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The Vault chapter 1 The Vault, meaning The Vault, genre The Vault, book cover The Vault, flies The Vault, The Vault 20236069829ed The Twenty Fourth Book To Feature The Classic Crime Solving Detective, Chief Inspector WexfordThe Impossible Has Happened Chief Inspector Reg Wexford Has Retired From The Crime Force He And His Wife, Dora, Now Divide Their Time Between Kingsmarkham And A Coachhouse In Hampstead, Belonging To Their Actress Daughter, SheilaWexford Takes Great Pleasure In His Books, But, For All The Benefits Of A Relaxed Lifestyle, He Misses Being The Hand Of The LawBut A Chance Meeting In A London Street, With Someone He Had Known Briefly As A Very Young Police Constable, Changes Everything Tom Ede Is Now A Detective Superintendent, And Is Very Keen To Recruit Wexford As An Adviser On A Mysterious Murder CaseThe Bodies Of Two Women And A Man Have Been Discovered In The Old Coal Hole Of An Attractive House In St John S Wood None Of The Corpses Carry Identification But The Man S Jacket Pockets Contain A String Of Pearls, A Diamond And A Sapphire Necklace As Well As Other Jewellery Valued In The Region Of ,To Wexford, This Is Definitely A Case Worth Coming Out Of Retirement For He Is Intrigued And Excited By The Challenge, But Unaware That This New Investigative Role Will Bring Him Into Extreme Physical Danger

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    I don t think those who gave this a 5 star rating really read it or have read her earlier books The story line is convoluted, the many, many characters are confusing though the writing, for the most part, is fine.However, I spotted 3 mistakes in the first few chapters which is offputting 1 Wexford has to buy a bus ticket from a machine on his way to a meeting but a hour later uses his senior pass on the return trip 2 A neighbor, when initially interviewed about a murder house talks quite clearly about the wet leaves that someone slipped on during her initial interview, then when Wexford the Scotland Yard Supt return to talk to her a few days later she repeats the same information and they receive it as news 3 The Superintendent takes a crumpled red and blue tie out of his pocket and puts it on when he and Wexford arrive at the murder house A hour or so later, they go to visit the first witness and as they arrive at her house the Supt does the exact same thing to the very same crumpled tie I suspect in 3 that the first time was supposed to be deleted because Rendell preferred the placement of the second why put on his tie to tromp around the house whereas you would for an interview The same could be said for 2.Heavens, does she have any editors or proofreaders Other story line oddities include Wexford s daughter getting stabbed by her dumped young lover then going home alone to her house when he was loose somewhere in the country Don t think so, I doubt the police would allow it.All in all, Wexford has become rather dull himself, always criticizing for the sake of criticizing, and not a particularly interesting character Even the house, which is often the focus of her books, is described in a contradictory fashion Only 2 bedrooms yet called large with a patio in the back a patio, in England The wife of the current owner morphs into a really nasty woman for absolutely no reason.All of this reflects an older writer whose skills aren t what they used to be and who really needs a better editor With some attention to detail and a few gentle suggestions, the book could be so much better.

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    A bloody complex puzzle this one and I read it in a day I love Ruth Rendell s Inspector Wexford mysteries and this one is marvelous Reginald Reg Wexford has finally retired and is busying himself as best he can with reading and moving between two properties his own snug house in Kingsmarkham, and the coach house on his actress daughter s estate in London Trying to be happy with circumstances, he is actually quite glum, as many a formerly well occupied man is upon retirement Then an offer comes in from a police superintendent in London, will Reg assist in a puzzling murder mystery No payment of course, just act as consultant.Wexford leaps at the chance and works to figure out who put four bodies into a coal hole outside a London cottage There are clues a plenty, reluctant witnesses, witnesses who know and say too much, and of course, the whole range of those who seem to relish the chance to insult the police at every opportunity This is an ongoing theme in Rendell s Wexford series so many just ordinary people actively work to divert, confuse and lord it over anyone in authority I know we Americans have a back and forth relationship with authority, too Many of us can be damn arrogant, but the English oh my Why say hello when what the hell you want will do better Hah Anyhow there is a subplot involving Reg s elder daughter who gets herself knifed and then settles down in Reg s country home and is one arrogant, selfish hussy herself It s a diversion in the book and gives poor old Reg just one thing to worry about.The storyline, the characters, the dialogue often witty and urbane makes this one a treat I loved it and am sorry I only have ONE Wexford mystery left in this long and outstanding series.

