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A Change of Tune (Change #1) summary A Change of Tune (Change #1), series A Change of Tune (Change #1), book A Change of Tune (Change #1), pdf A Change of Tune (Change #1), A Change of Tune (Change #1) 822a690a4e This Edition Is No Longer AvailableJohnny Rayne Has Had Enough Enough Of Being At The Top Of The Rock Music Industry For The Last Decade, Enough Of Constant Touring And Recording He Wants Something Just Something Very Different Moving To A Farm In West Virginia, Johnny Meets Sheriff Virgil Grissom On His First Morning In The Mountains The Sheriff Challenges Johnny In A Multitude Of Ways With Overt Machismo, Disdain For Johnny S Musician Past, And All Around Know It All Ness The Two Men Clash Continually, And Johnny Resists Succumbing To The Sheriff S Brash Charm Until Grissom Forces Him To Admit Some Very Basic Truths One Johnny S Definitely Attracted To Men Two Johnny S Definitely Attracted To Grissom And Three Johnny S Definitely Going To Enjoy Every Moment Of It

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    Not really a review Just thoughts.Johnny is supposed to be a huge, famous rock star He walks away from his band and fame to move to a large piece of property in West Virginia His first day or so at his new home, he meets the local sheriff, Virgil Grissom Johnny has, in his late thirties, decided to stop hiding his homosexuality that he s never acted on and start trying to be himself Virgil comes on strong from the first meeting He gropes Johnny a lot and makes inappropriate comments Then he breaks into Johnny s house while Johnny is showering and watches as Johnny masturbates Johnny freaks out but still allows Virgil to climb in the shower with him for some play time when Johnny has never been with a man This is the beginning of what I consider to be a warped relationship between a rock star and an obnoxious sheriff.1 There is alpha and there is arrogant asshole Virgil is the latter He s jealous over everything He throws a tantrum if Johnny dares stand next to a woman He pouts if he doesn t get his way He strong arms Johnny to get him to fall in line.2 Johnny is supposed to be this confident rock star but in the presence of Virgil he turns into a little girl It is stated that he was the brains behind the success of his band, Storm, but yet when he moves to West Virginia he comes across as naive and weak. not the so called confident business man and rock star.3 The singer, the younger man, the larger man, the sheriff, etc. When I see of this than He or the character names it takes away from the story.4 Johnny makes it known the he wants to adopt a child Grissom makes it happen in such an unrealistic way Not only makes it happen, but dumps a baby and a toddler on Johnny without warning Johnny knows nothing about taking care of children and is in a panic but what does Grissom do He disappears within hours of dropping the kids with Johnny Why Because the big bad cop couldn t handle hearing the words I love you from Johnny He dumps the kids in Johnny s lap but doesn t hang around to help Johnny figure out how to care for them When Grissom finally decides to make a reappearance, Johnny forgives him too easily.5 Never, EVER is it sexy to call nipples titties or tits Seriously I had a WTH moment the first time but I let it go When it became a regular thing in the book it was too much and I found myself giggling over it If that was supposed to be sexy, the author failed in that regard.6 There are constant POV shifts I don t mean from chapter to chapter I mean from paragraph to paragraph.7 Overuse of exclamation points They are literally everywhere 8 Johnny goes from being an inexperienced gay virgin to fisting in a very short amount of time I don t think so.Overall, the book was simply okay for me I had a hard time reconciling the so called confident rock star with the Johnny portrayed in this book I like my characters strong and I didn t see anything strong about Johnny Virgil is just a jerk who is going to get his way regardless of anyone s namely Johnny s feelings Doubtful I will read the quickie that follows this book.

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    I only got to page 183 in this book before I stopped Virgil Grissom is a jackwad of epic proportions I like alpha males but this guy breaks into johnny s house and spys on him in the shower From the moment they meet he pushes him around sexually Johnny gets spanked for swearing but Virgil swears and takes offense when it s pointed out Grissom is a pretty selfish lover and irrationally jealous too I almost stopped at the getting punished for being mad about a gun being kept in the sex toy drawer and then fisting as punishment for telling Grissom it wasn t safe there I ve had it with your mouth tonight so I m fisting your ass even after you tell me no and you re scared But the magically oprphaned kids was just too much and I drew the line I had to stop Oh and West Virginia is part of The South Uh, no Johnny seems like an idiot most of the time too He s supposed to be shrewd and survived in the music business for 15 years but all of a sudden Grissom is there to control everything he does for his own good.This relationship may appeal to some people If so the writing style is pretty good I wasn t cringing at bad dialogue and well worn metaphors.

