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Burn (Hammer, #10) chapter 1 Burn (Hammer, #10) , meaning Burn (Hammer, #10) , genre Burn (Hammer, #10) , book cover Burn (Hammer, #10) , flies Burn (Hammer, #10) , Burn (Hammer, #10) f18b759178bb7 Marshall And Dave Grew Up In The Same Neighborhood They Ve Mostly Lost Touch As They Ve Gotten Older, Getting Together Just Once A Year With A Bunch Of Other Old Friends For A Game Of Football, A Reunion Of Sorts This Year Firefighter Marshall Is Late And When He Does Show Up, Dave Can Tell The Man Has Not Had A Good Day When Dave Suggests They Leave The Gang And Go Back To Dave S For Some Decompression Time, Marshall Jumps At The Chance And, Later, At DaveThings Don T All Go Smoothly For The Two Men, Though Dave Is Into BDSM, He S A Member Of The Hammer Club, And He Thinks He Could Use BDSM To Help Marshall Relieve The Stress And Guilt The Man Carries, The Need To Always Be The Perfect Hero Marshall Thinks That Kind Of Thing Is Sick, Though, And When He Enjoys The Stuff Dave Does To Him, He S Convinced There Must Be Something Wrong With Him And Feels He Has To Break Things Off With Dave, Even Though He S Than A Little In LoveCan Dave Figure Out How To Convince Marshall That Kink Is Not Only Not Sick, But A Way To Keep Sane As Well, Or Is Their Relationship Doomed

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    Nope The Dom MC in this one gave me the full on creeps I was ready to DNF several times, but kept going so I could add my rating This bordered on non consensual to me and was basically one sex scene after another.Not my cup of tea Cannot recommend.

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    This is a surprising read from Sean Michael, particularly for the Hammer series This book is based on the relationship and internal struggles of the main characters, Marshall in particular, versus the D s relationship or gratuitous sex There is plenty of sex, and some of it is gratuitous, but there are also well developed characters and a decent plot The D s relationship and roles are not as blatant in his story while each character has a clearly defined role in the bedroom, one of the characters is unsure of the lifestyle and continuously struggles to come to terms with it.There is sex throughout the book vanilla and some D s play At times the sex scenes run too long as is typical in Sean Michael s writing, but they are always hot You are rooting for both characters to get what they want and what they need from each other, and you see that the sex helps them both meet that goal.Overall this is a good read with super hot sex This is a very beginner level D s book and good for anyone who is looking for a glance into the lifestyle and the very mild end of the spectrum In addition, it deals with issues of coming to terms with sexual need and roles in a way that is very friendly for a new M M reader.Out of four Overall Read Sex Heat Plot Read this book if you re interested in getting a glimpse into the D s lifestyle and the Hammer series And of course, if you re looking for some seriously hot sex

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    I was a bit hesitant to read this one, I must admit but alas soon as I started the story I was hooked.It is the story of two very different men Marshall , the intense firefighter and Dave his once a year get together friend who meet for a drink with old friends beer and a game But Dave has had a thing for Marshall and this year he is determined to make marshall not just a once a year friend get together but a full time hook up Dave is into a little BDSM while marshall hasnt even gone there Through out this book Dave helps marshall get through the harsh days as a firefighter by slowly introducing Marshall to many different aspects of making love The story is well titled as it is a slow burn the way Dave introduces the pleasures of BDSM to marshall It will get you in beware LOL ,,,The characters are just so believable you cant help but love them both from the get go.Its a defiante page turner and you wont be dissapointed with the progress both characters make to reach their intentions for each other Would love to read further adventures of marshall and Dave There is a few really funny parts in it very witty give and take by both characters , especially the piercing shop they attend. worth a read absoultly

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    As usual with novels in the Hammer series there is sex than story in this book, but that fits the point it s trying to make.What I thought was interesting was the slightly different way the two main characters interacted Marshall is a strong firefighter who needs to learn how to let go of his job related stress Predictably, he has a problem doing that, thinking strength equals stoically pushing through his issues Dave can offer him the way out and since he s a Dom who knows exactly what is good for Marshall, he ends up pushing too hard Marshall leaves.It takes these two falling in love, and Dave accepting that they are lovers above all else, before Marshall feels comfortable enough to let go I really liked that slight variation on the theme.

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    This book started well There was plot and not alot of porn, then it kinda went downhill from there.I felt Dave was a bully and Marshall really needed to grow a pair I got really aggrevated with them.Marshall was new to everything not vanilla yet suddenly Dave is fisting him No discussion, no prep, nothing.Ive read 2 Hammer books in a week and think I gave reached my limit for a while.

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    Eh, same story as many of the others, just different names It was okay, Would be good if all the characters in each of these books didn t all sound the same They all seem to have the same words, the same adjectives, exclamations, etc gets boring.

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    3.5 stars Bdsm m m romance between a sports store owner dom and a fireman sub Read this short novel in one go at 4am for a bdsm fix, enjoyable but somewhat formulaic.

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    A lovely story based loosely around the Hammer club Marshall and Dave have known one another for years, and Dave has always had a bit of a crush on the sexy Firefighter When opportunity comes to begin a relationship, Dave takes it, but Marshall has to come to terms with submitting and letting Dave in to recognise his pain A longer story, this enables the reader become invested in the characters and to rejoice in their happy ending.

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    What a great bookAll the book in series are about finding your love and the things you do together..Whether it s holding hands or the kink you enjoy. But it s about love

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    Not bad, but not one of the best Hammer storiesWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 6 10PROS Many of Michael s BDSM stories show characters who fall in love hard and fast, and as a result I tend to find them sweet but unbelievable In this story, the men s relationship moves rather slowly, especially on Marshall s part I thought that was a nice change of pace There s definitely an aspect of power exchange in the relationship in this book, but it s much less formal than in many other BDSM stories out there It s subtle, which fits the requirements of their relationship far better than something high protocol, like the use of words such as Master or Sir Dave is not an overly confident, uber pushy, totally infallible Dom He pushes Marshall too far at one point and nearly loses him, and Dave is wise enough to recognize that he made a mistake and he needs to back off for a while The author does a good job of illustrating Marshall s submissive tendencies without making them obvious even to Marshall He shares some of the same neuroses as other Sean Michael subs, but they re far subtle in Marshall than in the flighty subs like Sammy in Between Friends and Jim in Bent.CONS There s a good amount of misunderstanding and plain old disagreement between the two protagonists, and although I recognize that this is realistic for some people, in the story it leads to quite a bit of struggling and arguing and feather ruffling This book has about the same proportion of sex to non sex scenes as most of the Hammer novels do In case you re not familiar with them, they re VERY much about the sex But I found the scenes in this story repetitive than those in other Hammer stories Part of the reason for this is that Marshall is so freaked out by kinkiness that Dave isn t able to use a wide array of toys like most fictional Doms do But another reason for it is that Michael uses the same phrases over and over throughout the book Example on at least three occasions, Marshall shot so hard his bones rattled, which strikes me as a phrase that ought to be used sparingly, to illustrate that a particular orgasm was abnormally good Overall comments This is not for you if you prefer BDSM stories in which the sub is pliant and accepts his Dom s will easily Marshall fights his Dom and his own submissive nature every step of the way I don t mind stories in which a person struggles with his submissive nature, but I don t particularly enjoy it when he lashes out so much.

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