adelle the help the cook, the housekeeper The little black lady that cooks the best fried chicken in town Gosh, her persona as a whole was too stereotypical, for the 1900 1960s Thus, Adele made this book feel like a historical read I strongly dislike historical reads Yes, I have and will read them, but I must be in the right state of mind I was not in this book I loved that I could expect a sweet book But, I did miss my HEA This one is HFN This book has a healthy dose of the YA factor. I am not a dedicated YA reader Use of the word Officer Hunky, among other words used I dislike the editor on break, this book has glaring editing errors Simple words like officer vs office Among many other word errors I loved revisiting the group of kind and giving people I loved the storyline Hate crimes And, then the crime took a left turn, when it should of taken a right turn and I can never get enough of Robbie Joey , I love that these are easy going reads Sometimes I need that.

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    I ve enjoyed the Love Means series a great deal, especially the first three books, and as a result I d been looking forward to Raine s story I d liked Raine in the past books He s a city boy through and through who loves living the high life and not being tied down so I liked the idea of him finding his true love.The story begins well as we see Raine out and about with his friends during the pride event The excitement and colour of the parade was interesting to read and Raine s friendships with the older gay men were nicely shown The attack on Raine was realistic without being too gratuitous In fact the whole recovery and the aftermath of the attack on Raine was sympathetically handled and one of the better parts of the book I felt very sorry for Raine and understood how traumatised he was by the event, and yet also determined that it didn t ruin his life.Things started to go downhill a little for me once Raine gets to the farm Some of this is because I found Jonah to be a very bland character When we first meet Jonah, he comes across as a man who wants to please his family, but also needs to see the outside world away from the community Jonah is at first distressed to find that his brother is a sodomite and I hoped for a story in which Jonah struggles with the teachings of the Community when faced with the obvious love that Geoff and Eli have for each other I was disappointed to find that everything was resolved very quickly and within a few days Jonah has come to realise he is gay too and fallen in love with Raine This was all so sudden, it felt forced and unrealistic Jonah and Raine then spend the rest of the book being overly sweet and loving towards each other, thus removing any romantic or emotional tension in the relationship Jonah s character is defined by his innocence and sweet nature and if you love characters like this then you will be very pleased with him I just found him a little dull Raine too has a complete personality change from the previous books and within a day of meeting Jonah has cast off his in my opinion, interesting and fun high life loving personality in favour of settling down with Jonah.I know that easily resolved tension and sweet and tender loving is a trademark of Andrew Grey s writing, and it honestly hasn t bothered me with the previous books in the series This book just pushed my too sweet button and I lost interest in the couple and their story Having said that, if you like books like this and are looking for a very sweet romance with lovely characters then this book will be for you.It will be interesting to see whether Andrew Grey has any books planned for the series There was one character who was introduced in this book who may possibly be on hand for another hero, but I personally think that maybe the series has run its course They are becoming remarkably similar in story right down to the will they stay together or separate plot, the forced separation towards the end, and the theme of the farm being a safe haven for gay men Mind you, this may be what the fans of the series want, which is fair enough But, I m digressing now Overall, the quality of writing and the description of life on the farm were all very good, as was the interesting and dramatic opening I liked revisiting the characters of Eli and Geoff and it was particularly nice to see Eli playing the protective older brother role However, as the story continued the sweet romance coupled with bland characterisation meant that my attention wandered Fans of the series, and of the tension free romance that characterises many of Andrew Grey s books, will probably love it.

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    WHat I like is the juxtaposition of fear in the story Raine is the city guy normally I would think tough or seasoned But after being attacked, fear plays a part in your life you least expect and he has to deal with that Jonah, who is Amish, and in exploring the world outside, I would think it would be intimidating and scary is unsure of what he is feeling, yet bold at the same time He is not afraid not that much of taking what he wants He even gets angry at Raine for trying to baby him He is tough in his innocence and youth I like that To me, it seemed that Raine was the fearful one and Jonah was the bold one Although they BOTH had fear to deal with in this story.I think it is a good tale Sweet, hot, and simple enough to read and re read over again Thumbs up I recommend to all those who enjoy a lovely romance

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    The story of Raine, coming from Chicago where he was beaten and injured at a gay pride parade and Jonah, the little brother of Eli who just takes his time away from his Amish family is once again a very nice and interesting read Although it sometimes reminded me of Eli and Geoff s story, it was still a great read The story did not offer a lot of surprises, it was or less clear what would happen, I would not say it was boring but still it was maybe a little too obvious One thing I really did not like, is that the bundle of Love is I purchased is completely out of order I thought reading through it would be ok, just to find out that it did not make any sense because I missed actions that would only be revealed in following books and some important ones were not included at all So if you get the bundle like I did make sure you read them in the right order to avoid confusion 3.5 stars from me for a sweet and romantic story.