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    Mary Calmes There, I said it I wasn t going to, but I couldn t hold it in any This book seems to have been whipped up from the Mary Calmes cookbook You know take one growly, dickish alpha male type and mix with one adorable, naive can do no wrong love interest, add several sassy female characters to taste and voila You get a passable story with some fairly hot sex and corny, corny, corniness However, this story seems to have added some extra ingredients that, well, left a bad worse taste in my mouth At some point some stuff happens view spoiler the very new couple acquire a ready made family hide spoiler

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    The logic fail at the very beginning of the book should have warned me Johnny Rayne, front man for the band, and the brains of the business operations, doesn t understand why his one sided decision to leave doesn t go over so well He s shocked the rest of the band resents having their artistic and financial futures thrown into doubt so he can go find himself.So buying a house he s never seen in a place he s never been makes relative sense Especially when he s coming to terms with his sexuality, going to an area not known for tolerance and understanding of such things is going to work out fine, because this chunk of West Virginia is really a suburb of San Francisco The cover says so, those are painted ladies in the background.Everyone thinks gay couples are cute, an openly gay sheriff has no problem with his staff or anyone else, although he allows there might be one or two grouches up in the hills And he takes Johnny from m m virgin to fisting in less than a month.The part of the story that isn t directly sexual exists only in flashes through the first two hundred pages, and after that it s still thin Johnny came to the country with adopting a family on the mind, so the sheriff thoughtfully provides him with not one but two kids Grissom treats getting kids with roughly the same importance as getting kittens, and it s not much harder, either, when the judge thinks two months of sex equals stable relationship.Issues are introduced and then dropped, the author makes a big deal about the Sheriff s name, Virgil Grissom, being the same as the astronaut s, but nothing further ever comes of that An escaped prisoner plot fizzles out before page eighty, and the prisoner never does anything desperate, he gets talked about a couple times Johnny s a good enough musician to coach a local into Julliard, but that gets a handful of paragraphs and shows mostly that he s a good guy.The language is probably the strongest point, it s fluid enough to lull you along into not noticing what s really going on for pages and pages Until you run into yet another use of the Lord s name that isn t capitalized I got so mad at this that I stopped reading and started counting, and got to 40 before I gave up, and there was still a half a book Blondie is apparently important enough to capitalize, but god is not The nickname vs name issue in another story by this author is here too, it s a plot point, but annoying.In short, there s no conflict It s all happy happy, get comfy with gay sex, laugh at grown men learning to change diapers If you want an extremely undemanding read with lots of sex, you ll like this, it s erotica, with babies and doggies and kitties and old ladies on the side If you re expecting an honest to God story, you ll be as disappointed as me.

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    An absolutely heart warming read I listened to this on my Kindle for part of the time because I had things to do and couldn t stand the idea of putting the book down Johnny Rayne is a rockstar at the top of the charts but he s been there 15 years and he s tired and wants a family, so he leaves his band and moves to the mountains of West Virginia His first day there, he meets Sheriff Virgil Grissom Johnny has always denied his feelings toward men and never explored them but Grissom wakes him up to what he s been missing and makes him realize how much there is for him when the person is truly right for him They make a great couple Johnny can be a bit of a princess, but hey, he s been a famous, beautiful rockstar for the past 15 years so what do you expect But not annoyingly so He s trying VERY hard to be anonymous in town Grissom can be very pushy and know it all at times but not in a mean way and usually he s doing it just because he enjoys baiting Johhny who readily rises to the occasion The sex was hot but not too much view spoiler aside from the ahem fisting scene ahem o hide spoiler

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    At thirty six years old, Johnny Rayne has had enough of being the top of rock music industry and the life it entails He sells his things and then moves to West Virginia On the very first day, he meets Sheriff Virgil Grissom While he knows that he has always been interested in guys, Johnny never does anything about it for fear that it will kill his career Soon Johnny realizes that the attraction they both feel is not one thing taken for granted and he might experience not only change in geography but also in other personal aspects of his life.This story is pretty angst free Johnny and Virgil connects quickly despite Johnny trying to resist in the beginning and their life pretty much going nicely until the end I admit, sometimes I prefer a much complicated relationship in a book because it usually makes me feel involved BUT, it doesn t mean that I cannot enjoy a story with lack of complication This one is pretty good actually It s not coated with too much sweetness that makes me sick I enjoy Johnny and Virgil s interaction Added with colorful characters in form of huge black Schnauzer with an attitude, named Gershwin, AND twin Cockapoos by the name of Fred and Barney, I think the four stars is appropriate I love stories with pets and babies.Warning fisting scene