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    1.5 sThis book represents the epitome of mediocrity There was a time, in the 1980s and 1990s, when Ruth Rendell was one of the Grandes Dames of British crime writing Alas, no .Wexford has lost all his influence now that he is retired, and must constantly beg permission from others to do any detecting It becomes tedious.There is a really weird sub plot with his daughter Sylvia and her family, whose home becomes the scene of a suicide There s just no rhyme or reason to this minor diversion from the main story.The core of a good story does exist, particularly if you, like me, have read the prequel book, A Sight for Sore Eyes, which explains the reason for three bodies in the cellar Four bodies are uncovered, so there is an additional plot line to explore.Unfortunately, Rendell s development of any plot lines is woeful There is a whole lot of secondhand reportage of issues, many passages written in the passive voice, and, sadly, not much in the way of lively, intriguing dialogue, which is what you want with a good detective novel.The execution of the story is particularly lacklustre Rendell s character development is shallow as a toddler s paddling pool, and the story development lacks verve or any frisson of possible danger, or even any intrigue The sentence structure is dreadful and most of the dialogue is wooden This book needed a thorough sub editing job done by the publisher It did not get any, and the text is riddled with repetitions of sentences, paragraphs and ideas from page to page This book, so late in Rendell s illustrious career, does her no justice, and does not repay the attention of her loyal, mystery loving readership.

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    Wexford returns For the first time, Ruth Rendell has written a sequel to a previous stand alone novel A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES , and added now retired, former Chief Inspector Wexford now living part time in London to the proceedings as an adviser At the end of A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES there were three bodies one living, two dead trapped in an unused coal hole now, than a dozen years later, a gruesome discovery has been made in addition to the three bodies, there is a fourth, placed there not longer than two or three years ago .One of the great pleasures of the novel is that Wexford does a lot of walking around London, which he has never had much chance to explore on his past visits And there are Rendell s little social commentaries because of the proliferation of mobile phones, one can no longer tell by the 3 digit prefix of a phone number whether the locale is upscale or downscale, and there s mention of the posh and less posh parts of Maida Vale Maida Vale sounds charming and parts of it are, but not St Mary s Grove, its tall, shabby, late Victorian houses almost pressing against the Westway flyover It s interesting reading about Wexford s adjustment to civilian life, that he s no longer a policeman with a policeman s privileges technically, he s only an adviser in the case, and can t even officially interview anyone involved, only consult when they re interviewed by officials I also enjoyed the continuing peeks into the marriage of Wexford and the ever patient Dora, which is also on new ground now that he s retired they re spending a lot time together, and though this has spelled disaster for many such marriages, that isn t the case here these are two people who really enjoy each other s company Wexford also interacts a good bit with his various grandchildren Sylvia s boys are off at school now, apparently 16 and 18, but they put in appearances.Loyal Rendell readers concerned that Rendell s comments after the publication of THE MONSTER IN THE that Wexford would eventual return but in a different capacity, need have no fear that Wexford has been reduced to a cameo appearance , like Christie s Poirot whom the author found it harder and harder to logically introduce to her plots, thus making him seem like an after thought in some novels he s front and center here, and when he s not conducting his own investigation into the mysterious events at Orcadia Cottage, he s dealing with a very stressful family situation.