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    After suffering from a frightening gay bashing, Raine, Geoff s close friend from the city, moves to the farm to recuperate While there, Raine meets Jonah, Eli s brother who is out of the Amish community on a sort of modified Rumspringa I say modified since it s not the full year of a typical Rumspringa.I liked Raine and Jonah they were both sweet characters I think I didn t love this story as much as some of the others because the series is getting a little formulaic for me In fact, this was a little too close to Geoff and Eli s story Promiscuous worldly gay city man meets sweet, innocent Amish man and corrupts the hell outta him Haha, okay, not really, but you get the gist I also didn t love the way the whole gay bashing mystery concluded It was just a bit random leaving me with a feeling of okay, huh that s weird Overall, this is a pretty enjoyable read and I always love to learn about Geoff and Robbie and Joey and Len my favorite farm characters.

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    Trying to find the right words to say how much I loved this story and the whole series on a whole is not easy The love you start to have for every character is an awesome feeling Raine and Jonah are too cute for words but what I loved the most about this story was the strength that Jonah found he had in himself and the fact the Raine realized that he can be loved and can love I love stories like this and with the end I m hoping and praying this is so not the last time we will hear from the Love Means series.

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    Very good Can t wait till next and final one in this series sighs only one left I hope we see of the surprise at the end of this book in the next book.I would have loved to have read about Jonah first trip to the big city. That would have been really good I loved the trip to the movie theater I love when characters find, what we think of every day things new and exciting, especially when it s written as well as Andrew s does it.

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    Another nice read in the Love Means. series Eli s brother Jonah and Geoff s friend Raine get together and learn what it means to fall in love My only niggle with this book was the Gay bashing mystery It just seemed a little too convaluted for me But apart from that it was another sweet love story.