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    Tired of his rock star life and looking for a way to live life on his own terms Johnny Rayne quits his world famous band and moves to West Virginia At thirty six he s tired of being alone and longs to find someone to love In the meantime he s decided to adopt a child and live as normal a life as he can manage On his first day in his new home he meets Virgil Grissom, the town sheriff, and Johnny s life will never be the same Grissom forces Johnny to really look at himself and finally come to terms with who he really is, a gay man After so many years of living in denial will he be able to accept himself and find love and happiness with super sexy Sheriff Grissom A Change of Tune is the first story I ve read by this new to me author The writing is solid and despite a few niggles with it I really enjoyed it The plot is interesting if a bit predictable but it s the cast of characters that really made this a fun, easy to read book.Johnny is a rock star who s tired of the life He d like to find love with a special someone so he decides to chuck it all and move to the country, specifically rural West Virginia He s been thinking a lot about adopting a child and when he finds what he thinks would be the perfect home to raise his child in he buys it, quits the band and moves When he meets the sheriff he s overwhelmed by the big, sexy, domineering man but he has a hard time accepting his feelings Even though he s thought about being with men throughout his life he s never acted on it and has an extremely hard time accepting the fact that he s gay But Grissom is determined to make him see that they d be great for each other and so wages a campaign to get Johnny in his bed, and his life, permanently.I really liked both protagonists as well as the varied cast of supporting characters Neither man is perfect, far from it in fact, but I felt they fit well together Johnny, due to his years in the limelight, wants to be as private as he can be and even after acknowledging to himself that being with Grissom is what makes him happy he still has a very hard time being out It takes a lot of effort on his part and love and support from Grissom to figure out that what s important isn t always what others think about him.Despite what it may seem like the story is very low on angst and conflict The men meet and are attracted to each other right away Johnny does take a while to figure things out but they get together quickly and for the most part work on their relationship together The sex scenes are very hot but there are also sweet, caring moments throughout, it s not all sex all the time.As for Johnny s decision to have a child that was taken care of in a sad but convenient way Instead of one baby he ends up with a baby and a toddler and while it worked for the storyline I felt it was very unrealistic Johnny s a single man, just moved to the state and applied to be placed on the adoptions list As unlikely as it sounds he is awarded custody of two small children mainly on the strength of his lover s reputation and personal connection to the judge Johnny s family, friends and in fact most of the small town rallies around him, Grissom and the kids There s also his three canine pets that he adopted early on in the book and they add a lot of fun and humor to the story.Overall I was surprisingly entertained by A Change of Tune. It s nicely written with engaging characters and an interesting, if somewhat predictable, storyline I did roll my eyes quite a bit while reading Johnny s story but with a bit of suspension of disbelief I finished it and found it to be well worth reading Another thing that gave me a hard time was the sheriff s name, Virgil Grissom I couldn t help but think of Gil Grissom from CSI whenever I saw the name and especially during the first part of the story it was distracting But that s a purely personal reaction and not something that would necessarily affect everyone Although it may not work for all readers I do recommend A Change of Tune. I look forward to reading stories by JM Cartwright in the future.

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    2.5 StarsI wanted to like this than I did, unfortunately.Johnny Rayne is the lead singer for a band called Storm He s at the top of his game, but he knows something is missing He decides to move away from LA and move to a small town in WV He buys a farm house on a lot of acres His friends well, they aren t very supportive in my opinion He a family He wants to settle down and be happy In comes the sheriff in his new town introducing himself, Virgil Grissom, and from the word go he s on Johnny like white on rice It was a little disturbing at how forward he is HE was my main issue He was bossy, arrogant, a straight up asshole at times, jealous beyond belief and not my kind of MC Sorry He spanked Johnny for swearing, but yet he does with no repercussions The way he talked in front of CeCe, hell, Johnny s mother was NOT cool But yet, when he wanted to he was sweet as can be Why couldn t he have been like that throughout the whole book I also hated the doyouwanttogoouttodinner and the There I said it Constantly running sentences together is something a teenager would do, not 36 year old men.LOVED Gershwin Overall, would have liked conflict with Grissom and his work community Would I recommend Not sure, it was good, but I REALLY didn t like Virgil.

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    What a great story, loved every minute of it.

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    This was a sweet story and a very enjoyable read I will be looking forward to from this author.

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