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    I have great affection for Inspector Wexford, and the way his personal life intertwines with his professional life, and his patient sorting of facts and following procedures This is the newest Inspector Wexford story, and now that he s retired he has some restrictions on his ability to interview people at will he is now a volunteer consultant for this case I didn t read the book, Sight for Sore Eyes, that this book is a sort of sequel to It wasn t a Wexford novel, but one of Rendell s psychological suspense novels The deaths being investigated happened in that book, and a long time before, so it doesn t really matter But it was kind of odd Maybe I m wrong, but I don t think she s done this sort of sequel before Ruth Rendell is so good, and she s written so many novels and won so many awards , but I had just a hint of a feeling that maybe she s starting to call it in, it s so familiar to her Or maybe that it s familiar to me In any event, as usual, I enjoyed the read.

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    My low rating for this book made me pause to consider the notional duties owed by an author to a fellow author We re often told that it s etiquette to avoid rating a book you did not enjoy only rate the books you like On this basis, every book would be rated as 4 or 5 stars, which rather defeats the purpose of a rating system So I resolutely pressed the 2 star button.Seduced by the blurb on the back cover, I bought The Vault at Hong Kong airport, keen to read it on an overnight flight to Australia The opening sentence created a good hook, and I read quite a lot of the book while sitting patiently at the departure gate But we d scarcely taken off at 8.30pm when my yawning reaction to this book indicated that attempting to sleep with my eyes shut was preferable.I don t recall reading any of Ruth Rendell s other titles, but if this is meant to be one of Rendell s very, very best novels that back cover blurb again then I d hate to read any of her also rans I found the book tedious and boring, even though I m very familiar with the area of London in which The Vault is set Describing the intricate details of every street s twists and turns and intersections with other streets was completely superfluous to the plot of this particular story As well, in a relatively short book, there were far too many characters for my liking.There was also too much tell , not enough show For example The day began badly with Martin Rokeby emerging from his front door and shouting at Lucy not to park the car in front of his house She moved it a few feet, explaining that they had calls to make in the neighbourhood and there was nowhere else to put it Rokeby began on a long peevish complaint, the gist of which was that the police had been investigating this case for months and still had got nowhere. I might have enjoyed the book had Rendell used actual conversation to carry this kind of narrative and speed up its sleepy nature All in all, for me this was no page turner Although I m a fast reader, it took me another four days of desultory attention to be bothered finishing this book.

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    This book is a sequel to the author s A Sight For Sore Eyes Having just finished that, I snapped up The Vault next The Vault offers a final chapter to the events of A Sight For Sore Eyes Orcadia Cottage is once again the scene of a mystery twelve years after the events that took place there previously This time, police are trying to decipher the mystery with no knowledge of who Orcadia Cottage s secret cellar holds or what happened to them I d recommend reading the previous book before this sequel I m not sure a person reading The Vault without reading its prequel would be able to understand the story The unsuspecting current owner of Orcadia Cottage, considering a basement addition to the house, looks down into a manhole covered opening in his back patio, and sees a sight that will change his life What he finds offers a partial closure to the last book s mystery, but also deepens the mystery in a very unexpected way Police are forced to look for leads in a cold case they know nothing about not even the identity of the victims Most of the neighbors have moved, the previous owner has died, and the police discover they have not one but two mysteries to solve Following only the most cryptic clues, many of them leading to dead ends, will they ever find the answers Their efforts make interesting reading, but the astute reader can spot a flaw or two in the plot These are minor, however, and do nothing to spoil the mystery.

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    I m a big Ruth Rendell fan and have read every novel she has written and that s probably the only reason I finished this one If anybody else had written this book I would have given up The pace is pedestrian, the plotting weak and the book is full of errors not only typos and grammatical mistakes but, most annoyingly, ones of continuity I ve noticed small errors in most of her recent work but this one is full of them It s time her publisher took care with the proofreading and editing of her work.

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    Review to come

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    This was rather complex mystery with a few different story lines It held my interest and I finished it rather quickly so it was indeed a page turner.Favorite moment When Wexford finally gives his grown daughter Sylvia a piece of his mind after holding back for so long she needed to hear how selfish she was.

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