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    Andrew Grey has done it again, delivering another heart rending, tender gay romance amidst the backdrop of an atypical, rural setting The fifth in his Farm series, No Fear is the story of Raine and Jonah, a seemingly mismatched couple who are brought together accidentally when they meet at Geoff and Eli s Michigan farm Eli is the older brother of Jonah, and the siblings spring from a traditional Amish background Jonah, like his older brother, leaves his community for a year in the English world, mainly to spread his wings and experience the outside world This is a common practice of the Amish and a traditional rite of passage After spending a year away from home, Amish youth then are faced with a decision as to how they will live their lives, either returning and embracing the lifestyle of their upbringing or abandoning it for a worldly existence.When Jonah is released into the world , he has no idea where to go, so he seeks his older brother He knows that Eli chose to leave the Amish community several years prior, but he is unsure why his older brother made this drastic decision When Jonah finds Eli, he is shocked to see him being affectionate with Geoff, his life partner Jonah reacts with an emotional outburst, pointing at the couple and calling them Sodomites Raine is a friend of Geoff and Eli, and he is at the farm for an undetermined time period He s been the victim of a hate crime, and as a result he has an injured arm and is recovering from surgery He goes to the farm to recuperate both physically and emotionally Raine has lived a very typical urban gay lifestyle, coming from Chicago He s had many lovers over the years, but has yet to meet the one He s not even sure there is such a thing, although his heart is warmed by the affectionate, long term relationship of Geoff and Eli He doesn t think such happiness and stability will ever be in his future, though Not only is he not the type , but in truth he feels he is unworthy of that sort of contentment.Almost instantly Raine is drawn to the innocent Amish kid Jonah is utterly unpretentious and endearingly na ve The boy s trusting nature and complete honesty are refreshing to Raine, not to mention the fact that the kid is cute as hell When Raine awakens one afternoon from a nightmare and Jonah rushes into his room to offer him comfort, Raine sees another side of the young man He is compassionate a healer As feelings begin to emerge within Jonah, he starts to question his own sexual orientation He starts to realize that an intense attraction has awakened within him, particularly toward Raine Even though he knows about his brother Eli, he is frightened of what this means Mentally connecting the dots, he concludes that there must be something about that farm that turns men into homosexuals, and he quickly flees.Eli tracks down Jonah and convinces him to return to the farm and to simply relax Eli explains that sexual orientation is naturally occurring, and that even if Jonah does have some same sex attractions it is not necessarily an indication that he is gay Only Jonah can make that determination for himself, and it has nothing to do with the farm Jonah agrees to stay, but he s very skeptical, and he makes every attempt to guard himself from Raine Eventually, though, he does some serious soul searching and starts to realize that his attractions are growing, and he allows himself to follow his heart.The romance is a beautiful depiction of love conquering fear, and the story is aptly titled Both of the central characters are bedeviled with crippling fears Raine fears trusting anyone because he s been hurt so many times before He fears loneliness, and of course he s haunted by the violence of his recent past Jonah fears his own feelings He fears rejection and failure, and he is terrified of losing his family Jonah also has an irrational fear of water, and has always been afraid to go swimming This becomes a metaphor of the larger issues he faces in his life, and it seems quite appropriate that his fear of water is ultimately overcome by a lover named Raine As always with this author, the writing it superb The entire series has a wholesome feel to it The story is a must read for those who ve experienced the first four books of this series, yet it also would be fine as a stand alone read For so long, gay fiction has typically depicted the gay lifestyle as urban, and the majority of books which came out of previous decades have presented gay characters who may have had rural roots but who ultimately migrated to cities like New York or Los Angeles It is refreshing to find a story which embraces a mainstream, rural lifestyle and that does so in such a natural manner As Jonah grapples with his religious beliefs, the story tackles an often contentious topic It is not easy to portray this type of angst within a fictional story Many readers find it leaves a bad taste in their mouths, and if they have any sort of aversion to religiosity, they tend to outright reject books with this sort of theme I personally feel that such a dismissal would be a shame in this case, though The author does not dive into the dogma and doctrine of the Amish religion, but instead he presents a snapshot of the lifestyle It is quite enlightening, and it seems to be very well researched and fairly presented.In all I found the book to be a very touching story with a beautiful and hopeful ending It is an easy read, but I d recommend you have a box of tissues nearby, as it conclude with a very emotional climax Love Means No Fear is a book I highly recommend, without hesitation or fear.

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    I loved this book as much as the previous volumes in this series Raine and Jonah both have to face their fears Even though they re very different people with backgrounds that would make you think they ll never fit, when they re together they re much stronger than when they re apart.Raine is a great character Even though he isn t sure that he s good enough for Jonah, things change for him as the story progresses The bashing he s been through has already made him think, spending time at Geoff and Eli s farm gives him a glimpse into a different kind of life, and meeting Jonah makes him realize he may have missed something It still takes him way too long to come around, as far as I m concerned I was ready to kick him awake when he left again.Jonah is an amazing young man Struggling with his identity, sexual orientation and purpose in life, in some ways you d think his life would be easier when he finds out what happened to his elder brother, Eli The point is, that even though he theoretically has Eli s example to follow, that doesn t make his own decisions any easier I think he mastered the situation brilliantly.I definitely breathed a vast sigh of relief at the end This was another highly emotional journey that I enjoyed a lot.

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Love Means... No Fear download Love Means... No Fear, read online Love Means... No Fear, kindle ebook Love Means... No Fear, Love Means... No Fear 8d198c05c29d Raine Baumer Is Living The Party Life In Chicago, Indulging In Short Relationships With Little Emotional Commitment But After He S Severely Injured In A Gay Bashing, Close Friend Geoff Arrives To Take Him To The Country To Recuperate There Geoff And His Partner Eli Treat Him Like Part Of The Family, And Raine Meets Jonah, Eli S Brother, Who Is Exploring Life In The World Outside His Amish Community Jonah And Raine S Mutual Attraction Draws Them Together, But They May Not Have A Chance To Explore It Jonah S Father Is Making Ultimatums, And The Police Believe That The Attack On Raine May Not Have Been As Random As It Initially Appeared Raine And Jonah Will Have To Face What They Fear Most In Order To Have Any Chance At A Life Together